Tony Robbins: Stop Making Excuses ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

Tony Robbins: Stop Making Excuses ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

Impossible is not a fact it’s an opinion
when someone tells it’s impossible I would just look at anybody around me
knows that they can’t do this fart but if they didn’t know me it’s your opinion
and say no science shows and I say yeah I know how many times the science shows
something’s impossible now science shows as possible things are impossible till
somebody does it and so I find that you know most of your business people you
look at businesses and what does it take to make a business grow it’s not
impossible like a business grow business has been shrinking for a long time or
it’s been stuck the real problem is always the chokehold
is always the psychology and the skills of the leader always an 80% of that is
psychology and 20% of the mechanics like if you don’t know how to read your
financials and you’re trying to fly the plane of your your company I mean come
on you know if all you do is go down you look at profit loss and you see what it
is and you have a beer either way you either celebrate her ass you know
something you know you’re going to be in trouble right but if you have the
skillsets that’s one thing but you can get any skill set at the other
psychology and anytime a business is not growing it is not because it’s
impossible it’s because they are innovating and they’re not innovating
because they’re believing it’s impossible I mean if we all know what
does it take to transform obviously uh people take three things to create a
breakthrough in anything and your personal life in your business anywhere
you need a strategy but that’s not the first place you should look at it’s the
first place all of us look me too it’s our inherent thing you want to lose
weight well how do I do it I want to grow my business how do I do
it it’s it’s instinctive we’ve been trained to things that way but the
problem is the how-to is usually not that complex going to come on 70% of
America is what 75% of America now is overweight is that because it’s so
complex that if you fit and strong right you know only the 1% know the answer if
they hide it from you you have to work your ass off to not hear what it takes
right and so so you know I remember I went to
this I went to a TED Med Center and I watched about 12 doctors won’t have to
get up and do these stories about if we could just get patients to take their
medications and try to figure out the whole thing and I was just looking and
going you’re all talking about strategy you’ve forgotten psychology because
strategy is wonderful I’m a strategist my whole life’s to grab strategies is we
both know a strategy could save you a decade right and this is a strategy
could save you you know it could make the difference team success and failure
but most people have strategies available or they could get them or you
could create them but the problem is you got a story and your story is why
doesn’t work and the story is I’ve tried what everything if you tried everything
you’d be fit it’s tough you try everything you’d be profitable if you
tried everything you’d be there but people think you know I’m big-boned
that’s what I used to say I’m still big-boned but I’m 38 pounds lighter than
I was 25 years ago and I’ve never gained it back right I was big-boned that was
my story all the good ones are gone that’s why I’m not in a relationship or
they’re gay and I’m not on game they are whatever the story is there’s always a
story and what I tell people you know if you can just divorce the story of your
limitation and marry the truth of your unlimited capacity then the whole game
changes but it’s hard to do that because when you’re in your story you don’t even
realize it so you need a third piece for breakthrough and that’s really what my
life’s about which is changing people States because in a different state or
different people you know can mean people be nice yes or no yes or no who’s
there when there are nice day can I see people be mean sure to get a means day
so really learning to train yourself to be in an ideal state where the best of
you comes out to yourself for your family for your mission for your world
for your co-workers to me that’s one of the most important decisions in life to
make you ask me out of all the people I’ve met all the things I’ve seen you
know what creates a magnificent life you know everybody has goals and dreams that
are different some people want you know picket fence some want to make a billion
dollars some you know want to have this huge breakthrough in technology some
people want to write you to poetry whatever is right for people’s what I
want them for themselves I don’t want to be like me or you or anybody else I want
them to have their dream but to that you need two skills you need number
one to have the science of achievement it’s a science you have to know how to
take your vision and make it real and most people assume they’ve already
figured that out and this guy’s sure as hell has and you
have and I have so most of us know and we can all refine our skills in that
area but we know how to take what we dream about make it real if you don’t
you can learn from somebody who does you know simplest thing is get crazily
