The 6 Must Know Signs of Depression! | Kati Morton

The 6 Must Know Signs of Depression! | Kati Morton

Hey everyone, today’s video I’m going to talk with you about the six signs of depression. So stay tuned. So sign number one: Feelings of hopelessness or constant pessimism. And the reason that this is so prevalent with depression is because often times if any of you have been depressed, you know it can go on for a long period of time. And during that, we think “is it ever going to end? Oh my god am I going to feel like this forever?” And so that feeling of hopelessness and pessimism about our future is palpable, is everywhere, right? We feel it all day. So that’s why it’s so important that if you’re struggling with this and if you think “hey I might have some of these signs” you should seek help. If you don’t already have a therapist, please reach out and get one. If you haven’t already talked to your doctor about this please reach out and talk to them as well, because the sooner we get ahold of this, the better. Sign number 2: Restlessness or irritability. And this can have to do with a lot of the other signs that I’ll talk about because we may not be sleeping well or eating well, and people can just make us really frustrated and piss us off. So we’re really edgy. Everything will set us off. Sign number 3: Now, this is something that we as therapists call anhedonia. But what that really means in regular people terms is you don’t have an interest or find pleasure in activities that you used to like and find pleasure in. So if you used to love to paint and now you’re like, ugh, I don’t even want to think about it. Or you used to have a book club you were involved in, or a sport you used to play with people and you no longer want to participate, that’s the sign I’m talking about. Sign number 4: Overeating or Loss of appetite. Now, obviously, this is not otherwise attributed to an Eating Disorder. That’s something totally separate. But if you’ve always had a regular healthy appetite and now you find yourself binge eating all day, or overeating till you kinda feel sick, or if you no longer have an appetite and you had normal eating habits before, it could be attributed to depression and that’s one of the signs. Sign number 5: Suicide or suicide attempts. Or even suicidal ideation, like the thoughts of suicide. And obviously this will have to do with the fact that we’re really depressed and things have been feeling really bad to us lately and so we may think about ending it all. If this is something that you are struggling with right now, please please call 911, go to the hospital, contact your therapist, do whatever you can. Because we have to keep ourselves safe. The final sign, sign number 6. Now this symptom, or these symptoms, are things that we feel in our bodies because of our depression. And those are aches and pains, digestive issues, headaches. And the way that we know that these are associated with our depression and not a general medical condition is that we’ve sought treatment for them and they have persisted. So we’ve gone to our doctor for the headaches or the stomach aches and they say everything is fine or they give us some medicine and nothing really helps it, and we still feel it every day. Now obviously these are only six signs and symptoms of depression, and everybody experiences things differently, right? But the great thing to know about all of this is that there’s help out there. We can get better. Depression is something that we can fight through, and we can win. And if you haven’t checked out my community and gotten on, we have a great community of people there to help and support as well as me, myself to answer any questions you have about “well, I’m feeling kinda depressed and I want to set up an appointment but what does that look like?” I have videos on that. So make sure you subscribe to my channel because I put out videos on all sorts of topics that can be helpful while you work through your depression because I’m here, our community is here for you, and we’re going to get through this as we work together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Subtitles by the community



  • Amanda V

    I literally have all 6 of these and I didn't know some were linked to depression. I've had chronic migraines for a year and a half now and nothing helps. Wow. But nobody has ever made any comments to me

  • Jackson Logan

    I begun to think a great deal of negative things until the depression that I felt became most awful. But now w ith this depression remedy “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can totally concentrate my energy and thoughts into a definitive line on how to make my entire life better continuously. Right now, I can really say that I`m free of depression..

  • Y5F Danq

    I have an interesting story.

    So it's all started with a toilet problem with my Bowl so they thought it was irritable bowl syndrome and then my blood test said I have a liver problem so I was way less confident with my body and just myself so I whent to doctor atleast 3 times befor Somone said I might have phycosis so atleast I knew what it was and I am still going through treatment but just know if u have the same sort of thing u are not alone love you all 💙

  • Alita

    I used to be religious and full of positivity now I'm all about the dark stuff , horror , madness , jealousy , murder , suicide

  • Test Subject

    Hi. Will you marry me?

