The Snooze Button is a Psychological Trick – Jocko Willink

The Snooze Button is a Psychological Trick – Jocko Willink

don’t press snooze smooth doesn’t help
fellow snooze is one of those things that just seems a dream killer yeah it’s
like a sisters bought nine kilograms that score that’s the truth
yeah it’s like a complete think it’s gonna help you dream more when it’s not
commit destroy your dreams it’s a psychological trick if you must lose the
thing that you think pressing the snooze helps you with like I’ll just get that
extra eight minutes to sleep that eight minutes to sleep daily to be anywhere
energy by the way 18 seconds there’s if there’s an 18 second window in the
morning when your alarm goes off that sucks
it’s about 18 seconds so 18 think the alarm goes off in you touch it yeah the
next 18 seconds are like a hard there that’s when you have to use maximum
effort to clear the gravitational pull of your pillow if you can get away from
those 18 seconds then you’re okay you just get get away from the pillow it’s
pulling you in oh yeah some tractor beam I need to get away from that donkey so
the 18 seconds and once you’re up and moving you’re good



  • edwin urrutia

    Where's the "Get After It" alarm app!

  • Branden Smith

    This is definitely a rebuttal lol

  • david fair

    I'm legally blind and I'm up every morning at 3:45 to get ready to go to the gym. I can't drive and the gym is too far to walk, I make it work every single day. Hell yeah!!! Skip this news, don't be lazy, don't create an excuse, I don't

  • Kyle Christensen


  • Don Chello

    Do a podcast on Winston Churchill please

  • Joel Bäckman

    Loved the video, but I had to mute the sound every time the iPhone alarm came on, and I know for a fact that many others feel the same way.

    We wake up on time (4:30) to have some alone time and to be productive. That way we start the day with a victory, and that's how we should start every day.

    But waking up to that damn iPhone alarm is not healthy if you, like me and many others, get legitimately anxious by hearing it, because you have learn to associate that sound with something terrible.

    Waking up shouldn't feel terrible, though. You should get excited. Therefore, change that damn alarm, and find another alarm app. Find a new sound, and start to actively change your mindset regarding waking up. If you do that you will start association that alarm tone with something positive, instead of getting anxious about it, and that will instantly make it easier for you to get up, and get moving.

  • Mark Elijohn Pascual

    I just snoozed thrice this morning, good morning jocko, not doing it again

  • Jess Whitmore

    Nice vid echo


    Bra, I dig it.

  • Joe Walsh

    The wife needs to see this! Lol

  • Bobby J Bear

    So fucking good. I fail every day of week when alarm goes off! 4am alarm goes off and I rarely get up before 430ish. I need this bullshit off….. 18 fucking seconds, I got this starting 9 hours 59 min from now.

  • Bathal

    Great vid.
    Keep it up ECHO, don't loose the train ECHO

  • rodrigo rsm

    4 manginas haters

  • Dzenis H.

    So fu!kin true!

  • Seth Van Horn

    4 people hit the snooze button.

  • mickor


  • Tony Zaborski

    Needs more explosions Echo

  • MR ME

    The gravitual pull of the pillow !!!

  • remusomega

    6AM? Pussy

  • Graydog 0126

    It is hard to not hit the snooze button. Once I am up I’m good. It’s hard convincing myself to just get up.

  • Wulfz lair

    Idk why they're arent using jockos voice in the new halo

  • Load Lord

    Superb editing on this.

  • Saleem Karim

    Put the alarm clock far enough away that you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

  • Cheese Meister

    Why 18 seconds?

  • Wig Splitter

    Fuck it sleeping is snake oil anyways

  • Paul Caskey

    18 seconds? He has a weak ass pillow. My pillow can take me down in the middle of a shower.

  • Every Day Discovery

    I never use snooze. I either wake up on the first or second alarm, or I simply don't.

  • Andrew Kakalia

    Every phone needs to come standard with a “GET AFTER IT” button!

