Nun Massacre Gameplay Build you guys Hey girls, I didn’t beat the first level not one level or dark deception How dare I go to another scary game but it’s I know you know what because you’re eight then not always but I would say for like like new monsters or Spirits new scary movies in general the nun has always looked the scariest broke right scam movies now Lots of don’t really look scary, but they’re not always Look how scary buddy which is why I was hella mad when the movie like was a hell of trash Look, we’re down here Bob. My mom rents. Alright, well, do I play the game if I can just English? That’ll be like fine, you know This game, but I’m not about to play no games this game. Alright, let’s go No, it was funny. A lot of old scare moves to my volume up. Oh, it’s maxed out You know me a lot of old scared moons to be startin up line. You be the top Okay, can I get up the – you clean his damn house my gosh I Hope you don’t live alone. No, the point of the game is to look like dummy old, but my guy I can’t see nothing one new Germ is down the back I can see I’m not really supposed to be able to see this clown Okay, we get it as lot Trying to get trying to give me dead loss For real I’m supposed to be able to see Dude how high my bus reaches dear diary mommy dropped me off in my ear. Forget all that Lily mom. Okay. Bye. Mommy don’t care You know how hard it’ll be run from a dang ol nun if I can’t you know what it’s a lighter I Knew it let’s go. I knew how about taking seven of the plays? I saw people a year. Oh, yeah, you gotta hide me I said I know I saw some people holding a lighter clown Let’s go. Let’s go. She must don’t know my jokes. Nina’s like she’s not about to catch me Like I was dumb good in high school tell you what our team suck but I Loki suck – basketball We hear about none of that my guy Don’t need to buy anything on stalls Thank You lightning thank you my guy I’ll go to the toilet to thank you my guy. Hey, why is the sound effects so loud? Good go one is good That is dumb luck, right We give you a heart attack bro this Plan the game game here today, huh? Alright, let’s go – I Like legit Jump back it ran from the keyboard and I was like wait G cubes. I tried to have a comeback. Let’s go my guy Let’s go. Alright. Hi guys. Okay, so hopefully, um, my boy my list speaking of gucci mane my lips hood don’t choke like all I’m hoping that items don’t like move. I hope they stay with a Ark This is oh man That’s that paper, right? Yep. Okay, so I think I think we I think we good. I think we’re good Oh Imma like that. I always will come in handy. So good put your lighters the graphics on this game is definitely not 1080p Okay, well now Do I need that wall plank that was in the bathroom cuz that’s what that’s what she got me where it was like no exit Like Sound like a baby donkey or something No, no accent, let’s keep that get the ball here because she tracked me unless like your father you Know why even need this Barber oh my god. Okay, do I just drop it? Hey, this is Novi. Hello, Joe, okay I can’t get out of there bro. Why did it against it all? Oh What’s that Did y’all see endless damn it? Oh my god a rock book about to bait you with this rock if you come back look boy Dad Where’s that I got that already I’m too good Let’s go I’m so good television be sir. I need to say oh I need you, okay That didn’t hurt Does that let me know Where she don’t be yet, bro, open his door, come on. We already broke the window All right down This game will kill you I’m going I’m going upstairs See right bunny Okay, okay this game is death I can’t I can’t do this she died. I hope you guys should go down there shit up Hopefully she can get up in this big clown Oh Go go back to right or go back to right are my gosh machine or one I Don’t know where I’m going Can I not get back up oh hold up If she come in this vid, I’m hella did That that is a mattre Maps off when you that’s the map my guy That is the map, all right This game got jokes. I ain’t gonna jokes. Okay, I can’t do dad me. She coming, right? Let’s go let’s go she can’t she can’t get up in his van She can come in a bit This is our bro, bro, it’s like it’s these stupid bins rocky. Oh my god Can I can I not go up all this I’m good. Let’s go I got I got a what is this? Okay Give it a stupid rock. Wait, I thought this mannequin organ. I really can’t get rid of that my guy Oh, what a lot it our mannequin organ you got yet Three Oh No, so you’d like, okay you didn’t you write that like dummy break Slot bro, let’s go. Let’s go Keep this ready keep this rate hard boy. I’ll admit I would clip her ear off with this dang ol or wrench screw time Whatever it is Yo this game is too hard you might like it better I mean this is some You can now read them notes all hold up I Don’t know what they did but obviously in advance did it unlock some them doors wait wouldn’t tell me what it did Okay, I’ll just go back down Maybe go to the door. Oh So what the dead do let’s go me I’m keepin the friggin all what simple beat us up all right now Back to the bit. I need to get back to the van, bro Get out of here is no bed to hide. Oh, yeah Now watch the mirror that that fan I was I get broke it gotta be out man I ran around forever. My guy. I was like dude it’s not nothing else to do after I cut that wire Not gotta find this stupid fan Can it wait wait, can I do this? No, I thought I could I mean see when I first thought about it is it seems smart to me Clow No genius no idea what to do Mannequin what Fridge rater. Oh my god. This is like one big hard puzzle scale Okay, okay, I don’t want to put I’m gonna put the aw Crap okay Dominican See this hand, I think I’m gonna need more stuff done I must put that down too cuz I think I’m gonna need a couple of these bro get that. I Can’t put the lighter down. Why can you only hold three items bro? Come on, man You know what Okay, I got a mannequin arm someone down. Did you just I’m a goddess stuff. Oh My god This game is dummy over my guy What is that a lockpick? Yup. Hey look, whatever same thing Am I gonna do rock again, bro It’s gonna need I got a shave or something bro. Well what if I need this rock Hold up. Hold up to break this TV What that what the world He ain’t Nope, that’s a fail. Nevermind. All right. Look I’m striking sweat out a residue brothers getting his den I reck’n a for like an hour do this is a big puzzle. That’s hella hard booyah He hasn’t revealed over the life comes as many as all. So what’s the next everybody Charlie’s out? Why can’t I?