  • Panicnymph

    Let me die already

  • Samuel Halligan

    I don't know if I'm necessarily depressed or anxious but I often feel empty. It's like there's a hole in my stomach and I'm trying to feel things but I can't or my emotions are so bland and weak it's like they're not even there. It's kind of like a black hole, it's trying to suck me in and my stomach almost hurts. That feeling comes over me really quickly and sometimes goes away really quickly and sometimes stays for hours (the longest it's been was for about a week but it only happened once after my exams). Because of how random it is I think it's something in my life, that my coping mechanisms aren't healthy. I don't think I have a disorder or anything. I don't know what to do.

  • fatima arcaro

    Thank you

  • I'm jd2281

    I bottled my feelings up. I never share. I don't think sharing is a solution either. I have depression and anxiety and my family and everyone is calling me "crazy".

  • Maria I

    What if you don’t have every sign? Is it still depression?

  • Alfonso Espinoza

    I've been all the time thinking "i wish i had depression so i can be sad and not feel guilty about it". i feel I'm just exaggerating but I cannot do nothing.

  • sunny bajwa

    so i am just depressed…thats normal

  • Nu'est and LOVE Ren's wifey? idk

    Wow. I realised I had most of this issues but now I have abt 2-3 of them i think? I guess I kinda healed but I still remember not being able to do this and that, being irritated VERY easily, not having an appetite for DAYS. I guess I kinda healed with my new friends. I love them so much. Pretty sure they're never gonna see this but I love all of you so much and thank you for helping me with advice and giving me love💖 Love ya guys😊🌷❤️

  • Taneesha Kalra

    does suicidal idealation but not wanting to 'die' make sense??

  • arvind Kardam

    Your videos is very good ..i liked it

  • Loser Alex

    What do I do I’m like 80% sure that I have depression or something like that but I’m in a position where people won’t accept me having it and they would just call me a fake
    I hate my life and I’ve tried to end it a few times but I’ve always never had the courage to
    I’m worried that if I try to get a therapist and tell my friends no one will accept it I’ve cut myself and told nobody because if I didn’t it would save me the embarrassment of being called a fake

  • abbaluke jackson

    I am new to your channel but I have to say I love the way that you teach everyone about mental illness keep up the good work

  • Brie

    I have ALL of these symptoms. I'm that friend that always tries to make everyone laugh, and make everyone happy, and I always fail. I never or try not to show signs of sadness. I want people to worry about me, but I don't want attention. But when no one cares when I look or feel sad, I feel betrayed and uncared for. I don't understand anymore. I'm trying my hardest to hold on, but I always feel on the verge of tears. I feel like I'm not good enough. I'm falling apart. I'm trying to keep going. I don't want to end it all but I do. I haven't told my parents, but my mom thinks I might have anorexia because of my loss of appetite. I'm afraid to tell anyone because it's most likely that they will think I'm just asking for attention. My thoughts are running away from me I need someone to help me catch them

  • The H209

    Back in high school and sometimes today I put on a mask to make people think I’m ok but in reality I’m depressed and I find that ok, is that ok?

  • Feb square Enehizena

    Thanks so much for sharing this. Nice 😘👍👍👍

  • Robert Perič

    What is this disturbing beep in the background?

  • Hilda Castro

    I have all of these but somehow I still don’t feel like I’m depressed.

  • stayalivefrensforme

    I'd love to reach out but my parents will find out. My dad is the nicest man ever and I don't want to hurt him and my mum is already depressed and has tried to kill herself before.

  • Ann Murry

    1. I have ambitious plans and projects that I am excited about.
    2. I don't think I'm irritable, short with people, or not sleeping. During standardized testing/ grades-due week I had restlessness bit that is over with.
    3. Erm, not really – I am swimming in interests
    4. Nah – slowly losing weight, work related stuff
    5. No thoughts of suicide
    6. I used to have tons of psychosomatic symptoms but they have reduced or disappeared.

