Therapist Marketing: Psychology Today Profile Fix

Therapist Marketing: Psychology Today Profile Fix

Hey guys it’s Katie Read welcome to
Katie coaches so what is the absolute most important thing to do on your
psychology today profile so that you actually get a bang for your buck on
that monthly spending I’m gonna tell you and I’m gonna give you one bonus tip
that nobody ever tells you and that is a really big deal so what is the most
important part of your psyche today profile it is the first two lines
because when somebody searches your local area that is literally all they
see right there scrolling through the list they see just your first two lines
so what do you need to do in those two lines you need to immediately hook
somebody in so that they want to click your profile and read the rest of it and
learn more about you how do you hook them in the best possible thing you can
do is to say I understand your pain so I want you to think of your niche think of
your ideal client and then give an example in those first two lines what is
a thought that you know they’re thinking that they don’t think anybody else knows
they’re thinking does that make sense what is the secret internal monologue
let’s take a person with anxiety what is their secret internal monologue I might
say in those first two lines do you sometimes sit in meetings afraid that
you’re going to die afraid that everybody can see you know the sweat and
the your red skin and your heart racing like what is it that is a secret
internal monologue in their head that you can directly state because I’m
telling you if you can do that if you can directly say I know a secret thought
that you’re having they’re going to click your profile they’re going to read
the rest of it get it in right in the beginning that is all you have to do now
here is you’re one of our little secret bonus tip I want you on that picture on
your psyche today picture hopefully you’ve gotten a good headshot you do not
have to pay a professional if you have a friend with a good camera and some good
lighting lighting is key you don’t have to pay a professional but get a good
picture and then I want you to crop that picture uncomfortably close to your face
well everybody hates this advice but most people search psyche today on
mobile and so when you have a picture like this that’s this big or that’s you
with the tree and the whatever nobody can see your face like
nobody can see it they can’t see your eyes they’re looking in this big on
mobile so clap crop it really close to your face if you go look at those
listings you will see it the people that are cropped close in if you look on your
phone they pop out at you they jump out this is how you are gonna start getting
bang for your buck on your psychology today money this is Katie Reed you can
go visit me Katie Read comm ka TI e r e ad I help you with all your therapist
marketing so you can grow and outgrow your practice I will talk to you later
bye guys hey thanks for watching if you like this and you want more check out my
website at Katie Read calm and remember it’s Read spelled like read a book or
EAD and also check out these other great
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