The Dark Side of Psychology pt1: The Government | Kati Morton

The Dark Side of Psychology pt1: The Government | Kati Morton



  • Mama Dell

    This is a subject that NEEDS to be talked about more, particularly in today's political climate.
    Thank you so much for shining a light on this! I'm looking forward to the next one. I find the involvement of psychology in marketing both horrifying and intriguing.

  • Chris Moon

    WOW, this was GREAT! I love this video, need more please! 🙂 It's amazing just what they do any not tell people. I still think they experiment on people in the nursing homes up here. I also find this heartbreaking that the people who volunteered may not have been compensated, just left on the side of the road so to speak.

  • Mystie

    There has been a dark side to many things. Not just psychology. This video makes the countries of the US and Canada sound like horrible places where every citizen was being tested on. Wow…what a fear video and one sided…yes, horrible pasts, but look at your audience Kati, a highly subjective audience to fear so let’s talk slower and add music to the background like in none of your other videos…should we call this the beginning of the x-files Kati Morton style. Disappointing!!!

  • gwen joplin

    Simply terrifing

  • akaStacy1975

    If anyone wants to see a little fiction about dark psychology, manipulation, and psychic driving, check out the show 'Hannibal.' It's so devious and twisted!

  • Clair D

    ooh..this CIA stuff scares me. its almost like an X File episode to me….creepy.

  • Expert BV

    goin INNNN

  • Susanna M

    Very important. Thank you.

  • Caffeinated Gamer

    I was thoroughly brainwashed once by a MLM(the bad kind of MLM). Can't recover after years… After getting away from them I see brainwashing everywhere. I am too paranoid. One doctor said I have Psychosis. Other said I might need Electric shock therapy (ECT).

    I hate money. Left job. That makes no sense. Fiat currency??? Everything is a lie. What is the truth??? All living beings are predators???.. law of nature. Eat or be eaten….???
    Nothing makes sense………

  • IllBeYour Huckleberry

    Don't believe for a minute they are not doing the same or worse today. Even if it's underground. Although its more likely right in front of us and we are simply unaware. Facebook dopamimes, mandella effect, etc.. etc..

  • Graeme Dicks

    This is very enlightening – !

  • Emilie Petch

    Can you please talk about the Stanford prison experiment?

  • Clevr clone

    Thank you for addressing this issue. I would be interested to know if you will cover Psychiatry's role on this topic for example The Rosenhan Experiment and the development of the DSM? You eluded to it with the cold war.

  • Frankie Cal

    You should read about The Tavistock Institution of Human Relations they brainwash the whole planet.

  • Kyla Marie

    5 seconds in and im hooked

  • Kyla Marie

    Omg i like this! Can't wait for the next video

  • RKD

    Hmm..So part of the plot of Stranger Things was based on a true story? I learned something today. Lol

  • Heather Batin

    Hi Kati!. Thank you for this video. It was nice to have a break from figuring out one’s mental health condition and focus on another aspects of psychology which, at least in my opinion, is just as relevant and quite interesting. I do have questions regarding a few interests that I think you and I could potentially work together to establish. I am nearly at The end of my doctoral program where I am writing my dissertation for my PhD. I study the effects our social environments may have on mental health conditions and whether or not people seek help. I know this is a public forum, but if you’re interested, please advise on me how I can give you my contact information. Mostly, thank you for your videos. They are therapeutic, scientific, objective, subjective, and I say you are doing damn good work.

  • Dumbledore

    Anyone getting a Shane Dawson vibe??

  • Tasha Hocking

    Great new video Katie. If you ever run low on topics, just do more like this about history of psychology.

  • chubean

    Thank you for getting into this (: I have a similar passion for psychology like you and ended up reading up on experiments and the dark side of psychology years ago when I was deep into my studies. I wondered why nobody wants to talk about it more… so this is going to be an exciting topic !

