What is Bipolar II Disorder? Mental Health with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

What is Bipolar II Disorder? Mental Health with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

Hey everybody, today I’m gonna talk with
you about Bipolar II disorder and how it differs from Bipolar I.
So stay tuned. ♪ (soft music playing) ♪ So I’ve heard from many, many, many, many
of you that you needed more information about Bipolar disorder. And I heard you!
Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here right now making this video about Bipolar II. And I will talk about Bipolar II and how
it differs a little bit from Bipolar I but don’t worry, I will do another video
about Bipolar I so that you can see the differences more clearly. But if you’ve
not checked out my kind of Bipolar summary video that I created a while ago
– remember the whiteboard and I made squiggles to kind of show you the
differences and tell you how Bipolar disorder works? You’re gonna wanna click
here and watch it first because it gives you a good summary before we get kind of
more into the nitty-gritty of Bipolar II. Without further ado, and as always I have
notes and my handy-dandy DSM. So, Bipolar II: Now the way that I always think of
Bipolar II is that it’s the ‘depressive’ side of Bipolar disorder. You never have
mania… never. You have hypomania, and this can be sometimes tricky for people to
feel the differences or understand the differences, but that’s why you have to
see a professional to get a proper diagnosis. And so if you’re worried that
you’re struggling with this, before trying to diagnose yourself I would please
encourage you, I can’t encourage you enough to see a professional to get a
proper diagnosis, put a treatment plan together, and figure out what’s the best
path for you. So, Bipolar II you don’t have mania, but you have hypomania. I’m
gonna read you from the DSM really quick about what hypomania may look like.
It says that you will have an abnormally and persistently elevated expansive or
irritable mood, you can feel really an inflated sense of self esteem like “I’m
the best, I can do anything!” and you also feel a decreased need for sleep.
And if you remember me talking about mania in that other video, and I believe in
other FAQs, it sounds a lot like it right? It’s just a lower grade. And that’s why
it’s important to see a professional, because they’ll know exactly what you’re
struggling with. It also says “flight of ideas”, like “I have so many things
flowing through my mind I can’t even – I just can’t settle down! There’s so many
things I wanna do and so many things I feel like I wanna change in the world!”
And it can be a really motivated place for a lot of people to live in, and I know a
lot of artists and people sometimes like being hypomanic, because it’s not as
intense as mania, but we get a lot done. We have so many ideas! Also, really
distractable – as you can imagine if you’re thinking about all these different
things it’s hard for you to stay on topic. “Increased goal-directed activity” – like
I said you’re really productive. “Excessive involvement in activities that
have a high potential for painful consequences” – and this is where we
usually end up in trouble, like we end up in the hospital, or our family members or
friends may call 911 to get us help, is if y’know we may be sleeping around, we may
be spending obscene amounts of money at the mall, we may buy a new car, we may do
things that we shouldn’t be doing because it could have a really horrific
consequence on the end. And so that is kind of how a hypomanic episode looks. It
can be very similar to mania, like I said, but it has to last as least at least for
four consecutive days present most of the day, nearly every day. And you must also
have a major depressive episode in order to be diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder.
Now a major depressive episode has to last at least two weeks, and to give you an
idea of what that may feel like, you have to have five or more of the following
symptoms that have been present during the same two-week period, just like I was
saying. Depressed mood most of the day, diminished interests like we’ve talked
about before in the ‘Six Signs of Depression’ anhedonia, not being
interested in pleasurable activities or activities that used to be pleasurable to
you are no longer pleasurable, you may lose weight, you may gain weight, you may
oversleep, you may not sleep enough, you may feel fatigued and have body aches. And
a lot of those things will happen when we have Bipolar II because we have to have
hypomania and a major depressive episode. Those both have to occur to get the
diagnosis of Bipolar II and you can’t have mania. If you have mania, that makes you
Bipolar I. Okay? So that’s what Bipolar II disorder is. You can see why it’s one of
the most misdiagnosed things in the psych world – a lot of psychiatrists that I work
with and therapists that I work with feel that a lot of people that are diagnosed
with depression may really have Bipolar II or people that are diagnosed with Bipolar
II may actually just have Major Depressive Disorder. And it can be really difficult
for us to properly diagnose. That’s why I cannot encourage you enough to seek out
professional help. Get a proper diagnosis, get properly assessed, and then you can
look at your options for treatment. There are a lot of options out there. Medication
as always is an option, therapy and different treatment centers. There are a
lot of day programs you can go to to better understand your illness, there are
group therapy things for you and your family because a lot of people with
Bipolar disorder, if they have a hypomanic or manic episode, can do some things that
are really detrimental to themselves and to their relationships. So there are a lot
of group therapy things available in hospital settings, in inpatient settings,
where you can help rebuild that relationship and better understand your
own Bipolar disorder so that it can get properly treated. And I hope that this
helps, if you like videos where I talk a little bit more in-depth about a specific
diagnosis, give it a thumbs up and let me know. And leave your comments below:
What has Bipolar II disorder looked like for you? What have you done in treatment
to help you better overcome it? Because as a community we can be so strong, we have
so many experiences and so much information we can gleam from each other.
It’s more than just me telling you how we diagnose and what your treatment options
are, we can share our stories. So share your stories, and I’ll see you next time. Subtitles by the Amara.org community



