TIE – A Game About Depression

TIE – A Game About Depression

(Wha-pssh!) Top o’ the morning to ye ladies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called Tie. Tie is a game about depression. We follow this little pixel man through his beautiful pixel world, and we go about the rigmarole of going to work each and every day. It’s supposed to simulate what it’s like to have depression. I don’t know how accurate it’s gonna be, so we’ll just get in and play it and see what’s going on. Let’s… Why is this all sparkle? Ah! “I’m ready for work.” “Hmm…” That’s it! Take an old pooper-oo before you start! “I suppose I look okay.” You look great, man. You look wonderful. Don’t let any stupid mirror take you down. I mean, you do have a matchstick head, but you’re looking good. “I should leave soon.” “Not exactly hungry.” I want some coffee, though. You like coffee, don’t you? “Go outside.” Whoa! This is gorgeous! Are these trees? By Jesus, those are big trees. And the sun is rising. Man, this game is beautiful. “No mail until later.” I couldn’t even see that. What’s going on, dude? How are you? Whoa. Hi, bus. Can I talk to you? Okay, let’s head to work. Wait, is this a bus or a train? Kinda looks like a train. “Sorry, I’m busy.” Sorry, man. We’re all busy. “Hey, champ.”
Hey, Steve! “Ugh, what do you want?” Well, nothing from you, Roger. Roger. I hate Roger! Boss loves him though. ‘Oh Roger’s a good employee. Roger gets his work done.’ Whatever. “You’re on time today.” I’m on time every day. It’s you who’s off time. Can’t talk to him. Oh, look it’s Roger again. “The vending machine is broken.” Typical. Can’t talk to this guy, okay. “Doesn’t smell very fresh.” Doesn’t matter, man. It’s coffee, get it into ya! It’ll perk you up! Okay. “How goes it?” Aww, Steve’s nice. I like Steve. “Still not very hungry.” Okay, clock in. Ka-kling. “Ugh, I’d rather be home.” You and me both buddy, right? Working hard or hardly working. Am I right guys? Yeah, let’s clock it. Let’s have a good day people. (claps) Let’s have a good day here in Work Land! This is my computer. “Get to work.” And just like that, work is over. I’ve also got a post-it note head now. Alright. Very, very productive day. Got a lot done. Numbers, taxes, filings. Very, very nice. Now it’s time to go home to my wife and kids. Clock out? Did I do it? “I could eat something when I get home.” “It’s-” Oh god, the sentences stuck together. (attempting to read one) “It’s been a good, productive day”? That doesn’t make sense. I don’t know. Yeah, that’s what he said. “Your shift is over.” Sure is! Peace out, workplace! Ah, heading home again. “Can’t wait to do it again tomorrow.” (inhales through gritted teeth) I can. I can- I can wait. “It’s been a long day.” It sure has, my man. What does everybody else have hair except me? Oh man, this is so pretty. This little bloom effect off the lights is so nice. Okay, that’s not my house. That’s that guy’s house. He’s very mean. I don’t like him. Alright, time to go in and watch Sex in the City all night. Can I check my mail? Okay, apparently not. Oh, these are buildings in the background. That makes a lot more sense. I was like, what kind of dystopian future do we live in where the trees are gigantic? We’re inside. Okay, that’s not normal. Excuse me, does anyone else see this glitchy weird shit?! “Can I help you with something?” Oh no. “Too tired to make anything.” Dude, you haven’t eaten all day. “I look exhausted.” You gonna take a shower? “Can’t get in with my clothes on.” Oh, let’s take them off then. Okay, can’t take them off. I guess I can just go to bed. (alarm clock blaring) And just like that, the grind starts anew. You know, as a dad with kids… “I’m already dressed.” What? As a single father with two kids… …it’s hard sometimes to go out there and just try your best and still feel like a failure. “Was last night a dream?” What are you talking about, man? Is the glitchy man gone again? “I don’t eat first thing but…” “-odd.” What’s odd/ “I should feel hungry.” Yeah, this is one of the things about being depressed as well, is