Sometimes even though there’s nothing bad, I cant help but feel, a little sad Laying on the couch with nothing to do So we’ll sing a little song for you. Things i like when Im depressed, Flipping pillows so their cold is something i’d suggest. There are things i like when Im depressed Things to like when your depressed When the cheese is hot, but the lettuce cold Watching the Fraggle Rock Intro never gets old Squeezing together my tummy fats Browse Reddit for gifs of cats Sit on the floor, its nice down there! Pinch my nose to my lip and make a mustache of hair Tweak the door stop so it vibrates Or eat a mug full of Frosted Flakes Things I like when I’m depressed Open the fridge and close it- that’s the best! Things I like when I’m depressed Things to like when your depressed. A PBS, watch a documentary Discover all the functions of the COMMAND + OPTION key. Dice alone until you get Yahtzee Apply makeup and imagine you got a goatee Download just one Mp3 Whether pirate it or not, It don’t matter to me. Now when depression sneaks up on you There’s always tiny things that you can do. Things i like when I’m depressed Make a fort from blankets like its a quest Things i like when I’m depressed Little things i like when I’m depressed. Now I’m just a little less depressed.



  • Waffle' nt

    Oh man… 12 year old me is coming out

  • FoxSaysYap

    whoever made this is absolutely a fucking loser

  • Paqui Hinojosa Bareas

    Im liked


    When im depressed i like to sit on my bed with my cat and watch anime

  • Nancy Chettri

    Didn't help! 👊

  • Howard Schaaf

    Please come back.

  • ClutchClick

    all i do is hold it all in. get depressed every fucking day, drink beer and then puke blood. im hoping for cancer.

    have at that. fuckin unrealistic fucks.

  • Josie Mitchell

    I’ve been depressed lately because my dog just died and some of the things in this made me happy 😊

  • ᪶ ᪶

    I'm depressed thx for the tips

  • Gothic 1

    I FAP

  • Mayara Batista

    I'm depressed right now

  • Happy Penguin

    I have been doing these things waiting for the next video

  • crazy_ant 007

    I love having ADHD

  • natsuohime

    When Im depressed I don’t feel like doing anything 😅

  • Plumbum

    Didn't help.

  • Toastie

    Im really shit at handling freetime and i often just think: 'If i have time to play videogames, ill be okay' and then when i get bored of playing and have nothing else to do i become sad for no real reason

  • Phancy

    these are just things you do when your bored

  • Peppa Pig

    Lmao when I’m depressed I hate everything especially my life

  • Ak-a-47_URSS

    Wow, this girl is perfect.

  • Weird Person

    Roses are red violets are blue you really thought 💭 I would cry 😢 over u I said I loved u you thought 💭 that was true well guess what player you just got played to

  • zxcvbnm zxcvbnm

    But I don't have a cat. My family is alergic. Also. I have a small dog. But he emotionally hurt me, so I'd rather not. But thanks for the vid anyways. It's just, I don't think people can get happy THAT easily… :/

  • Ness Tendo

    When i'm depressed I grab my nes zapper and pretend i'm a cop

  • Eli Rodiguez

    Ugh now they make em sexual

  • I’m German

    At least she says gif right

  • Henry Alexander

    I got into chronic mild depression as well in the past and didn’t wish to speak with individuals.I always question why my remedies are not doing the job and didn’t help me to be much better. I eventually discovered this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it), my life is a lot of better right now. Examine it to see how it can assist you!.

