• InfiniteSolace

    Fear of your organs being removed is just delusions!
    America: normalizes removal of organs from children including foreskin, tonsils, appendix…

  • Adama Tova

    Psychiatry is guess work at best. There is no science to it, even if you delve into the neuroscience of the brain, you still can't measure mind. The main reason psychiatry is such a mess at this state is because it never took into consideration the most critical aspect of all healing and that is the soul component which brings everyone basically back to symptomology and with that all the drugs to alleviate the symptoms which you can't quantify but sure can talk about.

  • Amer Shell

    Doctor Tracy l need to get in touch with you, I have a serious problem and need help before I lose my mind and life

  • Júlia Moll Cerdà

    Thank you very much for the video. I personally had psychotic depression and it was really hard. I thought that all the doctors and hospital where actors and that there was a conspiracy against me. The worst part is that after I stop having psychotic thoughts I was so aware of the fact that my brain had tricked me but I was very scared of having psychotic thoughts again. And then every time I thought of something I questioned myself "is this thought real?".

    I would like to ask you if you know of any method to quantify the severity of the depression aside from what you mentioned in the vídeo. Personally I had had depression for a long time and I was seeing psychologists and psychiatrists. However no one could really grasp how bad I was mentally. It took me having psychosis for them to realize. I think it's so sad that it should be like this.

  • S White

    What a horrible and lonely place to be for someone suffering from this. I hope anyone who is reading this comment that is suffering can find help for themselves and live happy, peaceful lives. I can imagine it’s very hard when your mind is showing you things that aren’t really true.
    Just remember, you are not your thoughts . You are the witness of the thoughts .❤️

  • RocciGirl

    It never seems to occur to Psychiatrist's that there just may be sinister things occurring in this world that they are not aware of, and just perhaps their clients may in fact, be telling the truth.
    TIP: Read books other than the DSM, and begin to see what's happening right undeneath our noses — if you can stomach it.
    Start With These Books:
    1) "TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA" by former CIA Agent: Cathy O'Brien.
    2) "THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES" by former CIA Agent: Brice Taylor.
    3) "How the Illuminati created an undetectable total mind controlled slave" by: Fritz Springmeier
    4) "Abduction" by: John E. Mack

  • Blue Sky

    Oh man, how can i say how much i love these videos !? Thank you Dr. Marks!

  • Charles Logan

    Please what about olanzapine is there any substitute for it since it brings about weight gain

  • Ann Carroll

    I find the visual image, ie. the picture of you made up and looking threatening to promote your video on schizophrenia is highly offensive. Were you trying to be funny? It is stereotyping people with this illness. Very disappointed you don’t see how offensive and ridiculous it is. