The Effect of Access Bars on Anxiety & Depression –  with Dr. Dain Heer &  Dr. Terrie Hope

The Effect of Access Bars on Anxiety & Depression – with Dr. Dain Heer & Dr. Terrie Hope

Hi everybody,
this is Dr. Dain Heer and I’m here with a wonderful
and amazing person, her name is Terrie Hope and
we’re talking about the research project she has recently completed
on Access Consciousness Bars. Terrie, welcome!
How are you doing? Hey, how are you Dain? Thanks.
So great to see you. It’s great to be here with you,
and I’m excited. In having done these Bars myself
for 18 years and seeing the changes they create
like nothing else on the planet, it’s so nice to get the scientific perspective,
well of a lot of things, of “Hey, this is actually happening.”
But also the extent to which it is, but also with the brain mapping
─ which we’re going to get into ─ how you were actually able to scientifically
acknowledge what’s occurring. Yeah, it was really cool. What’s so interesting Dain is
that I looked and I went, “How is it possible that
by touching points on the head, this much change could occur in
such a short period of time.” It blew my mind. You know, I sometimes think that
a hammer upside the head might create change instantaneously too, but that doesn’t seem to be
a viable option in most people’s worlds. Before we get started into the project itself can you talk a little bit about
your background and your story, what your credentials are, how you
got here, that sort of thing? I’m a PhD, Doctor of Natural Medicine. My specialty is in Quantum Medicine, which the premise of which is everything is energy. I truly believe that the fabric of the universe is coming from energy,
really at some level. The beginning of my journey was actually in 2013. I was actually in an Access class and I went,
“Hmm, it would be really cool to do a study on Access Bars
and anxiety and depression.” So I kind of spurred on
and I just kept on going and thinking
“I’ve got to find a way to do that.” In fact this would be
the second piece of research that I’ve been able to participate in on Access Bars, one of which I did with Dr. Fannin
which hasn’t yet been published. However there’s some
really great results that coincide with the results of this research as well. Cool. Can you talk a little bit
about the value of research studies as far as they relate to Bars? What what does that give us,
what’s what’s the gift in that? Well, I think that the gift is that for some people who need to hear it. There’s those of us who know,
or those people who have experienced Access Bars and have really
received a lot of change or something different
in their life or are happier. They know by experience
that that can occur. And then there’s other people
who really need to know, you know, “Give me something tangible
so I can really be able to see it, or hear it, or know that it’s going to work,
or that there’s something there.” And I think that the more people who are doing things around energy work or energy medicine including Access Bars,
will allow people to really see that that’s a way that they can also have
change for themselves, regardless of whether it’s for health
or for happiness or whatever. Well absolutely and I think you said it yourself. You’re like, “I was so surprised
that touching somebody’s head could have these amazing changes.” And it’s so easy, it’s so simple to learn
and so available. People often discount it and go
“Oh well, of course that couldn’t work…” I would say it falls into two camps. There’s that and then there’s the other side
of those of us who have had it where we’re like, “It works. I have
no idea how, but it definitely works.” So can we talk about
the study and what you found as it relates to Bars
and depression and anxiety? Okay. This study was considered a pilot study because of the number of people
that were in the research. It started off with ten people
and the final number were seven, both men and women in equal groups. The criteria to be in the study was
that they had to either be depressed or have anxiety or both. 50% of people who have
any kind of a mood disorder often have co-existing anxiety. What was interesting when we looked at the results, one of the things I looked at was
“What kind of anxiety do they have?” “Or what kind of depression
do they have?” There was one test that
we looked at, which was, “Do they have what’s called State Anxiety
which is a kind that is temporary and often goes or something called
Trait Character Anxiety, which is something that’s long lasting
and part of how they are as a being. We did the same for depression.
What was really fascinating was all seven people ─who I didn’t know any of these people to begin with, they were new to me, most of them
hadn’t even heard about what energy was─ all seven had what’s called Trait Anxiety … that was their
operating system basically. Wow, I didn’t know
that piece of information. You just brought me to tears on that one, because I obviously know
the results of the study too. Wow, that these people had this.
It’s called Trait Anxiety for a reason. It’s one of the traits they are
expressing in their world constantly. And two would be considered
having Trait Depression. So it was quite interesting
to have that kind of thing show up for a piece of research
with that few people. Is this the point
at which we cut to the chase and tell them what we found
in the research? We could do that or play a little longer?
So there were four tests. So I did four test, two for anxiety
and two for depression. Part of the reason you would do that
is to double look at the results. The questionnaires were different
for each one of them and for the Beck Anxiety Inventory ─which is a standardized
psychological testing method ─ the results had an 84.7% change
in the mean or the average change for this between a pre score
and the posts score for anxiety. An 84.7, let’s call it 85%, an 85% change.
That’s right. And the range was anywhere from a 100%
to something like 53% So that’s how you get that score. So one of the people had a 100% change.