  • Laura Lowrance

    I am working daily to get my mind right, I do like the no sleep of my mania and that’s my favorite part but I realize now after watching your shows that my family doesn’t like my episodes especially the no-sleep mania there isn’t a good part to them except my crash and when I wake up, but now I am on a cocktail of meds I am stable sadly I have insomnia so as much as I want to sleep at normal times I have excepted that I am a night owl, I try to except myself for me that way I can face the issues and over come them. If your using please remember that there’s always hope and it not to late

  • Rodica Teodorescu

    This I don't believe… everyone has an illness if you listen to doctors. They just need you to think you have a problem.
    Stress enough to go get the pills or service they provide!
    How much would you pay to get the problem solved?
    And if they are so caring why do they charge?
    I think we all should be more friendly and nice to eachother. Do what we love. Have positive atitude.
    This is life.
    You know? There are so many problems in the world. But also many blessings to be thankfull for.
    So keep the ballance folks.
    In anything you do.

  • Maria V

    What about rapid cycling? That's when you go from being depressed to hyper within seconds or minutes, according to my therapist lol. That's usually when I know I have to go to the hospital or get immediate help. I can go from being normal to screaming to spending money at the mall to cutting myself all within one day.

  • glacier8

    Calm down

  • Care Bear

    I would say hypomania can be just as destructive (casual sex, reckless driving) but just not as "pronounced."

  • Care Bear

    I was sleeping up to 48 hours during bipolar 2 depression.

  • TexCyn RV Life

    I'm hitting a low after several days of a high. I sometimes wonder how my neighbors can stand me? I get silly, say my words twisted, tease others & laugh at way too many things. Then there's the projects. I always have to have a project! I guess that gives me focus? But when I hit these downs, it's paralyzing…was diagnosed BP2 several years back. Now here is something else…I had a grandiose idea that I was…well can't say it, but still feel that way. I do warn my neighbor when I recognize that I'm in my strange stages. And then there's the music in my head that never really stops. I'm on meds. Seroquel for the music – it tones it down for me. Doc wanted to up the dosage, but I declined because it is very strong. There are times I wish I could escape myself!!

  • Boss Vhok

    Bipolar ll is me in a nutshell….I''ve tried talking to professionals but get pushed out the door…I've been self medicating hypomania with either alcohol or opiates to dull down …when the major depression hits I'll just cope with it until I'm ready to lose it..I try to boost my depressive mood with cocaine to bump myself from major depression to slightly above normal just to give myself a break…or I'll use opiates to lift myself to slightly under normal, I'm still slightly depressed but in comparison it's way easier to live with…
    I can't go into detail how I obtain my "medication". To me that's not what matters, it's the fact that I've attempted to seek proper help multiple times and was shoved out the door…forced to medicate myself with what's available….I've been in and out of jail…guns to my head and shit and I just laughed…the life I lived before I found my wife is terrifying for most people…for me it was normal, it helped me cope with what I was going through, it fueled my hate and intense rage which pulled me out of my extreme low…as long as I had enough hate and pain to focus on I was "good"…Been married for eight years now…no more criminal related violence. I feel empty now, almost all the time..I experience hypomania in brief one or two week periods….I've been living with this since childhood…its frustrating.