that… Well, there’s a lot of different variations and a lot of different extremes. But for a lot of people, it’s just like waking up and not feeling anything, really. You don’t feel hungry. You don’t feel happy or sad, you just feel empty. You’re just kind of going through the motions. Some people can’t even get out of bed. Wow, it’s a lovely spring morning! This is an extremely pretty game. Can I get my mail? Oh hey, lady. Please don’t get hit by a bus. Please don’t get hit by a bus. Please don’t get hit by a bus. Survived another day. Ah. Harold. Good old bus driver Harold, getting me to and fro my A to B every single day to be. “Another wonderful day,” in God’s country. “This bus smells odd.” Yeah, pretty sure a bunch of homeless men had an orgy in the back of the last one so… This is the same bus. Harold never changes buses. That’s the thing about Harold, good old Harold. Don’t be like Harold. “Vending machine is broken.” Still?! Come on, how else am I supposed to get my… my God sunshine that comes out of it? “Still here?” I just got here, man. We all work at the same place. Ah, no coffee again today? “Still not very hungry.” The light’s emanating from me! Am I God? Am I the main character? Am I the chosen one? Trying to clock in to work, but you’re in the way. “I don’t have time for this.” Yeah then move on! I need to hit this thing! There we go, got it, okay, off to work I go! A whole day full of being cool and awesome and doing wonderful things. “Get to work?” Yes. (sighs) Another day, another dollar. Oh God, no. “Clock in”? But… I’m finished work. “It’s been a good productive day.” What is that? What is that exactly?! Do you guys see that? “What did you work on?” You know, wrote some poetry. Uh… Wrote a letter to try and get my wife back. “Your shift is over.” Sure is. Is nobody seeing this but me? “Clock out so we can leave.” I did? “Catch the bus home.” Okay. “Gonna go home and watch the game.” Me too man, sports! Uh… trick shots! Um… Best friends! Oh, we’re home. Oh God, everything’s getting all glitchy and weird on me. There’s another one. Okay… Oh, no. My reality is distorting and falling apart. Go inside? “More of them.” Just gonna say, I’m sure there’s none in here! “You should get some rest.” “Tomorrow be a better day.” “Maybe something new will happen.” Oh, man. This is really sad. “Too tired to make anything.” Oh, I can’t even go that way. “It’s been a long day.” What’s happening?! Why can’t I go that way? No, I pressed ‘R’! I pressed ‘R’ and I think it restarted the whole game. No! (alarm blaring) (sighs) Damn it, man. I don’t even have a character now. I think I broke it. Was any of this even real? Is anything that I did even making a difference? You know I put on a brave smile. Get up in the day, put on my best hat, and walk out that door to go to work. And I put a smile on my face, and I do good work. I do a good job. Nice to the people around me. I give the people what they want. But deep inside… …it hurts Deep inside he has his own issues. Deep inside he has his own problems the world doesn’t know about. Yeah, so it’s been- it’s been kind of rough lately. I mean, I still get to see my kids at the weekend and everything. It’s just- it’s just been hard ’cause you know one of my best friends is in a coma… …for a while and like, I go to see him every now and then and just chat to him and everything. But I I don’t know if he hears me. But yeah, no, things are looking up on the future though, on the horizon. Okay, see you guys later. Back home I go. Yet again. I’m just stuck. Stuck in life. I can’t push forward! “Maybe something new will happen.” “Should get some rest.” “Tomorrow will be a better day.” Let’s hope. I can’t get any rest, though. My mind is going, my mind is racing. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. Can’t do anything, I’m just stuck. Day in, day out, I do the same things. Nothing ever changes. I just want things to go back to the way they were. I want to go back to when I was happy. My… people in my life… (soft piano music) (builds with strings) (music fades)