Wow When you have somebody like that, who comes in to get their Bars run for… how long was the session?
Okay sorry. The session was one section and
it was 90 minutes long. So this is one Bars session,
90 minutes long, and these people are self reporting
an average of say 85% change. And the lowest person was 53%. That is right.
And the highest was 100. Wow, the gift! I’m probably not supposed to cry in this
video, but this is why we do what we do. Oh my god, I mean a 50% change… And most of these people
have probably been trying everything under the sun
to get some sort of change. And the fact that you said
that they had no idea what energy was, you hadn’t met them before, that also for me validates
that it is about the Bars. And it’s not people that are coming and going “Oh, you know…,” It’s people that have never heard of it.
No, and it was quite remarkable. The same kind of results were seen in the other test. So the Beck Depression Inventory which I use for one of the depression scales, had an 82.7% change
as an average score. Wow.
They really reflected the same. What was also interesting was that
the people who were in the study, they actually all had a pretty broad
distribution between mild to severe. So when it came to anxiety,
there was at least one or two people in the severe category and then
a couple in the moderate category and then the rest were in the mild category. So it was really broadly distributed across. So that was really interesting
because we got a really great mix. Wow. When I look at that,
having looked at many studies myself for different reasons, especially going
through chiropractic school and seeing the efficacy of different methods and then when I was researching
depression myself, when I had it before Bars, trying to find something
that actually worked was practically non-existent.
Because no matter what I tried, it never created a 50% result,
especially in an hour and a half, you know. And the average being 85%
for people who have this once again as as one of their fundamental traits.
So this is amazing. One of the things that we spoke about
before we started recording, was the brain mapping that you did, and how that creates a validity
for the research at itself. And I know on a recent video
that you did explaining this, there was one lady who was just not nice. She was trying to show how
what you did was invalid or show how this study
must have been designed incorrectly. And you went with her point by point
by point and showed her what you did, and at the end of it
she was like, “Oh, wow this is valid,” because she was a researcher herself. So can you talk about the validity
of the research, number one or the organization of it and
how it actually is valid? Also how doing the brain mapping…
the brainwave studies actually, what it is number one and then
how that creates the validity in the study. Okay, I can do that. So when we take
all the questionnaires together for just like not to take them one by one in general the chance
of these results in the questionnaire had a 3% or less than 3% chance
of happening by chance. In fact the one on the Becken Anxiety Inventory had a 99.6% chance of not ever having
being able to happen by chance. So when you look at
those kinds of things statistically and all of the data
was actually measured for validity before it went into
statistical computation, you can’t say because of
a small number of people you’d have to look and see
whether it was relevant. It was and it went through all the statistical stuff and the results were astounding. Basically you could say that 97%
it couldn’t have occurred by chance which is fabulous.
So I did all these questionnaires and then I did what’s called brain mapping or Quantitative ElectroEncephaloGram. So we put a cap on in the head,
measured the brainwave patterns before and after I did the Bars. It’s a standardized
scientific testing method. What we found with that was
really interesting in that all of the people in the study had depressed energy
in certain frequencies. So the depressed energy
was in theta through beta. If you want I can get
more technical, but I won’t. Please don’t. I love it, I don’t think
most people do, unfortunately. I won’t go technical, but what was
interesting is some of it was highly depressed energy. In scientific terms as big as three
standard deviations below the norm. Now at the end of it,
it was normal for most of the people. Generally speaking, if you’re doing
let’s say neurofeedback to change your brain, and you had
those kinds of things going on, you could do as many as 20 sessions
to get that kind of change to occur, that’s how astounding it was.
So that was really interesting. And then when you look at
those kinds of frequencies and you look at some of the data that was produced and it said okay some research
studies have shown if you increase the energy
in certain frequencies in people who have trait anxiety, then it will actually get them
out of trait anxiety and that’s exactly what showed up
in the research. Wow
The same thing with depression. It was also reflected
where if you increase beta activity for people who have depression,
they will have less depression. That’s was totally reflected
in those frequencies. So that’s why that part,
without getting scientific about it, was really interesting.
Wow, that’s amazing. I feel like my job is to just sit here
and say wow. I don’t really have another word other than
“Oh my god, how friggin awesome!” I mean wow. And I’ve got to say, for me Access
literally saved my life 18 years ago. Actually getting a Bars session
literally saved my life 18 years ago. I was depressed and I was with anxiety
and it had become a trait. It had become a trait
over the last three years and I’m sure it was probably still
state anxiety and depression but it literally changed like that and I never
contemplated killing myself again. So when you’re presenting
these numbers to those of us that have used this stuff, we look
and go well that makes total sense. At the same time
to get the sheer magnitude of the change that people get and a percentage of people for whom
it occurs, absolutely phenomenal. This is friggin awesome.
