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Scoliosis | Scoliosis Surgery | Nucleus Health

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae,
which are stacked on top of each other. The vertebrae protect a bundle of nerve fibers
called the spinal cord. It runs through an opening in the center of each vertebra. The
main sections of the spine are the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions. Looking at it
from the side, the spine normally has three curves: A “C” in the cervical spine, a
reverse “C” in the thoracic spine, and another “C” in the lumbar spine. Viewed
from behind, the spine should appear to be completely straight up and down. Scoliosis
is a condition where the spine has an abnormal side to side curve. Most cases of scoliosis
have no known cause. In some cases, scoliosis may be present at birth. In other cases, it
may occur over time—the most common cause in adults is asymmetric degeneration of the
discs, causing the spine to be tilted to one side or the other. Other causes may include
cerebral palsy, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis, or spinal fractures. During
childhood, the spinal curve usually becomes worse during periods of rapid growth. If the
curve becomes severe, it can cause problems with posture, walking, and back pain. It can
also cause the internal organs to become cramped for space, causing heart, breathing, and digestion
problems. Scoliosis is often treated with a brace to stop the curve from getting worse.
Doctors will measure the spinal curve over time to see if the brace is working. For an
adolescent, a surgical procedure may be necessary if the brace isn’t working, or if a brace
is not an option. For an adult with scoliosis, a surgical procedure may be necessary if they
are experiencing numbness or weakness in their legs, or if they are having progressively
worse back pain that does not improve with nonsurgical treatments. The most common surgical
procedure to repair scoliosis is called posterior spinal fusion with instrumentation and bone
grafting. To begin, the surgeon will make an opening over the area of the curve in the
spine. The surfaces of the vertebrae will be roughened to help stimulate the bones to
heal together. The surgeon will place screws, hooks, or wires into the vertebrae. Rods will
be placed alongside the vertebrae and attached to the screws, hooks, or wires in order to
straighten the spine. The surgeon may remove small pieces of bone from the ribs or hip
bone to use as grafts. Other times, the surgeon may choose to use donor bone from a bone bank
for grafting. The surgeon will place the bone grafts along the spine to allow the bone to
grow together and keep the spine stable. At the end of the procedure, the skin incision
will be closed with stitches.



  • Tavi T

    Anyone else sit up?

  • Game Girl

    My scoliosis is about 50 degrees and I'm just wearing a brace now I'm 18 yd what sould i do???

  • Kam Bam

    I hope I don’t have to get this surgery 😪

  • kaitlyn pastor

    fuck scoliosis

  • OtnDingo

    I have 2 curves. One is at 71 degrees between my T2 and T8, and the other is 29 degrees between my T8 and my L3. It doesn't really hurt me much, except getting up in the mornings. Other than that, I can do just about anything I want. Had it all of my life. I was diagnosed when I was 18 years old with a 51 degree curve and a 19 degree curve. It has progressed significantly in the last 15 years. I am possibly looking at having surgery, but I was told it was a 50% chance to be successful, but a 50% chance to paralyze me as well. Not too sure that I want to take that risk or not.

  • itzDREW

    Scoliosis gang unite

  • Aniki Sama

    July 2019 YouTube recommendation anyone?

  • Dave Ridlespriger 2

    My name is too ,i beat baals ass like nothing. I have a scale and im gonna use it. Thanks for nothing

  • sf.0xx

    watching this cus im going into surgery in a few motnhs 🙁

  • Insanity On A Bun

    I’ve had 43 degree thoracic and 37 degree lumbar curves since I was 15. I am 28 now and I will only get spinal fusion if I will literally die of an organ puncture, nothing else. It is too unnatural, restricting and difficult to recover from. I’ve heard so many stories. I focus on increasing muscle strength in my back and I swear to anyone else who has it this is the best thing you can do. I used to be 217 pounds, I was pretty fat, and my lower back was killing me all the time. I am now 179 pounds (6’0”) and my back only hurts now when I’m really tired or sitting in place for a long time, not just for no reason. I’ve had scoliosis since I was 13 and I’ve adapted my life around it every day. I had a brace from age 15 to 16. I take no medication for it and won’t. If anyone feels discouraged, I’m telling you, live your life. Don’t focus on it. Do back exercises, modify other exercises and eat healthy. It will help a lot :]

  • The weird Channel

    I also had scoliosis so I started Pilates. After about an year, my spine was straight again.