hungry for something we all know when you get so hungry so desirous your brain
starts coming up with answers and then it’s massive action but effective
execution which is all modeling which is I assume what this is about find the
best example compress the time let someone else take 20 years to figure it
out you do it in two weeks or two months or whatever the period is if we should
all be standing the shoulders the people around us instead of reinventing the
wheel and then there’s this thing called grace now if you work your ass off
you’re totally focused you try to serve something larger than yourself and you
really are executing what works you need a little grace you might want to call it
luck if you prefer God the universe but it’s there and we going to hold chief
but I think the more important skill you ask me is have an extraordinary life as
the art of fulfillment and it’s an art it’s not a science because there’s a
science to making money I don’t care who you are if you do certain things you’re
going to have too much financial stress you do other things you’re going to have
an abundance there’s a science there’s a science to your body everyone here is
bio chemically different different genome but there’s certain fundamental
patterns that if you and I follow them you’re going to tons of energy in the
field good if you break them you’re going to pay the price and have low
energy or disease but fulfillment is an art what’s going to fulfill you is
differently at first next you’re not going to learn that from anybody else
you got to find it because success without fulfillment is the ultimate
failure and I get those phone calls all the time for the multi billionaire
entrepreneur or politician or business person or person just one there Academy
Award and they’re depressed and they can’t tell anybody because they got all
their goals but they’re not fulfilled because they really don’t have that
sense of meaning in their life they went for something and they got it they
achieved and if you doubt this one I’m saying is relevant to you or us or
anyone just think about about a year what a month ago we lost what I consider
to be a national treasure Robin Williams how many of you loved Robin woods look
around I’ll keep be able to look and mostly you didn’t know almost everywhere
you go in the world people love Robin wings by the way was he graded
achievement oh my god that guy he said he want to make become a great comedian
you did I want to make the world laugh he did I want to make my own TV show he
did I wanted the number one TV show he did it I want to make movies he did I
want an Academy Award for not being funny not his skill set drama and he did
it I want a beautiful family he did and then he hung himself make everybody
happy but yourself not a good plan so if I had a gift to give you it would be
maybe make a different decision and a decision is that no matter what happens
in your life you’re going to live in a beautiful state a beautiful state and
that could be happy that could be grateful that could be being generous
those are all beautiful states aren’t they could be curious it could be fun it
could be playful you’re not limited to one state but it’s different than
suffering and most people suffering and all suffering I’ve ever seen I’ve
traveled 100 countries I’ve dealt with presidents of countries and you know
presidents of businesses CEOs I’ve dealt with people in prison I dealt with you
named average people suffering always comes because you’re obsessed about
something related to you you can only be depressed if you’re focusing on yourself
so now I’m depressed cos with my kids and and they’re not doing well no you’re
depressed could you feel you’ve failed your kids it’s about you it’s about how
you think you what you should have done or shouldn’t have done or what someone
did to you or didn’t do to you in the past through the future which don’t even
exist so I have a simple goal my goal is help people make a decision that says I
don’t know what’s going to happen you might get a divorce even though you
don’t think so you might find a family of your family with cancer you might
have your house get burned down I have a tornado go by and if you live in the
same place it happens every two years and you move back we should talk but
some people seem to do that for some reason you can’t control those things I
can’t control those things I don’t want those to happen to you or anybody I love
or anybody is even a stranger to me but they’re going
happen true not positively just the truth so if that’s going to happen I say
make a decision now that says I’m gonna live in a beautiful state and I’m going
to find beauty and whatever Life brings me because life is too short not to I
see a little buddy over here named Shawn and member when I got a phone call from
the make-a-wish Foundation say have a young man is about to die and he wants
to meet you he came to the seminar and then I took
him out after his in time if he coughed too much they said they said he can’t
grab him I said I want to take him across the fire I said taking across
fire so if he coughs it breaks the rib I said I’ll be really gentle we’re going
to do this thing and he did it and then afterwards I sat down them it’s a man I
don’t have the answers but if your body is you’re just coughing and it’s going
