Signs of Heart Problems – Symptoms of a Heart Attack | Marin General Hospital

Signs of Heart Problems – Symptoms of a Heart Attack | Marin General Hospital

Signs of Heart Problems – Symptoms of a Heart Attack My name is Jonathan Snyder and I am 52 years
old a father-of-two and I just had a heart attack. On December 27th it was my birthday and I wanted nothing more than to
spend the day with my children and I wanted to play some soccer with my son and
my daughter so I was sprinting up and down the field
for half hour and I said “you guys are going to kill me, I am going to have a heart attack” and this the moment it was done I just felt
this tightness in my chest my fingers were tingling and my my wife took one look at me and she said
you need to go to hospital we are going right now. We drove to the local community hospital where I was
immediately transported down to Marin General Hospital 5:09 pm Elapsed Time 0:00:01 Arrested right at our doorstep we shocked him once. We receive sixty-five to seventy
percent of all ambulance traffic in the county which places us in a very
significant role, important role. In this Emergency
Department you have access to the full spectrum of what modern
healthcare has to provide. “Mr. Snyder you are in the best hands here” We have
board certified emergency physicians within the Emergency Department that
are trained in trauma. We have trauma surgeons that are board certified. We have neurosurgery within the hospital. We also have orthopedic coverage. We have trained nurses who take extra education
in order to be able to refine their skills in trauma nursing. As the only
level 3 Trauma Center in Marin County we have to have the diverse care that is required for these patients to be able to
stabilize them, and save their lives. When we activate the trauma system a number
of healthcare personnel come and attend to the trauma patient. Most of the time when the
patients get here the trauma team is standing there waiting for them. The
thing that works really well is that there is a team leader but everybody
knows what their role is and everybody participates very well and so that there is not a
lot a chaos that goes on things are done very efficiently and
it is amazing how quickly patients can get cared for. I couldn’t keep up
with, you know, the movement in the room everything was so quick and so
professional and I was just very impressed. [ Cath Lab is
ready. Cath Lab is ready.] Our cardiology team here is supirb. 5:15 pm Elapsed Time 0:06:35 Hi Mr. Snyder I am Dr. Strunk Half of his heart was not
receiving blood for a long period of time. This clot in this particular area goes by
the name of the Widowmaker because often these patients do not survive. Once we found that was the problem we then used the techniques that we have developed here to
open up that artery. [ three, three ] By having a lean and mean and committed team you can do amazing things
and that is what is happening here and that is why we set the precedent for the rest of the country. We
were the first hospital Northern California to do this 24/7. We
have the best times of anyone around. We are in the top
percentile of hospitals in the United States and the
world doing this procedure. Certainly no one
is any better than us in the Bay Area and that is because we have been doing it
for a long period of time. If you are unfortunate enough to have a heart attack there is no place better than here as far as the opportunity to live. Not only to live
but to live a full life afterwards. [ stent deployment. The artery is now wide open ] 5:36 pm Elapsed Time: 0:26:57 This takes 27 minutes and that is only because it has
taken us twenty years of practice, and commitment to get to that point.
Next thing I knew I was in ICU and my family around and I think the hardest part of the whole thing, I always get very
choked up about this, was seeing my children. What makes me shine at the end of the day is in knowing that the I have made a difference. And our
department has made a difference in this community and continues to make a
difference. I come to work every day with the sense of pride. Pride in my community, pride in the
hospital and what they are able to provide to the community. When you see a program that is
developed like this and you see patients better functioning, fully enjoying their families playing soccer again
with their son it makes you continue to want to do what you are doing. The physicians and the nurses who work
in this hospital are very dedicated to what they are doing and it’s very very clear I have worked in a
lot of different hospitals. The physicians and the staff that work at Marin General
Hospital are as dedicated, and as trained, and as compassionate as anywhere I have worked. For the vast majority Marin County we are the hospital and knowing that it is here I would imagine
provides a level of comfort to families in the
community. We are working hard on the plans for a
new state-of-the-art hospital that will allow us to provide exceptional
healthcare services in a compassionate and healing environment.
Together with the support of our community dedicated physicians nurses and staff
our future is very bright. I would like to see ten years from now
that we really took advantage this phase of the hospital’s evolution so that
ten years from now when other people recognize excellence
in community hospitals Marin General is at the top of the list. It is a wonderful
place and needs to be supported. You can not know
what that means to you get a second chance in life. It is, that
was my birthday now I have got hopefully fifty two more
that I can enjoy. Jonathan is a great success story. It is a
wonderful wonderful thing to share that experience
for the patient was his whole life ahead of them. It is fantastic to be alive, in fact I feel so
much more alive now that I have been through this than I did over the last five years.
That is good it’s great to be alive. Thank you Marin General for saving my life.


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