STOP wasting your life (2019)

STOP wasting your life (2019)

Do you know what day of the week you are most likely to die from a heart attack? Take a guess. I’ll give you a second It’s Monday care to guess what time it is between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m Do you know what else happens Monday at 8:00? That is the same day and time people get ready to go into jobs They hate Coincidence ? Don’t think so Take a look at this chart This is the lifespan of the average person On average we live about 80 years if we’re lucky We start working at about 18 and we work work work and retire at about 67 Now, what does this tell you? That for better or for worse the majority of your life Will be spent on Work! Do not spend that time unhappy Like my friend J CJ would always say when I finished school Then I’ll be happy Well J finished school, but he wasn’t happy So then J said when I get a job then I’ll be happy J got a job, but he still wasn’t happy so J said when I get married settle down and have kids then I’ll be happy Well, he got married settled down had two kids but still Wasn’t happy so then J said okay when the kids leave home and I’ll retire then I’ll be happy Well, the kids left home and he retired, but he still wasn’t happy So Jay started going to church and I XJ why he was going to church so much and he said Because when I die, then I’ll be happy Jay’s story, however, sad is not unique I could have replaced Jay with Johnny or Bonnie. In fact, Jay’s initials stand for just about everybody Many of us are like Jay But it is not our fault We have been tricked to stay stuck in jobs that are literally making us sick and to be and then people You know about the and then people right it is people who constantly say and then I’ll be happy Ladies and gentlemen, we must go from living as and Vince To becoming right now. We have to be happy right now How we must either find a job we love Or bring more love into our jobs. It is time to step out of the rat race Because the funny thing is even if you win make a lot of money hold up the trophy that everybody helps You’re still a furrier oaky with a pointy nose and long tail? Wake up, stop playing with your life. This ain’t a video game. This ain’t mario kart This ain’t fortnight. There is no try again. But no option to redo this level when the game’s over game’s over But there is one cheat code to the human console and that is to take control and to stop buying into the lie Society is told like how overworking is cool and being stressed out as a status symbol Oh and hey almost forgotten the biggest lie people work-life balance Now on the surface you may not see how crazy that sounds but think about it work-life balance Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t life come before work because when your life is better your work is better But don’t take my opinion Harvard professor shawn Achor recently discovered something fantastic Which he calls the happiness advantage? His studies prove that 75% of job success can be predicted by not. How smart you are Not how talented you are But how happy you are? His research is decisive He says when you’re happy your intelligence Rises creativity Rises your productivity Rises and you know, what else is funny You also make more money But here’s the real kicker. You live longer – I Know it sounds too. Good to be true But yes optimists actually live longer than pessimists so you could stretch this graph a few extra years if this time here is Filled with more joy and Cheer. Let me be clear do not take this message lightly It is your duty to be happy for your own sake and I don’t care if you’re here at the end It is never too late to trade in your deadly hood for a livelihood and refuse to suffer during the weekdays ironic they call it that cuz you’re literally in a week days where you’re constantly waiting for the week and see I believe so many people die of heart attacks because they are involved in work that their hearts are just not in I Believe people have low vital signs because they are involved in work that is not vital to them My friends happiness is a choice But anyone who says it’s easy his line, it ain’t easy But you have to try the first step is to look inside and remember the quote that the Buddha wrote 2,000 years ago, which I believe today for most people still applies The problem is you think You have time Stop wasting your life You



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    I'm Indian and, mentality that people are like , there's nothing without gettin a job to be financially secure, these fucking people are afraid of taking a risk in life, just wanna keep their life to go on easily, as it has been always.
    I hate society of our country….they will never know what I and young students want to do with their life…these parents just wanna make their children to get a fucking job for their fucking entire life.
    So I will not be happy, till my end, never 😓

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    I am not after happiness. I only want contentment and feeling grateful for everything and peace of mind.

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    I Hate Money it's an problem to us it
    Make us angry if we have no money
    Our mother and father will be angry
    We all we need happiness not just
    Money we need to be happy you teach me lesson sir Your the best

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    The only way to truly be happy is to trust and love Jesus

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    I love saving lives. Hence will bcome a doc. And i AM HAPPY

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    . This is a great video. It is absolutely true… Thank you for sharing your idea..
    God bless you
    From Italy
    Grazie mille

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    What do u want from me and my life?
    Suka blyat, fuck you

    Что он навязывает всем нам? ЗАЧЕМ?Меня уже тревожат постоянные видео о том,что мы можем что-то изменить в жизни.Да я школьник ебучий,что за требования?

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    "optimists live longer than pesimists"
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    Always Love the creativity, tone and the message you deliver through your video. You hold a very unique talent Prince Ea..

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    I was the person that you were talking about.
    But i don't know how youtube knows this??
    However, my life is really bad.
    Just go to school give exam and exam just scare and scare what will happen in exam. what i can do for my parents and society .
    I can't choose any other profession that i like to do. My dreams will never complete. Really guys i want to die😢😢

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    School Gives Us Stress
    School Defies Us
    School Changes Us And Not In A Good Way
    School Takes Our Souls
    School Takes Our Life
    School Takes Away Our Happiness
    Work Does The Same
    Studying For Useless Knowledge Does The Same
    Bullies Do The Same
    And Where Does All Of This Start: Bingo SCHOOL

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    -Prince Ea, 2019

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    Ok now a days people people don’t care about school and so their future jobs wouldn’t be like what they expected to be if you want a good job you have to get a good education and you have to actually learn stuff and participate in class I know what you’re doing in class or else your future job will be not as great as you think so before you complain about these things maybe learn things the school actually do good in school and maybe your future will be better

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    It's not only the video that I've watched to learn something.
    I have watched some videos like that.

    But I still want to…
    Live, not die.

    Yes, I do wanna die, but I still want to live, but don't know how.
    I have a depression, I can't do something because of it, and any help is worthless just because I'm still like before getting help.
    I'm still not happy. 3 years in a row. And I am 15 years old.
    You will say "you're younger, just wait till your life gets better"… Maybe it's true, but my mind still disagrees.
    I have no expectations for future, I can only imagine about my life when I get out of the school, university…
    Somedays I was into "Furry Fandom", but now I'm far away of it, just because of depression. I feel no happiness, actually, anywhere.
    What I'd blame? I can't blame something… But if I could, then I would blame this world.
    I don't care if it gets likes or not, it's worthless like if I don't write it all…
    I just can't do something. Being stupid or smart – no difference for me, I will feel sad in both ways.
    And then after few seconds I will ask myself why I did wrote this? For who? For what?
    Well… What about video? It's really helpful, for the teens who don't know what to do after getting out of school or university.
    Sure, he should be a president, he's a good motivator.

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    If we don’t work we die

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