  • ZoidOri

    You was with a nun
    Got stabbed when she first saw you, Couldn't burn her up.

    That's all I forgot the lyrics 🀣
    Edit : bottoms up lyrics (you was at the club)

  • Danielle Dolphin

    She was so aggressive with throwing the bed and beating your character. She ain't playing around lol

  • KatanaTitan_0

    4:00 when you talk back to your mom

  • ItsDJ

    Me and you be having those high pitched screams on those jump scares lol

  • Kevin weekes

    well judging from that this game can give you a heart attack and nope no thank you.

  • っさくらあくむ

    Yo she just yeet the bed like a piece of trash!

  • Fogg Boye

    " I was dumb good in high school "
    not even 5 seconds later
    " I lowkey suck too at basketball "

  • Malik 2king

    Charlie dont trip man i subscribe because of the rants

  • Malik 2king

    Never have i ever seen a nun behave in this manner

  • Monkey _d_ lluuffy

    Is the mic behind you for my ghost niBBas?

  • Dxrk .mp4

    The game audio was a lil late so I was like what is he screaming at and then I got scared

  • Penny Trui

    Challenge aychristine to play this.

  • Adrian Ingram

    What type of milk are you?

  • I'm a box Boiii

    38th like…..Charlie you know what I want by now

  • cheatcode

    I lowkey said "Yeet" when she flipped the bed hahahaha, awesome fucking video brah! keep these COMING! <3

    Edit: This game will indeed kill you hahahahah that fucking sound when the nun comes is hella fucking loud

  • Chelsea Till I Die

    Almost died on the first jumpscare I was on Snapchat looked back up at my iPad and almost shit myself

  • TGO Legend

    Hides under the bed and still gets bodied … Looks like something id do in that panic moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • David Divers

    im sorry but your not built to be a Gamer.πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£Jk try harder

  • Just a nigga thats high

    To unlock doors you have to look at the lock and click on it. Then you can open the door.

  • Just a nigga thats high

    You're not stuck in there. Just unlock the door by clicking on the lock. ^^

  • Nakiya B

    3:30 gotta be my favorite partπŸ’€πŸ’€

  • KishHero

    WTF I didn't know you had a gaming channel ._. you learn something new everyday

  • KishHero

    LOL how the heck are supposed to read that font xD

  • Mista

    Bro I was screaming my guy also 69th like heeeeeeeeeee. And bro when you died and flicked the lighter I was so dead, and the little midget demon sounded like it said "fuck with the memes". Lmaaaooooo

  • JKSakamaki

    Lmao nice maaan

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