  • YoJ

    Just watch meme time

  • Benjamin Webster

    Jesus Christ depression just sounds like school

  • Junior 5857

    I was recommended to this, is YouTube trying to say something to me

  • Tiffany Pierce

    This is fairly accurate. Some days are good, some days are not. There will be a routine, not of sadness, but emptiness and numbness. Some days you wake up, excited for what’s to come, but most days you wish you could stay in bed and self-loathe and bully yourself and talk to yourself, telling yourself it’s fine. Depression isn’t sadness… it’s a lack of any feeling. Depression is numbing.

  • Sloth boii

    14 year old girls who listened to Billie eilish one time: omg relatable

  • Autumnz _Artz

    "Is anything im doing even making a difference"
    Well thats what you would say if you have depression so i guess the game is pretty good

  • Peeble Kitty

    Jack: Knowingly chooses to play a game about and simulating depression
    Jack: aw man this is sad
    i'm not sure what you were expecting man

  • Lewis Ethridge

    I watched this when it first came out and I didn't think jack was being serious about depression and I watched it again and I realized that he really didn't take depression seriously then. I wonder if he actually does understand it? I wonder if he knows this is only one story, one experience, one way someone can be depressed? There are lots of types of depression and lots of types of symptoms that some people with depression have that other people with depression doesn't have. It's one of those "till it happens to you, you want truly know" type things and it's one of those "my depression is different than your depression" things. Please don't fake it and please don't try to explain it if you actually don't understand it. Also, I know that this community can be incredibly cruel and mean, so I'm just going to say first, I am a fan of jacksepticeye and I love his content and second, I think he ignores the hate comments which means I am too.

  • RubyLitten

    I wonder if the end shot was actually because of a life event or so it would be linked to the game

  • SillyTaryn Tuber

    I struggle from depression but Jack helps me sometimes. He even helps when I get panic attacks, I love u and yes guys depression is serious and it can come to anyone at any time

  • LongLost is an o.c.

    I slept something off. It was my own depression and suicidal thoughts. I woke up to this…

  • wolf moon

    for a second i thought he wad actually depressed i was like "NUUUU NOT JACKIBOY T-T " then i realised it was chase brody .-.

  • The Reebstir

    With depression, everything will seem like a chore. At least for me…I always felt so tired and didn't want to do anything. I was short tempered, and was always annoyed with people. I hated myself and started starving myself. Why did I have depression? Well, school…..I just wanted to scream. There are A LOT of variations of depression, and what I still remember, and still feel this….emptiness. I hate it but, at least I'm doing somewhat better!

  • ••Kawaii Potatoe••

    Lol 😂 his face

  • ••Kawaii Potatoe••

    Damn…this is very depressing

  • Little FireAngel

    Whats the name of the song that plays when we see Chase?

  • Brooke Sundeen

    I had depression before jack, prince the singer are both the reasons why I’m still alive today and also Shane Dawson. Whenever I had a bad day I would and still watch and listen to them, I’m better now I’m taking medication for it but some days are still worse then others

  • JasonFRostt

    I used to be suicidal

    Until I took an arrow in the knee..

  • Dark Knight

    Who's hat was that? I feel like I should know this, but I haven't got a clue

  • Psycho_Arts

    I have a mild depression…

    Im not joking

    You don't know what i feel

    I smile on the outside

    Dead on the inside

  • Ruby Prime

    Does jack have kids of his own?

  • Siltuatha

    I did not give permission for a game to be made about me

  • Caleb Black

    Jack, Sean. You really have me worried. I have been watching your videos for 3 years now and I hav never sent you like this. Do you need help? Do you think you have depression? If you do, it's going to be okay. We, your viewers, will help you get through this. I know, as someone who has experienced the same things in the short 16 years of my life, it's not easy. But we can help you. I can you. Please, we know that you have enough sense that you wouldn't mock depression, because that could be offensive to some. Please, we're reaching out. If you need help, take it. I know first hand that getting through it alone is one of the most difficult tasks. Just keep your head up buddy.

  • Rosey Wolf

    He nailed it with that ending

  • Satan


  • L

    I know it's an old video, but if you see this, I just want you to know…
    If all you did today was Survive, I am proud of you 💜

  • The Funny TV Man of the Night

    It’s not that I WANT to die…I just wouldn’t mind

  • hello people

    In this cruel, desolate place, there is always light, you just need to find it.

  • Pauline Bentley

    Hi I am an 11 year old child and I have depression and I don't think anything will make me happy. Maybe if I lived with jacksepticeye I maybe will be happy but no……please please please please I just wanna be normal but no it won't happen just please….I wanna be happy I have friends who care for me but they don't care please just help me jack tell me what to do! I can't do this by my self I can't live anymore…please I'm in pain please just help..I just wanna die.

  • colorbar.s

    what the fuck is chase

  • Rosa Scarlet

    I have depressed episodes (that usually last 10-20 minutes) were just eat or just sit and watch sad videos and cry

  • Quincy Newman

    this is exactly what depression feels like

  • Alana Sigley

    "Its hard to try your best and still feel like a failure" SEAN! HONEY TALK TO SOMEONE!