  • Demonicii

    When i get hypo-mania i don't feel good all of the time. Sure it starts out that way, and i enjoy the energy for a while, but eventually it becomes overwhelming, like an itch or a tickle. By the time I've had a few hours of it, I'm in agony.

  • mkatseal

    The thing I'm most confused by is that every professional I've ever seen has given me a different diagnosis. It makes it hard to know what to believe. And how to seek treatment.

  • Maeve Gallagher

    have been struggling w awful “depression” for so long. trying to get back to my psychiatrist but we r both busy. its good to be able to understand why i feel so “hypomanic” though. even if i dont have the diagnosis (yet).

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    I always get depressed in summer
    How does that work

  • MyLifeLongFight 101

    Just got diagnosed with it.

  • Mai D

    So I was diagnosed bipolar II. Now my question is, is anyone else feeling a bit iffy about the medication? I love my hypomanic self. When im UP i am really UP. And when I am down, I am really down. But i find that these extreme feelings are what I draw inspiration from. I love being extreme. recently, though, I have been having trouble with my relationships. My boyfriend constantly ends up hurt.

    For anyone on meds, do they numb you? Do they work? Why do mood stabilizers have a "may cause deoression" side-effect if thats what we are trying to avoid?

  • jtjohnson0728

    What's up with that long ass pause lol

  • Nicky G

    What if I go from depressed mood to average mood and back to depressed mood at the same day,without reaching mania or hypomania at any point?

  • Eli Adams

    I have BP2. My therapist apparently does not know about treatment plans. I am not sure I am properly diagnosed. I have had major depression since the mid '90s. But it wasn't until about 2015 that I even knew about BP2. After learning about it, I discussed it with my therapists, plural because I have had several that have come and gone. So, apparently I have BP2. I am taking meds. But, there is no treatment plan. How do I bring up a treatment plan? …besides saying something like, "Do you have a treatment plan for me, or do you just wing it from session to session? Because, I never feel like I get anything out of talking to you. I am spinning my wheels. This is just a fing waste of time."

  • Adele Farough

    Kati, can you talk about "mixed states" in bipolar disorder?

  • Steph Plank

    God I’m so sick and tired of feeling like I’m completely crazy. I don’t think YouTube is a good place for me.

  • Elise Code

    i've been diagnosed with dysthymia and that definitely seems right but i think i might have hypomanic episodes…but i wouldn't say they last that long, more like a day or a few. i think i've had a few major depressive episodes which can last like up to a couple weeks, but i haven't for a while. is it possible i may have bipolar 1 or is it just dysthymia which occasionally lets up or gets worse?

  • Lala Mae

    I have been diagnosed with Bipolar II for like 5 years now but I feel like I don't have it because I have NO symptoms of hypomania. My mood changes a lot though(from feeling ok to feeling depressed). Can I be diagnosed from that alone?

  • C LS

    Those with experience… Can someone who is hypomanic be slightly delusional? (Example: They think they are doing absolutely great but their personality is so altered and often cold hearted, but they cant see it or believe it)
    Also, when hypomania lasts months and months… Is that common?
    Lastly, is it common to become suddenly suspicious and see loved ones trying to help you as their enemy?
    Wait, sorry, 2 more questions… How prevalent is hypersexuality and adultery AND is it common to treat your spouse poorly and with no affection or emotional connection at all during mania/hypomania?
    Any help understanding this better is GREATLY appreciated.

