US Cardiologist Explains Benefits of Beetroot Powder

Are you aware of the amazing superfood that
is sweeping the country? Yes, I’m talking about the beetroot. I’m Dr. Jack Wolfson, board certified cardiologist
and I want to tell you why need to be taking beetroot powder. Beetroot of course is that red root vegetable
that gives off those green leaves up top. And you need to get both of those into your
diet, but they’re also fantastic in supplement form. Not only is it loaded with things like all
the different vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, all these amazing
nutrients that are proven to help your health. Now the beetroot does one particular thing
that I love as a cardiologist and all my patients with blood pressure issues, all my patients
with erectile dysfunction, we want to crank up their levels of nitric oxide. Nitrogen oxygen together cranking up those
levels, increasing blood flow. Fantastic for people with blood pressure issues,
erectile dysfunction and it’s amazing to use before exercise, after exercise. It’s in the literature. All the science is there. Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, increases
something called parasympathetic tone which is huge and is a natural blood thinner. So, the beetroot is really just a superfood
you need to get into your diet. Now, you need to take a product, of course,
that’s organic. You need to take a product that contains not
only the beetroot in red, but also the beet greens to get all those benefits of the greens
as well. You want a product that doesn’t have any fillers
or additives and sugars or things that do not belong in there. You want 100 percent food in that bottle. And we want to put it in a bottle, in a glass
bottle. And typically, beetroot, as I dose it, is
one heaping teaspoon, two times a day, to really get that medicinal value or if you
are looking for overall health and wellness, you can just do it once a day. Add it to water, to a smoothie, whatever you
want to add it to. I personally add it to water along with my
daily greens. So, every morning that’s how I start off the
day. And we created a product just for you, our
patients love it, so will you. Manufactured by one of the best companies
in the entire world to give you the value and something you can trust that you are getting
the best product available. So, you want something, once again, that is
just like our Heart Beet. Contains organic products. No fillers, no additives and also includes
those ever-important beet greens. So, for now, I’m Dr. Jack Wolfson, board certified
cardiologist, author of the Amazon best seller “The Paleo Cardiologist” and go ahead and
get some organic beetroot powder today.



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