What ADHD Feels Like

What ADHD Feels Like

– I think with ADHD, the
problem is that you sort of… – And I try to rephrase this ’cause I’m sort of going on a tangent. – What just happened? – What was I saying? (bright music) I misbehaved a lot as a kid, but I didn’t mean to. – The natural environment of a classroom is very non-conducive
to somebody with ADHD. You know, just like this quiet room, you’re sitting at this table, a bunch of other kids
are all doing their work. It was almost like a sensory overload. Like everything is coming
at you all at once. – I would be trying to
focus on this teacher and then all of a sudden,
I would snap to it again, and I had missed half of what
the teacher had talked about. It’s like you’re high or something, like, it’s like (laughs), it’s kind
of similar to being high. – One of the side-effects of ADHD is a sort of inability,
or at least a tough time staying still, concentrating,
focusing on day-to-day tasks. – I feel like my thoughts
are sort of on like, a carousel in my brain,
and it’s going in circles, and each thought stops
for like two seconds in front of my eyes. I can barely grasp it, and then it’s gone. – The third day I was at Buzzfeed, I was taking some like,
safety test with my friend, fellow producer here, Caitlin. And I’m like already lost on the packet, I look over and Caitlin’s answered the first 10 questions already. And it’s just that that’s
like the story of my life, is like, looking over to
my friend, and being like, “How the hell did you just do that?” – I have been on some form of medication ever since I was 13. – I stopped taking medication. For me, because I just didn’t
like the way it made me feel. They curb my appetite,
I was losing weight. – But the medication
provides me with clarity. – When I’m not on my medicine, it feels like the smallest
tasks are really overwhelming because I can’t visualize and focus on the simple process. – I have to plan things out, I have to write everything
down or else I forget. I don’t advocate that
everyone go off their meds if they don’t need to, it’s just for me, that was something that
I felt I wanted to do. – It looks different in everybody. I would just wish people
were a little more sensitive with the verbal assumptions they make. – I just wish people believed it was real. My ADHD is like the
realest thing in my life. Like I can’t reach out and touch it, but I can feel it. (bright music)



  • Kyra hawkes

    Omfg I'm watching this video because I'm just interested but now I'm just thinking if i have it. Oh oh

  • Ultimate dab gaming And more

    I have it

  • emir 97

    The first girl is so relatable, because whenever I talk, I always scratched my head and sometimes uses hand gestures for no reason.

  • S h i z i x

    * cough* Reading comments during a video

  • danny brownne

    i havent been diagnosed but i have been doing lots of tests online and they all say i have it and to check professionally if i do. even my friend has adhd and we act alike in everyway. we could be talking and then next thing you know we both daze off and forget what we were talking about. i find that i am either extremly focused or extremly unfocused and im only focused for about 5 mins and i get really hyper when im focused and then my phone will ring or my door will close and next thing you know something so little can just make me snap out of it personally i feel that i dont have adhd but rather add

  • Joe Glover

    It feels like your mind only concentrates on what you want to concentrate on

  • Admiral Tito

    They all forgot to mention the hella fast cat like reflexes

  • Dániel Kökény

    I am literrally eating my earphones right now. Im Adhd.

  • Khadiza Begum

    Ughh it’s like thinking about everything but nothing at the same time!

  • BA

    When you have ADHD, its like reading something, but not knowing what your reading about.

  • Alexa Jubinville

    or it’s like if your brain washes and rinses away for another word to get read..

  • Alexa Jubinville

    i satrted meds when i was about 7.. it was bad..i was hyper

  • grace.kurowski

    It’s like everything is in your brain at once and you can’t grasp ahold of memories or things you have to do or remember, and some days it’s cloudy like i can’t remember anything and i can’t focus

  • DoctorDoggo

    I hate when I start to say something to my bff and immediately forget and then she gets mad because she think I know I just don't want to say it.


  • Nicole Siner

    It’s like I forget what we were talking about and come off as disrespectful or slow and my teacher thought I was on drugs or something

  • Nicole Siner

    It’s like zoning out and the medicine didn’t help couldn’t eat had headaches I was sleepy and blurry vision and dizzy, and as soon as I got off my meds I was jumpy and hyper and people would say “did you take your medicine? You need to”

  • Nicole Siner

    It’s like zoning out and the medicine didn’t help couldn’t eat had headaches I was sleepy and blurry vision and dizzy, and as soon as I got off my meds I was jumpy and hyper and people would say “did you take your medicine? You need to”.

