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    The FDA hasn't approved ketamine for psychiatric disorders — but that isn't stopping "off-label" treatment clinics from opening up all around the country.

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  • redxpen

    Everyone who thinks theyre anti-drug just isn't once they need to save a family member with it. I'll dose my own kids if they start attempting suicide, shiiiit

  • Yung Swaggot

    What he said about watching a movie of your life from an outside, objective point of view when you're on Ketamine is so true.

    The last time I used any drug was a Ketamine analog called Deschloroketamine (DCK) over a year ago. I'm an alcoholic and a drug addict and it was a relapse. I had ordered drugs online and wandered off on a walk, away from my parents house and into the woods to go use them. The problem was for some reason, I had mixed up the amount of time a Ketamine trip takes with Nitrous….. I've used a lot of drugs in my life and never made a serious error in judgement like that before. So anyway, after awhile, I realized my mistake and that I wasn't going to be able to go home, because I was obviously tripping. Then my phone died.

    Long story short, my parents basically thought I had fallen off of a cliff in the woods and died. But seeing my life, my drug use, my recovery progression from an outside point of view was absolutely incredible. I remember saying over and over again, "I'm so fucked". It was extremely powerful. I credit my year in sobriety now to my strong support network within AA, friends, and family but I like to think that the fact that I had used Ketamine as my "last use", had something to do with it as well. It just gave me a whole new perspective.

  • Jeremy Rider

    What a soy boy. man up. this is what's wrong with this generation.smh

  • Dewayne Taylor

    By body weight?!!! That man was out there😅

  • craig sandison

    Load of nonsense thats fact

  • craig sandison

    Cardio,going to the gym in general, mindfullness and understanding the physcology and bioligical reasons will make you alot better not taking ketamine this is such a far left treatment bet uni students love this😂

  • Dan Thomas

    I no there are no words that i can say to show how thankful i am to see the people trying this drug.. being a lab rat would not be fun. I may need ketamine in the days ahead but very scared to get it.. i wanna be sure that its safe long term. I don't want to be a pussy but i would rather die than forget everything and lose my mind, of course i already feel that way.. but thanks everyone it truly means so much to me. You people are very brave i no depression isn't fun i had it six months straight now and i couldnt imagin staying in that pain for as long as some of you.. i tempted suicide and was just put on paxil i hope it works for me.. God is looking out for us people. Also thanks for the researchers doing great testing..

  • BringTheWalrusBack

    I couldn’t hear a lot of the conversations..because of I’m deaf
    Side note: I’m going to hell anyway

  • Sally Deckard

    The nasal spray version had now been approved. YAY!

  • Thomas Bacon

    I genuinely think that is curing his depression because its giving him something to look forward to

  • Corinne Germanotta

    It's such a rip-off. That doctor can fuck off.

  • Lucidified

    Sponge Boi me Bob I've overdosed on ketamine and I have 3 hours to live argargargargarg

  • HAnsi Fischer

    does make ketamin , sexual dysfunktion, like all the other ssri ?

  • David Long

    In Australia that shit goes for $200 a G, which is a good night for 2-3 people lol

  • William Altizer

    I was stabbed in the neck some years ago, and so since then i get spells of anxiety and feeling associated with anxiety. It must be PTSD. Right Doc? So Dr. Feelgood I think can certainly benfit from the same ketamine treatmine that my buddy here just got. Do you agree dr.? Of course my son, you too can experience a better life through chemistry

  • William Altizer

    Chemistry rules!!

  • Joe Rawlins

    I just found an affordable clinic in Utah. I am so stoked to try it.

  • #My3SONS

    I have suffered with depression since I was 13 and now 32. Two years ago after I had a nervous breakdown I was diagnosed bipolar and PTSD. Lamictal was a life saver but after two years on it, I see it's starting to not help as it did. I see therapist and he doesn't help. He ask if I'm taking my meds and listens to what I have to say but never offers anymore help! They say this can cause long term affects on the brain. Coming from someone who struggles when it comes to how I think. We don't care about the long term affects because we are just trying to survive day to day! Just know you are not alone! I'm so sorry we suffer from this disease and pray for help!

