The Single Best Daily Habit To Prevent A Heart Attack

The Single Best Daily Habit To Prevent A Heart Attack

Did you know that every 40 seconds in
the United States someone dies of a heart attack? Which means you likely know
someone who has suffered the devastating often deadly effects of a heart attack,
and I want to share with you one of my favorite daily habits that you can
incorporate into your life to help reduce the risk of heart attack. Now a
heart attack is a silent killer because we don’t know when and where
it’s going to happen. It begins with an underlying simmering of inflammation
inflammation caused by pro-inflammatory chemicals that your body produces
inflammation due to environmental toxins that you’re exposed to each and every
day damage from high blood pressure this inflammation causes damage to the
interior lining of blood vessels specifically arteries and if it is the
arteries that supply blood to your heart itself that’s the trouble that causes
heart attack and so it starts with inflammation that inflammation begins to
attract white blood cells and platelets over time thickening of the arteries but
a heart attack is sneaky a heart attack is silent because it’s when a little
piece of that thickening a little clot of that thickening breaks off goes
downstream cuts off blood supply to the heart itself that’s where a heart attack
occurs so we have to get inflammation under control and I want to share with
you my favorite my favorite habit on how to help prevent heart attack this is my
son Maxwell and this is an example of my favorite recommendation daily routine to
help reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease and heart attack
it’s therapeutic movement it is exercise 75 to 150 minutes per week if you can
bump that up 2 to 200 or 250 even 300 minutes per week you’re doing yourself
great favor to reduce your risk factors for coronary artery disease and you know
why I like to show this because it’s exercise that he enjoys he’s smiling the
my favorite kind of exercise is the exercise that you’ll do the exercise
that you’ll participate in and the exercise that you will enjoy each and
every day it’s a form of play and most of us have forgotten just simply how to
play and he doesn’t realize that right now what he’s doing is decreasing his
future risk factors for coronary artery disease he’s not being sedentary he’s
playing he’s moving he’s gaining exercise and the benefits of exercise
and I want to thank him for being my model and example today now I don’t wish
to ignore the other contributing factors that can cause a heart attack and
getting them under control in your life to reduce risk factors and reduce your
chance of heart attack obviously quitting smoking very
important getting your weight within normal BMI limiting alcohol intake
getting sleep reducing stress and of course diet limiting saturated and
trans-fats making sure you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables my
guideline is nine servings of five colors each and every day and getting
good healthy fats like omega three seven and nine but again my favorite strategy
to help reduce risk factors for heart attack and coronary artery disease is
just exercise therapeutic movement 75 to 200 minutes per week if you can push
that to 250 or 300 per week that is that is even better and it just has to be
moderate movement therapeutic movement walking biking cycling just therapeutic
movement each and every day if you can is so important to reduce risk
factors for cardiovascular disease thanks so much for your time and
attention I’m honored every time, you check us out, we have a website a Facebook page and Instagram. page I want you to check those out we
post each and every week important things to help promote optimal health
and wellness



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