to make you break a rib your body is so acid I said you should get alkaline let
me put you together with a doctor how many years ago is that you’re in 19 year
now 36 I like seeing you here so but give him had his beautiful man beautiful let Shawn but maybe think of Sean and
Sean lives in a beautiful state he could be complaining and whining what does he
do his whole life is not about himself that’s why he’s so happy he doesn’t live
in himself he lives outside himself serving dude he loves he still takes
care of himself and he’s funny anything place to seduce women and things like I
can’t talk about right now but you’re very now very well it’s good I’m
glad to hear it’s about frickin time John good a few drew up now I’m the
bottom line is this young man over here who now different stage of life he’s
always been he was I think he lived because you live for more than himself
yeah I’m sure he saw pain but we only suffer we think about what’s being done
to us or what people are going to think of what they should have done a patent
done and you can’t control that stuff anyway I mean why be pissed when people
can do our people going to be mean yes or no are people going to be unfair and
unjust yes or no are people going to be beautiful and generous yes or no just
never know when that’s going to happen so – we’ll enjoy yourself along the way
and I suggest today if you want there’s any gift I came by to give you it’s to
tell you what you know already to get you to make a decision about to actually
decide I’m going to live in a beautiful state that doesn’t mean I don’t get
angry or too tired or you know suffering arises and you end at the moment you go
I’m thinking about me if I leave this I’ll always be suffering
the human mind is always looking for what’s wrong the human brain is not
designed to make you happy it’s designed to make you survive happiness that’s
your job and you only get it if you draw a line in the sand that’s how it’s going
to be and I can tell you the few people to do it I know a few people that have
done it to have magnificent lives and when you’re a beautiful state the best
ideas come if this man was in a beautiful state every time I talk to him
I love to sing theater he’s just always on fire about something but notice you
know he’s doing unbelievably well there’s nothing wrong with that but
almost everything he’s doing is about more than himself and so that’s why he
feels so alive he’s not suffering an out he’s an ecstasy he’s not lucky he’s
living life a certain way it’s a beautiful way I’m honored to have you as
a friend thank you brother how many met this man before and he was
in a wonderful state let me see her hands I don’t think I’ve ever seen not a
wonderful state I’m seeing him absolute painful challenging places but he
doesn’t stay there and look what he’s able to create because of it he has a
nine-year-old boy who’s on fire he’s on fire to light the world on fire with
what’s possible it’s a beautiful thing I honor you
so the contribution I’ll make thank you Tony
and I think it was about impossible in mindset and so forth yeah his the
reality is there is very little that’s impossible period it just is and your
mindset as soon as you say something is impossible then you shut down every
possibility for solving right and we all know this and the challenge is that it’s
really hard not to be in that state because we get thrown stuff all the time
and what I want to share with you is an experiment which is to say okay not only
how do I make it not how do I make it possible but how do I actually go ten
times bigger and you’ve heard me speak about this you know moonshot thinking
bold thinking whatever the case whatever terminology you want to give it and most
of us in our life are trying to make a 10% improvement and we know this this is
I’m trying to increase my revenues by 10% I’m trying to increase money reduce
my sales by 10% save 10% more of the you know the lands out there whatever it
truly is we all have this sort of beaten into us by life and by the rest of
universe that you can make these small incremental improvements but the fact
the matter is that there are those in the world that go ten times bigger and
you every one of us can be that and as soon as you say I want to I want to not
only solve this thing but go ten times bigger in my work in the things and can
I say this in something that you’re truly passionate about not just about
earning a little more money I mean it really should be in something that you
care truly about that is bigger than yourself that is impacting the world as
you need to try and go ten times bigger three magical things happen
number one even if you have no idea how to solve it no idea how to get there
you’ll be amazed at what you come up with and what’s interesting is our
legacy our past anchors us to where we are today and you have to let go of that
you truly have to let go of all the stuff in your past what you thought
you’d done all of the heart the infrastructure that you’ve built
let yourself go you know when Elon Musk built Tesla the reason Tesla was such an
amazingly better car is he didn’t have a hundred years of Detroit to hold on to
he start with a clean sheet of paper and imagine what could be the second thing
is when you try and go ten times bigger versus ten percent bigger it’s a hundred