  • Ancha Fourie

    Séan, hearing you being able to get over it as much as possible, and even just being able to talk about it, makes me extremely happy for you, because I know how hard it can be to open your mouth and say something true for once. I'm not usually the type to accept physical contact, but dude, I've been watching you for a long while now, and honestly, hearing you suffer in a very similar way to me makes me want to give you a hug and just cry. You've make me smile for the first time in a long time, every time I watch your videos and I can't appreciate that more than anything.
    Keep doing what you're doing.

  • BenDoesMinecraft

    We all know why we are here.

  • yup lord

    jack plays game about depression

    Also jack: this game is beautiful

  • ye nan

    It's a pretty accurate game from personal experience but I don't know about the job part cause I'm just 12 with a miserable life, nobody comment on this cause in not in the mood to be criticised by the internet

  • Kim Jazmin Babasa

    I dont want to die


  • Alex Gulino

    It's been a lifelong battle, but I've lost my reasons to fight. Namely my 2 dogs, wife and daughter(from her previous relationship but mine in every way that counts from just turning 1 to 10.) Dogs literally lost after her mind went and she left the doors wide open all night while pacing the neighborhood angrily cursing some unknown/undeserving/unreal entity to herself and her 'constant companions', and I assume someone noticed the adorably (free) dogs who would trust any person they came across. The woman I care for more than anything in this world no longer exists and I watched her dragged into fear/anger/bitter hatred after telling me how thankful she was for me b/c "I(she) can't imagine anything worse than having your mind go like that and not have someone around who cares and knows enough to help" bc life is good like that. Gives you the time to see someones greatest fears before watching them taken by them in a slow and painful march to indifference through insanity. Long story and not up for a telling of it. I avoid anything to emotional/high stakes bc I just can't handle the stress from a tv show anymore. Everything makes me feel like the world is ending and I'm just about ready for it. I worked so hard for us. Id given up on everything else I felt like life would never allow me, but it managed to slip one more cruelly twisted blade between my ribs and ruin me for good. I think I'm just broken now. It's been almost 3 years now and I've been alone and know its pointless to try for anything… and I just want to have a conversation with her again. Even her memory has been twisted so much that I have to question what I remember. I just want to tell her I'm sorry I couldn't help her. I didn't mean to fail her and I hope she can forgive me in whatever form she's given the chance

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    I eat a lot even tho I'm not hungry, idk why

  • Zoe Elkington

    Jack in game: don't get hit in by the bus
    Me in real life: I hope this car hits me

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    Getting out of bed is really hard

  • Love Many Fandoms

    Jack: a game about depression

    Me: CHASE?

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    Me:…and?…i-is that a problem??

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  • •A Corrupted Angel•

    The problem is,


    1. I don’t eat much, even in school.

    2. I feel sad all the time.

    3.I don’t even know if Leo’s can get depression

    4. I self harm, that’s probably a really obvious sign.

    5. I stay in my room all day all night.

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    6:09 yep, u got it boi

  • Rajesh Nerkar

    Chase its going to be okay.

  • im sus vybz

    U know what makes depression 100x worse, it's when u have social anxiety and horrible trust issues cuz they make u feel alone and have no one in this world u can rely on and as u would expect alone and sad isn't a good combo

  • J. Lee

    I'm suffering, I'm bleeding, on my knees

    Who's going to see me?

    Suffering, bleeding

    Save me from this pit of frailty

  • Lisa Ott

    That is true

  • Zero Games4

    I have depression no joke I started to cut when my mom passed away

  • Wyatt Pope

    You a single father

  • Wyatt Pope


  • Lloyd Webster

    Who’s here after the chase video, didn’t understand any of it, now I’ve spent the last hour trying to figure it all out, I finally understand everything, it’s so sad

  • ThatDudeWithBoobs

    Here from the Chase video…time to restart lore research for what's going on.

  • Kenzie Lynn

    [TRIGGER WARNING:DEPRESSION! sorry I just don't wanna upset people]

