Top 10 myths about psychologists

Top 10 myths about psychologists

Sofía Martínez-Villalpando asks What are the common misconceptions about psychologists. I really love this question because
I’ve never received it before. Usually people always ask me myths about psychology but not really misconceptions about
psychologists. So here are the top 10 I came up with. Number one. We all see patients about half the psychologists in the United States are practicing in some way but the rest work in a wide variety of areas from research and administration to consulting and business. Even those who practice and are involved in patient care
also are usually doing other different
things. Number two we all have doctorates in the United States. The degree of entry to be to have the title of psychologist is a doctorate. But internationally it’s largely a master’s degree that grants you the title of psychologist. Number three we’re rich. Psychologists tend to do. OK I’m going to put some salary information right over here you should be seeing that right now. One thing you ought to keep in mind
is on average it takes someone about
five to seven years after finishing undergrad to get a degree that enters them into the field of psychology. And during that time most accumulate a lot of debt. I’m going to show you some average debt information right over here. Number four we’re analyzing you. This is the question I always
get when someone finds out I’m a psychologist. I get it so often that I made a
video about it. Definitely check out that
video on why we’re not analyzing you. Number five psychologists and psychiatrists are the same thing psychiatrists have a degree in medicine. They have M.D.s and psychologists have a doctorate in psychology. Psychiatrists get training in a medical model that are a lot of medical care they largely prescribe medicine. Whereas psychologists primarily are involved in the delivery of psychology related services we work together in a lot of situations.
Numbers six we’re all messed up. Many of us got interested in the field because we do have some personal interest in whatever area we’re focused on. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re
struggling with the exact same thing and in situations where we are because we’re human we tend to get our own treatment or our own support or find a way of dealing with our own issues so they don’t
impact the people we work with. Number 7 we have to be like you in order to be able to help you. One of the questions I
often get when I’m working with families is do you have kids yourself. And I mean the answer is yes. And you can hear her in the
background. My little girl there. It’s kind of like if someone asked an oncologist who treats cancer have you gone through cancer
yourself. Our expertise is understanding these problems understanding the science related to them and how to best help you. We can’t possibly understand what your experience is
like and that’s part of our job to figure
that out. But we don’t have to have gone
through that experience ourselves in order to be able to help you. Number eight we can read your mind. My area of expertise is anxiety. I’ve been treating it for a long
time and I still can’t 100 percent tell when someone is anxious nor can I tell what is making them anxious. I can work with two people they both have social anxiety they
might both have a fear of public speaking. But the way they experiencing Zayat the things that they’re afraid of how it all plays out for them can be very different. Number nine psychologists just use common sense. This is an extension of the myth
that psychology is just common sense. Whether we’re working with patients or a business or we’re designing new interfaces what we aspire to do is combine the best the science of psychology the brain and behavioral sciences with our professional experience. Some of this stuff might feel like
common sense and some of it is but there’s a lot of findings about
psychology that are very counterintuitive. And so we always try to base everything we do on the research. Number 10 we’re all extroverts who love working with people. I can tell you from personal experience this is not the case at all. There’re a lot of reasons why people
become psychologists some people want to get into a helping profession. They love working with people and maybe they are more extroverted. Some people want to go into a helping profession but they’re more introverted. Some people are interested in
psychology because they like understanding problems or bringing clarity to data. Thank you Sofía for submitting this
question. If you want your question answered
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  • The Psych Show

    Top 10 myths about psychologists:

    1. We all see patients
    2. We all have doctorates
    3. We're rich
    4. We're analyzing you
    5. Psychologists and psychiatrists are the same thing
    6. We're all messed up
    7. We have to be like you in order to be able to help you
    8. We can read your mind
    9. Psychologists just use common sense
    10. We're all extroverts who love working with people

    What question do you want to see me answer on the next #ThePsychShowQA?

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    Just to be clear, Salary really depends on the subspecialty you are pursuing within the doctorate level. Neuropsychologists, I/O, and clinical psychologists are usually one of the top earners in the fields making $90k+. Also regarding debt it really matters on the program you attend. For instance getting into a top funded program in the UC system can guarantee you debt free graduation. But of course you have to be one of the top performing students since it's a prestigious program. Plus i know mates here at my UC went on to teach at Medical schools and also treat Patients at the hospital and they earn over $120k. P.S. those are research oriented universities and you gotta keep up with the research to even better your outcome. This was a great video overall for a brief overview of misconceptions in the field.

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    I enjoy watching your videos! I’m a licensed clinical social worker who attended a clinically based graduate program and has worked as a therapist in both inpatient and outpatient mental health. Some of the myths I hear are, “Wow, I can’t do what you do. I could never take people’s children away,” or “social workers don’t have clinical privileges.” The truth is that social workers are employed in a wide variety of settings, and hold clinical privileges including the role to assess, diagnose and treat mental health related disorders depending on where the setting is. Social work is designated as one of the four core mental health professions under federal legislation that established the National Institute of Mental Health.

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    I have come out of fundamentalist religion, and I have a lot to unpack about that experience. When I suspect my therapist might be religious themselves, I feel like I have to educate them on fundamentalism as well as why it was traumatic for me, and my own journey out, while also being careful not to shit on their deeply held beliefs. I almost feel like I have to justify my experience to them on top of explaining so much backstory. And even when I do, I get a look that says "I'm trained to be empathetic, but I don't really get it" and they don't ask good followup questions about it.
    When I speak to a therapist who I know has deconverted themselves, or exited a cult, or at least has a lot of experience working in this area, it's SO MUCH easier to talk to them when I don't have to explain so much background. They just get it. They put me at ease, and they understand how to discuss it, and understand why my experience could be traumatic.
    It's a unique niche, and I don't expect every therapist to have expertise in this area, but for me as the client, it makes all the difference in the world whether or not we can start with that foundation.

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