I’m excited. Yeah, and it’s interesting, the thing about
people killing themselves which we know that’s something
that’s really prevalent. After I was doing the tabulation
of all the results I looked at this one particular person in the research
who actually was suicidal. She rated really off the scale when
it came to anxiety and depression. And her results at the end of it
had zero as a score for suicide. that was such a surprise
I had no idea. I mean, she was looking like a functioning human being when she walked in the door.
Wow Wow Wow That was “wow” as well. As we wrap up here
can you talk about the coherence, ─because that’s one of the other
things that you spotted, and one of the other things
that seems to be so dynamic─ and what this changes. I have my own take on what
coherence would be like, but can you talk about what you found
with coherence and what that might relate to
in sort of plain English for people? Okay, I can do that. So all of the people in the study
had an increase in brain coherence. That can be a really technical subject, but in this case when we looked
at brain mapping, a lot of them had
what’s called hypo coherence, which means that their brain is not
communicating as well as it could between regions, which sometimes
you see in things like dyslexia. Traumatic brain injury
can sometimes show up that way. What it did was move
towards normal in all of the subjects and the statistical relevance of that
was really high as well. That was fabulous.
What that means for people when you’re functioning from a place
of optimal coherence then what happens is you can think better,
you can be more creative. They’ve looked at coherence
in terms of increasing scores, intelligence, all kind of things.
Where if you went from an under functioning brain
that doesn’t communicate very well, to one that’s actually communicating well
after a 90 minute Bars session, that was to me phenomenal. Wow I studied some other work where
it was about helping your brain and that sort of thing.
And it was interesting because I did it and I went through this hour long thing
where you try it out. And I went through an hour long thing
and it was interesting, as for me I felt like I had like 1/10 of a Bars session or a 1/20 of a Bars session. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was like, “Oh that basically was like almost not
even beginning to have a Bars session.” You know what I mean?
For that level of what it felt. Because that coherence for me,
energetically or the way I sense it it feels like everything is connected
and working. But also the sense it gives me
is sort of this connection with everything out here is connected
and working too and I’m connected to it. Well at least that’s what I get from Bars. I don’t know what realm
of the spectrum that speaks to. But it’s interesting,
those results you’re talking about. You’re talking about feeling connected. All of the people in the research
had this thing at this particular frequency, which is 22 Hertz,
right on the top of their head. It showed up in their brain map,
all of them, as being highly active, which is usually about high engagement. That particular frequency is about
integrating new information and high activation. So it would, might be, could mean anything….!!!! That is so cool So guys out there,
if you watched the video this far obviously there’s something about this
that it is speaking to you. I’m really excited because
I’ve been doing this 18 years, teaching it to people for 18 years. There are literal millions of people
around the world doing this right now, and I’ve been fortunate to meet
hundreds of thousands of them in the 18 years I’ve been doing it since
I got my life saved 18 years ago, but never having any research. I just knew that it did something
that contributed to people. With Terrie coming along and showing us that, look, there’s actually something happening. One of the things I love about it
is it’s actually reproducible. Totally.
It’s reproducible and this is not something where:
“Ahh you must become a Bars Master and once you become a Bars Master
and then you can give this gift to others”. This is like, “Hi, I’m Bob, I don’t know
what the fuck energy is, but guess what, I want to learn this.” And you put your hands on people
and shit changes. It ain’t brain surgery, so I just wanted to make that point in case people should even go,
“Oh they have a study, so it must be scientific,
and you must be a master.” No man, this is for all of us!
This is a tool that’s available for all of us. One of the things I’m excited about Terrie
is the possibility of studying traumatic brain injury, PTSD,
because we’ve seen it with people who come and do this work
especially PTSD. I mean the stories that I could tell you,
the hundreds of people that I’ve seen that totally eliminated PTSD
from their lives using Bars and other Access Consciousness tools
is off the charts. So I’m really excited
for what is possible ahead. I’m already starting to write
the next two pieces of research. One of them includes that subject for sure. And probably a larger study,
a longer term on anxiety and depression and the addition of stress
and pain within that study which will make it really interesting to see
what the effects are on that. Awesome.
I am very much looking forward to that. Terrie, thank you so much
for being with me today. Thank you for having the balls
to go do this. That may seem inappropriate to say
to a beautiful woman but thank you for having the balls
to go do this and the willingness to actually
put it in this framework that everybody out there in the world can understand. Thank you so much You are so welcome, thank you.
Thank you. Okay and everybody out there,
you can go to
to find out more. You can go to … what is our Bars website?… see I don’t go to the Bars website very often because I already know
all the people who run the Bars. So Go there and you can find a
Bars practitioner to get your Bars run. You can find a Bars Facilitator
if you want to take a Bars class and learn how to do this. And get this guys,
the class is one day long. And it really is something
when you learn this, you can do it for people
after that one day. We wanted to make it easy
and hopefully we have. So thank you all
so very much for watching, Terrie thanks again
and we’ll see you all soon. Bye



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