  • Veridis Joe


  • Mr X

    sees title OOF

  • Hayden Tipton

    This made me cry. Thank you

  • Olivia Larsson


  • NathalieW


    Almost all roblox players are depressed

  • Grammerly ki

    i 100% didnt trust the end wasnt gonna be chill so i pause,mute and look at thr frames

  • Just Me

    This helps a little ;-;

  • KNightmare Friend

    Who also may have gotten this vid as a mp3

  • Layla Astorquiza

    Everyone going off in the comments needs to realize that the felling of depression is something that everyone feels at some point however there is a HUGE difference between feeling depressed and having depression so yeah

  • anya the hater

    why her boobs drawn like this

  • Meme Connoisseur

    We need more of theese songs

  • Meme Connoisseur

    1:47 my life in a nutshell

  • Xochi S


  • Orange Juice

    Things i like when I'm depressed are nothing

  • evan murray

    ADHD why did you stop making videosssssssssss

  • Nylyah Misiaszek

    when am depressed I explore google maps or I draw

  • Gian Van Tuijckom

    Uhh, does it mean that I'm depressed all the time, cus I like doing all of that anytime

  • Pencil Boot

    When I’m depressed I I stare at the blankness the white wall in front of me as I slowly slip into an emotional Ed’s coma in the heat of a bath that feels like nothing contemplating all the ways I could kill myself and make it look like an accident, sob uncontrollably then eat everything on my fridge and curl up on the couch for a quick self depreciation session. This is cute vid though lmao.

  • She took The kids

    That’s not depressing

  • Nick D

    This why people think only girls get depressed.

  • César Ramírez

    this actually made me feel a whole lot of represed emotions, it did got me little less depressed after all

  • Shan 22

    Is this guy still alive? Im very curious


    Finally i found this i wstched this channel when i was 9 ik this channel is crazy but i liked the depression song and he lonly song now am 13

  • Diana Castro Pimentel

    This made me feel depressed for some reason

  • Fifaawesomepants

    I would do that stuff, but then I would have to get out of bed.

  • Pau

    Music….. that's all i like when i'm depressed.

  • Mateusz Krzywicki

    1:26 Gets virus and wants to die

  • elsaisweird

    when I'm depressed I go to the bathroom and cried in the corner hoping to die.

  • ‘ TheFrick3128


  • kai crenshaw

    So wholesome.

  • Raibowassain X

    If i do any of this i will get scolded 😑

  • bunny love

    Thats things to do when your bored not when your depressed

  • pug life06

    I watch this whenever I'm depressed

  • zin

    I watched this and it made me tired..
    I really don't look that enegrtic anymore..
    Worst part about this is that I need a job..
    And I'm getting one..
    But I don't know how I'm going to make it through…
    Im getting help..
    But everything seems going too fast…
    And im not that quick

  • I Love Distorted Images


    This actually helped

  • CrownClown Creations

    As a teen I used to draw a lot to get all the negative feelings out. These days I just lay in bed, sleep for 11-12 hours.. I rarely cook, because I don't have the mental energy to do anything, so I either don't eat at all, or gouge myself in easy, cheap comfort food (like chips, pasta or noodles). When it's at its worst, I can't even get up to take a shower, comb my hair or brush my teeth. I just feel like an empty, hollow shell of a person I used to be.
    Luckily I managed to finally reach out to my family, but it had gotten so bad, that I ended up at a psychiatric hospital (just for 24 hours). I finally got help from people around me, including professionals. I just got diagnosed with anxiety and ADD caused by brain damage from birth – which explains why I'm stressed all the time, and I might not even have depression, my brain is just overloaded 24/7. And I feel a lot better now than I did just a few months ago, but there's still a lot I need to work on. But I'm fighting to get better.

    Tha-that's it, I guess.. thanks for coming to my TedTalk.

  • jlynn 12

    In grade 4 when I was sad I would listen to this song it would make me feel better then i would watch the cat song and I would be all better. I'm going into grade 8 and I still do the same thing:)

  • leo8493

    When I was depressed (seriously, not in the way this video portrait) I couldn't get up from my bed and nothing made sense.

    Stop calling the sadness "depression" this will just made thing worse for who, like me, suffered or will suffer of real depression because everyone will be saying "lol I've been depressed yesterday, just see some cat's video and you will be OK, like me"

  • the best nintedo switch fortnite player

    I whant to die

  • The Bread Cat

    I’ve been looking for this video for years like wow :O I’m so happy

  • Zariahn Brian

    Her boobs looks weird

  • Abhilasha Sharma

    Things I like when I'm depressed:
    1) Animals
    2) Mobile

  • Hoods

    This is really great for me. I don't have depression, but it really inspires me.