  • John

    The editing is perfect.

  • Sigmund Freud

    Thanks to God that so bold man like Jocko is on this earth . Seeing him speaking once a day , sets my energy to a new level.

  • squidgysailor


  • Matthew Holden

    GLORIOUS. BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. My life is so much better with JOCKO i it!

  • Haavar

    If you don't snus, you lose.

  • Thinkfast

    name of song?

  • The Real Drunkard Hu

    There's gotta be a way to make this video my alarm.

  • DrIncognito

    I'm going to make this my wake up sound.

  • Chinedu Amadi

    Anyone know the song playing in the background?

  • mmatrainee

    I can't push the snooze button Sir, I'm already sitting up waiting to shut that shit down, get out of bed, and be the best possible version of myself in every turn of the day. I have been following this since I started listening to you. I went to military school, and you're exactly what I needed to remind me who I am. Thank you gentlemen, thank you.

  • mustLearnMore

    LOVE the production quality on these videos. Does Echo do all editing and graphics?

  • HeavenShallTremble

    Just download this as MP3 and put this as your alarm tone.
    It helps!

  • Mitch Rivers

    Jocko big fan of your podcast and books. I’m into weight lifting and strongman, never had opportunity to get into fighting sports. This other guy I watch on YouTube, Brian Alsruh, has much in common including military. I’d love to hear him on your show! He’ll hardly talk about his military service, maybe you could change that.

  • majungasaurusaaaa

    Schedule and get enough sleep. That way getting out of bed shall be much easier.

  • peschi79

    Echo Charles you're killing it with these video edits. Love it.

  • Julio Garcia

    Or just put your phone far enough away to hear it but you’d still have to physically get up to shut it off.

  • Marcel Roberge

    Everyone has to know the alarm clock/phone across the room trick. It makes you get up to shut it off so why hit the snooze if your up.

  • daniel hagbi

    I need to watch this every day before I go to bed

  • ArmStrong0421

    Phone (my alarm) is in the bathroom. Can't look at it before bed. Gotta go get it when the alarm goes off. BAM! #lifehack lol

  • Shafi Alam

    Sleeping in is good for your health

  • Mr Jenkins

    I always put my alarm about 6 inches out of reach so I have to get out of bed to turn it off.

  • Gantinx Gantinx

    Music 2 LOUD

  • 00Noontide


  • Trevor Scott

    I’m 15 years old and I want to join the corps of cadets at Texas A&M university and hopefully enter the marine corps so I started getting up at 5:30 and it has sucked but I’ve never been more disciplined or motivated in my entire life to get stuff done

  • DunedainRanger

    False. The difficult part lasts about 2 hours, if I have coffee.

  • Ian Rose


  • Elijah [REDACTED]

    Set your alarm really loud with some music your mom doesn't like right next to the vent so when it goes off it's a race between how quickly your parents wake up and how quickly you can run to turn it off.

  • Chris Loew

    I call bull sh….. oh my it actually works!

  • Nicholas Watson

    How do I make this audio my alarm?

  • ScreamingReelsTV

    I bought a "wake up light" alarm clock about six months ago. Changed my life. Waking up at 530 is my norm now and I'm far more productive in the day.

  • RED Talks

    Way overdramatic with the editing

  • Lazar Komlenski

    Love it!

  • The backyard camper

    All that talk of "overcome" this and that.Go to bed early, and leave your bed early

  • Diana Riepenhoff

    Love this! The alarm in the background made me feel late, which I am!

  • DaSpaceJammer

    Hey Jocko, when u gettin Goggins on to talk about his book?????? WE WANT GOGGINS👏👏👏👏👏 WE WANT GOGGINS👏👏👏👏👏

  • Sulaiman A.

    im gonnna use the first 27 seconds as the ringtone for the alarm, just gonna download mp3 file and sync to phone

  • Bruno Levi

    My head hurts when I hear this alarm

  • Cyclesblood

    Great Job Echo!

