The Duchess of Cambridge speaks at the launch of mentally healthy schools

The Duchess of Cambridge speaks at the launch of mentally healthy schools

Thank you and hello everyone and thank you for all those who I’ve met this morning, children and staff alike Over the last two years, William Harry and I have been honoured to take part in a national conversation on mental health through our Heads Together campaign We know that mental health is an issue for us all – children and parents young and old, men and women of all backgrounds and of all circumstances What we have seen first-hand is that the simple act of having a conversation about mental health – that initial breaking of the silence can make a real difference. But, as you here today know starting a conversation is just that – it’s a start. This is particularly true of the conversations that take place in our schools and with our children. I see time and time again that there is so much to be gained from talking of mental health and taking the mental health of our children as seriously as we do their physical health When we intervene early in life, we help avoid problems that are much more challenging to address in adulthood My own commitment is to the youngest and most vulnerable in their early years babies, toddlers and school-children and to support all those who care for them. The role of teachers here is absolutely vital. You see our children as they grow, learn and play as they build their social skills that will make a difference to their futures. You are uniquely placed to help children speak out about their mental and emotional challenges, and direct parents and carers to the right support. I am all too aware, however of how much we ask teachers to take on. Teachers want to help but don’t have the time to go hunting for the best information and advice out there. You need resources you can trust And you need to have easy access to them at all times. That is what this pilot is all about. Led by the Royal Foundation with close collaboration from our Heads Together partners, this new online resource this new online resource will transform schools’ access to high-quality information and guide teachers and school leaders towards the best support out there. The ambition is to roll this website out this year so it’s available to every teacher in every primary school in the UK. The ultimate goal is that all teachers in the country should know where to turn to for expert resources to support the emotional well-being and mental health of children in their care. I would ask each of you here today to work with the Foundation to develop this new essential resource. Please let us know what works what doesn’t and what else you would like to see. This project has been collaboration from day one. It will only succeed if we continue to work together. And with that in mind, it’s so exciting to see the Department for Education, represented by the Minister here today taking such a close interest. Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to you all. We would not be here today without the help of our Heads Together partners, including the Anna Freud Centre, Place2Be and Young Minds. I am grateful, too, to the Centre for Mental Health the National Association of Head Teachers and the fifty schools taking part in this pilot. I am so excited to see where this work will take us in future. Thank you.



  • steve edwards

    Excellent ……. the resource for hard pressed teachers will, I presume, be invaluable. Spotting, and helping to cope with any mental health issue when young will be of enormous benefit to all children, hopefully helping to equip them better for life. Having a society where talking / communicating openly about ones mental health is is an ideal, one which I dearly hope see become reality. Will and Harry going public about their own issues, and then, with others forming Heads Together, is one of the finest and far reaching things things they could do.

  • tha runtia

    She is more confident now

  • Emmalisa Tilli

    Thankyou for posting!!!!!! So wonderful and what we need!

  • Kirsten Johnson

    Yes, breaking the silence to start. Thank you for doing this.

  • makksima

    She is very confident while speaking now – at the beginning years ago she was trembling but now things are different. Good job!!!!


    The words come out from mouth of Duchess of Cambridge to my ear is sound warm, soothing and have rhythm like music. I think she is kind and have warm heart. It is therapy for my ear.
    England is bless with Queen Elizabeth and future Queen Kate of future King William, how lucky.


    Look! Pregnant Kate, Royal Highness of Cambridge gave beautiful speech. Her rhythm of speech and soothing voice was so nice like music. Hope to hear more of her speeches. Brought up from proper family with strong personality, strong healthy mentality, low profile, cool and smart to speak to give good information.


    Meghan was difficult to admit she has no knowledge of tackling mental health problem, she was boosting, rushing & rambling about Women voice & meeting important people.


    Finally! Meghan admitted she 'can not' do, when Tina Daheley asked her to talk about laying foundation of her future work for Royal Foundation.

  • N N

    She needs urgent help from Meghan Markle on how to deliver a good speech. Even Diana did a much better job. Kàte is the worst.

  • Maria

    It's difficult to watch her give speech! Surely after 8+yrs she should be more confident and not rely on SCRIPT!!

  • Zoe Leonard

    I’m Zoe and I hate your video

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