Social Media: The Great Mental Health Experiment (S2) #7

Social Media: The Great Mental Health Experiment (S2) #7

– Breaking news, I just found out that a guy that I know has a twin brother, ’cause I was like, “Oh
my God, hey, it’s you,” and he’s like, “Ah, it’s
actually, my name’s Daniel.” And I’m like, “Oh no,
you’re a twin, aren’t you? “Oh no, run away!” (dramatic music) Hey guys, welcome back to The
Great Mental Health Experiment, and today, we’re gonna
look at social media. It’s this thing that we’re
all kind of involved in in one way or another, whether
that’s a lot or a little, so looking at those good
things and those bad things. So, for me, for example, I think social media’s really great. You know, you’re just a message away from any of your mates, I
can know what’s going on the other side of the world. But also, yeah, there’s
a lot of bad stuff, including things like cyberbullying, which is really horrible, and that was something that our parents didn’t have to deal with. So, we’re actually gonna
go out into the city and talk to some people, and kind of see what their opinions
are about social media, what are some things that they can do to make their social media
experience more enjoyable. So my mood rating today? It’s probably been, kind
of, yeah, in the five again, like I’m just hanging out. I’m interested to hear
what people have to say, because there’s so many different opinions about social media. I don’t really know
what to expect, really. Mixed emotions for social
media at the moment, so I guess to be able to put some more positivity into that would
be really, really nice. I found people, these ones. – How often would you say that you guys are using social media? – Every day. – Recently, like, every day, all the time. – I found another human, this one. – Hey. – What would you say your top three social media platforms
that you use right now? – That’d have to be Facebook,
Instagram, and Snapchat. – Instagram, Snapchat, and then Facebook. – So, I only actually have two, and that is Snapchat and Facebook. – Like, I have Instagram,
but that’s about it. – Messenger and Instagram. – Social media use, there’s some good things,
there’s some bad things. Where do you stand on social media use? – The best part of social media
is definitely communication. – But I hate the fact that, now that you connect with
people through social media, you don’t have to see them. – When I’m talking to my
friends, I put down my phone, and I like it when I’m talking to someone, they’re looking at me. – It definitely exposes you more to all this negativity
that’s around, also. – Is there anything that you do to kinda make your social media
experience more enjoyable? – Things like Instagram, I’m probably just more careful about who I follow, and kind of only choose Instagram’s that I’m interested in looking at, and not just that people who are shoving how cool their
life is in your face. – Yeah, I get distracted a lot, especially while I’m studying. I end up, you know, deleting all the apps, then downloading them again. – There’s that whole thing where you’ll see your friends doing things, and you might be home on a Friday night and you’ll be like, “Ah, I’m
kinda lonely now, I guess,” and that can make you kinda
feel isolated, I guess. If it hurts your feelings
or just makes you feel sad, just don’t use it. – Don’t use it, quote, Tom. – We all have different body sizes. Like, even though I might
not look like this person, I can still look like someone
who I want to be like. – If there’s one thing that you could do to change social media for the better, for all the people, all your friends and people who are going
through tough times, what would you change? – So, you see a lot of people venting, saying they have depression,
they have this, they have that, and no one really takes them
seriously, to an extent. The best change I could see is, like, not reporting a post, but saying, “Hey, this person’s in trouble, “they might need medical help,” and, like, have a system
in place with that. – I think it’s just cliche, but we just gotta spread the love, man. – Like, if you just bring it
out more on your social media, like, who you really are,
and stop caring about what people think about you, it’s really going to help you be comfortable with who you are. – Some advice for those people who are kinda scrolling through and feeling really down about themselves around their body? – We just have to be healthy, ’cause if you’re healthy, I reckon, when your body’s healthy,
your brain’s healthy, and then you’ll just feel positive. – You always have to have that friend that encourages you to be who you are, and that you have to be
comfortable in your own skin. – So, I’ve done some interviews, and we’ve met some pretty cool people. I really enjoyed talking to a whole lot of different people, so now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go back home and try some of those things that people have suggested. I have to be honest, I’ve been feeling really, really lame. There’s been a lot happening
in my life at the moment, really full on. Mental health has been really
low, like, two to three with the whole social media thing. But I remember them saying, like, oh, if you’re feeling bad when you’re on social
media, like, don’t do it, so naturally have been avoiding
social media a little bit. I guess maybe it’s a feeling of like, when you go on it, you know, you see all these people being
really happy about things, and then you’re like, I’m
here just being miserable. But when I have been on social media, I’ve been trying to, like, look at things that make me happy. So, I’ve had a lot of friends
tag me in a lot of memes. It’s been really good, a lot
of good animal videos, classic. I guess I just want to show you that, even though I’m doing this
series on mental health and wellbeing and stuff, you know, sometimes I guess that
doesn’t mean that I’m the perfect example of how to be well. Like, I’m not well at the moment. You know, you just gotta surround yourself with some good people, and know that you don’t
have to do this alone. It’s been one week, exactly, since we last filmed together. It’s been a really, really shitty week. It’s been a little bit hard to really, truly focus on the experiment, because I’ve also been trying
to focus on me, as well. But, like, I’ve noticed a few things around, like, kind of naturally how I’ve engaged with social media. I guess it is like this natural thing of wanting to post up things, like all these cool
things that you’re doing, so everyone thinks that
your life’s really good. But, like, if I was doing that, I’d just feel like I would
be lying to everyone, so I guess I just haven’t really posted, ’cause I was like, ugh, I
haven’t been feeling too great. I took some of Tom’s advice, actually, and he kinda talked about how, like, when you’re watching
people’s Snapchat stories or whatever, and you know,
you get that mad FOMO, and you’re like, I wish I was doing that, I kinda was like, oh, well, I’m gonna go out and do stuff. ‘Cause I remember the girls saying, they were like, “Yeah, just, like, “love yourself and be
happy with yourself,” and I really digged that
but it is really hard, like, for this week, when
I was on the mindset of not loving myself to try and do that. Overall, it’s been a
really interesting time. I’ve found there are some
really beneficial things, surrounding yourself with kind of positive things in social media, things that make you laugh, not having that FOMO and going out and doing some cool things yourself. So I think, overall, I
would give social media a two out of five iPhones. I am Beth, this is my coffee, goodbye.


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