There Is a Mental Health EMERGENCY! | The General Line

There Is a Mental Health EMERGENCY! | The General Line

So Tell me about an encounter with a squirrel. (laughs) An encounter with a squirrel. So, one time I was driving a golf cart and I was driving,
on the cart path and there were these two squirrels near the cart path and they were chasing each other around and as I
was getting closer and then run out across in the middle of the cart path and then I stomped on the breaks and brought cart to a screeching halt and the whole time they just stared there and looked at me. and I thought “My god, I could’ve killed these squirrels. this could’ve been the last day of their life. and then they stopped looking at me and just ran off and went back about their business. Okay. Okay. So, what brings you here today? I had a panic attack and passed out at work. and I’m still have panic attacks, I’m just fucking depressed. And what do you think is the cause? I don’t know. I don’t know, that’s the thing. Nothing has been happening either at work
or at home. that’s been different than what’s been happening the whole time. So, I just – – I don’t know. Okay. So, I just want to go over a few facts, is that
okay? Major depression affects about 16.1 million or 6.8% of the American population over the age of 18. And anxiety disorders affect about 40 million or 18.1%
of Americans over the age of 18. Now, you kinda got the short end of the stick seeing as you have both the depression and anxiety. You’re having panic attacks and the like. But, you have made some good first steps. You went to the doctor. You went and got a therapist. About I think it’s 36% of people who are afflicted by these conditions don’t end up going to get the help that they need. So, you’re already ahead of the game. I don’t feel ahead of anyone. Well, that why you’re here. Now, before we start. Do you have any questions for me or the process or anything like that. I do. I did a little bit of research before my
appointment. and I found this number online, about 60% of the time therapy and antidepressants will work. In about a two month period. Is that about right? I have seen numbers around that, yes. Have you started taking your antidepressants yet? I’ve been taking them for about week. So, these should start working
within about 2 months? It’s a bit more complicated than that. Antidepressants can start to work within about a month Sometimes it can 6 months or over My rule of thumb is usually if you are not feeling any sort of net benefit on the medication after two months. I would ask for a change in the medication or at least up the dosage of the medication that you’re currently taking. And then the process starts all over again. Well, yes, it’s a new medication. I don’t have that kind of time or money. What do you mean? I can’t go back to work right now. Does your employer have short term disability? No. I don’t even have any time off anymore. I only had 7 days. Have you looked at the Americans with Disabilities
Act? My job is talking to people all day. What sort of reasonable accommodation can I ask for? And even if I do manage to get time off for however long i need I don’t have enough money to make it past one month One month of my bills. Have you told them about how you’ve been feeling? Yeah, I went right up to the person who can
fire me on the spot and told him I’m feeling a little down in the dumps and – – This is a little more than down in the dumps,
right? No one noticed anything? Co-workers? Nobody? The people who are told to work as hard and
quickly as possible. Lest they be replaced. Yeah, I wonder why they weren’t able to notice anything. Okay. Do they have over the phone therapy? They do, but it’s a bit more expensive though. Does anyone do free therapy? (laughs) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. No. Of course not. No. Even with insurance it’s at least 20 or 30
dollars to pay. Sometimes even more. Mine’s 90. Right. I can’t afford that per week along with my medication that $40 a month. It’s going to help you. Don’t focus of the cost, focus on – – Don’t focus on an extra expense of almost
$400 a month, are you serious? I make $1,700 per month. My medical insurance is $561 a month, my rent is
$600 a month, my car insurance is $125 a month. My food is $200 a month. Where the fuck am I supposed to get an extra $400 from? You’re right. Okay. But, ou can get through this though, okay? You. Are. A. Fighter. Now, what kind of person do you want to be? Anyone but myself. Okay . . . and we will pick this up next week. Please make sure you see Susan on you’re way out for your co-pay. And I will see you next week. Month. Paul . . . you’re not taking this seriously. I have to do month. Okay. Next month. Hey, everyone. Thanks for watching. Please make sure to like comment and subscribe all that stuff and share this video around if you like. and I also see this going around now. Where people at the end of their videos are shouting out YouTubers, BreadTubers, LeftTubers whatever with the content that they have been watching recently. So that is actually what I would like to do right now. So, I have been watching a couple of people that I would like to shout out. The first person is Reading Radical. I just love their aesthetic. That kind of lo-fi animation with quality content, really informative and I think it’s just (chef’s kiss) French, not French kiss, what? Chef’s kiss. Which, also, don’t do that. That’s appropriating Italian culture. Stop. The next one is Queer POTUS. They take a really interesting look at history of, America specifically and kind of, not too in the weeds, if you know what I mean. Not too esoteric of anything like that. But, very interesting kind of topics. And I really like them and I think they’re really good. So check them out. Also, next one is Caltrops Dellastrada. I think they only have one or two videos out, but again aesthetics are wonderful. As well as the content. Both are important to me, I think. To keep it interesting, keep it so it’s kind of enticing, you know? But, again I think they only have two right now. Maybe another one coming out soon, But they are also someone who is very good, very funny, very meme-y, but also intelligent, in depth and gives you a good understanding of whatever topic they’re talking about. The next one is YoungRobotHQ and again I think they only have a couple videos out. The one I specifically, well, I watched all of them, of course. But, the one I specifically want to shout out is the response to ContraPoints Men video. And it’s from a FTM perspective, female to male trans perspective. And that’s a perspective I feel like I don’t really see that often in these kinds of videos. I see people like Aaron Ansuini, who is wonderful, he is great, please check him out. And a few other people who make that kind of content. But, I feel like it’s kinda lacking in the video essay kind of content From like here. So please check them out, subscribe to them as well. And then finally I would like to give a shout out to Suck My Opinion, who is so good. He brings the Leftist rhetoric that we kind of need but he does it in such a, and I don’t mean to sound, like, reductionist or I don’t know, something like that. But he reminds me a lot of how characters in like Spike Lee movies talk. Specifically Do The Right Thing. Where they’re poetic and angry and just hitting you over the head and he has such a nice way with words but he also really brings the Leftist ideas out and I think he’s just great so you really, really, really need to check him out. And again thank you for watching, thank you for liking, thank you for subscribing. I do have a Patreon if you wana check that out. I have Twitter, Curious Cat account, Twitch, sometimes I livestream but just thank you so much for all the attention that you give me. See ya later.