  • Laura Ruckman

    Of course the FDA won’t approve it b/c it actually works. Instead, let’s give you a shit ton of psych meds so Big Pharma can make a pretty penny. Then, those synthetic meds will give you side effects, and you’ll need more scripts. It’s insane how many people who are initially prescribed one medication are then given numerous scripts, and you come to a point when you’re just treating side effects to meds. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • Darkwolfhellhound

    Gonna be starting my treatment soon…im nervous but I'm praying I can get my life back.

  • DON EL1T3

    $450 per ketamine infusion!?!?!?! Wtf!?!? Some of it covered though right? LMFAO, and drug dealers are the criminals eh? SMH sad af really

  • Fiesta

    How much?

  • Kevin - M: Ehrenworth

    The K HOLE

  • Kevin - M: Ehrenworth


  • Kevin - M: Ehrenworth

    A bunch of Coca-Cola will try your brain. The repair of the synapse and dendrites interested sign me up. Chronic depression daily.

  • Dawn

    The journalist is clueless. He didn't need it but did it to see how it felt. His experience is not like the experience of someone who has real depression or real PTSD.

  • Robotic Nerd

    I'm probably going to be trying Spravato soon

  • Chrizzy Dope

    I bet heroin therapy would be better

  • high tide low tide

    I'm in the same boat but cant afford a ketamine clinic . If anyone has some to sell let me know.

  • darthspeaks

    If depression kept me down for YEARS and didn't do anything important because of it and then all of sudden I didn't feel that way I would probably feel a degree of rage, not relief. Rage at someone who was responsible for this unnecessary emotional pain and humiliation that comes with depression.
    There is no way to win once you are cursed with this horrible disease.

  • darthspeaks

    I have been depressed and feeling worthless for SO LONG that I would not know how to handle success and the pleasure it would bring.
    It would most likely freak me out since, to me, it's not normal to feel good most of the time.
    I feel like the more successful you are in life the better the chance that you will be damned in the afterlife.
    I might be interpreting things wrong but I feel that way.

  • darthspeaks

    This could turn into a "if you want your pleasure then line up and do as we say and pay up".
    This treatment could seriously turn into a horrible master/slave situation.

  • darthspeaks

    The medical industry has a GOLD MINE in not curing or giving a concrete treatment for depression. The suffering of millions on ineffective, yet profitable anti-depressants would be undercut from any treatment that is simple and once a month.
    The system is more corrupt than you think. If you are weak and mentally unstable, God help you – they will crush and destroy your personality.
    It's almost as bad as the 1800s but in pill form.


    I'm 4 treatments in, it's already changing my life for the better.

  • ragestorm6

    After watching this video i feel comfortable in saying that, as an Earth Born human being, having lived in 3 continents of the world throughout my life, I would honestly say that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, while also not intending to hurt anyones feelings or ruin anyones day just by commenting, and while still remembering that so many lives have been lost throughout history that were directly related to this subject, and also trying to be completely objective while still offering insight into the situation, I truly think that, even if you don't personally agree with me, and keeping in line with the narrative of this video, that i forgot what i was going to say.

