The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha – The Psychology of Happiness

The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha – The Psychology of Happiness

hey guys it’s practical psychology and
in this video I’m gonna be talking to you about the happiness equation now the
happiness equation is so far my absolute favorite read unhappiness the stories in
it were super fascinating and Neil did a wonderful job integrating studies and
facts with his own stories so the author starts off the book by showing the most
common flowchart for happiness first most people work really hard then they
think that they will become successful because of the hard work and then they
think once they’re successful that will cause them to be happy so you train then
you win and then you be happy well the author points out that’s a misconception
and actually causes a lot of unhappiness similar to the happiness advantage he
shows that most people work better when they are happy and better work leads to
a higher chance of success which reroutes the flowchart backwards now
right into the first couple of chapters Neil gives seven ways to be happier in
just a couple days one of them is to write down or journal whenever you feel
happy not only will this extend those happy feelings but it will also give you
something to read when you are feeling unhappy another tip he gives is to
perform a random act of kindness in fact he quotes Martin Seligman we scientists
have found that doing a kindness produces a single most reliable
momentary increase in well-being of any exercise we have ever tested so try it
out perform five random acts of kindness this week and don’t forget to write
about him for double the points one last tip he mentions is to come up with five
things that you’re grateful for now Neil turn this into a business creating a
blog and eventually a book by listing 1000 things from wearing underwear fresh
out of the dryer to writing on someone’s shoulders when you’re a kid but before
he goes any further in the book he wants you to understand why it’s important to
be so happy so he pulls out a study about nuns now some researchers found a
whole bunch of handwritten autobiographies of nuns who join
convinced in the 1930s so what do these researchers do they read all the notes
all the autobiographies and sorted them in the two groups based on how positive
the attitudes were the cool thing about this study is that this study had no
outliers most of the variables were the same none of the nuns drank smoked had
children married and also they all lived in the same city and ate around the same
type of food so the relative happiness must be closely related to their
attitudes so what are the researchers find on average the happiest nuns lived
ten years longer than the grumpy ones also by age 94 54% of the happy nuns
were still alive but only 15% of the least happy ones were this famous nun
study helps us realize how important it is to stay happy something I found
relatively useful in this book is to change the way you think about goals now
a lot of people pick goals they can’t specifically control for example I want
to lose 10 pounds I want to reach 1 million subscribers I
want to reach $1,000 a month in my sight hustle so here what your goal should
actually look like I want to work out three times a week I’m going to upload
high-quality videos every week I want to publish twelve ebooks this year those
are the things that you can actually do to whereas gaining a million subscribers
depends on other people it depends on how much food you weight it depends on
the YouTube algorithm it depends on how people react to your writing so let’s
move on to the next study and this is one of my favorite man I get so excited
about this topic so there’s an island called Okinawa and what’s special about
it and what’s special about it is that the people that live there live the
longest ever without disability here’s some
examples there’s a 96 year old man who defeated a 30 year old boxing champ a
105 year old man killed a snake with a flyswatter so yeah obviously some pretty
cool stuff happens here anyway scientists were interested in this so
they started studying these people and they found out a couple of things the
first one is they found that they ate on average smaller meals than most other
humans do number two is that they found that they stopped eating earlier when
they are around eighty percent full number three is that they were born into
social groups and stayed in that social group until they died and number four is
the big one is that they did not have a word for retirement in fact they never
retired they just never stopped working see the Japanese have this word called a
key guy or a key guy which means a reason to wake up in the morning so do
you have one here’s some examples that the book gives one guy’s purpose is to
teach martial arts and keep the art alive and he’s currently 102 years old
there’s also a hundred-year-old fisherman and his reason is to catch
fish and feed his family oh yeah there’s also a hundred
two-year-old woman and her reason is to hold her great-great-great granddaughter
that would literally require six generations of family that’s nuts
what an amazing goal that is so the moral of this story is to find your
purpose find your a key guy and you’ll live longer a key guy it
I think it key guys sounds better also Neill points out three things about
retirement that you might want to consider one it’s new nobody retired
before the 18th century ever – it’s a Western idea now there’s nothing wrong
with this but it doesn’t necessarily encourage as much contribution to family
and society as a whole like most Eastern civilizations did and number three it’s
broken it’s based on three flaws one it’s based on the fact that we enjoy
doing nothing as opposed to being productive – it’s based on the fact that
we can afford to do nothing for decades and three it’s based on the fact that we
can afford to pay others for doing nothing for decades so I feel 100% more
fulfilled when I’m doing something productive as opposed to doing nothing
and it’s probably no coincidence people say the two most dangerous days in your
life are the day you’re born and the day you retire now let’s get on to how you
can make more money than a Harvard MBA first of all let me show you this graph
so that you can understand it without me saying a whole bunch of words and trying
to explain it let’s compare the salary of a Harvard MBA an average retail
assistant manager and a teacher with salaries of 120,000 70,000 and $45,000 a
year respectively now add in vacation now let’s calculate how much each person
actually works per year by multiplying how much they would work per week by how
many weeks they work in a year now you just divide their total salary by how
many hours they work and with these numbers they all come out to $28 an hour
each one of these professions earned $28 an hour a Harvard MBA graduate just
works more hours per year and that means they earn more even if the rate is the
same so would you rather work an average of 81 hours a week or an average of 30
hours a week that’s the difference just how long each person works
one more big idea that I got from this book is that happiness well self
satisfaction anyways is when what you think what you say and what you do are
all in harmony and in my past video on outwitting the devil I didn’t really
understand this but maybe that’s what Napoleon Hill was talking about when he
talked about harmony the last thing I want to leave you guys with is that some
of the best advice Neal gave was not to follow other people’s advice or common
sayings he found that many common slogans are just catchy and they’re not
always true here’s some contradictions birds of a feather flock together
a contradiction of that is opposite attracts absence makes the heart grow
fonder is opposite of out of sight out of mind you get what you pay for it is
basically the opposite of the best things in life are free and
good things come to those who wait it’s contradicted by the early bird gets the
worm or the second Mouse gets the cheese it just matters what context you put
these in anyways I really really enjoyed this book and I hope you guys enjoyed my
review if you want to read this book I’ll put a link in the description and
if for some reason you want a free trial to audible to listen to this book while
you’re doing other stuff there’s a link for that too thank you guys for watching
and I hope you learn something



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    Methods to improve happiness:
     Journal your moments of happiness
     Random acts of kindness
     Write 5 things you’re grateful for

     Studies show that Happiness lets you live longer

     Do activities that you control

     Okinawa study:
     1. Smaller meals
     2. Stopped eating earlier

    3. Born and stayed in social groups
     4. Never retired

         – Japanese ikigai: what gets you out of bed each morning 
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    Be like people on Okinawa – Enjoy what you do!

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