The Queer Eye Guys Try Earthworm Jerky | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

The Queer Eye Guys Try Earthworm Jerky | Disgustingly Healthy | Men’s Health

– I’ll eat the earth worm. – [Tan] Shut up. – [Antoni] You’ll eat
earth worm but you won’t eat like, kale? – [Karamo] Listen. – That’s insane, you
would not eat a vegetable. – I wouldn’t, but I’ll
try this earth worm. – [Antoni] Hey, we’re the
fab four out of five of Netflix’s queer eye and
we’re here for Men’s Health to try some disgustingly healthy things. And if we don’t wanna try said
disgustingly healthy things, we have to answer an
even tougher question. (upbeat rock music) – The first thing is a tumeric
Thai coconut kelp jerky. – [Jonathan] Yum, yum, yum. He doesn’t eat pork. – [Tan] I don’t eat jerky. I’ve only tried jerky
once, I think it’s gross, but this isn’t meat so
maybe this will be great. – Kelp is the future, Tan. – The future of what? – Of food. – Gross. It does not smell– – Oh smell that, that smells really good. – Karamo, that’s like
what you did when I tried to wax your ears, you
need to get out of here. (spooky music) – [Karamo] I cannot
believe you’re eating that. It looks like the dog
treats I give my dog. – The texture is strange, very good. – [Antoni] I know we’re
breaking the rules. – [Jonathan] I would try it too. – [Tan] Very, very good. – I would snack on that. What are you drinking Tanny-banny. – [Tan] Mm okay, my drink, ginger juice. I’m Pakistani and we add
ginger to most things. – [Antoni] It’s pronounced Pah-kistah-ni. (laughing) – [Tan] (laughs) I’m hoping it’s not just, actual like regular– – Chug, chug, chug, chug,
chug, chug, chug, chug. – [Jonathan] I spit in in earlier Tanny. – Ah! I hate that! – No, no you gotta do the whole thing, you gotta do the whole thing. – [Antoni] I’ll do it, I’ll do it. – [Tan] I’m telling you
I will answer a question. – [Antoni] So you’ll
have to answer a question and I’ll drink it for you. – [Karamo] You’re gonna drink that? – It’s disgusting. No, no, I need you to try it. I need you to try it.
– [Karamo] No I’m not– – [Antoni] I don’t want
him vomiting all over our beautiful table. – Karamo is really an
absolute baby, he’s a baby, he cannot handle it. – [Karamo] I would vomit. You’re so brave, you’re my Superman. – Oh my gosh, easy. Who is the crankiest on
set early in the morning? – [Jonathan] Oh, it’s not me, I’m so happy early in the
morning and you know that. – [Tan] Oh, no, it’s not you. I know it’s not you. – [Karamo] It’s not him, it’s him. – [Tan] Exactly! I just didn’t want you to
remind him of the moment that you realized that you hate him. – Now we’re gonna have a
brief interruption to explain why I’m the crankiest one in the morning. – [Jonathan] This one time I made him jump because I was minding
my own business singing in the morning, I was in a very good mood. I was singing Natalie Imbruglia. – [Tan] No, Celine Dion. – Natalie Imbruglia, Celine Dion, whoever, both are fierce. ♪ I’ll be waiting ♪ – [Karamo] But you’re
grumpy every morning, regardless of if he sings. – It takes me a while
to warm up, a little. – Side-note, I really need
water, that was disgusting. – Um, so, we all know how
this is gonna turn out. I’m going to just eat so, Vegan Jerky, Vegetalian? – [Jonathan] Vegetarian, honey. – [Karamo] No, it’s like… – [Antoni] Vegetalian,
it’s vegetable and Italian. – [Jonathan] I was scared
for you for a second. – [Karamo] So for me– – [Jonathan] Karamo loves tofu. – [Karamo] Tofu, turkey– – [Tan] Is a no-fu. – [Karamo] Is a no-fu – [Tan] Tofu no-fu. (laughing) – Come on Karamo, just do it, just eat it. – [Karamo] I’m not gonna do it. – Oh you got this. – [Antoni] He’s not gonna touch it. – [Karamo] You all can eat it. – [Jonathan] Oh Karamo,
that does not look scary. – [Karamo] It does. – [Jonathan] It really
doesn’t, have a nibble. Don’t be ridiculous. – [Karamo] Come on that looks like– – [Tan] It’s really good. – [Antoni] Are you drinking
your broccoli juice? – [Karamo] No, I’m not
drinking the broccoli juice. – [Jonathan] Oh, is that
broccoli juice, for real? – [Karamo] You are my
Superman, good for you. – [Antoni] This is actually quite nice. There’s a bit of apple cider vinegar. – [Karamo] Apparently, they love my meal and I was never gonna try it. So, question one. Which Queer Eye member
is the biggest crier? Antoni Porowski. He cries all the time and it
just makes you love him more and more. Who was the most challenging