  • mohd abd syafiq hj mohd syarifuddin

    I got anxiety and depression.only realized after 5 months struggling. I feel useless, afraid of the dark, difficult to breath that led me to get out from the house to get oxygen, i throw all my ciggarettes, no mood, no appetite,keep on switching on and off tv, no interest, mind was at work, thinking of your boss keep on shouting angry at you, finding mistake,once or twice i got breathing difficulty and i rush out to open space outside office to get me to breath in, i cannot sleep..everytime i lay down on my bed,,i saw a huge crator underneath my bed, i feel wanna die, ended up crying and texting my lover telling that i dun feel good, scared. Went to see doctor and prescribe with flouxetines and xanax. BUT NOW, im getting stronger tha ever, i dod exercise regularly. Your experience taught you to become better and stronger person than ever. I hope i wont get to there anymore.its scary!!! Really

  • Anastasia Murawski

    My brother is trying this after trying everything else. I suffer from depression/anxiety etc. and I'm on disability and my meds are keeping me alive and sort of functioning. If I feel really bad I go get high on pot. He has never drank or done drugs (won't try pot until it's legal, which is happening soon in the state where he lives) and I mean i'm really scared because what if this doesn't work? Where do you go from this point? He's such a good guy, very lonely(like me) and he still works, I don't know how he does it. He's smart and funny and wouldn't hurt a fly. I visit him when I can but I don't know what to say to him anymore. The last time I saw him they were trying Ritalin on him and he seemed happier and upbeat but he said it started making him feel like he was going to have a heart attack. So he quit that. I've tried a similar drug for ADD and it helps mood and focus but after a while I crash and have had heart trouble with it and other meds. It's a shitty disease, and people don't get that it is a disease and not just a bad mood. I hope he feels better soon.

  • mel saint

    I want to try ketamine treatment

  • Spaniel

    The bad thing is that most people can't afford this treatment. That makes people have to continue to suffer. Not everyone is able!!!

  • Jack

    Time to boof some k

  • James G

    I’d be curious to see if this treatment reaps any benefits for people suffering with schizophrenia. My best friend’s older brother was diagnosed with it about 7 years ago and it’s heart breaking.

  • Saqib Raja

    Wow. The interviewer became extremely introspective and had a very mindful paradigm once he got the Ketamine infusion.

  • Max Bear

    All my life, I've struggled to fit in and one thing I want to address is that I don't blame society, as I blame myself for not recognizing my deficits. Sure, I was diagnosed with Non-Verbal Learning Disorder (Autism) when I was about 13, however, I never recognized until now that YOU are the one who controls your destiny. For example, my mother would often suggest that I write down a very specific schedule of what I want to accomplish each day, yet I didn't understand the context of what she was telling me. My mother would often suggest I develop hobbies and interests, but again it was something that I didn't think it would help due to the though process that it wouldn't help, but what I failed to recognize is the power of belief. Now, that I've finally recognized the error in which I've lived life I am now giving ketamine a try AND having the belief that it will help. This video has given me hope and I want acknowledge that I am truly thankful for this video.

  • Tom Ahern

    I think one thing we have to remember (which is often disregarded) is how important—in fact just as important as the treatment itself—the integration process is (the takeaways after the treatment). Dr. Levine made mention of the experiential significance of the treatment as well as the neurological adaptations taking place and, sure, some people's brains may produce less serotonin than others for whatever reason but the question is how did that come to be? Why are people suffering in the first place? What happened to them in their lives that reduced their self-worth, outlook, ability to assert themselves etc. The great thing about using ketamine (even without the drug i.e. meditation with an eye-mask) is that it promotes reflection in a safe-space. Ketamine enables a disassociation from the story the ego-mind constantly narrates. People come to a deeper self-understanding but those lessons—those downloads—MUST be integrated into life for positive change to occur. As Morpheus said to Neo, "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." Great documentary though!

  • Teralynn Fowler

    I’ve had 21 ketamine infusions and I am doing better. I’ve managed to stay out of the hospital for a while. Earlier this year I had 8 hospitalizations because I attempted to ended my life multiple times. I’ve been out of the hospital for 8 weeks. I’m doing good. It’s the only thing thats helped me stay out of the hospital.

  • Joe Ellerbrock

    As of March 6, 2019 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration "approved Spravato (esketamine) nasal spray, in conjunction with an oral antidepressant, for the treatment of depression in adults who have tried other antidepressant medicines but have not benefited from them (treatment-resistant depression)."

