what is derealisation / depersonalisation?

what is derealisation / depersonalisation?

-All right.
-Yes. -Hello, I’m here with Kati. Kati Morton.
-Hi! Kati is… what would you define yourself as? I’m a licensed therapist. I have a mental health channel on YouTube where I talk about all things related to mental health although my specialties are, like, self-injury and eating disorders. We’re gonna chat a bit about the thing that I have, which is called depersonalisation. I mention it a lot. I guess I’ve made, like, one major video on it, but I didn’t go too in-depth because I didn’t really know too much about it yet and I’ve been through several treatments since then so… let’s talk about it! -Tell you what, I’m gonna say what I think I know about it
-Okay. -and you can tell me if I’m wrong.
-Perfect. Okay, so! Dissociation is when you… You might get it for brief periods of time, maybe. like during a panic attack or like after where something scary has happened to you where you just zone out and it’s your body’s way of disconnecting and dealing with panic. I guess derealisation is where nothing feels real, and you can’t open your eyes wide enough. Or, like, you feel like you’re dreaming which is what I have 24/7. Chronically. Always derealised. Always spaced out. It sucks. And then depersonalisation is when that’s like REAL BAD and I guess you… can’t like- your hands don’t look like your hands or like if you look in the mirror. I always think I look like my brother. -I’m, like, it freaks me out.
-Oh, interesting. That’s my understanding of it. Am I right? Yeah, you’re right on the right path. like, disassociation as a whole. I always called our brains like a parachute. -Ohhhh.
-It’s like, “I can’t deal with this, ahhh!” and it pulls us out and then depersonalisation is when you’re disconnected from self. -Yeah.
-Derealisation is disconnected from environment. -Interesting.
-So, like, hands don’t feel like- you don’t look like that. That’s depersonalisation ’cause you don’t feel like yourself.
-Mm-hmm. but derealisation is when we’re- we almost feel like we’re in a dream. Yes. -Yeah, and that sounds like-
-That’s me allllll the time. -And people usually toggle between both.
-Yeah. I don’t actually think I’ve had a client, doesn’t mean that it’s weird if this is you, but I don’t think I’ve actually had a client who only has one. I’d definitely say that when I’m worst it’s… I’m depersonalised. But like day to day, every single day, it’s mostly just derealisation, which is… -not great, haha.
-No. Um, so the ways I’ve tried to deal with this, umm, I… It’s difficult because I haven’t really gone through with everything completely yet, so I’m not taking them off my list, but I’ve tried medication. I was on Sertraline or Zoloft for about… four weeks? -How was that?
-Terrible, haha! -Because I was gonna say it doesn’t sound like a good fit.
-For me! For me, it was terrible. It took away my emotions. It kind of like… I used to go flip from, like, depressive episodes to… feeling hopeful! And “one day this will all be okay” and it just kind of flattened them which I hate! I really enjoyed the ups and downs because it made me feel more connected. -Well, then you feel, right?
-Yeah, exactly! -And they call that being “blunted.”
-Uh-huh. When medication is too strong, which it can happen as a mental illness as well, we can feel like we can’t feel our feelings but that means, in my opinion, and I’m not a doctor, -but that means that- that the medication was too much. -It was too high of a dose.
-Yes. Yeah, it probably was. I was put at 50 and then they increased me to 100. Ooh, yeah. Which yeah, it wasn’t great for me. I’ve also tried… EMDR therapy, but I had a weird experience at first. I was a little embarrassed. I also want to talk about TMS because I tried transcranial magnetic stimulation. -I know, it’s a mouthful.
-Yeah! Depersonalisation and derealisation as a whole come out of trauma and a lot of people assume that that means we have to been in a car crash or we had to… been to war but the truth about traumas is we can have little T’s and big T’s meaning we can have, as children, and this is the hardest for a lot of people and I don’t know if this is your situation but a lot of people growing up are-
have little T’s where as a kid, we don’t fully understand what’s happening and it can be really frightening or someone can spank us and it’s a little too much and we get really scared as an adult. We look back and we think “oh, that wasn’t a big deal,” but as a kid that was a T and we, like, collected these little T’s and as an adult and as we grow up it can… our brain gets too many of those and it pulls the rip cord, and that’s its way of dealing. Wow, I didn’t know that. Yeah, but the big T’s also cause it too. Even like, you know, car crash, abusive relationships. Things like that. Yeah, I think- I guess mine- I think I had like- yeah, like a little collection of everything that happened to me in the space of like two years and then my brain disconnected and since then it’s been like “this is fine. We can- we could just stay here.” -It’s safer.
-Yeah. I’m trying to get it back and be like, “No! I can deal with it! Just give it all back,” but… Yeah, I’m trying to figure out a way into, like, realigning my… …brain pathways. That’s what TMS tries to do. It tries to kind of like give the part of the brain that causes the problem, like a little bit of a kick. It kind of sends like magnetic impulses, and like, stimulates blood flow and encourages oxygen to flow. For me, they did it in this part of the brain and in this part of the brain. Neither worked sadly, but I’m going back to try a higher frequency. There’s an 80% success rate in depression and in anxiety. Depression’s on this side of the brain, anxiety’s on this side of the brain, it’s so interesting! Because depersonalisation/derealisation isn’t as well known about or more as researched as the other two, then they don’t really know too much about it, so there’s a 50% success rate, and it didn’t work for me yet, but I’m going back to try more. It’s a good message because there’s a lot of different treatment options out there. The one that I find works best is like trauma-based treatment. That’s why I was curious if you tried EMDR. But you said that you didn’t and that doesn’t work for everybody either and also can be really awkward. I’d like to try the end cuz it was really awkward. I think that’s the main thing that kind of, like, pushed me away from it because we tried, you know… She did all this stuff and then we went through a memory and I didn’t… do anything? I don’t know if I did it wrong or like I was just too nervous or spaced out. It just felt a bit awkward so I kind of ran away from it, but I would like to try it again. And the truth about EMDR is that it doesn’t work if we have derealisation or depersonalisa- I KNEW IT!!! I closed my eyes, like I’m focusing and I’m like- she’s like, “what are you thinking about?” I’m like, “I don’t know, who am I?” That’s why I was like- it’s not the best trauma treatment that is the best for depersonalisation/derealisation. -There’s a couple different types of talk therapy.