  • Guāng Army

    Yh I would say I got Bipolar 2. I had it ever since I was 16 but never realised until today where I’m 21 almost 22 July 25th,

    I think at the time I was kidda like a rapper I loved the hype of the crowds. Especially when I was the first kid to rap in school assembly history

    Like I always thought i was just normal and motivated individual but I would have excessive amount of me listening to music on my ear phones getting out of reality and pretending I was famous.

    I have been heart broken countless times in which I try to recover and improve.

    I think inside I always wanted like a nice girl friend to feel a sense of peace and calmness

    Along time ago when I was a popular guy in my school because of music i basically wasn’t that interested in parties and I think that’s why it was short lived that’s one thing that annoys me my wins in life are short lived for the amount of effort I put in

    Anyways I lost my reputation about more than 6 years ago and from that day on I was like

    Oh these British ppl betray me now ima go join the Chinese

    So Yh that was the start of my 2015 journey 3 years after losing my rep

    In that year I found love of my life, that I was focused on a lot and making a ton of friends from China and Hong Kong even learning there language etc and Yh i was very proud because it’s not easy making it in these groups because sometimes there’s racism within Asian communities

    Anyways I’m someone which is a life coach and I inspire to become a famous actor and if I do become that I want to create a group of elite life coaches to just do more justice for men which have been having dating problems socialising, fitness etc and il have coaches for women too cause they deserve help as well.

    I was born in Uk but basically I’m Vietnamese, Vietnam right now is kidda underrated and under respected in a sense that’s why I wanna become famous to boost the reputation of my country

    But Yh there’s also a side of me that likes to show off because I feel like I do myself justice with what I go through and the effort level I put out there for instance I like to imagine me and a group of friends which I helped become more powerful just in the club with some nice girls in our circle, champagne bottles with good rap music in the background.

    So Yh that’s my story I hope anyone that has this will be able to manage.

    So guys in your opinion would you say I have Bipolar 2


  • ccarter008

    I am curious what your opinion is on "Bipolar spectrum disorder" (controversial topic, I know) . I feel like I don't have even hypomania, but I was diagnosed with MDD at 10, I have 2 or more mini episodes of depression a year, I'm super anxious/scared most days, and antidepressants only work for me for a limited time. I'm not sure about being hypomanic on antidepressants, but definitely more into things or energetic than normal. My psychiatrist talked to me about the possibility of rapid cycling bipolar without mania. I know it is controversial and not as widely accepted, but I'm to the point that I honestly don't care what anyone calls it as long as I can get it under control.

  • Gustavo Farias

    what if i have a mania episode and a major depressive episode? Am i bipolar 1 or bipolar 2?

  • Kaycie Clements

    My psychiatrist put me down as having a mood disorder. She didn’t want to call it bipolar but knew it was more than depression. My first therapist was convinced I had bipolar type 2 though. I’m on a mood stabilizer which has helped exponentially. I remember talking to my mom about how I was feeling just good old sadness (not depression) and how it felt weird. I think I have bipolar and I just tell people that for the sake of conversation. Looking at my history it makes the most sense

  • Rr Oo


  • Two of Pentacles

    How people with normal brain feels like if the'd take a mood stabilizer as opposed to someone who needs it.

  • Brittany Bell

    I was diagnosed with GAD and being Hypomanic. Is this hereditary?

  • SilverScreenJean

    HYPOMANIA? It doesn’t seem like such a bad state to be in! It seems like a goal driven place to be. As someone with MDD, I would not mind having a bit of hypomania versus the sloth like state that MMD is.

  • Devil6CR

    I'm bp2. I'm told that PTSD from Afghanistan triggered it and receiving the wrong meds didn't help. I get extreamly happy to the point I have get that energy out of me so I bike ride. I can then go to depression for a very long time.
    I also feel that I have to save the world and help any way I can and that only I can do it.
    When I was having the happy excited feelings I was thinking I was healing from PTSD and getting emotions back.

  • Audrée Brunet

    Hi, I wanted to know how do we act with someone who has Bipolar II disorder and how we can be as helpful and positive for them in their day to day lives?

