The Hidden Meaning in The Truman Show – Earthling Cinema

The Hidden Meaning in The Truman Show – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I’m your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is The Truman Show,
starring stand up turned impressionist turned comedic actor turned dramatic actor turned
comedic actor turned nihilist, Slim Carrey. The film follows loveable human male, Truman
Burbank, who knows a thing or two about sensible sweaters. What he doesn’t know is that he’s actually
on a reality show, cause who needs writers? Line!? (His town is a movie set…) His town is a movie set, and keeping with
Hollywood tradition, everyone is fake. Freaking up this freak show is tortured artist
Christoffopher, tortured because he wears a beret. To ensure Truman doesn’t get any crazy ideas,
like swimming, he makes Truman’s dad drink too much. Flash forward to the college years season
where Truman falls for a sexy librarian actress, and after some flirtatious running, she tells
him those three little words every guy wants to hear: everything’s a lie. Before Truman can say, “Yeah, I love you
too,” production intervenes and whisks her away to the H20 company, Fiji. Inconsolable beyond words, Truman marries
the next person he sees. But Truman can’t get her out of his head,
so Christoffer tries Birdman-ing him and it only makes things worse—I’m not really
sure how it could have helped. Truman starts noticing that his dead dad looks
a lot like the town’s only homeless guy, and more alarmingly, that someone has cancelled
his Sirius XM. Before you can say, “Ba ba boey,” Truman’s
skipping town, until Chrisoffpher pulls the old “there’s been a nuclear explosion,
so this one road is closed” trick. And like all my family road trips, it ends
in divorce. So Truman does his best Saddam impression
and hides. When the network can’t find him, they start
a humanhunt, cut transmission, and air reruns of “Technical Difficulties.” Christopher loses his ship, but immediately
finds Truman on it. He makes it rain, if you catch my drift. Since HBO still holds the rights to violent
death, they stop the storm and Truman breaks the fourth wall. Truman tries to punch his way through for
a hot sec, but gives up and goes for the fire exit instead. But Christoffer has another trick up his sleeve:
namely, a Samsung Galaxy Note. He fires up the P.A. system that’s been
there the whole time and asks Truman back for 6 more seasons and a movie. But Truman’s agents are sharks, and that’
just the nature of the ‘biz.’ The Truman Show begs the question, “To what
extent are we governed by some unseen, all-powerful force,” otherwise known as Disney’s The
Force. For Truman, it’s the latter, a state referred
to as theological determinism, but why you gotta put a label on things? Every aspect of Truman’s life, from what
he eats and wears is controlled by Christoffer. In fact, Christoffpher’s name is a variation
on “Christ.” As in Jesus Christ. Yeah, that Christ. Through most of the film, Truman struggles
to free himself from this system and make his own choices, only to find Christoffpher’s
flash mob, poised and ready to dance. The film frames this age-old debate in a 20th
century context, when most human lives were controlled by the media, instead of the chips
inside their brains. Truman is literally owned by a studio, well,
until the rights revert back to Marvel. His last name, “Burbank,” is a nod to
the Californian city where the Warner Bros used to do keg stands. As we watch Truman get ushered from product
to product by subtle advertising, we can’t help but notice the same attempts by the media
to groom our decisions. Not that I would ever tell you to buy Killmo’s
Eyebrow Wax, on sale now for 6000 glarbotrons. I just wouldn’t. Truman’s journey to discover the truth resembles
the thought experiment The Allegory of the Cave, by Plate o’ Spaghetti. The experiment imagines humans chained to
a wall, only knowing their shadows, more popularly known as a sex dungeon. Truman’s worldview is similarly constrained—his
“cave” is Seahaven; the actors are his “shadows”; and his hair is just perfect. Plate o’s supposed that once a prisoner ditched
the cave, he would prefer the outside world to the dark. Christof disagrees. But as the film climaxes, Truman calls him,
“a liar liar.” His perseverance to retire from showbiz is
reminiscent of Captain Ahab’s classic struggle with Moby Penis. Symbolically representing the struggle between
mankind and God, the novel ends in a good old-fashioned drowning, whereas Truman’s
ends in breathing. The final frames suggest that humans had the
will to control their own destiny, which was true, until President Kylie Jenner found out
about it. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. In case I don’t see you, good afternoon,
good solstice, and good night!



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    Christopher actually means bearer of Christ. Maybe Truman is Christ.

  • angelo deboda

    maybe this movie represent us like truman..that were living in a false world as we know it. . .that we were being controlled by the higher society to do what they wants us to do . . .well for me the most creepy part of this movie was credit scene..the music of credit scene..and producer of this film was a "ROTHSCHILD"…

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    Earth is a soul trap a cosmic matrix construct, constructed created by highly intelligent highly advanced alien extraterrestrial beings and earth is an ancient alien scientific laboratory and the human race are the experiment, earth is an enclosed system where no one can leave earth not even in rockets, earth is much larger than humans were taught to believe, as long and wide is as deep where other alien races live, many thousands of years before bringing the human race to earth, they walk among you.
    Earth is a huge humungous mountainous realm and is a universe unto itself, it is not round nor flat but botanical garden with with thousands of all kinds of animals and humans are also animals in a zoo

  • Flo Smith

    I also found that the only real thing for truman was that he fell in love, and so did she, meaning that in this world love is maybe the only real thing, that's not artificial or groomed like everything else truman sees

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    It's not uncommon for 25+ year prisoners that have left jail to reoffend to be returned to the safety of there jail cell , as the real world is cold & frightening to them. Some even commit suicide not long after they are released. I imagine trueman would end up killing himself after the talk shows have finished interviewing the most famous person on earth.

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