-Uh-huh. Meaning just talk-talking in general. Talking through traumas, all those little T’s, some of those big T’s, whatever we’ve been through. That’s how we heal and that part of our brain gets stronger, and we’re flexing our resiliency muscles, so how we process trauma if we’re in fight or flight, which is like “Aah! Run away! Scream!” or freeze which is dissociation, deep, personally, it’s down there where we feel like we can’t leave, there’s nothing we can do, -all we can do is leave in our brain. -If we’re in those zones, we can’t reprocess.
-Oh, wow. Resilient zone is where we reprocess. So somatic experiencing is a great type of therapy. Just basic talk therapy. -And even schema therapy.
-You want to talk about some other (weird dodie noise)? Okay, hahaha. So somatic experiencing is a lot of like mind-body connection, so recognizing how you’re feeling, experiencing all of your senses. It’s a lot of mindfulness so that you can recognize how your experience in the world and how your experience in a situation and you can use tools to kind of bring you back down. And I don’t specialize in somatic experiencing or schema therapy, but I will have videos coming out shortly with a colleague of mine -Oh, cool.
-who does, so. -Those are probably the ones that I know are the best.
-Okay. What I practice, personally, is a lot of talk therapy, so, like, take me through what happened at that point and then I ask a lot of questions and then you have to go into detail, which totally sucks, but that’s how our brain reprocesses. To give you a random- this is what I’ve told people on my channel, -is the way our brain- you seen Inside Out?
-Yes. -So our brain files things away like those little marbles. And we’re like “Today, I got to see Dodie, we had a panel, it was amazing, and then we went to dinner, yay.” And I put in this little marble and I roll it off and it’s all filed away. But when we have a trauma of any kind, it’s like someone takes your marble, and they just splinter it and it shoots through all your different memories. Oh, WOW. So our brain needs to take the time to go and pick up the little pieces and like, super glue it back together and then roll it off. That is so interesting! I love that! But it’s nice to, like, visualize it so when you have an associative situation, you can think, “I must have stumbled upon a little splinter. I didn’t know it was there.” But someone either sounded like this or this was too much or I’m feeling stressed out -and so your-your brain’s like, “Aah!”
-Wow. But done properly, at the right pace, you can like pick it up and put it in your little bin, and you keep moving. That is so cute! If you don’t have depersonalisation, but you know someone who does have it, how would you say you can help as a friend? Um, I think checking in is good, and knowing that a lot of the checking-in isn’t going to result in anything, necessarily, -but grabbing their hand sometimes, asking them how you can help.
-Oh my gosh, yeah. Any kind of touching, like people will rub my shoulders or like, grab my arm. I love that. -I really really like that.
-Even just like- yeah. That’s the grounding techniques and you have to learn what works for you because not everybody loves touch. -Like some of my clients-
-Yes, they have to ask. Well, ask for permission. Consent is important If you don’t like touch, something that helps a lot of my clients is like, um, this sounds really weird, but it’s not just fidget toys, it’s like spiny things, like things that have a little nub to them because it’s almost like someone… touching you. I love like- I have these little things on my wrist from the parties- that I’m just fiddling with like, you’ll notice if you see me in public or if I’m on a panel -I’ll just be like scratching my arm. Yeah. I love fidgeting and like touching and scratching and physical things.
-Yeah, rubber bands. Yes! Yeah. -That helps some people, too.
-Yeah. What do you think you should do if you think you have derealisiation/depersonalisation or whatever? Talk to somebody. Someone that you trust. If you have the ability to reach out for help, get on that waitlist, start that process. If you have the ability to afford private- you know, make a call- see. It’s difficult in the UK, and probably everywhere else, because derealisation isn’t too well-known about yet. I had to ring, like, a letter for my GP or like, you know, show them the Wikipedia page or like, record yourself saying how you feel when you’re experiencing it, so you can show it there just in case you can’t quite… you know pin the nail on the head. -Is that… a phrase?
-Yeah. pin the tail on the donkey. To give you, like, a loophole and a way to get in, kind of, like, sneak in, is to just say you struggled with trauma and flashbacks. I find that to be understood across the board because the truth about depersonalisation/derealisation is that that’s where it kind of comes out of and so you will end up getting the help that you need -and you can explain it to the specialist who will understand at that point.
-That’s a good idea. Cool, cool. That’s really helpful. Alright! Well, thanks so much. Thanks for having me. Hope that was helpful. Yeah, definitely. And we did a video on Kati’s channel as well, so if you want to go have a little look-see and, uh, definitely go over and visit as well because she has a wonderful channel. -Aw. Thanks for having me.
-You’re welcome. -Okay, byeeeee!



