The Psychology of High-Ticket Sales – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 14

The Psychology of High-Ticket Sales – The Art of High Ticket Sales Ep. 14



  • eisha collins

    If their problem is painful enough they will pay, or find a way to pay.

  • Empowerment Wing Chun - Sifu Bogdan Rosu

    Very insightful video! Dan, I love your videos on wealth creation, Wing Chun and JKD! I'm a Wing Chun teacher myself and I'm learning how to create wealth for myself, my family and my community!
    I would love to have you as a guest on our podcast called 'How to Become a Millionaire'! Let me know what would be the best way to reach you…
    Best wishes!

  • Hien Nguyen

    Thank gawd I found dan lok… I'd be stuck with bad clients and poor forever.

  • SHERAZADE Caftan

    There are very rich people in Africa…

  • KingPharaoh TV

    This video should have 1billion views smdh

  • Tarren Tyree

    Value is what people want its not the money. Clients come to you.

  • Brandon La Russa


  • Richard Daniels

    Very very useful. Great job!

  • Amelia PC

    I'm struggling with a little detail, maybe many others are going through the same in my industry. How can I translate value and add value to an entertainment industry product? Entertainment industry doesn't solve a problem, usually. They created a problem, creating a demand to solve it. I think it's a bad thing and only pushes more and more people to a desperate state of escaping from reality. (My products are games and comics and I'm starting a journey of licensing products. Also, I work for clients that offers this type of product.).

  • Boris Azihuwa

    Sell or be sold

  • MikekrX

    If gas prices went to $1k a gallon would you say people don't have the desire to pay or the ability to pay?

  • Hope A. White

    Ah, I’m selling the value, not the dollar.

  • Paul Mc

    As soon as you bend for a client, you are setting yourself up for a major fall!

  • Rual Hunter

    Dan Lok …. Is it better for a person to keep the premium price but offer a discount to close the sale faster?

  • Dal L

    Sifu Dan, this is deep..Thanks for the video and I learnt something. Good Stuffs

  • Anas Hamidov

    Thanks Dan

  • Lair Heron

    Excellent material.

  • Bitcoin To Success

    Fuck I love your videos

  • John Solvy

    Wow this video is definitely very valuable. This raises two questions:

    1. Dan you talked about having shady skills. When do we know the expertise is valuable ?
    2. The idea about proposal sounds astounding since we can’t prove a % of increase for them, right ? Just speculation.

  • Joe Long

    You got to be a person of value or everything falls. Get that in order and what client wouldn't want to work with you.

  • Rohiwaldo

    Thank you so much Dan for this Masterclass. Awesome chapter, great content and high class mentees in that room.

  • johnstone namusasi

    what do you mean this is not AFRICA Dan 7.08

  • Kadrian Thomas

    Take away-thanks Dan for allowing your mentees to share what's happened to them to show me that with the right attitude it's possible for me as it's possible for them.

  • soundchild

    Truer words have never been spoken, but how can you raise their desire to pay and secondly how can you use paper written ads to make clients chase you instead of you chasing them and thirdly how can you convey to your client value without a lot of experience as clients won’t really trust you if they think your young and experienced

  • Peter Castellano

    Different from what most teach – Give free and then charge 2500 = Disconnect in prospect's mind! Position yourself so that you are not a beggar for their business! Great info!

  • Luuk K

    The example of the businessproposal was really insightful! It really shows how you sell the benefits of your product rather than its features. Nobody cares about what the fuck you have to do to fix their problem, they care about the result and how much they're gonna be spending. Once again I'd like to thank you for uploading this valuable content.

  • John Paul Paquibot Cebu Real Estate

    how can i be like you Dan ?

  • Emma adward

    Why I didn’t know this Amazing channel before?

  • yaotsey godwin Edem

    How do you create that demand?

  • Jakrapatra Lauhawatana-HTC Graduate

    This is good!! [email protected]#[email protected] a lot of knowledge here thank you

  • clay smith

    excellent message!!