times the value proposition and it’s never a hundred times more expensive or
a hundred times harder and so you get this increased capability and then the
third thing is when you try and go you know ten times bigger to solve a problem
ten times bigger you’ve got to reinvent stuff you have to
actually go and figure out okay I have no idea how I’m going to solve that
you’re going to start to reinvent things so when Eric and I were working on you
know asteroid mining we had to reinvent we had to have you
know so much computational power onboard the spacecraft we had to come up with
brand new sensors and hyperspectral and mid wave IR that didn’t exist had never
been licensed because these spacecraft were going to operating at 200 million
miles away and it forced us couple of new kinds of capabilities that were not
currently possible and you’ll be amazed with those capabilities that you create
in your business in your life enable you to do and so there’s this massive
benefit this payoff this dividend that comes from expanding your mind and not
being anchored to the past and so I think that there very few things that
are truly impossible I think that impossible is a is a state of mind and
I’ll say one other thing the people in your life are part of that anchoring so
how do you anchor yourself with a new set of people all right I’m looking at
my dear friend Naveen Jain here with whom we’ve opened up XPrize India and
are really working on solving women’s and girls issues in India and providing
a bunch of drinking water in India I mean so what do you how do you surround
yourself with amazing people who live in the state of anything is possible
I’m blessed at XPrize at singularity University at hy and PR I live I live
that constantly and so how do you do that where are you doing that
what is your nothing is impossible community it is truly here and so that’s
really critically important because once you get into that mindset then you start
freeing yourself from that other that you tell yourself and people tell you
because we are living in a world where constant amazing miracles happen the
other thing because I’ll put my commercial into this stop watching the
news stop watching the news you could not pay me enough to have the crisis
news network with a constantly negative news network whatever you call CNN
pollute my mind really I have social networks I have you know Google filters
and so forth I was just telling Arianna about this and hopefully she’ll do this
I want on the front page of Huffington Post I said I want a slider where I can
control the percentage of positive news stories right how would you like that
instead of because right now it’s right now it’s it’s you know it’s 10 to 1
negative to positive it’s true it’s like why would you possibly invest in the
world and in the life and all these things if the world is falling apart if
you know if the crisis you network is like showing you airplane accent an
airplane accent airplane accent what problem is that the news networks never
tell you there was no school shooting today at this school you know or there
was this airplane actually flew LA to New York and actually made it everybody
survived that’s not news and so we get this disproportionate view and so our
minds are constantly the mindset you have when you watch the negative news is
awful not it’s not going on it’s not that there’s this amazing hardship and
and lives that are on the precipice of of hunger and death around the world but
the world is getting better an extraordinary rate and you can make a
difference in it and there is no problem there is no problem we cannot solve
period end of statement so awesome
alright so since both of you are two of the the greatest achievers and biggest
thinkers at least that I know in the history of humanity in as well
honest to god you know what no in a very serious way I you know it’s funny I
can’t imagine there will ever be another Tony Robbins you are a frickin bet reek
of nature unfortunate and I mean one of the most amazing things like when when I
went to date would destiny would he’ll ask how many of you came here you’re
thinking about committing suicide and literally I don’t know anywhere from six
to twelve or whatever I don’t know the amount stand-up and you literally take
that on I don’t know another time being that could I mean it’s it’s my modeling
and you flip it you take a person in a horrible hopeless state and they’re
coming to your seminar maybe is a last-ditch effort but there’s that hope
and you just channel it but then you share that with freaking thousands of
people live on the spot I mean and that’s just one of like hundreds of
things that you do that everybody wanna see there’s no way there’s no way he can
do this there’s no way you can suck how can you possibly and boom it’s done you
do it it is it is truly a blessing to have it under my nothing I mean like
were you born this way a stupid question but like I’m saying for other people
like you built yourself to be Tony Robbins I’m sure gene sequence I was a
kid from Azusa who had no certainty who we had no food and had to be in charge
because my mother was a little crazy and I promised myself that my future
family would never go through this and so I decide I hated suffering as I
experienced it and I want it ended so I read some inner books near human