  • Nyarlathotehp

    Do you think any of the kids who claimed to be experimented on had kids and passed any of their developed issues to their progeny?

  • francesco menichella


  • Jordan Weir

    Great video, Kati. Very informative, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

  • Liah Low

    Thanks! Very interesting! But I really dislike like the music! =/

  • MsAcidOak

    Soviet Union wasn't Russia. Soviet Union consisted out of 15 respublics: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova and Turkmenistan. This isn't some kind of secret information

  • Broken Very

    Loved this

  • KT S

    Reflects the well established dictum in science. Science performed outside of ethics rarely yields reliable or useful results, because if you are compromising on ethics you are compromising on methods also.

  • Mary Oary

    I’m so sorry the YouTube algorithm hasn’t been working with you, this should be getting millions of views.


    this is literally the best video i’ve seen ever!! i’m going to be a phycology major and am going to college now for it, and this was externally interesting bc i’ve been so intrigued and have been researching the the mkultra mind control.

  • yusmiffins

    It would've been really nice to put a mention of illegal drugs/psychadelic trigger warning on this…

  • Kristian179

    and people claimed that LSD was made not legal due to Manson & Timothy Leary, but I doubt that.

  • Charthers

    You look at social media and you can’t help but think this is the ultimate spying and brainwashing device..

  • Suzanne P

    I never had mental health issues until I was told I had depression (I did not) and was forced to take the highest dose of a particular medication, which I was given more medication to fix the side effects. A few years later I did develop depression (which is how I know I didn’t have it before) and was followed by anxiety which I still have. I think corruption in day to day care still goes on and it disrupts and ruins lives. I was a minor at the time and this is very short version of the whole story. Has anyone experienced anything similar?

  • Pajge 900

    You don't need the music. I have trouble focusing on your words because my mind always drifts off when I hear music.

  • Michelle Elle

    Can you do a video on “gang-stocking”?

  • Shea Donnelly

    Wow. I find this absolutely horrifying. At the same time, it needs to be brought to light. Thanks for talking about this, Kati. You always say the things that the rest of us are afraid to say.

  • Anfinity Warframe

    Hi Kati could u do a video on vivid dreams

  • Zinnia27

    Wow! Do you have to learn all that when studying to become a therapist or psychologist? Or is this just stuff you searched on your spare time because of interest? Because I am very impressed. To be a therapist and helping people out with their mental health struggles is awesome, but to actually delve deeper into the not-so-nice parts as well, takes initiative. Good for you Kati!
    Unfortunately, I'm terrible at history, so the dates and details made it a little confusing for me. However, I do recall hearing about electro-compulsive therapy (or whatever the proper term is) in some of my most recent years of schooling. It's very scary to think about and unbelievable that stuff like that actually happened.
    I look forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Melissa

    Omg marketing. Yes I’m excited to hear it, thank you for doing this!! Also wtf government 🙄

  • Phantom Warrior

    I find the to be the start of a rather interesting series.

  • Mayar Shaheen

    Girrrrrl high temp. TEA ! 😂😂

  • Kristian179

    can you please do a vid on mass hysteria like the one involved during the Salem Witch Trials

  • Elizabeth Clifford

    I need help. My twin sister is sick, she's on the liver transplant list… We are 43, She just blew up on me because I have a better college degree. Why would that make her so angry? We were just chatting
    She has an associates degree, I have a B.S. She said oh you were gonna do teaching or something. She, even today said how she would just get stoned and go to class. I was a 4 year athlete at UC Davis and coached for 2 years after.. Do I have to take this abuse because she drank herself to almost death? I am her support person but sometimes (my whole life) she puts me down. I need some advice or I'm gonna go nuts and estrange my wife and kids.

  • Michaela Haddy

    Hey Katie random question but if you attempt suicide can your therapist say they don’t wanna see you again

  • hkandm4s23

    Ummm….. Barbiturates like heroin? I'm not sure that's right….