  • Pavel Milov

    Dude same shit Happend to me today barely got up but was out of the house in 10 min

  • HumveeLife

    "The snooze button is a dream killer…" damn!

  • Emster Hamster

    Or everyone just needs more sleep so they aren't tired when they wake up early.

  • Nicholas USMC

    I modified your advice about the 18 second window and turned it into 18 minutes. I’m pretty much the smartest person I know now.

  • Christoph Koerber

    well done echo props

  • Iric Wiggins

    need this as alarm in AM

  • David Sjelin

    Can you guys please make an alarm app? Where there is no snooze alarm and you click the button that says "get after it."

  • Ben Jammin


  • MattyK

    It’s funny, of all the self help advice I’ve read or heard in my life, nothing has helped more than the tip to not hit snooze.

  • Ballsdeep Singh

    I sleep on a durian. If you don’t know what that is, google it.

  • MythMethuselah

    This is my new alarm track

  • Dan McDougall

    @echocharles good job editing this video.

    You look jacked when you were talking about the snooze button.

  • 907_Tendy_Toast

    @jocko and @charles… you sure this is from Podcast 127? I didnt hear this in that Podcast

  • John Blockchain

    Jesus, 3 weeks and nobody said how Echo is MASSIVE? Ok, I'll do it then – ECHO IS RIPPED!

  • MrClifford

    Can someone please tell me the music in the background?!?!

  • PoopsMcCool

    Last year I decided to change how I lived and who I am, one of my friends told me about you and who you are. I can only offer thanks for the words you've said because it's driven me to be a better person, even little pieces of advice like this drive me to improve, and, more burpees

  • Shashank Kumar

    This is my alarm now.

  • Lundquist Real Estate

    damn, this is such a rip off of the mulligan brothers

  • LearnToJuggleNOW

    When it comes to everything related to sleep, the person you should listen to is called Matthew Walker, not Jocko Willink. Look it up, seriously. The consequences of lack of sleep are absolutely terrifying and almost impossible to exaggerate.

  • Redneck MTG

    😮 I never thought of it that way!

  • SSPspaz

    Actually getting up when my alarm goes off is probably the single hardest thing for me to do in my life. Sometimes I don't even remember turning it off. I'm convinced that IF I can actually wake up at a regular time — no snooze buttons, no crashing back into bed after turning the alarm off — then my life will change forever for the better.

  • HAL 9000

    This would seem to go against his fondness for power naps. Is successfully getting a few more winks harmful? How so? Serious question.

  • E

    this was edited by a psychopath! Dude you gotta make a horror moving or something, your pacing is on point… for a horror movie

  • Pandagasm

    I swear im putting this audio as my alarm clock! The gravitational pull of your pillow, like a tractor beam… Lmao its so true haha!

  • eppsislike

    If you snooze you'll lose.

  • Arthur Philadelpho

    Echo is swoooole

  • ChilledTea

    frick that alarm is annoying

  • Job Jones

    Awesome info! Awesome channel! But also awesome effects! Who does them!? They are the best I've seen… well anywhere!? I honestly can't believe you don't have 5x the subscribers you have now! Just wait I bet your views/subs are about to blow up!

  • Gracenote Eleven

    This video is now my alarm clock

  • Melissa Collett

    I want an Mp3 of this so I can set it as my alarm sound!

  • Tony Ross

    where's the "18 Seconds" gear?

  • King_Bishop1011

    I need a “get after it button”

    I bet it would have people second guessing a snooze button.

  • dan110024

    It's ridiculous that the snooze button is the default button in most apps. I want to be able to remove it completely. I've never ever found it useful or needed it. Your body isn't going to benefit by an extra few minutes of broken sleep. You should have set the alarm later in the first place if you need the extra sleep.

  • Matt S

    More cello!

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