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    I do not have this. Why does my doctor say i do?!?!?!????? Ughhhhh

  • Lo

    Having hypomania I felt made me too distracted to even bring my brilliant ideas to life. In the end even though I felt so motivated I also ended up being so unproductive, and bipolar could be a symptom of high functioning autism..I dunno anymore

  • 21minute

    I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety last year but it turns out (just a few days ago) that I actually have Bipolar II.

  • Miché _

    I feel like I rather be on a state of hypomania than depression. Even if it's not something good with hypomania I can do stuff, feel energetic, I have a good sexual drive, I care about myself, from my diet to my clothes, read, I learn new things.
    The bad side is that it ends up in a big depression where I can't even leave my bed without feeling like I want to die.

  • Damien n

    I think I have this but I'm scared of getting help

  • Liam Bell

    Hey I was wondering if you could help me? I’m currently waiting to see a psychiatrist because I believe I have bipolar 2. Since I was 14 I believe I was the best thing going I had so much energy. I had excessive self confidence and I felt on top of the world. I always socialised with people and spend lots of money and went out partying and participated in risky behaviours, this lasted for about 2/3 years then when I was about 16 I lost all my confidence and started feeling really depressed which also lasted for a couple months. I felt suicidal,depressed mood,lack of interest had no motivation and felt really fatigue.Also lack of confidence and actually started hearing voices. Since then I am 20 and only have repetitive major depressive episodes now. What do you think it is? Need help desperately I

  • Hector Latorre

    Very Interested. I have to ask my Therapist am I BIPOLAR I or 11.
    Thanks for the update.

  • depe learn french

    i know im late for this video, but my dad just have a thought that i have a bipolar disorder 2 which is i can be very depressed and the next week i can be happy and he thought i fit in to bipolar 2

  • Teresa McMurrin

    Was misdiagnosed with depression for decades and so went through so many medications that had adverse or no effects, I just gave up on treatment.

    It wasn't until a Nurse Practitional gave me Wellbutrin to quit smoking that things changed.

    Wellbutrin had such a horrible effect on me–including suicidal ideation–that I checked myself into a mental hospital so I could withdraw under medical supervision. That was when I finally got the correct diagnosis and effective treatment.

    I've been completely stable on a mood stabilizer for several years now, with only extremely mild dips and rises from time to time. (Kinda miss the hypomania, though…)

  • Sasha Aridegbe LMT

    I have bipolar ll

  • Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari

    I believe I have Bipolar type 2, i get hypomania sometimes but i am depressed most of the time. Its scary because i dont know if I want to pee or hold it, play my game boy or not, watch my laptop or not etc etc.

  • pretty angel

    I’ve been diagnosed with depression but this describes my life 😂

  • Katie Collins

    I was diagnosed with Bipolar 2 a few months ago after a suicide attempt caused by a depressive episode. My dad took me to the emergency room and I had to stay there for 4 days, under constant watch, while waiting for a psychiatrist. I was absolutely miserable, my parents never really stayed with me towards the last few days and the nurses all pitied me, also my dad told me that I was going to a "crazy house" since they were looking for an inpatient mental hospital that would accept a minor. On the 4th day sitting in the emergency room I finally was allowed to go on a walk (with my nurse and a security guard) it was awkward to say the least but it was much needed, also on the last day I was allowed to watch TV… I binged watched "Chrisley Knows Best" for hours. Around 10:00 that night a psychiatrist finally came, he was a very kind man with a very thick accent that I couldn't understand well. I think there was a slight miscommunication because he said that I was just depressed and prescribed me an antidepressant and told me that he always remembers all of his patients and hopes that I never end my life like I almost did that day. Part of the condition for my release was that I had to go to a psychiatrist in the next few days and get a new therapist. 2 days later we went to a psychiatrist and she diagnosed me with bipolar 2 disorder. Knowing this was life changing to me but my family was all ashamed that I wasn't "normal", my older brother still has no idea I was even in the hospital. My parents still are very uneasy about the topic and don't like when people find out about it. I still have hypomanic episodes at times and many depressive episodes. My boyfriend has been a life saver and has talked me off the edge many times, he helps calm me down when my thoughts race a lot. This whole situation has made me want to become a psychologist and help others that are struggling the same way I am/have. I love the idea of psychology and how the brain works in so many different ways and how something as small as brain chemistry can change your whole life.

