Turmeric: A Hope for Stroke Patients

[MUSIC PLAYING] LESLIE RITTER; During ischemic stroke when a blood vessel is blocked, the tissue downstream of the blockage actually is affected, causing injury and death to just a portion of the brain. NARRATOR: Leslie Ritter, Professor at the Arizona Health Sciences Center and Coordinator for the Stroke Center At University Medical Center, wants to …

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Treating the Most Serious Form of Stroke

For dailyRx, I’m Shelby Cullinan. Few medical emergencies seem as dangerous as brain bleeds. The most serious types of strokes are caused by intracerebral hemorrhages, or ICH, but despite their severity, physicians haven’t known the best way to treat them. New research sheds light on the subject. According to a press release issued by the …

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Hemorrhagic Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)

Hemorrhagic Stroke (Brain Hemorrhage)

made by ph/ Rayan Mahmoud faculty of pharmacy , alexandria university a stroke occurs when the blood flow in part of your brain is blocked after just few minutes the starved brain cells begin to die normally the brain recieves blood via two major pairs of arteries which branch through out brain tissue and supply …

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