  • Wyatt Shaffer

    Can someone help me think I have it I’ve felt this way all my life

  • Cameron Something

    let's be honest, all of us here have ADHD

  • Elly Green

    I remember being in a vocal lesson (I was raised in theatre) and my teacher just pulling out the Ballance board (which is basically a small wooden T that you stand on and you have to stay so still or else you'll fall and wobble) and just standing there for hours dying to move

  • Elise Adamenko

    I was diagnosed at 4

  • Joshua Dotson

    The people in this video should feel very lucky they had parents perceptive enough to get them diagnosed so young. I just got diagnosed at 21 and adderall has been absolutely life changing for me.

  • Joshua Dotson

    I would put it this way. If a normal persons thoughts could be represented as a bunch of neatly organized filing cabinets, a person with ADHD’s thoughts are one of those wind chambers they put people in to grab money out of the air.

  • Axora _

    0:48 happens to me all the time

  • Alice Thompson

    Dunno why I'm watching this. I have severe adhd. I know everything these people are saying and feeling.

  • Alice Thompson

    It's like when there's no stimulation my brain is screaming and fizzing like crazy, and then when I put my headphones on it just starts to dance. I don't know why, but that's the only time I feel calm other than sleep. (Even then my dreams are seriously weird when I finally get to sleep!)

  • Hermione L. Scamander

    Can relateeeeeee… I have ADHD to and it sucks…

  • Zarla Harriman

    I have never been on meds… adhd and getting older is a nightmare one day I am sure I will get to the end of my tether with it and call a stop. I feel a failure at most of life….

  • Sirin Al Busaidi

    If i look into the persons eyes while theyre speaking i wouldnt catch a word they say,, so i have to look at different objects so i can concentrate!! N if i found that object interesting then u completely lost my attention 😂💔

  • Romina Colombo

    I have adhd, I don't really mind it, I usually space out and just think of random things while trying to listen to the teacher , if I miss something that the teacher is saying I just ask the person next to me. I don't use medicine and I got diagnosed at age 5

  • The Gacha Couple

    I have adhd. And I hate it! Well you are smart but you forget a lot and focus on something else. And my parents don't understand. And you go crazy and then you just fidget a lot.

  • OwGalaxy

    ow man it makes me feel better when i know im not alone

  • Bookwerm4Life

    O man this describes me to a T WTF

  • Kikipups

    As someone with ADHD I would really like to see a video of what it’s like to not have ADHD.

  • um _

    It’s like everyone and everything is faster then you and they know you’re slower than you but they won’t tell you. Most people are either this or vise-versa

  • darcy cb

    So one day I was off my meds and I was quite let's say energetic and it was in period 5 and I was rlly rlly tired and I kept on figiting and talking to myself and in the end I got a detention and my teacher said that there where 2 me's and she liked the other one
    I sorta find this funny cuz that was me without my medication so she doesn't like the real me. Also my meds I feel does lessen my activity but makes me feel even more stressed and more agitated to noise and so overall she is saying she likes the bored stressed unhappy me more than the fun, crazy happy me.
    Not rlly Important but I wanted to share

  • Beebo_ Vlogs

    The beginning Compilation Describes ADHD very well, being my person with ADHD I can relate very well to all of those, and I also have discalcula , So I also have a hard time seeing numbers, best way I can describe this is a 4 Looks like a one with a line through it, with these two things combined, it is very hard to focus on my work.

  • Snoop The Dogg

    Who else missed what they have talked about because of ADHD?

  • Dear Aurora

    I used to be VERY hyperactive when I was little but now I've grown to manage it and stay still at class, I tend to touch my hair all the time because it helps me calm down and calm the constant feeling of wanting to move

  • Charms

    the carousel metaphor by Jen is SO TRUE

  • Pandagamer 1216

    That’s why I relate so much with Jen. I’m 14 and can’t get evaluated until my mom gets stuff paid off.

  • Andrew J Doll

    The "natural" environment of a classroom… Am I the only person who has a problem with this statement?

  • Claire Davis

    Okay but like the last thing that Jen said is SO TRUE, "i just wish people believed it was real." LIKE WOW I DONT THINK I HAVE EVER RELATED TO SOMETHING THAT MUCH

  • XxGamingKingxX xX

    My friend has it I feel bad

  • Vice Rick

    The best way i can describe mine is like having old tv static in the back of my head on low volume. I use marijuana and mariuana accessories to help quite it all down.

  • adit prthm

    Adhd feels like your brain doesn't stop thinking everytime and that makes you lose your focus, so everyday you live and anything happens, you didn't recognized it that much

  • homstuck nerd

    I have ADD which is adhd without the hiperness its more about just being so easily distracted by even seeing a pencil or just zoning out completely and before you know it you cant take back all the information to missed

  • Danny Huynh

    This video took 4 separate sittings for me to get through😂.