  • Mid Night memer

    All 14 year olds "same"

  • Insomnia

    Sometimes even though there's nothing bad,
    i cant help but feel, a little sad
    laying on the couch with nothing to do
    so we'll sing a little song for you
    things i like when im depressed
    flipping pillows so their cold is something id suggest
    there are things i like when im depressed
    things to like when you're depressed
    when the cheese is hot but the lettuce cold
    wathing the fraggle rock intro never gets old
    squeezing together my tummy fats
    browse raddit for gifts for cats
    sit on the floor, its nice down there
    pinch my nose to my lips and make a mustache of hair
    tweak the door stop so it vibrates
    or eat a mug full of frosted flakes
    things i like when im depressed
    open the fridge and close it thats the best
    things i like when im depressed
    things to like when you're depressed
    a pbs watch a documentary
    discover all the functions of command option key
    dice alone untill you get yahtzee
    apply a makeup and imagine you got a goatee
    download just one mp3 whether pirate or not it dont matter to me
    now when depression sneaks up to you theres always tiny things you can do
    things i like when im depressed
    make a fort from blankets like its a quest
    things i like when im depressed
    little things i like when im depressed
    now im just a little less depressed

  • greysun

    2013 in a song.

  • Raghood HD

    When im depressed i dont even open my eyes

  • Barry B. Benson

    These are things that relate more when is bored / sad, but not when depressed.

  • Moa Forsblad

    Dont joke about it

  • CallMeKraig

    Things I like all the time

  • e d e l w e i r d o

    open the fridge, then close it. that's the best!1!


    *does it*

    this is fun–

  • Kitty Cat Cuteness

    0:20 0:30 0:55 =MEH

  • Amaliajaslene Sanchez

    You made me feel better . Thanks

  • Pặc Chim Chim

    Fishball's boobs? Anyone? My giant nerd boyfriend?

  • Geovana MNS

    That's a thing I like when I'm depressed

  • VeronicasTouch

    Honestly, I like watching this when I'm down.

  • negativeletter

    When YouTube recommended me this video, I got a little less depressed.

    Until I remembered that this channel is dead.

  • Manuelle Medeiros


  • ET LDP

    I cried 😭😊

  • Shontay Garcia

    ;-; I watch fragile rock

  • MorganOh Morgan

    Watching funny YouTube videos helped me feel better when I was feeling depressed

  • TT Baka

    People are spreading rumors and I’m done

  • Phoebe 101

    1:07 *murders girlfriend*


  • Therese Porcen

    I'm depressed to

  • Therese Porcen

    I'm fat 😭

  • Therese Porcen

    Me to

  • MinecraftKid233

    You suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuxk

  • samjo18 420

    Dis nice

  • Not Your Daughter

    So I’ve always related to these videos…
    Last yeah I got diagnosed with ADD and I find this pretty ironic

  • Lilac Heart

    some of all forget that depresses is an emotion and depression is an illness. there's a difference

  • Atzi Merino

    SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE NOT DEPRESSED!! Maybe your sad but that's literally normal and you'll get better 🙄

  • Jarod Lamkin

    These are the kind of videos that make feel okay to be me. They make me understand that my little things I do are more normal than I think. It makes me feel a wave of warmth and joy like nothing else to know that I'm not alone even if I choose to be alone

  • Douglas Hozea

    …and now i'm a little bit less depressed

  • Kristalin BG

    Fuck i dont have a cat

  • Wiccan Blossom

    Song: *Happy and upbeat*
    Comment section: *Makes me sad and makes me literally pour all of my love and affection and hope onto everyone commenting about troubles in their life and hoping they get better and I genuinely do that because I don’t know them but I platonically love each and every one of them and they deserve to feel happy and for life to be better*

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