    I like the AZ sun. I like my creative projects. I like my fuzzy pets, and the less fuzzy ones too. I am away from my long-time crew of peeps. The symptoms are gone.

  • Khartoum

    ive given up on theripey for my ptsd because no one believes me,now I just want to end this struggle I cant get out of my head I don't know what to do any more ive been through hospitalization a million times lifes been like a roller coaster for the last 5 years.I'm afraid of taking medication anymore because ive had some really bad reactions to it in the past and i now fear dying in my sleep on it not to mention the stigma behind taking a hand full of meds everyday I look at them and it just makes me mentally sick to my stomach I can thank others for this.this may not make a lot of since to some but is dos to me.

  • Ryan Michaud

    Holy shit I’m depressed. Thanks Kati!

  • little mean bunny

    i wish u were my therapist !!!! u rock and u have compassion. great videos, new subbie

  • henlo_i_exist 012

    I've been reading through these comments and it honestly makes me sad how many people around my age (from about 10 – 15) are depressed or have anxiety disorders. I wish I could help them but it'll probably make it worse for me :/

  • Audh Rhie

    6/6 😢

  • SookyBear369

    I was thinking about drowning myself in the beach since I was 15 years old. I am 22 now and my biggest fear is losing my mind. I try to stop over-thinking and over-analyzing.

  • Gordon Xavier

    Depression can be really hard to overcome, I've definitely been there. If anyone is going through depression and surfing YouTube for videos check out my videos. Hopefully they can help. Thanks for this video!

  • ellen ID

    I've been depressed since forever. Ok, maybe 20 years now. I've never attempted to committed suicide, but I can't wait to get killed. I'm completely hopeless, and I've been on treatment since 2001. The only thing that really stopped me from doing it is my beloved dog. I know I'll ruined her life end my family's life, but I'm so useless, I hate been my mother's curse. I hate my job, I hate my lifestyle, I hate my face and my body. I've been visited a lot of mental health professionals, and I also have severe ADD that lately no medicine has worked. I wish I just could die easily without breaking my loved one's heart.

  • Heaven Judd

    If you weren't a therapist, you would have been a good school counselor

  • Eddie Haskell


  • sarah byrne

    Also! Self harm is a huge sign or symptom of depression.

  • Something You Said

    It isn't possible to feel this bad. I mean that quite literally.

  • Kunal Dexit

    Huh, this is the only test where I scored all correct. 100%

    FML 🙁

  • Christie Trout

    All six, and more. Not one single person cares. Not even me.

  • Lilith Lucien

    I've been depressed since 1994. I was 12. It has never gone away. I take meds and go to therapy.

  • Ujwalta Limbu

    I really don't know why i speak with myself for example if I am in a room and then is one table or anything i don't know why i start talking with that table or anything like that can you please help what is going on with me

  • Nikki Nicole

    My family just went through something really bad and whenever I open up about my depression to anyone in my family they just say everyone is depressed stop making it about you. I believe they all definitely are depressed but that doesn’t mean I should get ignored

  • Johnny Chang

    Please tell
    Me how to
    Sleep better with depression

  • l3st4ri Ns

    I wish you were my therapist…
    My therapist was so bad…
    she told me to pray, she said only God can heal depression and ignored the fact that I'm non believer (I've already told her that I don't believe in God but she used it as reason why I got depression). I wonder did she get her therapist license from God.

  • Fastidious Sloth

    Dig the frog.

  • Julia Rickett

    My life. But it never goes away

  • Mobile Gamer

    Is it bad that I have all of these symptoms but I don’t want to tell anyone…not even my parents…

  • Megan's world

    I struggle with most of these

  • Kendra Fortin

    I have all 6 …what do I do..I can’t seem to get out of this slump…

  • ksenia apelt

    I’m constantly paranoid so I’m always saying stuff like “ are you mad at me?” “You hate me?” It’s horrible

  • Aivan Lelix

    My family knows I'm suicidal and I ask for help but still nothing I don't know what to do.

  • Emilija Elena

    love you Kati!

