SAKURA GAKUIN – Yui’s Depression Reaction Cuteness Overload ft SU, MOA and YUI! 日本語字幕付き

SAKURA GAKUIN – Yui’s Depression Reaction Cuteness Overload ft SU, MOA and YUI! 日本語字幕付き



  • Teuchter Loon

    Puni puni!!

  • Grington300 300

    That was great – you really need to watch some of the tests and other Sakura Gakuin stuff, they're all good fun.

  • Schelin

    Cuteness overload! Agree with @Grington300 300, you really should check out their nendo tests!

  • Jeff Schreifels

    It's amazing, the spell these girls put on us. I can't really explain why I would want to watch this stuff or like it so much. I just do. 🙂

  • yousefsalem53

    more Sakura Gakuin stuff plz😍

  • Raymond Bergg

    I think you fell down this hole much further than I have. I have bought the red/black blue Ray and will be buying live at Wembley soon.

  • John S

    So good to see you get into these videos – very, very few Babymetal reactors do. It's been my feeling that to get the full Babymetal experience, it's not only the songs, the dancing, and the Kami band, it's the personalities and the background history of the group. Of course, many (most) people follow BM without ever getting into Sakura Gakuin, but it adds so much more to do so. Thank you very much for your reactions !

  • madrid real

    I'm dying from cuteness!

  • Rick Wagner

    🌸 🏫 /⚡ 💀 💕
    Those little dramas are incredibly cute.
    There's also one where Ayami and Ayaka trade places.
    I'm not sure how long these will be up, but the first two Nendo tests are back on YouTube.
    Both of these have Su, Yui and Moa, although all the members are great once you get to know them. : )

  • 埼玉


  • autohmae

    Best part ? To many to choose ! 🙂
    best part was maybe your laughing

  • manutd1878 Tooru


  • sTiLL'bY' mE,.

    nice. keep diggin' the fox hole. jusy like the hidden gems, there's so many fun stuff you nerd to discover.
    for me SG have the best management than any others Idol Groups, bcoz all the members get the same exposure. also they have Mori sensei (the prankster teacher with evil laugh) to teach & help build their characters. if is not bcoz of BM, probably many of us will never know about how awesome SG is.

  • Out West

    Good job, you are finding video I've never seen. What you are watching why the Japanese and Korean are producing so much outstanding musical talent.

  • Scipio Corculum

    This video illustrates one of the many reasons why Marina Horiuchi is my all-time favorite Sakura Gakuin girl. She has magical powers. There are so many Sakura Gakuin videos and all are entertaining. Amongst the best are the Nendo Class Test videos, which showcase just how fiercely competitive all these young girls are.

  • The FoxGod

    Now you can understand why Yui stole from the beginning the heart of everyone who loves Babymetal. There is no one sweeter and Kawaii than Yui-Chan. Thanks for this great video bro. See you! 🤟🦊

  • Mike Wilson

    Tiny Yui is maximum kawaii! Please react to the Nendo Class Tests. The teacher surprises the girls with a pop quiz; they're really funny. Here's the 2010 one (Moa & Yui are in 5th grade and Su's in 7th grade): Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo Test –

  • nebpro

    Finally! More Sakura Gakuin.

  • nebpro

    The reason why I got into Sakura Gakuin is the nendo test! Fun times.

  • Swedish Fukei

    She actually said herself that her charm point is her puni-puni cheeks in…err…somewhere. If you're lucky might get to see her alter ego tomato-kun make an appearance down the line!

  • rise tizzer

    Thanks for taking this up!
    They will transform into funko pop a few years later and travel the world

  • BigBrutal BassBeer

    Aww, these early Sakura Gakuin videos are pure gold precious to me! They were like a family, they were so close.☺️

  • BtMC

    Always more BabyMetal forever!  🙂

  • Tabs

    Marina is magic.

  • Scioneer

    @ 2:36 I'm surprised he hasn't spotted Moa yet, lol.

  • K J

    Mr. Neon's laughter echoes throughout my city.Houses are shaking
    Along with that, I also discovered Angels and Gods in this.

  • feyzal92

    Can't go wrong with the Nendo Class test though. You're gonna end up loving the entire group.

  • よしひこ松浦


  • Duane Zerkle

    I think this may be the first time I have seen your channel. It appears you already fell into the BabyMetal “Fox Hole “ to the Sakura Gakuin level. I should see more of your videos before sending a link, but anyway here it is. During a Sakura Gakuin break the girls go back to back to see who is taller. Su gets a little taunting by a younger girl gaining in height and Su handle it in a cute way. When Yui and Moa go back to back Su is standing with Ayami her friend from her former girl group Karen Girl’s.

  • Tom Akeley

    Good stuff..

  • Duane Zerkle

    Neon, a trip down the BabyMetal “Fox Hole” all the way down to SuMetal as a child Model.
    SuMetal as a actress in a musical (possibly the Actors School Hiroshima) I actually found something new to me. Behind the scenes of the musical.
    How about some cute and funny moments with SuMetal’s year and 1/2 older sister. She had her own catch phrase of witch I don’t understand.

  • james ohara

    Down the rabbit hole with no 'Eat Me' cake in sight.

  • raid77

    This is why we the ONE miss YUI-METAL so much. This stuff is KAWAII overload….

  • Frode Stokseth

    It is very appropriate that Yui is often called the Angel of Kawaii. Perhaps her most kawaii feature among her countless other kawaii features is her "babycheeks" that you also noticed. Even Moa cannot resist them:

  • 斌魯

    I guess you might like these videos

    Suzuka Nakamoto ( Su-metal ) Cute and Funny Moments

    Yui Mizuno ( Yui-metal ) Cute and Funny Moments

    Yui Mizuno ( Yui-metal ) Cute and Funny Moments Part 2

    Moa Kikuchi ( Moa-metal ) Cute and Funny Moments

    Moa Kikuchi ( Moa-metal ) Cute and Funny Moments Part 2

  • salu salu


  • ネロ

    7:30~(Moa) Did you wake up in the Right classroom ?  → × free(wrong)translation                             ↓
         (Moa)Have you lost your Memory in class ? → 〇 Right translation

  • Element of Harmony

    Babymetal vs. Frog please.

  • NEBHusker2012

    Need to react to Mini-Pati performances, Moa, Yui and Hana the best mini pati.

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