SOLVED – How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Faucet

SOLVED – How to Fix Low Water Pressure in Kitchen Faucet

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps I’m going to share with you today if you have a low pressure on your any faucet at this moment is a sink faucet and I can show you this not the water is not coming in with the full speed the full pressure whether you do hot or you do cold or you do both still it’s low pressure so I’m going to show you an easy step so what things you need you need a one flier I wanted to share with you so you can fix it yourself you loosen this thing once you lose this thing over time things you know it’s not the water is dirty but a long period of time there are a lot of you know dirt or anything coming into pipe and that gets collected right in here if you see it you know something is getting collected and then I’m going to take this one off as you see it we can wash it and now if I open my look it at the pressure see this what pressure is if I go on hot that I showed you before very low pressure what you need to do press this thing there is another screen which we need to clean it’s a fill with the dirt before we do that I’m going to press this thing you need to some kind of a tweezers or some spike or something or scribe or anything see if you see there is the dirt in there and what we will do I am going to wash it make sure you don’t lose the small screen this is the reason it’s get collected see why it’s get collected see when it comes to sink it has a three screens and they are metal screens so the water gets filtered so any smaller debris or anything dirt comes in here that’s get collected so first of all it’s get collected at the top filter and once if it pass through then its get collected right here so it’s important that these are cleaned right now it’s all clean I just want to make sure that I put it back I don’t lose them okay now this is the other one so what you do you get like a little poking thing yeah okay pop this thing you see how ugly looking this is how dirt has accumulated all these times with this simple fix you can fix yourself without even replacing or getting a new one another thing I want to share with you is just to find out if you press this thing this one comes out to so then it’s easy to clean so now these are holes if there is a stuck was hard to come out and now we can take it out easily so I wanted to show it to you I don’t know if my camera can pick it up cameraman if we can zoom in you see that I’m going to turn around slowly slowly so those holes has to be clear so once they are clear it’s all looking nice now we’re going to put it back again so this is the way it’s gonna fit if you see this is the how the water going to get filtered can you see it this is the way water get filtered this is the other side of it and the other side once we all is clean we’re gonna put the cap on that’s going to fit the cap on top of it and that seals it once it’s all sealed then we’re going to come down here we’re going to put this one this one snaps in see it’s all sealed once it’s all sealed you go back again you put it back once you put it back this is the washer goes in here let’s give a shot okay I’m going to do the hand tight I mean you don’t have to replace the whole new one by a simple task look it the pressure see that is hot cold and right in the middle Thank you for joining my easy steps and that’s how you fix a low pressure on any faucet on any faucet



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