Greetings Sir!……Greetings, Sit down. Tell me.. Heard a lot about you, Sir… You help people who are going through difficulties… You give solutions to problems, due to which we have come regarding the same.. Please, Tell me..What’s the matter? Sir, He’s my friend’s brother His name’s Vinod… He repeatedly tell’s that he wants to die and makes a fuss.. His actions has really started scaring his parents.. They are worried about what he might do.. Please, give us a solution regarding this… Why man, What happened?.. What do i tell you, Sir… I feel that i am unfit to exist…. No matter what work i put my hands on…. Everything fails miserably… I feel like i don’t need this life..Sir If you feel that life is unfit to be lived just for this reason…… Then that’s foolishness.. There is a lot more to be experienced by living life.. Understand that……What’s the problem? Instead of living this way, isn’t it better to just DIE.. That’s the only reason that i want to die… I have started to HATE my life… I should NOT be alive.. Yes, I understand your feelings..It might be Correct.. Like you said, you deserve to DIE… Sir!?? What are you saying?……….Yes, Whatever he said was right.. Like he said, HE has to DIE…. But, before all that…. You both.. Must listen to a small story…Which i tell Listen to it. If the water was full, i could have drowned and killed myself. That’s fine…Anyway’s i have come prepared… Before i consume this Poison.. Let me have a look at my parent’s Photo… and then i will kill myself.. Where did the bottle of poison go?!! It’s fine if it’s gone…i still brought a rope… To which tree do i tie this rope??….. YES! That’s the right tree… What’s happening here?! Where did the rope go??! The bottle of POISON disappeared, So did the rope… WHO’S THERE?! What’s Happening here?! NO! I have to DIE!!. Hey!!….WHO’s THERE!…………….I Will KILL myself today! No matter what you do, You cant save me………………Who will stop me now?!………………aaaah!! What’s this? Find Me! Search me… if you can Huh?! ……….What’s this…? The bag’s gone…so has the knife! Everything’s disappearing like magic…so suspicious! What’s this? Find Me.. Search me…If you can NO!! I SHOULD’NT DIE!!! I HAVE TO SURVIVE! You played with me so much!…… I wont leave you! I will definitely FIND YOU… I WONT leave you!!.. Now, tell me… What did you understand from this story? What is this, Sir..I was hoping for a solution… Instead, you tell us a confusing story and ask us if we understood anything from it.. Is this fair from your part? Yes!…the solution for your problem Is IN that story.. What?…The solution is in that story?! Sir, i am not able to understand your point..Please explain clearly.. The problem your friend faces, And the situation in this story…has a similarity. For a person Three scenarios will rule his life.. What happened in the PAST, What’s going to happen in the FUTURE.. and what’s happening in the PRESENT…..meaning… PAST , PRESENT… FUTURE.. For a person, TWO of these will always hold his hand when he walks. His success or failure depends on those TWO.. In short, Thinking or thoughts to be short, it’s..POSITIVE thoughts and NEGATIVE thoughts. Now, this is the problem…. If a person fills his mind with NEGATIVE thoughts.. and start’s to think that there is no use of him being alive, and in the end, starts to think too much to the extent where he can end his life, and pursue those unwanted NEGATIVE thoughts, which leads to a trap created by his own thoughts.. landing him in the depth of his trap, which starts causing pain and suffering. But, when he finds the knife called POSITIVE thinking in him, and grab hold of it, Then, he would be able to cut through those traps easily. Cutting the trap made of his own NEGATIVE thoughts, and finally comes out of them. When POSITIVE thoughts starts to flood one’s mind, every step he makes with those thoughts creates a new way/path for him. Then, he starts to see the world in a completely NEW perspective. In the same way, he too has to forget those NEGATIVE thoughts, and TEAR them out of his mind. Only then can everything CHANGE FOR THE BETTER in his life. BEST MISTAKE



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