  • BaDUM Tsss

    Thanks great video

  • Jocelyn Ojeda

    What inspired you to become a therapist 🌈🌼

  • diaxus

    oh oh katie, your using psychology even in this vid, you wear black clothes in a darkened room and use a lower voice just to make it more dramatic and push the point, its quite sad that you've succumbed to YouTube dramatization, your better than this, why did you do it this way?

  • Jackie Lynn Foster

    It's SCARY.

  • Josh Tegart

    Is evolutionary psychology pseudoscientific bunk or is there something to it?

  • gothmedli


  • Orfkip

    How is this different than people getting forced antipsychotics and other harmful chemicals into their body during their involuntary stay in psychiatric hospitals? It seems like the same program to get rid of undesirables.

  • Brave Bulwark

    This was an excellent video! I was fully aware of these programs and your summary was spot on. To be honest, it did give me that sinking feeling about the future unless we "watch the watchers". I had to watch your other videos to cheer me back up with your WELCOMEs!!! 🙂

  • petrina mcginn

    Kati Morton, the mental health system says its cheaper to to diagnose schizophrenia via psychologist rather than MRI's. MRI's are actually on the same cost if were talking about well paid psychologists, and more accurate. For one showing grey matter in the amygdala which linking to post traumatic stress disorder. Having the idea someone can abuse their power to make someone as mentally ill is just as bad as wats mentioned in the video, dark side of psychology.

  • Samina Yaghouty

    This is disgusting! Makes me so disappointed in humanity! 😭 Who knows if they still do researches secretly and illegally! 🙁

  • Jay Cruz DOF

    I love this. Keep going and good job 👍🏼

  • Chandran Nataraj

    Thank you for talking about this Kati! This is surprisingly not common knowledge to most people and needs to be taught in history classes in every school. I look forward to the next video in this series.

  • Boo Bear

    Europa The Last Battle on Vimeo
    Know the apparent truth about our world wars
    *trigger warning*

  • rob wallace

    Katie can you talk about using a persona as a coping mechanism

  • Austin Boi

    Would love to hear ur opinion on mdma assisted psychotherapy 🙂 and what m.a.p.s is doing!!

  • leeor shimhoni

    psychology is the most powerful weapon of any army. if you understand how your enemy thinks ,you can defeat him morally, break his spirit before war started. the execution of Saddam Hussein on a specific Muslim holiday, the destruction of his statue , in the golf war , are all actions of psychological warfare.

  • Lindsay Sunde

    Unfortunately taking away people's rights and using horrifying manipulation tactics seems to be something that will never fade.

  • Katie Sopp

    You should do a video on the Stanford prison experiment

  • chantelle Karo

    What does a mental health OT do?

  • Suzanne

    WHOAAaaaaaa the 50's and 60's You mean the 70's and 80's…There was a war in the 60s have you heard of the vietnam war? a VERY terrible War that hurt so many.

  • Jenn McCoy

    I propose a study on CIA agents to learn what makes someone want to control others' minds in such an intrusive way and how they ethically justify that to themselves.

  • taggah2000

    Do NOT like the production style of this video. Topic is fine, but the style of the video itself. The lighting, light tones, wardrobe, set and especially the music make it seem like one of those cheesy conspiracy theory or supernatural hunter videos. Your delivery cadence and vocal tones also matches them.

    You are a top notch content creator, don't sink yourself to that level. I'm disappointed.

  • NowI'mMe

    So, have you watched "Stranger Things"?

  • NowI'mMe

    The United States government injected African American soldiers with all sorts of nasty diseases. Some doctors sterilized women of color and lied to them, telling them that they had diseases that needed to be treated…it was a big cover-up. These white doctors didn't want women of color to have more children! There is so really sick stuff that happened in the past and is still going on today…sigh.

  • //чужеркон

    this is the most important video on this channel

  • Alfred Rieder

    Psychedelics need to be legalized.