development psychology and physiology when I was still 17 18 19 to 21 22 years
old I’m saying what’s going to read a book of dead and do that but I’d still
immersed went to every event I listened to everything I got immersed but when it
comes to people you know I’ve been doing now I’ve been doing this for you know 38
years and I’ve been with 50 million people so in a hundred countries
so there’s nothing I haven’t seen at this point what somebody stands up so
it’s beautiful it happens different every time it comes through me and I
really believe in grace I really believe it’s there but I prepared a level the
most most people never dream of and I also know that there’s whatever human
beings feel we are not our feelings we are not our patterns those are things we
might identify with or not Pat and so when I see a pattern it doesn’t work I
don’t think the person is broken I don’t think anybody’s broken I’m not here to
fix people but I am here to break up the patterns that don’t work and I’ve never
lost a suicide knock on wood and you know thousands for 38 years and we
follow up two years later three years later we’re making they’re making a
documentary right now so how do you both deal with or think about or even Channel
like extreme levels of stress adversity criticism public opinion or failure
because both of you have had you know things that just flat-out didn’t work
but you’re quite your public figures and how do you handle it
or deal with it or think about it I really let go of criticism really fast
I actually I I might you know sort of process in the moment trying to figure
out this is something that I truly learn from there valid but I let go of it
really fast and so if I’m in a you know a fight personal fight or whatever it’s
like is so time is so precious time is so precious failure um god I’ve had a
wonderful series of failures and you know I built a launch vehicle company
that we won this huge contract and couldn’t finance it had to close it down
I built a multitude of companies you know luckily you know a third have been
great a third have been ok and the third have been life lessons but it’s I have
to believe that what I’m doing in my heart of hearts is the right thing to do
and if I’m doing the very best I can and I believe it is something because I take
a dollar from somebody as a donation or as an investment I and those of you who
are in the room here who who have supported me or invested in me know that
it’s like it’s me it’s like you got you got my
so for a number and I care and I am so so committed to making you know to
delivering I would do everything I possibly can so I need to know that for
myself and I can sleep at night if something fails I know I gave it
everything I caught possibly could and there are also those times where you
know it’s like nosedive and I will stop everything else I’m doing that with a
laser-like on that a hundred percent 24 hours a day seven days a week and I will
do everything humanly possible and it takes that a lot of times it absolutely
takes a lot of time so I mean that’s for me awesome thank you I would say you
know I love to like people up since it will get I love like people up and so
early on I was want to make everybody happy all the time and then I you know I
come in this package I was five one and then next man on six seven I do 10
inches in a year because I had a tumor in my brain and and I didn’t know it
when I grew some big and so and I’m you know quiet and unassuming and hard time
expressing my true feelings so it makes it difficult for people to understand
what I’m really like no I’m fairly loud and intense and what happened for me in
the beginning as I was trying to make everybody happy all the time and then I
just began realizing everybody wants to be a pit and gradually I began to
realize opinions are a dime a dozen but impact is all that matters to me so you
know when you’ve at the EMPA and you don’t need anybody else to tell you and
you don’t need to be able to acknowledge you know put stars in your chart and you
do what’s right you know it and no one could take that from me they can take
away anything you have but they can’t take away who you become and you become
something unique when you find a way to grow and you find a way to give and you
do that consistently it creates an extraordinary life so I do I’d to say
that I you know want people I don’t want people that hate me or dislike me but
these accurate said I don’t care but I don’t care enough to change what I’m
doing that’s what I’m doing is valuable and I think that as far as failure is
concerned oh my god there’s so many failures but I just don’t hold it that
way and it’s not a technique or being positive just being intelligent you know
failure is education if you use it maybe you’ll learn something that’s not a
thought if you don’t learn saying that it’s failure but if you learned
something I mean how many of you in this room have something out in your life
that was horrific you you’d never want to go through it again
you’d ever want something you care about to go through it looking back on it five
ten years later you say I’m so glad I went through that because it made me so
much stronger or so much smarter and maybe care so much more correlate and
curious right so if that’s true then you know why not adopt the philosophy that
life is not happening to me it’s happening for me and everything is