  • Miss Waffies

    I'm not sure if I have bipolar 2 but i seem to be in this cycle of i'll be depressed etc for 2 weeks to a month then i'll have like a week or two of feeling good and it keeps happenening

  • Sacra Terra

    I don’t get it…isn’t everybody like this?
    Many psychiatrists diagnosed me with Bipolar type 2 yet they won’t tell me why I do have it…

    Also one of them put me on Depakote and I hate it…because it’s making me gain weight!

  • leandra maritza

    It looks like you're capable of everything, and then you're down and can't do nothing .

  • xjq

    I'm bipolar 2 but I feel maybe I was misdiagnosed. they knew my father is bipolar and my mom is depressed beforehand of diagnosis. he asked me a few questions and that was that. next thing I know is I'm on new medication. some worked temporarily. I would cry of joy because I wasn't thinking of dying constantly. I didn't crave death. then it'd stop working sooner or later. then onto the next one. I also have anxiety, I have night terrors that rarely happen now, sleep paralysis, and I'm not sure what else could even be wrong with me. I go into what my family called episodes. I'm either on this happy moment, working out, etc. then I crash and burn as we like to say. I just end up trapped. I can see what I'm doing but I feel like I can't control what's happening. especially when I have anxiety attacks during these episodes. my last episode I burned my wrist with a lighter and a key. it was odd but it was like I heard this voice like my conscience saying I had to do it and I'd feel better for a while and that it'd go away if I did it. so I did. I don't have that little voice telling me to anymore because I try to remember I'm not me when it happens. but could you possibly shed light on what might be happening?

  • 15walkeen

    I felt like I was playing BINGO when she read off the symptoms list for both depression and hypomania.

  • Xenon La

    your beautiful face makes me hypomanic 🙂

  • Elizabeth Kruse

    Omg I wanted so bad to listen to this but I couldn't finish it because of the clicking thing she keeps doing with her tongue D:

  • Sickem Jenkins

    I tried getting help……..they said I was either ADHD, Bipolar 2, Depressed or just have Anxiety……..they don't fuckin help ><

  • Vicktor Manuel


  • 08DuRBie80

    I notice that there are things in my life that I’m unhappy about and randomly I’ll be filled with motivation and make changes and I’ll feel great about myself afterwards and shortly after I’ll start to feel depressed and I don’t know why or where it’s coming from and because I can’t pin it to anything I just wait it out. It can be weeks or months.

  • Madeline Figueroa

    I asume that there are variations of the symptoms you mentioned. I have been diagnosed with bipolar II 4 yrs ago and my symptoms are not exactly what the text books say. You didn't talk about fast cycling and how different it is from the text book definition.

  • Rainbow Kitsch

    I'm worried a stressful event triggered 2 weeks of hypomania. I notice I always go on highs and then start impulse spending money and then I'll randomly fall into a pit of depression for 2 weeks and not see anyone. And the cycle repeats month after month xD Going to get a professional opinion now. Been dealing with the crazy moods and impulse spending for too long.

  • wapol

    Is it totally cureable? Like after meds for quite sometime, it may disappear?

  • Rivers Cloud

    I was diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder and this helped me understand what I was diagnosed with. It really does describe me perfectly.

  • Raven Black

    Not had a high today, been tearful

  • Saria Alexandria

    I've been diagnosed with this stopped taking my medicine about 5 years ago I've been in my lows but lately I've been stuck in my depression for months now and it's been getting worse might have to go back to medication it sucks 😰

  • Cheyenne Rose

    I was just diagnosed with this

  • Ariel Marie

    Just got diagnosed today! This helped a lot!(:

  • Philip Swain

    Hi Kati. I was initially diagnosis with moderate to severe depression. Then re diagnosed ss type 2 bipolar. Listening to your video makes sense. The hypo mania followed by crushing depression.