  • Veruka Hansen

    Just found out I have scoloisis today…

  • L!VE

    I had a 45 degres scoliosis and never knew how the surgery was like but holly shit ! 😵

  • Abel Mejia

    Hey quick question and I don’t mean to sound disrespectful to anyone but I’m just ignorant. So my question is do the rods stay in for life or do they operate again and remove the rods once the spine is straighten?

  • Feexyz

    I had a scoliosis halo operation and it sucked but I got to play on Xbox while I was at the hospital for 2 month and I recovered fast to go home now I’m just waiting a year until I can do some sports again

  • Pulling the Strings

    I'm completely dommed. I have this crap and I also have 3 herniated disc. I also just found out I have stage 3 pancreatic cancer. Why not just fucking kill me. I'm tired of this shit hole life. And you still think God exist? If he does he's more evil then I thought.

  • Xerru X

    My spine on the back of my neck is like this




  • Tengku Lissa

    I'm 18 and I'm recovery from scoliosis surgery

  • Lisa Gee

    Hey how you I am happy for all of you that have been able to maintain when others had so many words of your capabilities I do not like doubting Thomas when others have Independence I don't believe love had a language that others would not be able to take care of whatever issue that they may have had so that it would be hope always for another I'm quite sure you remember this when doctors are amazed when strong was in the word I don't believe anyone speaks in spell strong and don't know it tell your friend to tell his friend or her friend always be able to assist someone else besides yourself regardless of your situation Woodworks 2020 election don't tell nobody is going to be something else

  • komz visi

    Usain Bolt also have this problem..

  • Robert George

    For everyone thats getting the surgery.. from my freshman year in highschool I had thought “I wanna be an electrician, I’m going to be and Electrician” fast forward a year after I graduated highschool, the surgeon doing my surgery told me I wasn’t going to be able too become an electrician. I cried..hard, 3 years later I am a few months from getting my license to become a licensed electrician. Moral of the story, don’t let anyone tell You “YOU CANT”

  • Connor Knight

    Who else came here to talk about their scoliosis and not get bullied about it I’ve been cyber bullied and I’ve been needed surgery

  • somegirl

    jesus christ, i had scoliosis surgery and the pain is horrific. i didnt know it would be this bad, if felt like someone ripped up my back with a chainsaw

  • Juicy Tea

    Fighting with 72 degrees And 65 degrees

    Wearing a brace Today And insole and outsole

    Fighting to Get cured :)))

  • Mudax

    I would be taller if I didn't have scoliosis

  • LorenzV YT

    Im 14 yrs old and i have it. :*(

  • Gatcha_girly

    I have over 50 degree curve and I DON'T WANT SURGERY

  • JJScene

    5 years ago the doctor said it would stop getting worse, but I know it has gotten worse other wise I wouldn't be looking like a Caterpillar. I'm in paainnn

  • Дмитрий Вечелковский

    А спину что потом вообще сгибать не получиться?!

  • That One Guy

    Ha losers I don’t have scoliosis

  • That One Guy

    So spine braces

  • Impashent

    I have osteoporosis

  • RFV_Stealthballer31

    A lot of tik tok people have this

  • kittysearth

    So it cant be caused by slouching..

  • Bharathi Patil

    The same thing happened to me also. I finished my surgery also.

  • Daniel Manqueros


  • Reena Dam

    So should you get the surgery or brace for treatment if you’re done growing as an adult?