  • Vincent Lemage

    Big fan, but I don’t want the hole in the wall, my wife wants a painting against the wall and I need to drill the fckng hole 🙂

  • R S

    Dear Dan, that is what I do not understand. Some videos ago you have said that you do 99% free and the last 1% you charge big money. ok, but in that video a visitor explains that he offers trail time and customers do not upgrade and you tell him that they became usual to get free service. Can I not say that to you, they became usual to get free content from you? What is the difference between you and that guy with trial time?

  • Silvr35

    I love challenges and learning, bring it dan.

  • Tsultim Chodaryangdrö

    Dan your the best and next to Jordon Belfort. 2 of my Ever Green Marketing and Sales Mentor. Sell the Value not the Dollar. Sifu Dan your the best in this profession of yours.

  • Ms. Miller, MA & MAEd -The Art of Critical Thinking

    You are amazing! I cannot stop listening.

  • Zach Wood

    How do you get in contact with companies who need high ticket closers?

  • Shackleton Campbell

    Hi Dan, I've heard you say you must become a high ticket client yourself first before you can be a high ticket closer. How do you do this if money is still an issue?

  • Sibernethy

    Have you done a video about mental toughness yet?

  • WH1PP3DCR34M

    Wow, it's refreshing to see so many young people there eager to learn.

  • hohoxa

    I am not from Vancouver,I am from Greece it's been six months and I still can't afford HTC program (I just became 18)
    I hope it's still around when I somehow find the money to do it
    My Instagram is 40kis_ if you want to spy me

  • Archivaldo Martinez

    I love the intro everytime I see it Dan from Mexico

  • Md kabir

    u r a genius

  • SayJee

    Dan Look for President

  • James Beaumont

    ive been putting off this video. glad i watched it. super helpful

  • Jyoti Singh

    Really meaningful video.

  • Marc Gaudett

    The aha moment at the end helped me to consolidate the teaching in this video perfectly. Speak to the value and results you will generate. If you've done things right they will be happy to pay more or offer more in return based on the value you deliver. Keep things simple Excellent video!

  • Abo Said

    First time I hit the bell icon!.
    Best regards from Syria

  • RickMoonchild

    Sifu, I loved how to detect the fine line between helping losers and qualifying people properly and to have them see our value. Always find the desire to buy and they’ll take care of the money.

  • Samuel Licious

    Can someone use high ticket sales skills in network marketing?

  • Dragonheart NA

    I like the ending of this video, so much more appealing than the 'announcer' on the end of other videos. Great video btw.

  • The Manifestation Maven


  • Raven Burnes Kushner

    These videos are seriously addicting. One more, then I need to get to work!! (on myself)

  • L 1

    No need for the Africa joke

  • boeuf3000

    This is true. Poor people somehow get money to buy iphones and houses.

  • myx younus

    How do I do join high ticked sales program

  • אופיר גל.

    hii  😀 What does mean ״high-ticket sales״? 🤔🙏

  • Bez Bez

    Best salesman in Croatia



  • Walid Rais

    7:10 well… i'm from Africa and that hurts a bit

  • Aniket Ghode

    That line is so powerful, "I will help you do this and I will charge this much".

    This is a GOLD.

  • DANIEL chetty

    its amazing and rocking

  • Shaylah M.

    That intro is out of place. 😂😂😂 But either way, this is awesome!

  • Sumeet Singh

    This is a horseshit lecture

  • Ineta G

    love that microphone struggle 😀 good fun 😀 they are still not use to that one 😀

  • Ineta G

    I can sell if i bileave in product, new struggle i got is very hard now for me to beleave in anything 🙁

  • Joshua Jones

    You are legit my friend…transparency is key.

  • Andres Alarcon

    as always great content… thank you

  • #CreateYourVlog

    its time dan lok becomes a billionaire

  • Splif Beatz

    11:30 dans son? Right left corner

  • Asad Farid

    Dan you should really do an intro with grand cardone

  • TheAlfredofull

    Nice intro

  • Neo Tshoose

    Dan we also watch you in Africa, bare that in mind and there are plenty rich people this side too.