  • J Da Ghoul


  • S Smith

    How about factoring in the fact that I'm an enfp from Myers briggs

  • Ashley Jacobs

    Can people with cyclothymia experience rapid cycling?

  • Elizabeth Mar-Venus

    Okay so. I have bulimia and I have always been up and down. When I am hyper or energetic I feel almost disassociated or numb. I feel like I can do anything and everything. I would casually catch the train to London forgetting I have to pay bills or phone bills. I just put no thought into anything because I have this grandiosity! I don’t know if that’s bipolar. I get very depressed sometimes though after about a week and a half

  • Harper's Handpans

    Hello, we had to have my brother committed 2 days ago and they are telling him he has bipolar II. The problem I have with this is that he is and was having really serious auditory hallucinations and very strong delusions about the past. Like remembering things incorrectly as if my parents tortured him or that I tried to kill him.. This plus verbally attacking everyone with such hatred while claiming to have special powers and such. He thinks aliens abducted him and implanted tardigrades in his toes! Does this sound like bipolar II to you? It's tearing the family apart..

  • Colin Fraser

    What a useless video.

  • Beat It

    I have manic depressive episodes bit not this amazing mania people talk about

  • patrick carr

    I was recently diagnosed bipolar type 2 and it makes so much sense now looking at all my past issues and my actions while being my own make so much more sense why I did the things I've done.

  • Juliet!

    So I've been diagnosed with bipolar 2 ever since I was a little kid. Right now I'm 15 going through boyfriend drama which causes me to be really sad stressed out or irritable. So as a result I've been spending money and eating a lot of sweets, and it's causing me to gain weight putting more sadness and stress on me. Everyone says "just stop eating" but it's not that simple for me and I just don't know what to do. The boyfriend drama is getting better but now my weight is stressing me out. The last time I stressed about losing weight I stopped eating over all and lost weight too fast and it became unhealthy, so now I'm scared to stop eating. If anyone has advice please help. [btw im on medication so that's why I can control my sadness just not my urges]

  • jawn eggbert

    i was diagnosed with bipolar 2 when i was 13 but didn’t really believe it but now i do 🙁

  • Arvind Yadav

    If a person gets bipolar disorder 2 he never feel energetic, his mood swings .Nobody can motivate him.
    And finally he can be irrational or rational depend on his education and his personality traits.

  • Ian MacDougall

    I was once asked when was the last time I felt happy or happiness and I couldn't answer. I wonder sometimes if I actually can. I am bipolar 2 and struggle greatly although I always work and try to function in society.

  • Austin

    thank you so much. I never had mania I realized after watching this.. thank you SOOOO much

  • Tripolar Tom

    Mental professionals dont have it easy making decisions about classification…especially since it will involve prescribing drugs that may impact us for the rest of our lives …might even determine how long that is …we need to provide proper feedback for them to gauge reality vs dsm …im not a regimented person …my moods arent lined up with planets and clock hands …drs who admit they have a mental disorder themselves should have the longest waiting list …imagine an insider who also learned the outsiders point of view


    Bipolar ii I have

  • katie michael

    Mine started at 14. I tried to kill myself, cutting, drugs, alcohol. 2 weeks i would be crazy and 2 weeks binge eating and parinoid hiding in my room severely depressed. Now 58 i don't suffer that kind of depression or mania. But a few days i would feel " wierd" or isolate. I have depression but its low grade. I guess age lessens it but i am still not ( normal)

  • Dave Direct

    My wife had a sudden mental break of some kind following a three year period of unusually high stress at work, resulting in a year long period of hypomanic like behavior manifesting in hyper-religiosity, but no downside.

    She's delusional, psychotic and exibits anosognosia.

    But, her symptoms seem to be easing gradually.

    She refuses to be evaluated.

    Are there mental conditions with self healing potential?

  • jordan

    random, but i would really recommend learning ASL. you already move your hands like you speak it!