  • aly wongster

    Why bother with surgey just go to a chiropractor

  • Esmee van Asch

    So this is how u turn people straight. Huh, never knew.

  • romelo

    I have a 67-degree curve and I'm 17. I want to find other ways of fixing my scoliosis before I avert to scoliosis surgery. I was wondering if anyone has any tips or anything they wish they did before or after they got the surgery. I want to join the National Guard and be a Firefighter but both require me to be physically healthy, I cannot join either of those if I don't get my scoliosis fixed. Anything is helpful! Thank you.

  • skye delzotto

    i’m getting surgery in 5 hours. i’m so scared

  • Roberto Hernandez

    Thank God for doctor s and surgeons that one trade I will never be able to make or do ever. …

  • GG Dat Boi

    Man that surgery looks incredibly painful

  • TheCroatianGamingChannel


  • Cold as Hell

    Calcium snake doesn’t straight right

  • Matthew Lahman

    Wow guys you can heal this naturally with detox and acupuncture. The cause is pockets of lymphatic stagnation which is genetic and worsened by environmental factors. You have to detox these areas with raw foods, juicing, and TCM…get sunshine to help stimulate the nervous system. As the fungus dies off and the lymphatic stagnation is removed, the bodies nervous system will slowly correct the scoliosis and open back up the spinal nerves.

  • Tad Hansen

    My 2nd grade teacher always got mad at me because I was slouching all the time I’m still kind of self conscious about it 😔

  • Kam Bam

    Got my surgery 3 weeks ago. Doing great! (Story coming soon btw)

  • Kayla Delarosa

    i got this surgery back in september and the advice that i would give anyone getting it is to make sure you’re mentally ready for it. you’ll be in pain for a few weeks but it will get better fast. be patient. i’m doing way better but am still restricted to bend, lift, twist, and etc. i’m just grateful that my spine is straight!

  • Mr. Yeet

    Scoliosis is a huge vertebruh moment

  • Tal The Dreamer

    I have scoliosis with two curves
    One is 17 degrees and the other is 18.
    I’m supposed to go to a chiropractor once a week but my parents have stopped sending me. I am now living in pain
    BTW I walk home a mile every day and on days with my AP books I’m carrying extra weight
    I also do marching band and physically demanding artwork for larger pieces
    My house also has 3 stories and move around many heavy instruments for my percussion group

  • Lyle Abellana

    Salamat po doc.sana pagpalain ka ng dyos

  • Science 2020

    “Bone Bank”

  • Let's Drink Bleach

    I had surgery a few weeks ago. And it's not as bad as it seems. I feel like people have it worse because they don't have the best surgeon, such as my uncle. I was lucky to have a professional operate on me. I went from 54 and 45 degree curves to having my back completley straight. After surgery, I didn't remember much because of the drugs they give you, so at least you don't have to worry about the pain after surgery. I've so far been able to walk and excercise just a little bit. I hope whoever has had or is getting surgery gets a lot better.

  • SteveO

    My spine was a S and I had the surgery when I was 10 and I'm 30 now.

  • Ellie_Bells 498

    Brush I feel like my back is numbing x(

  • Super Shot

    That, children is why you sit up straight.

  • keyona skelton

    2:28 is where the actual surgery starts.

  • AD3adly Assass1n

    I'm 6'8 and I have scoliosis and it's genetic. I'm suffering a pinched nerve in the lumbar region. So my life is miserable right now. Walking, standing, and even turning in bed is painful. If I'm too active in the day, then I can barely stand

  • Guro Rørseth

    I have scolioses my back literally coes like an S

  • Gianni Van den Bosch

    I had a lumbar spine compression fracture. I also had this operation (for only 5 vertebrae’s) but (maybe because of the operation) i have gotten pain in my left abdominal region (i think the m. Psoas) which restricts me from sitting upright for long periods. I cant sit for long or stand for a very long time. (6 monst post-op). The pain is slowely fading but it takes too long. At first i couldnt sit 1 minute.