  • DoblajesImberbe

    Thank you for your videos Kati 🙂

  • Paul W.

    nothings worse than losing the perfect woman mainly because of depression, which makes me feel even worse. Slowing digging my way out of it atm though with diet exercise sam-e and now I'm starting school soon. It's still hard though.

  • Kaden Nuckolls

    I have all of these and it hit me deep

  • Ash L

    i’ve had depression since i was probably 8… i’m almost 25

  • CampSauceJr

    Just the thought of people going through my shit keeps me from ever following through with my suicidal ideations!

  • Adam Smith


  • Vincent Buenasalbas Tahum

    You're awesome kati.

  • Tony Irving

    I have had depression for 41years I battle with it every day of my life ,it is very hard to live with and has made my life very difficult and now I just long for it to stop ,and death to come as quickly as possible, there is no such thing as happiness this world is full of pain disappointment and untrustworthy people that will stab you in the back to get on ,I have tried to live but now I have had enough, please God show me some kindness and mercy but allowing me to lie please 😞

  • 미코

    i have clinically diagnosed depression; i just don't think it's bad enough to get help…

  • Film Buff 92

    I used to have that skull candy speaker in the background. Well, I still have it but I never use it anymore because it’s outdated.

  • Holly Miller x

    Can I get advice on how to tell my mom I had depression and didn’t tell anyone but I feel like she won’t understand

  • Tony Rowan

    Kati, I have recently developed a bout of pretty severe depression, and right now I just want and need to be alone. I have absolutely no interest in dating, developing a relationship, marriage, and especially NO SEX! I really mean that last one. I sometimes just lie in bed and sleep! I have very low motivation to do much of anything now!

  • Bella Belle

    Hey everyone, Kati thank you for this video it's awesome. One thing I'd like to add to possibly help some people is that depression itself can be a symptom, usually a nutritional deficiency so please make sure to get that checked out first. Sometimes, there is an actual physiological reason you feel bad mentally.

  • Laykan Thee Alien

    Saw you on Shane Dawson's Eugenia Cooney's vid and im SO glad I did

  • cameron

    i cannot stand these videos. people are now self diagnosing. thats terrible. if you are going to hurt yourself or others then go to a therapist and if you find things overwhelming go to a free councilling session. but crying randomly or hopelessness arent just signs of depression. all of these signs are signs of MANY things. stop self diagnosing. stop using these videos to lie and say you're depressed when you may just be stressed or something.


    she looks pretty!

  • Santosh Joshi

    the first sign is sudden phobia of a particular person or situation.
    later the mood starts to dip slowly
    finally it is the quicksand of hopelessness.
    depression is very difficult to understand for the common man
    but a good doctor can quickly change the situation with correct medication
    an understanding friend is very helpful.

  • Lynn Modest

    I'm so happy I found your channel. Thank you. Just thank you. ❤️

  • weenus peenus

    i’ve felt depressed my entire life lmao how do i fix it

  • LoveAllCreations

    6. Physical manifestation.
    Been to the doctor and everything is always fine, so I get an anti-depressant prescribed. Sadly, it doesn’t work, no effect at all. Increase the dose, still no effect, not even the slightest improvement. So get given a different ‘stronger’ anti-depressant, no change. Etc., etc.
    What is a person supposed to do now? No longer taking medication that has no effect.

  • burp the best

    I just checked all and I just don't know how to live

  • Jenya P.

    So many comments talking about how parents refuse to believe their kid has depression/being harsh about it… actually that is not a surprise because most depressed people were emotionally abused by their parents, so yeah what can you expect from emotionally abusive parents. Look up "emotional abuse" here on youtube and at least you will get to know the root of your condition & that you are not at fault in any way that you are depressed.