  • Caltrops Dellastrada

    This recent trend of YouTube people connecting theory (and history) to actual life is so important. I mean, it seems like it should be obvious, but for the longest time, informative content borrowed most of it's rhetorical style from school lectures. They would add in a few cartoons, media references, charisma and the end result is this super sterile yet technically informed impression of how the world works.

    This is great! Thank you for the shout out! I didn't even know it was coming, I clicked because I saw a nice thumbnail.

  • Cuñado de izquierdas

    I'll leave you a crouton here 🍞nice video! I like your cinematic approach and the choice of shots.

  • Camazotz

    Amazing video

  • Logan G

    Whoa, that was great. Keep it going.

  • Lucio Fulci

    Interesting. Works well as a short film and a look into the problems surrounding therapy under capitalism. Nice.

  • Hardcore Lime

    Beautifully written and shot, mate.

  • The Serfs

    That was very moving

  • Gateaux Q

    This is a M O O D! Also the mood, I know it well. There’s nothing worse than feeling hollow and nothing you like seems likeable. Bare minimum existence.

    If I could make a suggestion please keep your shoutouts to 2-3 channels. They’re all great and deserve attention (Suck My Opinion is BLOWING UP) but that made the video almost twice as long. If I ever get around to making videos I’ll orobably immediately forget this advice but, yknow, do as I say and all that.

    Welcome to my subs list!

  • Another Slice

    the free therapy laughter moment made me uncomfortable in a good way. remember – therapists are also workers! capitalism sucks

  • TheKinkyBeast

    Getting free therapy in the UK, here's the long story short:
    You're probably not sick or weak or defective, you're probably reacting very normally to a sick defective society. Psychologists treat the symptoms but you'll keep getting sick if the cause is never dealt with. While it's true that a lot of people can benift from therapy and/or medication it's extremely unhealthy in the long run to fall into the trap of thinking that YOU are the problem or YOU just need to cope better, be better.
    You. Are. Enough. <3

  • T.X. Watson

    🍖🤖 feeding the robot

  • silverface

    Perfectly encapsulating what many, many people have to say about the world we have to live in and the choices we have to make.

    (physical survival v. mental duress? money v. mental wellbeing? does my boss believe in mental illness being a serious thing? DOES anyone else even notice? is anyone else feeling the way i do?)

    For anyone reading this who’s in a bind: therapy isn’t going to treat ALL the causes; it mostly helps you deal with the symptoms. However, it’s miles better than nothing. Look in your area for anyone offering “pro bono” services. (LGBT groups/library branches often have drop in sessions, as well – lowcost or even free). They’re few and far between, since so many people seek them out, but pro bono will mean you won’t have to pay anything. Even a generous sliding scale ($50 or under minimum) will get you pretty far.

    And, as a certain person once said: “I understand how you feel.”

  • AndarNation Propaganda

    This is a good video that is good.

  • Woohooligan Comedy

    Great work, GL! I'm lucky in that I've been on disability for a few years, but I worry constantly that the GOP are going to tear it away from me. Let me know if I can help with any of your projects. Easiest way to reach me is @datafaucet on Twitter.

  • Softboy Social Club

    This is absolutely beautiful. It's great to point out that we've all been lead to believe it's our fault for not working harder to be happier and take self responsibility, when the means to helping ourselves is kept purposely out of reach. If anyone is ever considering it, Taiwan's national health insurance is surprisingly comprehensive and covers mental health. My therapist was about $6 copay per session, and the medication was about $7-10 copay for a month. It might be a quite useful alternative to drowning in a for-profit health system. Also, I just want everyone to move here so I can have friends :).

  • The General Line

    If you have the ability and are interested, I would be grateful for any support I can get for making leftist content by becoming my Patron.

  • LuckyBlackCat

    Another good one! 😀

  • Saïd

    All I can say is bravo. After cycling through the American mental health system and interacting with AWD, this really gave voice to everything I've always felt. Thank you for making it, and even more so, thank you for uploading it. (Also: subscribed, of course!)

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