so let’s talk about 10 fragrances that
will give to ladies heart attack I want to start by 10 spot Dior Homme
cologne very simple underrated dangerous lady killer fragrance so this
one is citrusy and clean very simple In the note breakdowns you can see bergamot grapefruit Blossom and musk but to my nose there is something green here could be
grapefruit leaves it would be more logic if they write that because I can get
some Cypressy leavy in Nuances, even I can say bergamot Cypress Musk very
simple very clean scent profile of this fragrance is very simple clean that
famous combination of cypress and citruses you can find in a lots of
fragrances it is not that unique but here is very high quality man look at
this citrus this sour it is bright it is sharp and fizzy that fizziness is a
bit available in Y EDP for example fizzy green citrussy and clean
performance is also good surprisingly … good. because it is very clean I expect
this scent profile for hours but it is 6-8 hours this is good performer
sometimes 8 hours sometimes 6 hours not less than 6 not more than 8 season for
Dior Homme Cologne is spring and summer shines big time at the springtime and
very great choice for extremely summer heat days Dior Homme cologne 10 spot next one is Versace Pour Homme very great bright citrusy aquatic fragrance
unique if we don’t mention Chanel Allure Homme Sport line
in that genre but if we don’t mention them very unique fragrance very
outstanding very bright aquatic Some fragrances in the collection that they
are screaming they are shouting but silently in the silent way silent
screamer silent Shouter I have like Prada Luna Rossa like this one like Acqua Di Gio like prada l’homme they are very dangerous they project beastly in the
silent way they are silent killer somehow this is one of those
in the good way projects loud but smoothly
I can hear about a very bad performance but honestly I can get good performance
by this sent profile I can get six eight hours solid six hours we I can not
expect any Expect than this fragrance to project like Dior homme intense! this is a Airy Aquatic
citrusy for airy aquatic citrusy fragrance this is a very good performer six or
eight hours as I said longevity projection is three four hours beastly
and the smoothly can stay on clothings very long I have no idea how it can do it
for me it’s not a sticky that much fragrance it is sharp
fresh bright on the skin but on clothing this is very sticky and more Aquatic
smelling type of fragrance Next Fragrance we have here this bad boy guys jean-paul
Gaultier’s Le Male every time that I apply this fragrance my girlfriend asks
than you what you are wearing? and every time I say to her Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier
I think every time Smells different for her but very lady pleaser
ladies love this fragrance big time they do react to this fragrance very
great performance is good not like before formations forget about before
formations by a bit three four more sprays you gonna get noticed you
gonna get eight hours performance longevity on the skin… Scent profile is
unique outstanding and different than 100% fragrances out there maybe some clones
some inspirations you can find for example Amouage Reflection man Cuba Gold
in that genre fragrances you can find one two three fragrances it is not like
very generic fragrance it is absolutely 100% outstanding complex herbal green
minty fresh manly you can catch immediately mints big-time lavender big-time
and sweetness , Sweetness is like sweetness in the cinnamon for example not big-time
sweet very manly fragrance in the same time very modern still ibelieve … Next fragrance is: Hugo Boss The Scent Private Accord Absolutely not a WOW absolutely chocolatey a bit uniqueness I will say
what is that uniqueness is not A wow not a groundbreaking
90% generic and sweet chocolaty type of fragrance but
the point is here ladies love this fragrance and we are going to attract
average people out there by our fragrances we are not going to show
this fragrance or we are not going to attract youtubers fragrance reviewers by
these fragrances come out of youtube there is nothing about youtube out there!!
