What does upper and lower blood pressure number mean

Worried about your health? Often you ask yourself, what systolic/diastolic
blood pressure means? Then watch the video and learn the answers
to these questions. Pressure exerted by circulating blood on the
walls of blood vessel is called blood pressure. Blood pressure varies within with each heartbeat
between the highest and lowest value, which are called systolic (maximum) or diastolic
(minimum) pressures. Systolic and diastolic pressures are interrelated. The former (maximal) occurs during the contraction
of the heart muscle. The aortic valve closes after a heart contraction. At this point, the heart blood is enriched
with oxygen to make the next contraction. As the blood cannot get back to the heart
through the closed valve, it moves through the vessels. At this point the pressure is diastolic (minimal). By its nature, the value of systolic pressure
directly depends on the following factors: Stroke volume if the left ventricular;
The maximum release rate of blood; Heart rate;
Extensibility of the aorta wall. And diastolic pressure is characterizes by
physiological and anatomical circumstances, such as:
The degree of patency of peripheral arteries; Heart rate;
Elasticity of vessel walls. Many functions of the human body depend on
the correct anatomical and physiological values of blood pressure. They include operability and endurance, complexion
and even life expectancy. In turn, blood pressure depends not only and
not so much on the genetic predisposition, but first of all on food and lifestyle. The constant work of the heart and blood vessels,
ensuring the circulation of the most important vital biological fluid, provides the pressure. And the pressure value is defined by the amount
of blood, which is emitted during the contraction of the ventricles and the frequency of those
contractions. For a full human life, the most important
indicator is the systolic pressure. You should monitor your blood pressure without
trying to adjust it by yourself without medical supervision.



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