    So maybe anyone here has the same thing? And what worked? I’ll see the surgeon in 5 days and we’ll plan the removal of this metal framework.

  • Rhan Dumz

    Normal people: |

    People with scoliosis: /

  • Addam Robin

    I'll never complain about my lower back pain again

  • [GD]PlayerInProgess Kyle

    So basically braces for you spine

  • Bre XP


  • Danika Brien

    This was in my recommended and my mum is going into surgery soon… wtf is YouTube watching me?!

  • GachaCandy

    I have 4 of them :I

  • Marbella Cortes

    Bruh I have it they told me today at school

  • Jani K

    I had this surgery and now i sit in wheelchair rest of my life as it failed.

  • Duolingo


  • Puppeteer Master

    the spinal verte-BRUH

  • Dontario Bell

    I was just told I had scoliosis today I’m worried a little ..

  • Juney Hubilla

    Recently I'm diagnosed with mild thoracic dextroscoliosis…

  • Yellya Yt

    My back hurts after watching this

  • konstak05

    Me:looking at this
    My scoliosis:HIPPITY HOPPITY your spine is now my property.

  • may day

    a friend has a steel bar in her back

  • Emily McMahon

    The guy saying the words: osteoporosis

    Idubbbz: i have osteoporosis

  • Tesserious

    Thanks for recommending this, wtf. But still interesting tho

  • Bitch,

    I just got told I have scoliosis 🙁

  • Giselle Polanco

    This scares me I was recently diagnosed with lower right scoliosis with straightening of the lumbar lordosis… 😥😥

  • Jean Gamiste

    He protecc
    He atacc
    But most importantly
    He hurts my bacc

  • Brian notafan

    as a kid i had it dr told exersise to avoid surgery at age 11 did 150 pull ups a day dad made me a chin up bar in a un used door frame by age 13 corrected a 3" curve joined army at 18 pull ups pice of cake most guys could do 10-15 i did 30-50 army physical saw curve in spine but pased me

  • Perfectly Normal Human

    Thoracic Park
    The lost spine

  • Shea Goff

    I have a thirty degree curve in my spine and I’m nervous because doctors say I can’t wear a brain for some reason and my physical therapist said that if I don’t do anything about it my curve will increase a degree a year!!!

  • Soviet Boi

    Fun fact guys most people have spines

  • Pepeov

    me: falls on a wheelchair
    also me: i have 1:40

  • TheFerret_Gamer Zoe

    I have scoliosis and I have 1 lung, my theory is when they were doing surgery on my fragile body (cuz I was a baby) that bent my spine . Great, scoliosis and 1 lung, F my life 😭

  • GeneralEagleT

    wear those braces kids. they help a ton

  • AdiSk

    I wonder if they’ll make a better version of this but smaller nails, thinner wires and flexible wires to decrease the mobility restriction. My doctor said if i want to touch my toes i wont reach as far as i want… but that still happens now with my scoliosis 😂😂

  • kgame


  • Danny Gutierrez

    man i wish a hand could just go through my body and grab my spine and force it into place

  • Philip Dressler

    Aww the cops hurt my back and pal around with canbolist in airforce

  • Hrisi

    So these are spine braces

  • eh canadian

    This makes my back feel hella weird when I’m watching this

  • Adventure Film Production

    I used to have a mild case of Scoliosis, then I started working out for baseball and built up my back muscles, this helped almost completely fix it.

  • marshfield01

    yeah, fuck that. I'll keep my spine just the way it is.

  • insaneweasel1

    Hanna somatics is much more effective and painless for dealing with most scoliosis issues

  • Hi, I’m Leonie and I Live for vines and memes.

    TrAumA oF gETtInG a suRgERy iNcrEaSes 1T

  • Kerazil

    spine braces

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