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    I havent been diagnosed with anything or seen anyone. And I found out about derealisation and depersonalisation so I went to my mum and was like yo , I think I might have this or atleast I have something , and she was like " stop trying to find problems in yourself and trying to be special " and all that .
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    As someone who also suffers from depersonalization/derealization episodes, I really appreciate you making this video. I couldn’t tell you how great it felt when I found out that I wasn’t alone in how I felt and this video can help others find that connection too ❤️

  • Suz Marie

    Sometimes I feel like I’m this tiny version of myself sitting inside my brain just kind of watching a movie that is my life

  • Korasi

    thank you for this.

  • Hummingbird

    EMDR saved my life.

  • HeidiArwen

    Sertraline made it worse for me (*sertreline?)

  • Milie

    I remember when Dodie first spoke about this I kinda felt like the concept was familiar, but I was too scared to look further into it. However, when I lived a year abroad I started experiencing long periods of time of kinda out of body experiences… it’s kinda like my brain convinces me that I’m watching myself from the outside, like I’ll be in a situation where I might be uncomfortable or sometimes there’s nothing much special, but I’ll start thinking like “who am I?” And suddenly it’s like I’m not really there, I’m like trapped in a tiny room in my brain looking through my eyes, but from a distance, if that makes sense…. and I suddenly don’t really feel anything anymore, because what I see isn’t real, so why should I be sad or upset or even happy? Living abroad was the happiest but also the most stressful year of my life, and I think it developed even more for me because I had so much going on at once.
    I don’t experience it as randomly anymore, like it doesn’t come suddenly on the train like it used to, but I almost always get it when I’m in a large social setting where I don’t feel entirely comfortable/in control. Sometimes I’ll constantly feel like I’m not “cool” enough to hang out with my friends, and then it comes and I stop feeling anything at all… I don’t really know how to deal with it, I think I’ve tried to avoid it honestly because it’s not constant and I can kinda predict when it’ll come… but it’s just so uncomfortable and every time it comes I feel like I end up seeming empty.

  • Mad Max

    I ended up dissasociating and feeling like nothing was real and I never knew where I was or what was going on after a really hard time and my therapist explaining that it can be "the brains parachute" helped me get over it and realized that I wasn't broken or strange.