okay?? ladies love average ladies love this fragrance to the moon… they dig this fragrance
they love it, they will lick this fragrance on you so that uniqueness which I told
is raw chocolate powder this is very unique I cannot find it easily in other
fragrances the other atmosphere is gourmand chocolatey powdery sweet masculine
type of fragrance this is mature I can say it is not in the juvenile side… it’s mature
Gourmand type of fragrance I like the way that as well as it’s okay but for
average people is groundbreaking fragrance you gonna get tons of great
compliments reactions especially from ladies just performance is not that good
the only negative point is performance could be better but if you apply it on
the clothes and you do a bit overspray you gonna get solid solid six hours
by average 1/5 – 2 hours projection and sillage it is successful Nexte frgrance is Bvlgari Aqva Amara… very successful sexy fragrance I
haven’t seen any lady that didn’t like this fragrance so far
so this fragrance is floral Jasmine big-time zesty a bit sweet and aquatic
like zesty candy somehow plus Jasmine if you’re not fan of jasmine a bit this
fragrance is not for you I am also not fan of jasmine for example I hate the
Jasmine in Acqua Di Gio… more compared to jasmine here the jasmine here is more
well-balanced anyway txest jasminey aquatic
performer bigtime 12 hours plus performance of this fragrance smells
syntheticly to my nose for average people it is okay projection is for three
hours BIG you gonna get easily noticed price is good affordable I hear that
this fragrance is already discontinued officially discontinued but easily I
can find it everywhere I have no idea why and prices are affordable still… before
prices get high to the moon get your bottle enjoy getting
reactions from ladies left and right BVLGARI AQVA AMARA at number five
spot one of those remindable fragrances until last of the life by
first sniff… Prada Luna Rossa which needs to get more love more hype more
talk Prada Luna Rossa is minty, dried minty the atmosphere of thr fragrance is
Dry … this is fresh citrusy but that Mint and lavender which are main players in
this fragrance are dried like they made extract or they made essential oil from
DRIED lavender or basil or mints so fresh cool refreshing and remind able
type of fragrance performance of this fragrance is also good for this type of
fresh minty aquatic type of fragrances is very good
ambroxan in this fragrance is touchable… gives this fragrance modernity scent profile is steel modern still unique different than 99% fragrances out
there you can not find easily any scent profile like this one very remind able
signature worthy type of fragrance… yes it is compliment getter… it is unique it is different it is outstanding it is lady pleaser it is headturner and and and but the power point
of this fragrance is not the things that I already mentioned the power point of
this fragrance you are going to be remembered you are going to be
remembered by this fragrance forever… next fragrance every time makes
me feel lucky 1Million lucky from house of Paco Rabanne simple beautiful gourmand sexy compliment getter lady pleaser fragrance so 1 million unlucky for whatever reason didn’t get that much talk or hype but we are talking about out there out
of youtube out of this atmosphere this is a very successful attractive
fragrance you gonna get good reactions compliments especially from
ladiesside…. performance is good, could be better a bit for sweet fragrance. yougonna get solid 10 hours by average projection projection is not loud but it is
noticeable easily for long time 4-5 hours noticeable average projection next fragrance is at number 3 spot Perry Ellis read this cheapie , this cheapie bad boy so between these all great heavy hitters number three spot this one what
is going on then go test it yourself you will understand why I put this fragrance at
number three spot aquatic fresh some coca-cola ish vibe… fresh cool plus
Acqua Di Gio Acqua Di Gio plus cinnamon that cinnamon gives somehow to my nose
fizzy coca cola ish vibe very beastly projector type of fragrance… I have not that much
beastly performer in terms of projection at first HOUR! projection” first hour” in my
collection like this one at first hour the fragrance is like nuclear maybe Mancera
black to black is little bit like this but mancera black to black is eight
hours projector nuclear but this one is at first hour man all of the city
will smell you by this fragrance very big time projector after that we’ll be
sking scent and very near to your skin five six hours is longevity of this fragrance
I don’t believe it is a problem by this price you can apply during the day ten
times countless Perry ellis Red trust me number three spot at number two spot
Montblanc Explorer one of best TAKES clones copies on Creed Aventus DNA it is not like copy paste I said in several videos it has some takes some THOUGHTS plus
creed aventus DNA you gonna get solid compliments by this fragrance
extremely high level compliment getter lady pleaser from both genders mostly
from ladies seventy percent to the ladies side… about performance I have a video
that I am comparing performance of this fragrance by Mancera Cedrat Boise
sure cedrat boise was winner but this one is also long lasting twelve hours
plus eau de parfum concentration first one and half two hours first 1 hour is
projection is good pushes very good after that is there not poor but
strongly on the skin like 20 centimeters something strongly for 3-4
hours will project on your skin… being mass appealing being beautiful is this much simple you don’t need to search for that much complex Niche stuff this
fragrance is also niche in my opinion because they do just fragrances but you
don’t need to go for that much heavy different Oudy leathery
out sending challenging complex stuff this much simple you can attract people
around especially ladies Rasasi Hawas is a fruity sweet and aquatic fragrance you
can get such a beautiful fresh green apple some cardamomy vibe at the
background sweet musk and aquatic but when you a sniff it bigger or deeply you
can catch some oriental vibe some kicks some spices… it iscomplex and in the same time simple it is not that much simple also it is complex has different nuances
and kicks at the background performance is 12 hours plus on my skin… it has two
versions the vintage version is purple juice inside is purple the new
formulations are unfortunately reformulated but not badly are clear you gonna
get solid performance out of that bottle as well eight hours but this one is 10
hours 12 hours plus don’t forget subscribe the channel that was today’s
video if you have any opinion suggestions question let me know it in the comments
below I will answer you SEE YOU IN ANOTHER VIDEO …



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