  • Nick Bennett

    I LOVE having adhd it’s so good fully. It gives me a positive mindset

  • Andres Ramirez

    I’m 25 and I still take medication. Without it I go crazy and I have these constant feelings to move around and I always thinking about various things. When I take my medication I feel like a normal human being

  • Ayden Boysen

    I can say that from my experience of having it that your mind just constantly thinks you’ll focus but then you’ll think of something randomly and boom you’re thinking about that it’s a bad habit but what ever my grades dropped to where my parents wanted to get me tested and I was super positive if that makes any sense it’s hard to explain but I started taking my meds and I feel it helped tremendously but on the weekends it feels like I’m on my meds but I’m not I have never bothered to get off my meds although I do plan to it does exclude you from some jobs like anything to do with a pilots license the FAA is very strict on it so yeah it does also calm you down quite a bit sorry about the not very well structured paragraph it’s all over the place

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    One of the few buzzfeed videos I agree with

  • SnowIsLow

    I have adhd I can agree with this !!

  • Aemilius

    My family use to refuse to give me meds because someone told my mom it gave you cancer

  • Unicorn Magic

    People act like adhd only affects you in school nooo it affects everywhere


    Adhd destroyed my life, and I curse the gods that gave me this disease.

  • Clorox Bleach

    One of the ups of having it is that you get free Adderall 😉

  • Diana Figueroa

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was a baby

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D.

    I hated school. Only went during the day so I could get lit with the homies and try and plow that biggest whores in our senior class at night. Never sat still was always thinking about girls and partying

  • Park Jroku Riki

    I don’t have ADHD but I have ADD

  • Lara

    0:32 my phone is on low brightness and his black shirt makes him look like a floating head lmao

  • adz17th

    This is actually kind of accurate, when I'm in a lesson everyone has done about 10 questions but I'm still in 1, I will tell my mind i focus and do the work but no matter how much I try I just can't and turn around and start talking to everyone which gets me sent to internal exclusion unit.

  • Hell Cat

    Sometimes I feel like my ADHD was the major factor that really broke my relationship with my Ex. Those who don't have it, shouldn't wish they did to be "quirky". ADHD can easily break your life, it's a constant ruler in everything you do.

  • Kirb

    I have ADHD and I remember when I had one sentence down I look to my friend he had 3 paragraphs down
    But I always makes me happy when I’m sad that I have adhd where a bit more creative then people who don’t
    Have adhd!

  • Nehama W

    Didn't know jen had Adhd. Good to see more awareness being shown. I'm still learning more and I was diagnosed at about 10.

    Omg her explanation of carosel…ive always felt mines like a hamster wheal

  • a person

    I completely forgot i was watching this video

  • meat Loaf

    Diagnosed at age 9 maybe idk
    ~always have sensory overloads even w my meds
    ~I wish ppl understood abt adhd is that I'm different and that I cant always focus and that's why I take meds for that particular reason. Also I wish that ppl would understand that I have sensory overloads & that I can't do the easiest things. I wish they understood that I'm very stubborn,hyper at times, stressed, and that I have my times. I wish they would respect that I'm not as smart as them
    to all the ppl in my class lol

  • meat Loaf

    I kinda like it because I my exams and tests are shorter hehe

  • Evangelia Smith

    As a person with ADHD, here’s how I describe it.

    Imagine your brain is a glass cup. Now imagine that milk is the random thoughts you get. Pour the milk in the cup. Now pour the milk out the cup. This represents you being distracted or lost and pouring out thoughts and ideas. Now if you look at the cup…there’s still milk…no matter what the thoughts just keep coming…

  • Debashree Das

    Ok…so this video got me in terms with the word..ADHD….30 secs..of watching the video made me realize the i should have been diagnosed..with is disorder way before…happy late realization…✌

  • Devin

    I have adhd and insomia 😂😂😂😂

  • ProphecyOfThePaladins

    I am adhd and this made me feel so much better about it

  • i’m cracked

    I have ADHD and during a test I’m like
    “Okay I need to focus now” 5 seconds later in my head “how tf does gravity even work????”

  • Lexi Wolfe

    Diagnosed this year, four months ago. I had no idea I had it al this time, until just under a year ago when I saw another video of someone talking about their 'different ADHD'. They excelled in school but didn't know how to be normal. Their imagination was wild and even occasionally used against them. They'd had trouble concentrating and seeing through any tasks and on and on… By the end of this video, I was crying and knew, finally, why I was different. I wish it was more talked about that it's not always bad grades in school. I can also hyperfocus. If I like the subject, I can concentrate and get great marks. If I don't, that's when the inattention starts and that grade might slip…

  • cjay G.

