The Psychology of High Ticket Offer – Level of Certainty

The Psychology of High Ticket Offer – Level of Certainty

Hey guys! How are you today? Today I want to share with you the third and last concept that for me is key to an entrepreneur: and that’s the concept of level of certainty. I already talked about this subject a lot and you already know it’s very important, but I want to go deep into this one. Before we do, if you haven’t subscribed to the channel that’s the moment to do it and please leave a like on this video after you hear what I’m about to say, ok? The concept of level of certainty: What you need to do for you to sell anything that you want, to succeed in your business, to help share your message or help your client to achieve the transformation that they are looking for, is your level of certainty. No matter what your level of expertise is, no matter what the technique of selling that you’re going to use, no matter the context of where you meet someone, what the person is going to remember and base their decision of trusting you is your level of certainty. And for that, it changes everything. When I say certain, I’m not talking about being confident. I’m not talking about this, it’s different. That’s the level above: I’m not talking about believing that you can do it, I’m talking aboutknowingthat you can do it. There is a difference between ‘I believe I can’ and ‘I know, for certain that I can, there is no doubt.’ And that changes everything in the perception when you explain something to somebody or when you want to sell them your trust, basically. You need to be certain of two things: of yourself and of your product. That’s two different things and you need to be certain of both. First, be certain of yourself. To be certain of yourself like I said in a previous video about love, you need to love yourself. If you don’t love yourself how can you be certain that you’re awesome, that you deserve to be paid that much or to be paid at all? If you don’t love yourself, how can you be certain that you are an expert in your field? Or that you are going to be a great leader or bring people together for a great experience? So, you need to be certain, also, about you. The fact that you, you know like I shared in another video, you either are a master at what you’re doing, you’re an expert, or you bring people over to experts and you’re just a facilitator of a business/experience, or you’re a leader or very social. And in all these three categories, you need to be certain that you can do one of them and that you are a master at it, that you are the best at it. Otherwise, in term of body language, in term of all the cues that the person is going to pick up on when they talk to you, they will see there is a flaw, there is something that is not right and they’re going to ask you a lot of questions and bring up objections and it’s not gonna work, right? Same thing when you go for a photoshoot. If you’re not certain that you’re awesome, certain that you’re an expert, certain that you can bring a lot of value to people, you’re not going to be comfortable on your photoshoot, on your picture, and that’s going to show up on them. So being certain of yourself. But being certain also of your product! Because, if you think, only, if you only think, and you’re not certain that your product will help, will have value for the person, then it’s not enough! And you cannot price that for a lot of money! I mean if you just think like it has 50/50 percent chance that’s it going to work for you, no! You need to be certain! You need to be certain that not only your product works, for them, but it will change their life some way or another, that you are the solution that they are looking for right now; or not necessarily the goal, that they think they need right now, but that you’re going to trigger something in them with your solution. Or it’s going to move the needle in the grand scheme of things for them. And it’s very key. You need to be certain that your product is the best or at least is like a masterpiece that will for sure guaranty the promise that you made to them: where is the return investment? Or the transformation? The promise land, the new life that you promised them. You need to be certain, otherwise they are going to know. So, how do we do that? How do we become certain? Well, it’s all about a question of perspective and belief. You know, being certain, for sure, being certain like I said is the level above confidence. So the more experience you’re gonna have, the more confidence you’re gonna have, in yourself and in your product, and the more confidence the more you’re gonna go again and have more experience and confidence and you grow to a level of certainty because at some point, if 99% of the time your product is working or people recommand you, then sure you’re certain it’s gonna work. It’s one way to do it, for sure, experience and confidence loops, for sure. But it’s not just that and we need to start somewhere. Level of certainty also is the fact that You know that everything in life happens for a reason and everything is connected. There is a gift in everything that you do and it’s going to serve you no matter what you do. When you believe that, when you are at a level of thinking that no matter what you do and no matter what crap you’re doing, no matter what mistake you’re gonna make, you’re gonna learn a lesson and it’s going to serve you for something else after. Because everything is connected. And if you do, then there is no risk anymore, there is no reason not to do it, there is no reason not to propose your product and services to someone, and then you’re certain that it’s the right thing to do right now. Either for you or for your client. You know, no matter what you’re going through right now in your life or every bad moment that happened to you in your life, will, did, and will help you some way or another. It forged you into who you are right now, right? Like if you were a homeless person, your parents beat you, or you got bullied or raped, or you had an accident, or you lost someone dear to you, it was terrible at that time. But it forged you into who you are right now and therefore it helped you in some way. It’s connected, do you agree? Even if you launch a business and it’s not working, you failed, you made nothing, you have to go back to the rat race, everything, even that, maybe in a few years it will help you because then people will pay you to tell them how to avoid living through this. Because there is a lot of value in your failure. So therefore you need to fail to have value after. Do you understand? Everything is connected. And everything is helping you some way or another. And when you have faith, that that’s how life works, then you are certain of what you’re doing and there is no reason not to do it. You will help yourself. And another way to be certain, obviously, of youself and of your product, is to switch your perception of your reality. Remember, like I said in the previous two videos, everything is an illusion. Everything is just what you create in your mind, what you perceive to be. Everything else is an illusion. I mean, things exist around me only because I see it or because I think about them. Otherwise, when I don’t think about you, you don’t exist in my life so therefore you are an illusion. But as soon as I think of you, think that you exist, then all of the sudden you exist in my life, in my perception. And that’s true for everything. Therefore everything is a perception. If you perceive yourself to be an expert, if you perceive your product to be the best, if you create your environment like a movie producer, then that’s how you reach your level of certainty. That’s how what you’re creating is awesome. You need to bring the others into your universe that you are creating, so that you position yourself as high status and in control. Otherwise, you’re just, you know, hoping that it’s gonna work. And there is a difference between somebody that proposes a product who is certain, and somebody who is just you know ‘Huh, maybe it’s gonna work, I don’t know, we’ll see.’ This concept of level of certainty is very important. I share that with all of my clients. These three concepts: level of certainty, decision of being ready and self-love. When you do that, all my clients became multi-millionnaires in less than a year. Because I created their environment, because I shared with them my level of certainty and now they’re using it in their business. And they created their reality and it happened. Use these three concepts guys! I am telling you, this is the basics, I agree. But sometimes the most basic things are the most important ones and the one that we neglect. And we don’t intentionally work on them and that’s a pity. So, work on your level of certainty. Do whatever you have to do! If you need to do some savers, affirmation, if you want to look yourself in the mirror, if you need to go on, to gain a lot of experience, go for it! Do whatever it takes for your business to succeed! Ok guys? Alright! I hope these three concepts helped you a lot! Please apply that in your business right now and you will see it makes all the difference in the world. Guys, I wish you a wonderful day! Making a lot of money with this! And hopefully your life is changed forever! See you in the next video!


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