  • xHydra

    Keetaamiinaa in pula pentru cei care stiu

  • The Trashman


  • Legion Studios

    Claim depression to get legally high I see whats goin on here.

  • Mike McKay

    I had depression and migraines for 30 years. Four ketamine infusions later, they were gone. There is no downside for trying ketamine. Pay out of pocket. It’s worth it. Ketamine reconnects pathways in the brain. It works.

  • Billy Reed

    Did 10 Injections and cost a Mint, it did nothing for me over hyped like CBT oil.

  • Muse California

    I’m wondering if he tried therapy

  • Sabrina Britcher

    I’m glad he has finally found something to help him. I wonder what this would do for me to change my life and my depression and anxiety.

  • M S

    I am being offered this treatment and I'm doing my own research before I make my decision. I started crying when this started bc I felt like what if this treatment is able to make me feel better. All I want is the result that some people got from this help.

  • Fss Ffgg

    Psychosis is a motherfucker that no SSRI or SRNI can help with. Mushrooms have also been an amazing way to snap your brain out of it. It seems ketamine does the same thing. I still believe a guided mushroom trip in the right state of mind will do wonders

  • theadam22

    Imagine if this is how we treated all drugs, rationally and logically with compassion and understanding for one another.

  • r ht

    anybody know what happened to the dude that underwent this treatment?

  • S A D M O Y

    Nick Kroll try ketamine

  • Esra Dogan

    My doctors have given me the option now to do ketamine or medicinal marijuana for my very resistant major depressive disorder and anxiety with chronic pain. Very interested to see what this video shows .

  • The one and only ONE!

    It’s called marijuana! Get some👌
    Best anti depressant ever!

  • Buddy the Wolf

    run over minorities in my 2001 honda civic for allah, i must

  • Sergio Perez

    I wonder what kind of reaction mixing Lsd and Ketamine would produce. Considering they both alleviate depression in different ways.

  • mario Alas

    You just gave me hope and maybe saved my life, please keep going don’t give up.

  • Itistabaccobro

    I hate this dude voice from vice. Like hipster stoner man tf… Oh shit dude this dude got rapped

  • KFC

    Molly is better

  • My Experiences

    I get ketamine done for chronic pain, going into it I had never heard of ketamine before I’ve been getting these infusions done now for about two years… Because of my chronic pain I had grown depressed. Suicidal even! And without knowing it getting these infusions for my pain it has cured me completely of my depression! And PTSD! Now I go into a K Hole each and every single time I go!! and it’s completely scary but worth the pain relief and the mental clarity you receive afterwards! For anyone reading this comment my dosage right now is 300 mg! I don’t know that it’s necessary for every single person to go into a K Hall because I’m not familiar with the whole psychiatry of it but watching this and hearing how they’re not sure how much to give I’m kind of wondering if people should also go into a K hole as well for depression to get the maximum benefit of the “rewiring of the brain“

  • Ultimate 1

    If you are poor and depressed you are screwed.

  • Todd C

    It is a drug trip.

  • SEBASTIÃO Carneiro

    Cocaine clinics way not ?

  • SEBASTIÃO Carneiro

    Be happy with or without drugs. Happiness is a action !
    Do something for others, help someone or situation, and you see how you feel !

  • SEBASTIÃO Carneiro

    Brown sugar psicalistic…

  • jack firmin

    I liked the guy from Yale. He pointed towards possible unknown effects of long term use, but as well to the positive effects especially for people whit resistance to more common treatments. He really seems to care about his patients

  • Danny Reed

    As of March 05 the FDA approved S-Ketamine or esketamine (like Spravato nasal infusers) for treatment of Depression so it can be covered by Insurance IN A CLINICAL SETTING AS A PROCEDURE THAT IS SELF ADMINISTERED. By the way, you CANNOT drive home. You MUST be evaluated to leave and then someone MUST drive you home other than yourself. I was in the NIH Study in DC in 2011 and it worked great almost immediately. I have been waiting for 9 years for this to be approved by the FDA. I hope the overwhelmed programs can effectively cope with demand.