Hero to work with on the show? – [Tan] Why are you asking two questions? – Because I didn’t– – [Antoni] He tasted
neither of the dishes. – [Jonathan] I think I know yours. – [Karamo] You do know mine. No, no, no. Yes, yes, 100%! – [Jonathan] Oh, you know what, you know– – [Karamo] Yes, yes! Everyone is on their journey of growth and so this person just was in a space where it was harder for
them to accept our advice. – Uh-huh, yes. – [Jonathan] Oh my (bleep)-ing
god, that is so nast. I cannot believe you
would do him like that – [Karamo] Earthworm Jerky? – Um, earthworms, I’m like
not super excited about it. – I’ll eat the earthworm. – [Tan] Shut up. – [Antoni] You’ll eat earthworm but you won’t eat, like, kale? – Listen– – That’s insane, you
would not eat a vegetable. – I wouldn’t but I’ll try this earthworm. – [Antoni] I’ll only have
it, Jonathan, if you feed it to me– – [Karamo] I wanna try one. – [Antoni] From yo mouth. – [Tan] Chew it! – [Antoni] Oh god, that’s disgusting! (romantic string music) – [Jonathan] It’s an earthworm, girl. It’s a straight-up
dried (bleep) earthworm. Oh my god. Karamo, I honestly, you
make me wanna like pour this green juice over your face sometimes. You make me so mad. – [Tan] (laughs) – [Antoni] I just almost puked. – Really? – Yeah. – [Karamo] You almost puked? – Yeah. – [Karamo] Hold on, I’m
really confused by this. – [Antoni] I felt it going down my throat. – [Tan] Do you want some more water? – [Antoni] No, what I want
is sweet potato juice. – [Jonathan] I think I
got some valuable insight into Karamo just now. You wouldn’t do the vegetables because it was like an artificial press. – Yes! But that came from the earth! – Hey! You live on– – That is good. – [Tan] No, no, he lives
on gummies and Coke. – I wanna read my question just in case. Alright, which Queer Eye
member has the best body for the least amount of work? There you go, Karamo. (bell dings) – [Karamo] It’s me, uh, no workin out. – [Antoni] Probably pre-diabetic,
but other than that… – I think if the question was, who has the most beautiful body, period. Obviously, this little girl right here is serving you the curves, swerves. – [Antoni] Who is the
most ferocious on Twitter and why? Jonathan, because, look at his Twitter. – [Jonathan] They gave
me green cilantro juice. Which I think is so rude. – [Antoni] He can’t do that. – I think I’m gonna try to do it and I think I might just like vomit. – [Antoni] (laughs) – [Karamo] If I ate the
earthworms, you can eat it. – Just to like, show you a lesson. I’m gonna do it. – [Antoni] Oh my god. – [Karamo] He’s gonna throw up. No, he’s gonna throw
up, he’s gonna throw up. – [Antoni] Oh my god, you’re doing it? – [Tan] You better do it. Go on, bitch, do it. Go on, bitch, do it! – [Antoni] (screaming and laughing) No! This is such a big deal! This is such a big deal! – [Karamo] He doesn’t eat
cilantro, he’s gonna puke. – [Jonathan] It’s totally fine. Like, my face is hot and sweaty… – [Antoni] This is actually quite nice, I’m familiar with this, it’s maple salmon. – [Tan] You can never not eat a meal again because it’s got cilantro in it. If you can drink that, you
can have a bit of cilantro. – [Jonathan] I guess I’m
just that bitch, sorry. I can also change a tire, just saying. – [Tan] The least disgusting was– – [Karamo] The earthworm. – [Tan] Was yours. No, no, yours was lovely. – [Karamo] For me, the
earthworms, jerky earthworms were the least disgusting. – [Antoni] The ginger, I’d call it a shot but it was more of a ginger martini, I actually really enjoyed, genuinely. – [Tan] I don’t know how you did that. – [Antoni] It’s such a
big deal that Jonathan had cilantro.
– [Tan] It really is. – [Antoni] He see’s a leaf. He walks into a room and there’s a leaf. – [Tan] He starts to gag. – [Antoni] And he knows
it’s there and he starts to get a gag reflex. – I have that receptor,
that receptor that– – I, seriously, double high-five for you. Like, I have so much respect for you. – [Karamo] I would take
you on Fear Factor. – [Jonathan] The cilantro just
is making me feel like I want to rip your shirt off. – That’s why you should
never drink that again. – [Antoni] What’s stopping you? – [Jonathan] (shouts passionately) (dial-tone) – [Antoni] Men’s Health, thank
you so much for having us. Next time, let’s get Jonny some mushrooms. – [Jonathan] Ew.



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