  • Leighann McGowan

    My problem is these psychiatrists diagnose people to quickly …I was recently diagnosed with bipolar 2 in the matter of an hour….and hes also taking me off of klonopin which I've been on for for 5 years …I take 3mgs a day …I was taken off klonopin 2 yrs ago and went thru hell …and had to be put back on them by my general practitioner …..now I'm gonna be on the same situation …how can they wean me off in a months time when I've been on them for 5 yrs I even told him about my horrific experience I had before with weaning me off so quickly …I couldn't eat sleep ,I had extreme anxiety my mom had to take care of my kids…..I heard it can take months and months to get off these very strong meds ….what is wrong with these psychiatrists dont they know this??????? I really dont trust them it's sad because you should be able to …..

  • Jamie White

    Please explain more about BPD2….

  • Sylvia Badshamiah

    Hi Kati please could you make a video on how to support a friend with bipolar please ? Many thanks.

  • Flavia D

    I was diagnosed with depression for 7 months until i was just diagnosed a few days ago with bipolar 2 and I'm going on lamictal to help

  • Sabrina Rosa

    I was diagnosed with MDD but I think this sounds more like what I have

  • Alice Summers

    Hi, can you please make a video about cyclothymia? My boyfriend has it and I'm trying to understand how I can support him 😊

  • Brent z

    Yes this needs to be explained….the amount of people claiming to be bi-polar is unbelievable. I am a public worker and just about everyone claims they are bi-polar.

  • BillieBinks xo

    I was recently diagnosed with bipolar 2 along with BPD if anything i was very motivated and i had a very high self esteem thoughts were racing fast though rapid fire paced speech and after a week or so i became very irritable where i snapped at everyone and everything

  • Lori Brock

    When i first started seeing a clinical psychologist last year he said he thought I had social anxiety disorder and ptsd from past trauma that I had talked a bit about. This week I finally got brave enough to tell him everything that's been going on, even what I considered the "crazy" stuff. He changed my diagnosis to bipolar and thinks it is bipolar 2. I've just started on a mood stabilizer and I'm hoping it works. So relieved to finally have a diagnosis that makes sense from everything I've read and watched about bipolar so far. Thank you for making these videos.

  • Abbie Staggs

    Thank you for this. My doctor is thinking I may be bipolar and I don’t understand it all. This is helping me wrap my head around it all.

  • Havilah D.

    Took me a while but I found this video! Ty for making it!

  • Leighann McGowan

    I dont even trust psychiatrists there ridiculous …one psychiatrist diagnosed me with bipolar 2 in 45 mins …

  • rememberme4ever1

    I was just diagnosed. I knew some about the disorder, but this helps a lot. Thank you. The hypomania is exactly what I have sometimes and it can be a little scary when I suddenly want to do like fifty things when normally I don't want to do anything.

  • Tree Walker

    I recently learned about Bipolar Type 2. It fits my husband like a glove. Things will be going fine and suddenly, often for no apparent reason, he will fall into a deep depression that can last for days or weeks, Then he comes out of it and things will be good for more weeks and months, until the next round of depression. I had actually called him "bipolar" to my friends but didn't literally think he was because he doesn't have the typical mania. I had never heard of Bipolar Type 2. And Bipolar Type 2 does not seem well known — as we just found out. He made an appointment with the clinical social worker who does the prescreening for mental health issues at his clinic. It was this morning, She gave him a questionnaire, and since he answered "no" to the questions about mania, she told him "You don't have bipolar, you just have depression, and you should go on antidepressants." She was wrong, he does not have ordinary depression. Obviously she is ignorant about bipolar Type 2, and she is supposed to be a professional! Is it common for mental health professionals are ignorant about bipolar Type 2, and how do we find one who isn't?

  • Sarcasm is Real

    i thought i had bipolar 2 but as it turns out its just puberty

  • Shawn Days

    I have Bipolar 2 disorder and I have to take a mood stabilizer because I will suddenly change moods like instantly from normal mood to white hot anger and major irritation then guilt and depression

  • Shawn Days

    Plus generalized anxiety disorder

  • Marilyn Gervais

    I can’t click nor find the video you mentioned 🙁

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