  • Lara F

    Hi!, i'm not an english native speaker but i'll try to communicate what's happening to me. Since almost 4 years, i feel that i can't concentrate myself, it's difficult for me to read or see a movie and it's getting worse, so it's so difficult to study, sometimes i feel very anxious because i haven't find my way yet, i feel very lost, i don't want to live where i live, i want to change my life but i don't know how to find my way. Since last month, i've been struggling with anger and rage, i'm trying to control it and now i feel better. However, i have hope, i believe in me and i know one day all these things will change but sometimes i wonder how long it would take… I don't have enough money to see a psychotherapist and i'm trying to heal by myself. Well, i don't know if i have depression because i don't feel hopeless and i don't have suicidal ideations but i know that i have to change everything in my life and take it so calmly. I hope you can understand me, my english is not very good yet but i'm studying it💪💪😊.

  • 5ped 0f s0und

    i miss the days where I never felt this

  • Emilee The Small Town Dreamless Indiana Girl

    My whole entire body hurts….I’am physically and emotionally drained,my mental health is bad again, it has my stomach hurting and my whole entire body hurting🖤

  • Sheryl Parana

    Your hair looks great.

  • Paul2081

    Can you help me ? What would you say is wrong with someone who has emotional numbness for a good while now, intrusive thoughts that wont go away and dealing with negative thoughts 24/7 ! I've been experiencing this for a good while and it seems endless 😪😤

  • Raven Stromdans

    Saw this pop up in my suggested list and had to go back and look for it, but when I did the search, I initially wrote "Kati Morton Sings Depression"…so, if you're looking for another way to reach people I may have accidentally found a side-hustle for you to work from.

  • Veronica Subliminals

    Your words are huge thing that makes me reconsider my suicidal ideations and actually have hope

  • Majorgamingnerd1979 G

    Can you do a video on Tourette’s

  • Rajeev C

    We are our own friends and we are our own enemies…..We must try to stand up on our own legs, instead of holding on to someone…….Money, power and sex are a few of the motivators, but, self motivation is the best way…..Motivation need not always come from outside…….We must learn to live with and without anything……

  • Sean F

    I don’t have suicidal ideation, but I am fine with dieing. Like, if I had a disease I don’t think I would fight it. Isn’t that the same thing?

  • Jurassic game

    Well then got all of them

  • prince2132

    What is the difference between anhedonia and affective flattening? Does anhedonia in depression due to affective flattening?

  • rainbowlove12192

    Just watching your videos make my depression and/or dissociation episodes improve alot quicker. This video was really really helpful. Thank you for being you. 🙂

  • plaubel28

    Seeing psychiatrist, have them all except suicide thoughts. Good Times…

  • Ash Harris

    Sign number seven: Watching this video in the dark at 2am

  • Lisa Keech

    I have depression there days I don't feel like living I wish wasn't a loser

  • Patricia tha bibliophile

    I have lost of appetite when depression hits me. 😳🤦🏼

  • Peachy Pie

    That meditating frog is curing my depression

  • Jennifer Mcclintock

    I have all of these but I’m too poor for a therapist so what do I do

  • Erin Cooper

    for the last week, I have really only eaten dinner under eating yay

  • Cousin Pete

    I have all 6. Best thing I can do is just live as fast as I can


    7. Smiling to much .

  • gg

    I respect women

  • Mi Ki

    6 for 6 for as long as I can remember. Katie is awesome but when she says we can beat this, I wonder what was the longest period was that was in a depressive state. I felt this way for 30 plus years, back to my first attempt at suicide. I've been on so many antidepressants and now my latest just got doubled to the max amount they can prescribe and don't remember the last time I smiled, just nothing seems to work which makes it worse because you lose all the hope you have left. I wish I knew how to "beat this" Katie!!

  • Robert Wiegman

    Watching Tonka the Malamute helped me alot! 🙂

  • Jozeph Amador

    Thank you Katie!

  • carebear

    don't you love it when you have almost all of the symptoms for depression but you're way too scared to tell anybody bc then your parents are gonna find out and send you to therapy and you'll get asked questions about stuff that's happened in your life but you don't want your parents knowing about any of that because it's embarassing and you don't want them to know anything concerning about you or else they'll go crazy w rules and monitoring me and shit so you just don't say anything and are becoming worse and worse everyday 😀 bc same. i refuse to tell anyone and i am not planning to every say anything hehehe

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