This is how much a heart attack cost | Nilo Quiroz | #FuckupNights Nice

This is how much a heart attack cost | Nilo Quiroz | #FuckupNights Nice

now we’re gonna stop so um I have a
question for you before I start I want to know does anybody here in the
audience know how much it cost to have a heart attack in the USA you don’t really
have to answer the question but we’re gonna talk about that later
I just keep it in mind i’ma put it in the back right there because let’s start
from the beginning right and right here I’m working my last job as an engineer
in the oil and gas industry right there I’m burning my hand as we see I failed
to do some operation and I burned my hand with this black smoke that is
coming over there so my name is Nino kiddos I’m Mexican
and I’m in France for all the reasons you guys see what so Who am I am a
failed rocker actually when I first to be seen I dye my hair in green I thought
it was the best thing to doing that rock band I was traveling the whole world
right but didn’t know I fail that didn’t do anything and I just started with my
friend right there after that I tried to be a swimmer because I already was to me
when I was in high school and stuff but I also failed admitted to the local
newspaper and it was okay but I never made it to the Olympics so I considered
our failures as well then and this is the part I wasn’t engineer then I tried
to be engineer because my dad said and you have to do what the dad said in
Mexico okay we’re not in Europe so I’m doing no this is the part where I get
the series because not an entrepreneur and between these two guys this is a
very good story that I want to try to tell you so um do you know this guy oh
okay so back in the day back in the day I was right here top of my game when I
was hanging in here and this is do this story starts oh I just received a letter
of 90% efficiency in a very you know how to nolan gas company you know from from
a client that sends a letter for an engineer that he’s doing very well
for my company was like oh my god we never got that so Hoover’s
we’re very good but guess what after a lot of that they released me because he
was the 2016 oil and gas crisis so the reason I was
I was good no no no no so that what happened and after that I went back into
the memories and do you know this guy so we were supposed to hear something here
but anyways this guy is Rocky Balboa for the ones who doesn’t know he was a boxer
he failed in the movie number one actually the whole movies about his
failure and then in the movie number two he beats Apollo and he wins a
championship and then in the movie number five
he failed everything and he got a restaurant and he is a very very
important restaurant and his share stories with people about his failure so
they don’t commit them right so somebody at this point when I failed into my
engineering Carrie told me why don’t we open a catering business you know and I
said rocky did it easy so why not let’s do it right let’s just start doing a
kitchen right so you know assumption is a very big fucker with the mother of all
fuck-ups somebody told me that and now I know why right because I assumed it was
easy you know I was so easy so we see that when the Chairman told me you know
the universe accordion right this thing right here they told me you know can you
get some coaches for me some asama and I went back and wrote to the store
and I grabbed whatever I saw green I came back and I get youtubers you know I
think I was like this is another girl yet you know this is a cougar I mean
this is not that this thing is so different I was like but they look so
similar you can use it right so I was so lost in the food and food industry so
you shouldn’t assume stuff you know so I’m gonna show you this right here and
you see my business started very bad you see that this is the third line I mean
we’re making no money no money at all going down going down this is the first
and second year and then you see a big drop here that we’re gonna talk about it
because that’s the part that’s interesting what happened there
what can I see um you know it’s going back well then it went super bad so we
started the business in the in the worst way you can start a business okay so we
were four before the bonuses our business so one that has to lose a job
second person that doesn’t know what to do with the future he just graduated
college third person that he’s not really sure that he wants
good for it like another person the only person that knows about the food
business is pregnant and is about to deliver in three in three months and
she’s gonna teach us everything real quick and then we’re gonna make it but
we’re three engineers on one person from the food you know industry so we said
yeah we can make it you know I know I admit that that’s when I fucked up and
this guy right here is me after having a pre heart attack in the USA because I
was working from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with a lot of stress on me and you know
when you’re 28 you talk to me eight years old and you have like that
something that stopped your heart from in and you panicked and your friend
third floor my brother just quickly saw me and they keep me going to the
emergency room and okay guy what stop that for a for a little bit you know and
since then I have to you know I have this thing that is not I’m not that old
school I mean you’re a beeper you know monitoring my heart at the time
because when you’re thirty there’s higher chance to risk your life because
of this so the whole thing this like the whole thing stop right now
time stop there when I was in the hospital every came and I was thinking
so much dirt because of this you know because everything was going wrong and
we were doing many things wrong and there’s three things here that I learned
from this experience that we were pointing on each other instead of
helping each other and we were not having communication with the team you
know we just said you did this wrong and we were not having like business to be
done you know and the last one we didn’t have the teachers we were just thinking
it was so easy to make food that we didn’t have any procedures and we’re
engineers right so this is a traditional color and to answer that question
sixty thousand dollar cost to just be two days in the hospital because we have
a pre heart attack in the USA so not only my saving is now account with God
my business is gone migrated now what’s gone into yourself and that’s it that’s
that’s it for you right so after that that’s it not that my life is gone but
no we talk we sit and we make a plan and after that in 2017
my business is number one in system for kitchen business you know we got reason
work for me dollar from expertise in 2018 2018 and
19 we made up the class and we change their whole strategy and actually now an
Instagram you can see we have this motivational Monday quotes and they’re
very popular in the Instagram and they’d like fail it is not about just failing
change is the thing that is gonna make you fail you need to change and adapt
what am I doing wrong how can I change it so I cannot continue failing and
that’s what I learned from this experience we changed a lot and now we
made it now after that I met also amazing people for we have four years
now in Houston operating I have been to come and conventions and explain my
brand I get to meet the mayor of the city and I was there with the Astra’s
coach and I have the ring because they wanted the serious at World Series in
2017 so have many amazing people after after my failure so this why I called it
second chance right these are my partners right here one is
right there take a video that you know technology is coming and we know now we
really know about the food business a lot and uh and thanks to him that he
knows a lot about technology we’re gonna last this application in Singapore we’re
on the works and that and we am basically why we are in the South of
France is trying to get braces you know investments so like that’s in the one
right there yeah you said one to two million all right don’t worry we’ll talk
about so we’re raising funds I know you guys got do over there excited so we’ll
talk about it and you know one last thing I want you to go home with it is
like if I ask you how many times can you burn your hand like in the first picture
how many times can you burn your hand until you achieve your dreams this is me
right there burning my hand again in another operation and I just stopped
counting thank you very much



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