• Ali Jr

    How many videos do ya gotta post in one hour

  • Jeffrey Ngamlungmuon

    Im sooooo early Dr Phil u rock
    U r the best

  • Sara Brant

    She needs help!

  • Janina Carter

    That doctor is freakin hot and what good hair! Dr.Justin not Phil lol!

  • Simone 。

    I swear if they try to join the lgbtq community…

  • Mars

    Everyone wearing wigs now on Dr Phil?

  • Cassiel Moon

    She need some help

  • Humanimal

    It's not in the bookshop… but it will probably end up there.

  • Natahlia Rose

    maann the doctor is hooottt wooeeehh

    ligit never been this early

  • Mama Marianovits

    The Kinsey institute has it's own skeletons to worry about…

  • KH Friz

    Dr Phil at 1am: uploading YouTube videos

  • leora noam

    Scientists haven't researched what happens to families when they are torn apart by adoption. They don't want to do that because adoption is a multi million dollar industry and no one is interested in stopping it. This doesn't just happen with mothers and sons. It's happened with siblings and fathers and daughters. Her sexual abuse has nothing to do with it. When the traditional bond is broken between family members and that regular love isn't built between those who are reunited, then they don't know how to process the adult love that happens because of the added genetic bond that naturally happens when you finally meet someone who is so much like you. She needs help! But she needs it from those who understand what she has been through and not from someone who will judge her.

  • Singing in the kitchen

    Cant find any more off this story!!! 🤔

  • Comrade20

    Trauma is an emotional and physical hit

  • Tamara Burgess

    Am I the only one that thought he was saying GTA? 🤦🤣 I WAS LIKE WTF Grand theft auto got to do wit this!?'🤣🤣🤣🤣😫

  • Elicia Garcia

    I hope she doesn’t define herself by these mental health problems she’s had. Just heal it and move on.

  • Fatima Webster

    Dr Phil: * already doesn’t like the person that’s talking to them

  • RUN & GUN

    Um….. she needs to go to jail for what she did and then to a psych facility ASAP. Imagine how traumatized her son is now and what he will grow up and do to his own children

  • Teal levi

    Trauma.. I feel nothing

  • moviemakerwannabe

    Read up on Kinsey Institute.

  • Brittany Henriott

    I didn't know my father til adulthood and I never felt that way

  • David Ngure

    She is a jocasta mother simple

  • Steven Ronan

    kinsey was a scientist pedo who abused lots of kids.. WTF ARE THEY USING his studies?

  • benny hayes

    Kensey institute promotes pedo life period!! Phil should be ashamed

  • benny hayes

    Shes is horrible at fake crying

  • benny hayes

    She should drink more

  • Fresh NEOTIC

    I umsubscribe because you upload to much

  • MissNebulosity


    Lady: posture and facial adjustment Yes! He's falling for it!

  • Acorry Kenny

    The doc looks like a whole pedaphile

  • Sara Banas

    Ughh soo is it me or does that woman seem to be quite tearless with her crying..??
    And PLS for the love of god will SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT WAS GOING ON HERE AND WHY SO MANY IF U THINK SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP ASAP?! And YES I get the MAIN ‘mother and adopted out son slept together’, and yes it’s gross bizarre and clearly wrong but I want the actual details pls!!!

  • Sarah Murphy

    Just sorry she got caught…No excuse she knew he was her son🤢🤮

  • TheMechanicj

    No one gonna acknowledge that she is also high on drugs she can’t sit still can’t open her eyes she is messed up bad

  • Joy


  • Rhea Mahapure

    ….. I wish my doctor looked like that……

  • Bunnygirl

    anyone else saw that documentary with the old man who had a wife, but was in love with his sister?? the wife knew, but i don't think the sister did. And he was such a creep!

  • A Detailed House

    This dr brought receipts

  • Hailey Rafferty

    I mean your personality is made up of past memories specially childhood. So idrk how we can blame anyone for anything

  • Aidan Bolanos

    His beard is not a good fit way to thick

  • Rchl Swtzr

    The Kinsey Institute? Discredited right away. Disgusting.

  • Marda

    Im 21yrs old. Id only seen my father a handful of times sinxw i was 10yrs. A few months ago my daughter and i moved in w hin since her father abandoned us. Well a month in, he tried to rape me. I went to the police but not enough evidence. He tried saying its normal to be sexually attracted to ur kids… id kill anyone that touched my daughter the way he touched me wout consent. I could NVR be attracted to my child. And people that r , r pedifiles amd preditors.

  • kalei shayne

    I'm confused

  • Donnie Darko

    Imagine believing in GSA and a doctor that attractive had to tell you it's garbage. I'd die right there honestly 😂😂

  • nor G

    As Mother myself, I have one word DISGUSTING!!!

  • Shawn

    Is it bad I don’t feel bad for her

  • Eyvonne Hammonds

    I am a Biologist, and I disagree with this individual. While it IS incest, it does have a biological basis which is exhibited in other mammals as well. There are reasons it isn't in the manuals he mentioned; similarly, it isn't recognized by he CDC because it isn't a disease….

  • Bryanna Bevens

    Sooo we’re just gonna ignore how crazy high this woman is right now. Ok.

  • Venus

    Freudian Oedipus 0-0

  • Just Meh

    Is an Oedipus Complex considered GSA?

  • Talkindurinthemovie

    What are we even talking about here? Yall just want to be incestuous SO BADDDD. Stop it. spray bottle

  • Terri Wells

    No tears.

  • Adreana Jayne

    y'all are thirsty for this doctor

  • Gothgirl 2121

    Sexualities appears on pornhub if it's not anywhere else.

  • Queen Alice Kingsley

    "Thats Heavy Doc"- Marty Mcfly

  • Olimpia Olmos

    That lady + Jezebel= GSA. Demons destroy people this is one case..

  • Melanie Patrick

    she sent this boy nude photo and sexting….. lock her up

  • Karen Arnold-McGregor

    I am curious about the lack of eye contact, no tears but alot of the crying sound and wiping the dry eyes.

  • teako north

    She's been "crying" the whole time and hasn't run her mascara once. Amazing.

  • Loren Compton

    It’s weird we are talking about how GSA is not a real condition (because it’s not) but we are not talking about the emotional damage that occurs to both mother and child during closed adoptions. It’s not healthy for either party. I have an 18 year old son I gave up for adoption and we have a wonderful relationship because of his parents. The feelings they both felt were love but because she didn’t raise him neither identified those feelings as non-sexual love. She should have been more accountable because a 16 yo cannot. But the damage and trauma of giving away a child leaves deep wounds. Without long term counseling this situation can occur. We’ve got to talk about the real side of adoptions and what happens to the biological parents and the child.

  • GapYear

    No eye contact…

  • Barb Dahl Olson

    She cried a lot but her mascara is still there.

  • Hyp3r Smile98

    🙏🏼God Bless This Man 🙏🏼

  • Lord Inquisitor Sec

    Flamethrower We don't need incest in this world. Not in the least. BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!

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