Timbaland Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Timbaland Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

(knocking on door) – [Interviewer] Hey Timbaland, open up. – What’s up? (bell dinging) I know why y’all here. Y’all here to see my gym, my fridge. That’s what I want y’all to see come on. ♪ I’mma kill this beat
like it’s not live ♪ ♪ If you knew me ♪ ♪ y’all would probably
be up in your top five ♪ (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ I’m bring sexy back ♪ ♪ Miss don’t really give a damn ♪ (gentle music) – [Interviewer] All right
Tim, show us that fridge. – Well, health is well. Right now, I just do as
a body builder would do. They eat very plain Jane. There’s no taste. You’re not eating for taste. You’re eating for it to be fuel, for your body to keep going. A day of eating look like for me, I get prep meals, which
will look like this. They’ll deliver it to me. It’s a difference when you’re
trying to hit a destination. You have to be on-point, very precise. Which I like to be, because
I’m very focus minded. I don’t like to break or bend the rules. – [Interviewer] What do you
always keep in your fridge? – What I always keep in my fridge is a gallon of water, Alkine water. And I put a little amino and lemon and the amino help me
from not gettin’ sore, keep me hydrated, be able
to work out the next day. And as you see I keep another
one prepared for the next day. – [Interviewer] What do you
put in your protein shake? – Sometimes I use this for protein shake. Pineapples, cantaloupe, and just kiwi and strawberries
to give it a little flavor, and I add some kale to it
to give it that thickness. Oh, this the baby spinach, either one. – [Interviewer] Do you
ever have a cheat meal? – You know, once I started to
train I always look at food as fuel, so I don’t miss nothing. I would like to have something sometimes. Maybe like a Krispie Kreme
or a crispy chicken sandwich you know stuff like that,
but I don’t need it. Like I don’t crave it and
the only time that it gets me is when we got to the movie theaters, ’cause we go to this
certain movie theater, CMX, and just like you gotta
order something off the menu. So, I try to order a salad, knowing that’s the only healthy thing, that’s really probably not
healthy that I’m gonna get. – [Interviewer] It’s no secret that you’ve struggled with weight issues. Tell us about your fitness journey. – Okay, my turning point
for getting really healthy was just how I would look
at pictures and I’m like, no way. One time I was looking at a girl and I looked at my breast
and I looked at her breast and I’m like we both can. You know what I’m saying, I can suck yours, you can suck mine. That just can’t. And then it’s just like I knew through all what was under the fat, I
knew what I could look like. I always saw this vision and
that vision stayed in my head. And then I went to the doctor. The doctor say you almost have diabetes. You gotta lose weight, you gotta do this, your sugar’s high, just
certain little things. It was a point in my life
where I was very in the dumps. I was on drugs, prescription drugs. I beat that, I did it. Nobody can really help you
unless you help yourself. I know that I didn’t get to be Timbaland without the perseverance that
I always had instilled in me and with that being said,
I just had to straighten up and I really did a two year 360 and just went like when I set
my mind to something I go. I went through the shakes
and just gotta beat it. You gotta go through it
and I went through it. I’m not gonna say it went through easy, but because I knew, I had all the know how and had God’s help, I
knew that I could beat it. So, everything was, I’m
not gonna say smooth, it was tolerable, like I did it. Got off of that, never went back to drugs in five, six years. Then I just started getting my body right and my health right, eating right, stopped going to restaurants, stopped doing all these other
things, and just aligned myself in the way I was
supposed to be aligned and just be very healthy. – [Interviewer] Wow, sounds like fitness has changed your life. – I believe that it helped me to be more focused on my business. To be sharper, because
I use to have a problem of getting up, going, being, on time. Now, I’m the earliest person to the place. So, it changed my whole
outlook of Timbaland. You know, when you’re
on narcotics you kinda, for me messed up relationships, had to go back and repair relationships, because your not in the,
I’m in the sunken place. When you’re in the sunken
place, it’s not you. That demon inside of you
just talkin’ for you. So, I just understand what
life is for as an artist, it helps me create better,
it helps me think better, new ideas, and it helps me find
the next thing just like me. Like another producer or
another hot kid that’s going. It makes me not focus on just Tim. It makes me understand what
the brand of Timbaland is. The kids called me a legend. So, Timbaland was the guy who
did the most prolific beat to make people dance. So, now I have all these kids
under me who does the same. It made me sharp as a business person and understand my value, because I don’t believe
that I understood my value when I was the other Tim. So, now when I look at myself, I always call myself Nutty Professor, Professor Clump is gone. He’s almost gone, all the,
and Buddy Love is coming. It’s coming, he’s coming, but not the attitude of Buddy Love, but you know the swag of Buddy Love. – [Interviewer] Do you
ever use any supplements? – Supplements. Because I was a pill popper, I try not to take to many supplements. I Just provide on the protein shake and the amino’s that you
saw in my water earlier. That’s really it,
protein and some cinnamon and of course I take flax seed oils, fish oil, multivitamin. All right, guys so y’all know my routine. So, now we gonna do the hard part. You saw my fridge, saw
what I do, saw the house. Now we going to the gym, the real house. (claps) Let’s go. What’s up, what’s up? My goals is to look like a action figure. You see all these great
people who work out here? See all that? I got to be on that wall? Not as an athletes, but just as Tim. – [Interviewer] You’ve had
a long and successful career and you’re still making music. How do you keep yourself motivated? – There ain’t no such thing
as not being motivated. I’m always motivated. The gym is like your natural drugs. To some people it’s like
having coffee in the morning. So, me not going to the gym, that’s not in my regimen,
I have to go to the gym. – [Interviewer] How do
you start your mornings? – I wake up about seven
o’clock in the morning, go to the gym about nine, then
start to work out 10 o’clock. – [Interviewer] So, what’s
the key, to fitness? – First just having a partner
that believes in your goal, which is David, he believes in my goal and he’s always on me. So, really is having that partnership. Having somebody that cares
about what you’re trying to do and really walk you through the process and not lying to you about the process and a lot of people want it overnight. I’m the person that want it for longterm. Having a guy like David
and the whole DBC staff. Like they always when I
come in in the morning, what up Tim you look great. Wow, you look amazing. It’s always uplifting to come in this gym. I think that’s what keep motivated. Come in here in the morning,
even if I feel like crap. Just Dave and the team, the best. – [Interviewer] All right Tim, It’s time for our rapid fire questions. Seven AM workout or seven PM? – Seven AM – [Interviewer] Squat or deadlift? – Squat. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yea or nay? – Crossfit. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups. – Dumbbells or kettlebells?
– Dumbbells. – [Interviewer] Run on the
treadmill or the great outdoors? – Run outside. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – Big legs. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Weights. – [Interviewer] Biggest compliment. Jacked, ripped, swole, or cut. – Ripped. – [Interviewer] If you
could work out with anyone dead or alive, who would it be. – Phil Heath That’s who I wanna workout with, because first of all
he’s jacked, number one and his diet regimen looks insane, so. All right, all right, it’s been nice. Glad y’all came, saw my
fridge, y’all came to the gym, but now you gotta get
the hell out of the gym. You have to go, you gotta go, now. Bye, bye. (upbeat music)



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