  • Polly

    the problem is that the only people i can talk to about it are like my parents but in the past ive gotten bad reactions whenever i was completely honest and thats kind of been one of the trauma things for me

  • Ave Alys

    Just realized that I deal with derealization depersonalization a few months back and have been having a hard time explaining to my boyfriend in my own words what it is and how it feels. This video helped a lot. xoxo

  • Valeria Mafra

    I think i have this. I’ve been trying for years to figure out what was the matter with me. And every time i wake up it all feels weird. I feel like a roam everywhere. Thanks

  • caracarota

    Ur both so pretty

  • Wanju Chien

    You may also want to look into Dimensional SHIFT and 3D, 5D merge, Mandela Effect to get a better understanding as the REALITY in truth is NOT REAL.

  • Lili

    Omggg it's Kati AND dodie! I love you both and have watched your videos before, didn't know you knew each other!!!?! What a lovely surprise

  • Haruka Nanase

    I've basically been in a derealization episode for 2 years and like Dodie even said at it's worse it's depersonalization. It feel like being high but without any of the fun. I know it's from childhood trauma and recent trauma. Weirdly enough things that have helped me to start feeling normal again is talk therapy and yoga. I know it won't help with everyone but I can say it's improved my DR/DP and instead of being constant it seems to come and go more now and I'm starting to feel more normal than not. Working through my issues, allowing myself to feel and trying to be more connected with my body and surroundings have helped substantially. It's a lot of work but I am happy to be working through it!

  • THEO

    My trauma is from bullying,in primary school I was bullied every single day, from day one to the last day sometimes only a few comments and sometimes I was beaten up or surrounded by bullies and shouted at, in highschool it was just as bad so for basically years I was bullied non stop, beaten physically on a few occasions and emotionally isolated from my entire peer group, I'm nearly twenty and still have severe night terrors sometimes though not as bad as it used to be, I also have had bad relationships and interactions with other men when I identified as my birth sex, trauma really likes to pile up and it affects me now when I meet new people or talk to anyone, even family.

  • Mi

    Derealisation for about 13 years. I don't really experience moments in reality. Funnn
    Edit: this video was extremely helpful. I guess I'm trying to deal with trauma, even though I don't know what happened. But there were parts I tried to feel and some were extremely eye opening.

  • DolliLoxz

    I find myself not doing fun things because big crowds give me anxiety and I feel like really dissociated and can’t enjoy it, even if I go to a different crockery store and can’t find something sometimes I feel dissociated it’s so weird, I’m going to try to push past it soon for a music festival but I hate having to deal with it. I even had it as a kid

  • Cassie Hopkins

    I’ve been through multiple different therapists and psychiatrists since I was 13, I’m 18 and I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety but I’ve always tried talking to every single one of these professionals about my feelings of all three of these and every time they avoid addressing what it could be or asking me any questions about that. A lot of them kinda laughed and make me feel dumb for even mentioning it … idk oh well, if anyone knows any place/anyone who can help me in Georgia let me know.

  • Sara Butland

    The therapist reminds me of a patient from Scrubs so bad


    My depersonalization/derealization was so bad in middle school, I would have moments where I would stop in the middle of the hallway and just have complete amnesia for a few seconds. I know it sounds like bullshit but that was a very bad time of my life, and I think it was my body's way of staying "sane" to just tune out for a couple seconds. I would forget where I was, who I was, and just absolutely everything around me was so surreal and scary. It all came back momentarily, but I never knew when it was going to hit me. Thank god that's over! If anyone out there reading this gets these moments, change your life. If you're in an abusive home, run away. Judge me all you want, people who don't have abusive parents, but I wish i ran away. It took me getting kicked out to realize i needed to get away from there.

  • Laura Jones

    Yeah I didnt know there was a word for this, it's weird to hear someone explain a phenomenon you experience all the time and have tried to explain to others

  • Debra

    I love videos like this as some therapists just sit there and listen and don’t explain things like this…

  • Evelyn Hoffman

    Zoloft did that to me too even at only 20 mg

  • Cerridwen Kaiding

    I love how she said that depersonalization was REAL BAD and yet that’s what I have most frequently of the three 😂

  • nina

    i'm really grateful i don't have this mental illness, thank you Lord!

  • Eliett Alcantara

    woww thank you!!