    for people watching who don't have depression or dont fully understand (greatful for you guys! you guys are the people who help everyone who has depression out) This game is very similar to depression. Depression is like an endless void of nothingness. The routine is the same every single day. and you want to change it but you're too scared too. Scared that it might things worse. so you keep doing the same thing repeatedly everyday dealing with the same people, the same, Movements, the same seat you sit in every day, but you can't change it. no matter how bad you try or want too you can't. it's the constantly feeling of pain and Depression isnt: oh I wanna die. Because people get it mixed up….they don't want to die…they just want to stop feeling a burden on people so they want to stop existing. And sometimes people do hurt themselves because they dont want to hurt others in the process of this so they just hurt there own body thinking no one will.notice but everyone is staring at you. wondering when change is going to happen. Depression is the feeling of hopelessness and you want to remember what made you happy before…but you dont know anymore. you think if this is how life has always been? Is this how it will be forever? is there no colors anymore? Are you going to be stuck in the constant dark of life with no escape, no air to breath, time constantly running after you, expectations, family, friends, society? But with depression sometimes comes a light. from my experiences that light has been my boyfriend. And oh god he has been everything to me. He truly saved me…You can help depression you just cant make it go away. but you can have a friend, a family member, a significant other, shit even pets can help. Just please if you have depression…Please oh please speak up for help. If you ever need anyone to talk too because you dont trust anyone go to @mkenz809 on Instagram and I'll help you I'll try my hardest too.

  • N1ghtStrid3r

    Honestly, Chase playing this game about depression, where there is a glitchy version of himself is amazing

  • Serenity Bell

    I'm perfectly fine. That's what we all say…

    But none of us that we deal with this everyday, we are not fine….

  • Serenity Bell

    Poor Chase…….. ;^;

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  • Case Young

    Confirmation that Chase was posing as Jack. A year & a half later, the beautiful video that takes us way outside of the let's play office!

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    The ending of this is just a secret peak to chase

  • John Stassis

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  • John Stassis

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  • Adolf Hitler

    Just remember that about 80/90% of people who have depression (either because of chemical or psicologycal reasons) recover from it if well treated.

  • y a n n a h

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    Best guess anit killed chases son and now he looking for revenge and that's why he was evicted because he was too busy concentrating on finding anit

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  • I love Food 888888

    I was diagnosed with depression 8 years ago the only thing I could find that made me happy was my friend the only friend I had that cared about me and that I care about I’m thankful to have her in my life she makes me happy I’m still depressed but I still want to live and exist for her

  • Genesis_X

    Why……And how…..Is this so accurate…?

  • Semystic

    Quit caffeine so i could have more energy, ended up getting rid of my depression and im still tired. Is… is that a win?

  • GalaxyBacon :V

    Just Remember Kids,
    A Meme A Day
    Keeps The Depression Away.

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  • Ariana Vincent

    This……This is a story about Chase. You can tell because he says something around the lines of "Its hard being a single farther with two kids" probibly not the exact line but let me continue he is depressed and it is shown clearly in this video that HE is playing this game and at the end you can see Chase, drinking his problems away, and if you don't believe its Chase still, you can distinctly see him taking off a hat and resting it on the table Chase is the only ego that wears a hat. Thats all

    Please don't take on anything said in this comment

  • [TøxĪc_ Løsēr]

    i have depression..

  • AniyahHhHh JonesSsSs

    This is really sad cause I understand to well. Being so tired of just being alive. So exhausted I cant even take a shower. Things that used to give me joy dont, and sometimes I'm just so tired i wont eat. This game is amazing, cause it's portraying all of this.

  • gerard's velocity

    I really don't wanna die but sometimes it just seems so right

  • Sheila Ok

    This ending was so sad when I saw this game Jacksepticeye or chase was playing. 😢 aww this is so 😔. This is very sad.

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    Anti: " Sup Bitch-"

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  • Dolly

    everybody who has depression understand everything in This game that even Jack doesent understand. Deep.

  • Gray_justGray

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  • Viored UwU

    I have been suffering from Depression…
    Say if YOU Want the story in the comments…

  • Aiden Zach

    I just want a hug someone to care about the ability to be who I want and actually be able to try things

  • Lillie Webb

    I loved the Chase bit at the end

  • Itz_ GalaxyFam

    Yung mga may depression diyan!! Laslas and hanging pa more
    Filipinos will understand

  • Itz_ GalaxyFam

    Bruh, i remember in 5th grade i almost did suicide and in summer vacation i cut myself. Yeah just saying. I dont wanna die, but i also dont wanna live

  • Ashley Smith

    Before anyone says,"How dare you?" Yes. I do feel depressed some days. No. I don't have depression. Yes. I am worried about him and his mental state and I care about him. A lot. But this is not what I'm going to talk about.
    I am going to talk about this:
    Me: I have been thinking that LITERALLY every time you have crossed the road in this game. Why does it take so long?

  • Koryuusei

    Oh god does this video speak to my soul.

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