    As a AdHDer myself, I feel like my Brian is a beat mechine (as in music and I'm a apsire RnB and pop musican/songwriter/actor. That it's good I was just wired different. It takes a few minutes for me to catch on. But I catch on. This video help me out.

  • um _

    it's like you have 2 brains but neither work right

  • LadyJosie

    I guess im now classifyed as Inattentive ADHD. Ive never been physically hyperactive, all thats in my head. I cant focus for very long, Ive trained myself to focus but past nope. I was on meds but got to the point where i had learned to focus that i felt didnt need them anymore. I dont even really remember what i was like being on meds but i felt… Calm and slow… I didnt like it. I didnt feel like me.

  • XxPatatø_lexixX

    I'm supposed to take the medication but I hate it😂

  • Jsut

    I’ll be trying to study for a math test, and will be like x plus y equals…….wait, what was I doing again?

  • Yeetus deluts im a fetus

    Me: has an extremely important conference that decides whether or not you you become a homless staring person or an average member of society

    My brain: OmG tHis Car iS bLue. LOok aT thAt cLocK for 15 MiNuteS tO seE iF yoU cAn coNtrol TimE. HoW ABoUT yOu YEET that pen Across the roOm

    Me: sUre that's A greAt IdEa

  • kiribaku child don't tell my parents

    I have ADHD and I watch this anyways

  • Silyanne L


  • Jesse Johnston

    What's it like not to have ADHD?

  • Illien Galene

    It is like 20 children in your head, everyone is excited to see you are awake… still awake(?) And everyone of them screaming another idea, an observation, random thing and something totally unrelated to the topic.

    Giving you now the honor to read my thoughts:
    Have to go at 30! Don't forget the emergency meds! You have to get the salad there, how? Use the body lotion before dressing up! And don't forget the oil! First contact lens! Oh you have to have your ticket! Makeup!!! Don't forget the drink! Take the water bottle out of the fridge! What shoes do you wear?…. hm…. but that could be to hot…. when do I braid my hair?

    That are 2 minutes total.

  • steel heart

    I'm fourteen, my brain is four

  • karsen simmons

    I was diagnosed at 8 years old and started taking meds but when I was a sophomore in high school, I had to stop taking them because I was then diagnosed with epilepsy and the meds kinda cancel each other out. I’m not saying going off my meds was the best thing in my life (I really really need to get my oil changed but keep forgetting about it) but it’s definitely been better now that I’m off them. I had a conversation with my best and oldest friend and she said the sweetest thing to me. She had told me not to go back on meds (for adhd) if I ever could in the future and I had another friend that said she liked my random bursts of thoughts. This made me the happiest person every considering that it’s one of my biggest insecurities.

  • Maria Paz Del Aguila

    i always forget to take the medication

  • chloe mcgillicuddy

    What is it like with adhd? What was I just writing lmao

  • Savage ADD

    Life gets better when you get better

  • One Army

    It's okay I have ADHD too and for me it sucks

  • fïre

    who else has such bad adhd that you scrolled through the comments because you couldnt play attention to the video lol

  • Rodney Jarboe

    The carousel of thoughts was perfect.

  • leijonakuningas


  • Smol Bean

    Wait doesn’t Kristen have ADHD too?

  • Alan Berkeley

    There is no ADHD

  • Ella Johansson

    I am going to get ”tested” for adhd in fall (don’t know what it’s called in english, i think tested? Haha) i actually hope that i have adhd so i can get help, been depressed for about 3 or 4 years now and i really hope that it is because i have adhd so i can get help that works now

  • Will Snyder

    Let me explain something
    Your forgetting the innatentive type. (I don’t have this but I know it exists) it’s someone who was ADHD but isn’t hyper. At least not on the outside. This is often called ADD. It’s harder to diagnose.

  • Paige J.

    I have ADD and that is almost the same thing but I’m not hyper I just can’t focus. To everyone that thinks it’s not real. Trust me it is. And if you don’t have it you can’t tell me anything I’ve had this since I was 10 years old, I think I know more about it than you. It’s not that I choose not to focus, I physically can’t and it’s been really difficult these past few years but I am on medication to help, because I’m able to pay attention during school. People tend to think that this is just kids be bratty and choosing not to pay attention, and that don’t know what it’s like because they don’t have it.

  • ricanfemale30

    I have adhd combined type but the HYPERACTIVITY for a female!!!! OMG… thankyou for finally even touching on being a hyperactive adult 💯❤️❤️ I use cannabis indica strains to calm down most of the time.. adderall for extra bad days only

  • Carina Otos

    I have ADHD I can relate

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