happening for me even what I thought was failure and now my job is to figure out
where is the benefit and use it use it they’re greater good so I’m totally less
unlimited failures that I would be insincere because I don’t really look at
it in this failure and that’s not going to in positive just because I work my
ass up and figure out what can I learn from that how can I use that and I’d
like to make people happy but I’ve also learned in business like I fire
customers I don’t need them it’s a privilege to business to left because we
will more than deliver times then and so I teach my team we so rare we have to do
it anymore but you know you fire a customer and you
say listen we’re not going to be able to meet your needs clearly because there
are there people out there that no matter what you do they’re going to be
unhappy here for now so why are you doing business with them and taking the
life energy of your organization from it I get rid of them so fast and then they
always want back in and I never let them back
never and then they become a public hanging and other people go oh this is
how you play here because in the world of the Internet we’ve lost any form of
kindness people say things that are the most harsh horrific thing that a stuff
people write and all it is is people who feel insignificant who would never have
the guts to say something to your face but we’ve created an environment where
it’s tolerated and so I think reversing that it’s really important you have to
define your environment your business your world your family because we all
get what we tolerate I’m going to tolerate it I’ll give my soul to a
stranger but I won’t tolerate somebody being abusive to any member of my team
or to people my audience or to me certainly not to my family and you get
what you tolerate you got to decide and you also get what you tolerate in
yourself and I think if you can look at what you’re tolerating yourself and say
I’m not going to tolerate that anymore myself then it’s easier to lead other
people if you just tell other people you want to tolerate they look at you and go
yeah yeah you don’t tolerate but look how you are in order to be perfect but
people see how you know who I am you don’t have to
watch my lips move you can see on my feet of Lube for 38 years that’s going
to Robbins alright that’s probably the best signature you can get that’s the
brand that you put out there it’s the way you live the thing you said the line
which I love life is not happening to me it’s happening
for me is that like you know I mean as part of that a trick you plan yourself
or do you truly believe everything you have you are able to take that as is
ingredients of this is all happening for me this most horrible most elendor thing
from diseases to to suffer you mean that’s that’s an important line and I
like it’s not just it’s not just a line there’s a woman that I just saw that I
had met 15 years ago and she showed my seminar and she was suicidal because one
of her daughters had gotten sick and she brought to the hospital my doctor said
she finds Fattah home and the child died and she was going to kill herself and
she had three other kids so I really truly had to work with her and I
remember working with her back then I looked it up is we had all stuff I’ve
ever done on film and I asked her I said what are your spiritual beliefs and she
said I believe everything happens for a reason all that stuff he said so you’re
going to abandon what you believe spiritually because life didn’t turn out
the way you want right now no no I said it did if it’s the truth it’ll be the
truth when it’s painful will be the truth when it’s pleasurable so I I would
like you to say I jump up and go oh this is happening for me right now I don’t do
that I think what the hell’s happening white and then I catch myself and I go
there’s some good in this and my core belief my real core belief underneath
that is everything I’ve ever been able to help people with us because I face
some portion of it if I you know have to face a divorce I decided I need to go
through a divorce and I didn’t want to know things you pick your partner after
14 years it was the most horrific thing in the world but I thought if I can
figure out how to do this elegantly intelligently lovingly no matter what
the other parties like then I can help anybody else if I you know I’ve had
several businesses over the decades that we’re you know near the verge of
bankruptcy out of resort and Fiji and there’s a coup you know it’s kind of
inconvenient you know and I’m losing a million
dollars a month you know and it’s like and I didn’t have a million dollars a
month to be losing at that time just I wanted to create this great place for
people but it’s like in the midst of all those elements you know I’d come back
and see if I can figure this out I can help any other business
so almost all my skills have come because of some thing I had a salt in me
or help someone else solve and my views if I can figure it out for me I can help
millions of people and so that makes the problem inspiring as opposed to the
problem being why’d it happen because we’ve all gonna experience problems I
mean the only thing that we all have in common is everyone yours can experience
a severe vein kind of how rich you are money is not going to create an immunity
