The Halo Effect – How Attractiveness Flows using the Psychology of Attraction

The Halo Effect – How Attractiveness Flows using the Psychology of Attraction

the halo effect is known in psychology
as a cognitive bias in which our first impression of a person influences our
judgment of that person’s character it’s basically judging by appearance and
the attractiveness of one person affects how we view them holistically the halo
metaphor is used because one characteristic like attractiveness
affects our perception the most when considering it other traits for example
we might think of an attractive person is more intelligent or kind we might
think of a less attractive person to be sloppy not so reliable or maybe not even
intelligent also the qualities we superficially attribute to the
attractive or unattractive are closely linked to social interactions we tend to
think that those who are beautiful are also friendly and outgoing while the
less attractive are shy and reserved this isn’t too much surprise though when
we think of stories from our childhood we depict heroes as incredibly beautiful
and charming while the villains were ugly and distorted just think of the
beauty and the beast or Prince Charming in Cinderella the halo effect was first
researched in 1920 by the psychologist Edward Thorndike when he asked to
commanding officers to evaluate their soldiers in terms of their physical
qualities as well as emotional and social qualities even without speaking
to them Thorndike found that the soldiers who were taller and had
beautiful traits were also described as more intelligent having a better
character and leadership skills so a first image actually affects the whole
more than we can imagine another classic example would be regarding the
politicians who we tend to believe in trust to make good decisions simply
because they look good on billboards and their smiles seems kind and warm
however the halo effect doesn’t have only good sights attractive people also
tend to be seen as narcissistic childish and superficial several studies have
found that this affects the way teachers judge their students having a tendency
to give higher grades to those who are well behaved assuming that they are
bright and engaged before they even read their papers students also judge their
teachers based on how they dress how they talk and how they carry themselves
if they think of a teacher as warm and friendly they’re more likely to rate
them as attractive and likeable one other study even found that jurors were
less likely to believe that attractive people could be guilty of crimes so the
halo effect is attributing personal qualities to people we have only seen
based on their looks this is how we sometimes decide if we like someone or
not based on the first impression and this often happens unconsciously because
we develop this bias simply based on their attractiveness the best examples
is with tinder users they base their choice is just on the halo effect you
see a few pictures of someone and read a basic bio and
decide if they’re a good person or not and who knows if the person with just
the right qualities was the one that you swipe left on in other words the halo
effect is judging a book by its cover in the work environment the halo effect is
most likely to appear when a supervisor has to evaluate the performance of a
subordinate employee the supervisor might only see one characteristic of
that employee such as dedication and tends to give him a higher performance
rating than he would if he was objective and saw that even though the employee is
truly dedicated to his job his lack of attention leads him to often make big
mistakes the others struggle to make up after slowing down the performance of
the entire team job applicants also feel the impact of the halo effect when
searching for the perfect employee if a prospective employer sees the applicant
as attractive this increases the chances that they they will think of them as
more intelligent and qualified pretty powerful stuff guys
further research has shown that the halo effect doesn’t apply for only people it
affects the way we think of organizations and brands after all an
image is our main pivot when deciding where to eat what to wear and what
things to buy you see a nice cozy restaurant you automatically assume they
have great food you see a brand using celebrities for advertising you want to
buy their products to feel like a celebrity the expression you don’t pay
for the product you pay for the brand is speculating the halo the image that
particular brand has another good example is with smoking that used to be
advertised using sexy women and rich men shown off as being glamorous or hot and
now even though those kinds of commercials are banned today’s teenagers
still smoke because they think it’s cool and then it gives them a nice image even
a company’s performance is measured through the halo effect when a company
is growing and successful we tend to think they have groundbreaking
strategies great employees a visionary CEO and a great work environment when
performance starts to drop we tend to think there are breaches and management
people are unmotivated stuff like that so marketers take great advantage of the
halo effect when trying to sell products and services and you should too if
you’re trying to sell yourself if they hire a particular celebrity to endorse a
particular item our positive view of that celebrity will automatically be
transferred on the product itself basically thinking if they use it then
it must be good so what can we do with this information try to always be the
best version of ourselves and avoid judging people based on the first
impression this is really really hard though because your brain does it
without you even thinking real life shows us that less attractive people are
actually more likely to become smarter to study harder and to be better people
in general because they have to make up for their lack of physical beauty I’ve
met countless of these kinds of examples where people with lesser looks are
actually 10 times kinder than more attractive people life is all about
balance and we should try to know people as they are give time to really discover
what they’re all about instead of judging them by the color of their skin
and on the brand of their jeans when it comes to products we could research them
before buying we can read reviews from people who have tried them to see if
they’re really that good just like Amazon reviews before I end
this video I want to give you guys one more tip if you want to use the halo
effect to your advantage to get people to like you specifically getting girls
to like you if you’re a guy I created an entire course called the psychology of
attraction the halo effect is just one little part of it there are tons of
other psychological tactics hacks and tricks that you can use to increase your
attractiveness I went through and read over 40 books on this topic and eight
psychology textbook so I know a thing or two about getting people to like you
without them knowing that they like you you can check it out with a huge coupon
link in the description below or go to psychology of Attraction calm thank you
guys so much for watching I hope you learned something until next time



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