Taking a Blood Pressure by Palpation

Taking a Blood Pressure by Palpation

This is how you palpate a blood pressure.
The reasons for palpating a blood pressure is primarily because you cannot hear or auscultate for a blood pressure. Sometimes in the back of a noisy ambulance this is impossible to
do so this is one way we can at least get a portion of the blood pressure. The only
thing this will represent though is the systolic. We will not get a diastolic during this procedure,
first, locate the radial pulse. Making sure your patient is in a comfortable seated position. Expose the arm. Place this blood pressure cuff again over the brachial artery. Feel for a pulse again. A radial pulse. As I pump itup I will continue to feel it. And at the
point where it goes away ill add about 20 or 30 millimeters of mercury and then slowly
allow the air to release. At the time the pulse returns, there, is my systolic. And I
am done. This is only going to give me the top number or the systolic. And the way you
will represent this on your documentation is to put whatever number the systolic is,
we will say 120 over a P (120/P) to indicate that this is by palpation.



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    Not over the brachial artery.  The brachial artery is between the bicep and tricep on inside of arm.  But, I didn't come here for the wrong placement of cuff.   I came here to see how to take blood pressure through palpitation which I was already aware of and didn't help.      I'm also interested in the diastolic as well.

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