to pain suffering and get immunity from from the decision I told you about but
we’re all going to have problems we’re all gonna have challenges and the
difference is what the hell are you going to do with them and if we just
deal with our own problems they get really boring and some people need
problems to have drama in their life to cover the fact they’re not doing
anything but I think it’s much more interesting to solve it and move on and
help other people do the same because you’ve actually done it not because you
talked about it yeah gotcha what I love is Robin Sharma who we did a call with
he’s in the roomies he has a saying the 5:00 a.m. Club guy named Hal Elrod wrote
a book a miracle morning you do priming in the morning I love to hear what you
guys feel are your best rituals or what it is that you are doing that just
massively impacts you to be as effective as both of you are if there’s something
simple or something that you just do that makes your life work starting being
a morning ritual or just anything that people hear – just watching cartoons and
my kids at 7 a.m. count know you’ve used up maybe baculum I mean it’s for me it’s
anchored in my desiring to make the impossible stuff I set out happen right
it’s it’s anchored in this infinity challenge I’m never bored these problems
I’ve taken on with an amazing group of people are all sort of infinite and
there’s no getting there so when they’re for me they’re my guiding stars so it’s
like okay what mind you right now to move the game
forward this day you know I wish I could say I was a great meditator or yoga
person and so forth and that will come but not right now for
me it’s just its dedication to the child inside me and what I care deeply about
which is making this making these succeed and and ultimately it’s it’s
trying to be clear about what I’m enjoying doing right it’s surfing the
stuff I love versus this is work I’m probably not good at this work who else
can I find they can do it and doing the stuff that I truly love better and doing
more of more of that I mean it’s it’s there’s nothing sophisticated there tell
me what do you got um I think anyone who succeeds has something that they aspire
to there’s a mission there’s a direction there’s a desire and they bring it up
regularly and you do that even though you say go do it this this gateway
attacking human genome and and figuring how to get meteors to to feed you what
you need is a fairly large vision somewhat sophisticated our minds really
simple mind simple I believe that the body is the place that drives the mind
the fastest you can go inside your head all day long trying to resolve things
and make excuses or freak out but I learned early on in my life that in
order to make myself do things I had to trigger this body to feel strength and
to know that when I say something I mean it and so I have a simple ritual that’s
actually enjoyable may not sound joy but is now which is I get up every morning
and I’m privileged to have multiple homes so from those homes one of the
homes I have a river the rest of them I have cold plungers and I go into a 56
degree temperature just for about 60 seconds I jump straight in or I was just
in Sun Valley the rivers 38 degrees a little bit cooler and I took my nephew
and said you’re about to learn how to start your day and I bring all my friends when they
count like a day they all have to do this but every cell every nerve in your
body explodes and it’s phenomenal for your lymph system phenomenal for your
health but it also is just a simple discipline it says I say it it happens
I’m going to say I’m going to do this I do it and I’ve done it so much there and
it’s invigorating and then I do as you said something I call priming I don’t
you know you wake up and you’re you know 22 hours off your normal timezone and
you’ve got to get up and take care of 2,000 people for three days and nights
for 14 is 15 hours you don’t always wake up feeling wow is this the coolest thing
in the world somebody’s wake up and go what universe
is my body in you know and so I do my physical ritual but then I also do this
priming and priming for me is just I don’t hope that I’m going to show up
with my best I create a state for it most of you know probably the principle
of priming you know you can they prove it in so many scientific studies we all
think we make our decisions consciously when much of our decision-making that we
think is conscious is being made by contextual environmental manipulation
that we’re not even thinking about on one study they took some people and they
hired actors they’ll go to a hundred people and they walk up to you and if
they’re trained to do the exact same look same expression and they say would
you hold this they hand you a coffee cup and reach in their pocket grab their
phone put them back say thank you very much they just to kind of assume the
action and they do the same way same facial expression 100 people one way a
hundred people out there what was the only difference cold iced coffee versus
hot coffee an hour later they come back with some people different people so
that little capsule on their sing listen we’ll give you $10 if they’ll give us
two minutes if you read this three paragraph story and give us two question
answers and they read this little story everyone’s the same story and at the end