  • Fred de Jong

    This is really a funny story about a great result!

  • Rich Coffman

    It's called Posture!

  • Abraham Sedoame

    Hello, I like to know, if the clients are comparing estimates or quotes from three or more companies. Where they are obviously looking out for the least price. How do you specifically deal with such clients because I am in an industry where clients are always compelled to compare prices

  • Charisse April Angeles

    Graaaabe talaga ang mga sessions like these with Dan Lok.

  • Antoinette James

    I’m a big fan of Dan. But that Africa comment was VERY ignorant. There is plenty of wealth in Africa.

  • TheUcaf10

    Does anyone know if Dan´s HIGH TICKET CLOSER COURSE Works for spanish speakers? Thanks

  • Damian Piotrowski

    Dan lok thank you for coming in to my life. I am following you for month and half now and every fits in place now this is the best knowledge I've ever come true I love you Dan. Ur the king

  • Yardmaster's Wealth Education Center

    When someone tells me they cannot afford my service, I tell them, "That's ok. We are not for everybody. But, when you are ready for the best, you know where to find us." And I say it very nicely, with a smile, because I mean it. If they really are poor, I really don't want them to spend more then is good for them. And I have noticed they really seem to appreciate my kindness.

    The Cheap customer will come back with further attempts at a lower price. "Sir, if I lowered my price, wouldn't that tell you I didn't give you my best price up front? Do you really want to hire someone like that?"

    The thing is, the person in front of me is either:
    1. Poor. I want to love this person, and not make them feel bad.
    2. Cheap/Difficult. I proactively want them to not hire me.
    3. Sophisticated/Affluent. Testing me to see if I play at their level.

    In any case, the course of action designed to attract good customers, and at the same time repel losers, I win all around!

  • Yardmaster's Wealth Education Center

    If you are not willing to pay the most, you do not really want the best.

  • Krazy Trekker

    Was enjoying The presentation and picking up good notes on Value vs money then he mentioned Africa and my brakes kind of skidded yeah that stings abit

  • Minhaj Ali

    Bit late to this video, but how do I attended one of those events. Dan? I'd be really appreciated if u share more such videos.

  • Raja Haris

    I love you man, you are my mentor. Very positive. Love the way you explain everything. I wish i could have the option to like your video 100k times I would do that.

  • N M

    Sifu Dan Lok is like Morpheus (mentor) who helps Neo (mentee) to discover how deep is the rabbit hole from the Matrix.
    But it's your call whether to choose red pill or the blue one.

  • TheProgrammingJedi

    all your techniques work in real life.

  • Julalaine Lagat

    You're cracking, breaking and shaking my mind guru Dan. What a gem.

  • Julalaine Lagat

    If what you supply is overvalue and what you demand is undervalue then you can't get even just enough of what you demand.

  • Laura v

    I love you, Dan Lok. I am greatful for your vision, genuine and straightforward approach and your care for what you do.

  • Lemons Dating Expert

    but what if we really dont have money and dont know how to affort it? for example the htc course

  • Marie-Christina To

    Integration: Be a person of tremendous value so much that you become attractive to clients, Then go High Ticket with great communication of your Value to selected clients. The message communicated = Your value is what they absolutely need. Then Deliver.

  • merab charlotte

    7:13 ''…this is not Africa'…'? WE NOW CLEARLY UNDERSTAND WHAT AFRICA MEANS TO YOU. Everybody;

    QTN: What do you call someone who can't pay for DAN LOK's course/ program?

  • PressPause 2Play

    Well Dam! Talk about a winning intro!

  • World Rankings

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  • Mr man

    did the client gets 65% more…thats the answer we seek to know

  • Chandrima

    Can't see any of your master class video, even after registering

  • SuperMillhill

    How do your closer students find client's? Through your website or by themselves?

  • Verses of Cece


  • Jay Jack

    People have businesses and are living lavish In AFRICA . Don’t disrespect

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