  • Eliett Alcantara

    can you do an update video?

  • Izzybambizzle

    Im going to therapy, and it's hard for me to say "me" or "I", I usually say "One" like it was another person

  • Eliza Hamilton

    i think apart of my periods of derealization has to do with my not being able to focus on anything, due to a.d.d. i’ve been diagnosed with depression and g.a.d., but neither depersonalization/derealization nor a.d.d., so i cant be sure if the a.d.d. is making something that i might not have worse

  • EvilKris

    Honestly I don’t think TMS is going to do much for her. I have a neurosurgeon client who’s somewhat a pioneer in the TMS field here in Asia, and although he has told me it has some beneficial and immediate effects for patients with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s- and I’ve seen the before and after videos- I’ve not heard of it being used for depression or anxiety. it’s a bit of a placebo treatment, utilized by many in the neurological field when they don’t know what else to put on the table. I wouldn’t put too much stock in its efficacy esp as her condition is more likely to be pathological. I think what she needs is time for her brain to heal, and possibly a good therapist, not medicine.

  • Orri Greaves

    I have had almost constant derealization for a month now… it is awful.

  • Kaylescent

    I had both reallll bad and couldnt work and my job insurance said they wouldnt pay me cuz its not a real disorder ! And i had a full paper from the doctor LOl

  • Kaylescent

    I remember sometimes i would just be on a bench looking around and its like theres a screen between me and reality ! Like im watching a movie

  • Jesse Draws Stuff

    not recognising your friends and family is the worst part. the only way i can describe it is like every time you look at them they have a different face. you know who they are and you have memories of them but you can’t see them there. it’s terrifying.

  • frost

    ….this sounds kinda like how i feel, but i have never been diagnosed with it. i have been told i have anxiety and depression and even once ptsd, but none of them encapsulated how i feel in my body? like for me i can never relate to my own name, and my face feels like it belongs to someone else, and i feel like i'm sort of floating most of the time? i think i have to research this further, because this all sounds so familiar.

  • Sam Hawk

    Anyone els really sad

  • metafizyka

    My friend came through that, when she was going through anxiety episode, she had plenty panic attacks and couldn’t go out without feeling detached from the world, she told me that she have felt like she was dreaming, like the ground was falling down from her feet and the same with looking in the mirror- she wasn’t recognising herself, she was seeing another woman. Scary as fukkk and honestly after all the conversations I had with my friend I feel so bad for people with panic attacks and disorders mentioned. I mean, I wish my friend didn’t go through this sht and I can’t possibly imagine how it is like to live like this for more than a year or two.

  • Shnurffle

    holy crap it all makes sense now

  • Princess Boo

    I really wanted to watch this and the information was great, but I feel with all the jump-cuts I was missing out on info. It was really distracting.

  • Stargirl20

    Hey, I tried EMDR and I dissociated / left my body is that normal?

  • spiccypeaches

    idk if i have any of that but i got high from 6 long hits for the first time and i had a major panic attack and i’ve been traumatized ever since and now i think the world isn’t real and everything that exists is fake

  • xMotoMitchx

    Just to shed some light at the end of the tunnel for people dealing with DP/DR.I was struggling with DP/DR, depression, hardcore anxiety, and panic attacks the past three years, but things are looking up and i would say i am 80-85% cured of the DP/DR. I understand how scary it can be sometimes, but "when going through hell, don't stop." Dissasociation is literally your minds way of saying it's overstimulated, so it goes into a sort of standby mode. The things that helped me were finding a less stressful job, getting off social media, getting out of toxic relationships, eating healthier, exercising, reading a lot, and getting out and socializing, getting sunlight, talking with family members and freinds about my issues. No matter how hard these things can be, you need to rewire your brain, and when your body tells you no you need to tell it yes. Get up, get active, and stop focusing on the past and future, just appreciate what you have right now!


    Guys, hi, i’m an ex sufferer, i had the most severe condition of dp dr for 3,5 years, i had no hope and was extremely suicidal. I am trying to support everyone who is struggling with this, as i am out and completely recovered. I made a youtube page, where i am sharing my experience, you are more then welcome to listen to my story and tips on my channel : “In Peace with Reality”. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjP_kJOFsjKkV6TNzW38y5w
    I’m making my content for you!

  • Arlin Aguilar

    I love those moments when a therapist explains something and the other persons face just shows them mentally going ohhhhh ya that makes sense

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