  • rachael james


  • John

    My son : Is he a dentist?

  • Sarah Sullivan

    I wanna trip with this reporter.

  • Milan Pamei

    I really need this ketamine….

  • FaeFantasy

    This seems like a slippery slope. I dont think this should be used for extended periods of time. This seems like a way to prey on people's need to get better.

  • rock solid

    DXM is very similar you can get a 8oz bottle for about $6

  • Charlie Palmer

    Each infusion costs $450? If you were depressed and thought ketamine might help, and knew that the cost of "legal" treatment was 50x (?) that of black market meds, you're going to be pretty tempted to just do this illegally. This world is so fucked up.

  • Jerimbo

    Fucking love ket

  • Mr Free1 • 18 years ago

    The thing about ket is that once you take to much you can never enjoy it again. Tolerance is a bitch. I've been to the grey world. Broke all my dreams. Ket is NOT a quick fix. It will hurt you.

  • Aurum Productions

    My first use of LSD as a teenager probably saved my life.

  • falcon blubber

    I wish we could do the same shit with mushrooms


    Shes her mother??? Wow, this ladies never loose time!!!

  • YoungWolf2

    I truly hope Stephen has found happiness in life. He seems like such a genuinely good person. Emptiness is terrible, lonely feeling and if ketamine is a cure (or can at least temporarily numb the depression) then why is it so frowned upon? People need to stop stereotyping every drug just because it's a drug.

  • _ Ralph

    To solve depression you need to set up long lasting friends a relationship and if your still depressed after that in a lot of cases the depressed pills worked

  • Rick James

    What doctors don’t seem to understand is it doesn’t matter how effective this is long term if it cures depression now and stops someone from hurting themselves or god forbid someone else thats a huge win.

    In a society with an opioid epidemic, it’s pretty obvious to me pain and depression are huge in our western world and that’s why opioid drugs are so popular, life no longer hurts and for someone that’s truly depressed that’s all that matters.

  • Glenn Quagmire

    On December 3rd, 2018, Steven Gerritse, shot and killed his mother with a shotgun before turning the gun on himself after finding out Governor Chris Christie signed an order banning the use of Ketamine therapy outside of the setting of a level 1 or level 2 hospital for the purposes of pain management post-surgically or in a Trauma Center's Emergency Department to reduce pain caused by injury or accident.

  • john john

    Needed for all cronic pain pacient

  • Real StockTips

    Very scary when the guy said “we really don’t know how safe this is”

  • Wubber

    you can achieve this "feeling" by having a panic attack smoking marijuana too

  • fffourtwenty

    EMS uses K like CHAMPS for serious accidents

  • bigandred2009

    Yes bad childhood is bad, but I lived on dexamphetamines for 4 months straight, you know what real depression is after that.

  • Eduardo Fiorin

    Sad that it costs so much when ketamine actually costs so little… And it's just the drug administration, nothing fancy! In Brazil you can relatively easily buy it in animal stores without prescription, it's a popular party drug there, although the antidepressant effects are clearly only achieved when it's administered with the intention for so.

  • Lau Rose

    About to have my first treatment tomorrow

  • Sam Green

    If your depressed smoke weed don’t take this shit fuckin kill you off

  • Hobbies n Gear with KE8LSP

    Well congratulations your a junkie . The only difference is some go to a “ clinic “ and others go to a dealer absolutely no difference you are using a drug to change your perception and escape reality for a moment of relief. If it works GREAT ! But all I see is a group of “ doctors “ who found a way to make ALOT of money in a short amount of time this will be shut down .

  • First N Lastname, the Third

    Why do they give me all the amphetamine I want, but not
    the pain killers, I need?

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