  • Maggie Croser

    Isn't mkultra what happened to El?

  • Jennifer Ferguson

    Heroin is an opioid not a barbiturate

  • Quinn West

    This is so interesting?! I've briefly heard of these studies through history and psych classes. And I never got to know exactly what they were. That's terrifying, but I think its good to know.

  • The Boring Case files

    People still shove their conscious selves into the subconscious hoping it could cure them. The man probably used hypnosis and recorded on the tapes.

  • Amelia

    Another study by the government was the Philadelphia experiment where they thought they could invent a drug to make soldiers or a ship time travel. It made the soldiers crazy sick. Love your videos!!

  • lakeboww

    And the background music you are using is also on purpose to subliminally affect the viewer!

  • mookie12344

    This is both really interesting and very frightening
    Thanks kati

  • Helena Langer

    Thank you for this disturbing video…

  • claudia estrada

    This is really different from your other content and I love it !

  • Drocca Lagel

    … can neuroscience define emotions ?? … last I read neuroscience can't determine if they are bodily or cognitive …

  • childof83

    Stranger things is stranger than you think huh

  • electric light

    Kati's talking about MK Ultra!!! Wowwie, woo!

  • Andrea

    Loving this series its so interesting but also pretty scary what the governments are capable of… i also believe they are still carrying out projects like MK-ULTRA to this day… so many conspiracies about it and it wouldn't surprise me <3

  • Buffy Breeden

    Bessel Van Der Kolk gives credit to MDMA for its ability to help PTSD. Results from micro dosing is positive.

  • T D

    What do you mean "the former soviet union, now Russia?" It was a UNION of countries with vastly different cultures. Russia was one of the countries, not the only one. "In the final decades of its existence, the Soviet Union officially consisted of fifteen Soviet Socialist Republics (Wikipedia)."

  • Jake Ballentine

    I used to call sex with my wife "operation midnight climax". I never made it past 11:30 though.

    I'll see myself out.

  • Evan Moskovoy

    omg I love this file x shit! <3
    u need a theme song! 😀

  • lain iwakura

    My grandfather went through the same thing with suing the government over the effects of Agent Orange when he fought in Vietnam.

  • David Hyde

    Im not sure about people not knowing what they were doing.
    They did not know what was going to happen. They put people in rooms that were bright white and they were given LSD intravenously . The result was that they wiped out peoples memories .
    It was not a success it was a disaster . One woman who gave birth to seven children and could not remember one. The majority of people who they used were inmates .

    A Doctor was told to research the effects of radiation on people .
    So he went on a hospital ward and gave sick peoples radiation and told them it was medicine not only did peoples love ones die from radiation but their bodies had been exhumed at certain periods throughout the years they were researching the effects of radiation on the human body .

  • Petitio Principii

    Electroconvulsion is not torture, though, but actually something that is still scientifically held as the most effective treatment for certain conditions. Usually, movies and anti-psychiatrists will speak of it as it's just electrocuting people until they say/behave as they want, which is BS.

  • dot exe

    Heh, there are still people who think MKULTRA is fake.

  • SlyNine

    They also used drafted men, threatening them with being sent to Vietnam if they didn't go along with experiments.

  • startrek stardate

    Left put the important fact the Unabomber was a subject of mk ultra. He says its what made him distrust society.

  • Hygiene Care

    The federal reserve enslaves humanity

  • Kripto Kalus

    i wish i had you as my doctor

  • Snoogen11

    Scientists: How does this work in nature?

    Engineers: How do we make this work ourselves?

    Governments: How do we make this work FOR US?

  • Grace Eventide

    I love this video but I can’t seem to escape these awful Michael Fiore ads…

  • mudslingermason

    The drugging of America's children (mostly boys) through the public school system so they will 'behave' is supported by psychologists at every turn. Someday this will rightly be seen as one of the darkest chapters in the history of psychology.

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