they ask them how would you describe the main character what do they like as a
person 80% of people that got warm coffee said they’re warm they’re
generous they’re loving warm is always one of the language patterns 80% like
clockwork people got the iced coffee same story say that they’re very cold
that they had they were use generate language like being obsessed or being
about themselves selfish things of this nature I give you dozens example so what
I do each morning is I do a breathing pattern it’s an explosive brain power
I learned in any of breathing a breath in and exploding it out you know from
the got out the nose and I do that three sets of ten paws 3 sets of 10 plus
pieces 10 so it alters my state and I just do three things for 10 minutes
because I have this deal with myself if you don’t have ten minutes of yourself
you don’t have a life who’s with me on this so I said you know what I don’t I
don’t need to have 20 minute 30 minute 40 minute meditations I want 10 minutes
and I don’t know I mean to meditate I’m going to meditate I don’t to not think I
don’t know too many people can do that and I don’t know that I want a not
freaking thing you know so I thought what I want to do is I want to focus on
the emotions that will cause me to be the better me and the two emotions that
most people are messed up by our anger and fear and when you’re grateful you
can’t be angry try to be grateful and angry simultaneous you’ll never work and
you can’t be fearful when you’re grateful so when I look at people almost
always they’re reacting out of fear or the reacting out of anger at some
version of those two so gratitude to me is the antidote so I spend three minutes
just three minutes and I think of three things I’m grateful for 3 people 3
situations but I step into it I don’t know I don’t remember the roller coaster
over there riding and I put myself in the front seat going of the edge like
feel the moment and I make sure one of the three things I’m grateful for is
something really simple like the wind on my face or something give like my child
smile and the reason I do that is because I remember you know interviewing
some of the astronauts Buzz Aldrin of these guys and most of you probably
knows you can imagine you know to be an astronaut this man knows and which
aspire to do that and then to go through the thousands of people and be picked
and then to actually go to the moon and stand on the moon and look back and see
that picture we’ve all seen that Bluegreen earth I mean you imagine then
you come home and what happens there’s a ticker tape parade and you shake the
president’s hand now what the hell you you’re 32 what the hell do you do for
the rest of your life and you know what if you know the story of many disaster
nots most of them have some major emotional
challenges right some abused alcohol some drugs and they had a real rough
time because they forgot to find adventure and a smile about the only way
to just go to the moon so I trained myself to make sure not just a big
beautiful things that are part of my life but the
little things and so I feel that for three minutes then I do three minutes of
a blessing corny as it may sound I imagine life god energy coming into my
body healing every muscle every nerve in my body strengthening everything is you
strength and stringing the best of me my passion my love my generosity and my
creativity my humor I love and then I see any problem that needs to be solved
just being solved because I otherwise I didn’t think I got to do it all and then
once I feel that fully and that energy comes through me and back through me
multiplies that I do a circle of my intimate family my kids my wife my
friends this little character over here is one of my lists and I just circle out
all the way out to my clients and I send that same energy them and I imagine as
corny as it sounds they’re being healed they’re getting what they need energy
wise they’re having the life that they deserve and seeing it multiplies I do
that for three minutes in the last three minutes are my three to thrive I think
of three specific outcomes that matter to me and I don’t think about achieving
them I see feel and experience them is done and I see the impact that it has I
see people’s lives touched I see the joy I feel it as done and I feel grateful
and it’s ten minutes but honestly it usually goes 15 or 20 because I’m having
a damn good time but by having a 10 minute walk there’s no excuse not to do
it and I do it every day and I don’t hope I’m gonna feel good and then what
happens is you’re primed you’re you literally you see things through a
different set of filters you make decisions some of the filters and also
think of it most people are wired for stress they’re wired for frustration the
wild for feeling lonely and they you know they got a highway to pissed off
and they’ve got dirt roads to happiness so I decided I’m going to wire myself
now because I wasn’t born that way I had my view is I have to change the whole
earth to be happy today that’s different for me now I can just wake up and be
happy because I’ve wired myself in a different way neurologically and then I
sure that people how to do this as well you guys are awesome I really really
appreciate you both coming to this and take it thank you so much



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