Strong Mental Health As A Footballer – Daniel Arzani – headcoach | headspace

Strong Mental Health As A Footballer – Daniel Arzani – headcoach | headspace

Hi I was born in Iran and a small village called Harunabad At the age of seven I moved to Australia I went to the AIS at the age of fourteen, moved away from home that was really difficult
for me because my family was very close-knit and we spent a lot of time around each other we used to talk to each other a lot, you know for me to kind of just move away from home I missed mums cooking, I miss being with mum at night, I missed my dad I miss my brother. You know, I used to FaceTime them alot, I used to message them throughout the day That support, the benefits of it really start to show when things aren’t going so well as opposed to when they are. I think it’s very important to widen your horizon and not be too focused on one thing. I think that helps. So whether that be anything in life, maybe they’d be from like a computer game, or whether that be from football or whether even reading a book it’s important for me to get away, go to uni with a different group of people, I had a different outlook on things. I think the biggest challenge for me is, when I get into a negative frame of mind
that I’m not confident when I’m playing and you can tell the difference between me when I’m playing at my best to when I play in my worst, its just confidence. It’s a mental thing and the best thing to do with that is just to try and do everything right, everything outside football. Having a healthy diet helps your energy levels and making sure you’re not tired throughout the day. sleep is probably the most important recovery tool and it’s also probably the most important tool to keep yourself in a good headspace I usually do that by having a certain time where I put all electronics away. Usually waking up in the morning and being tired, for me is a massive warning sign I started to get into a negative headspace. So if these are really stressing me out as well, or there’s a lot of things piling up that are giving me a bit of anxiety. I tend to make a list. Because it helps me see individually what everything is and how I can deal with them and also, just getting it out makes me feel better as well.



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    Welcome to CELTIC……Danny Bhoy …… 🇮🇪

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    Iran 🇮🇷 good

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    only 19 but has a very mature aura! God speed dude!

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    He said in one of his interduce .l am embarrassed because i am iranian . why . he should proud

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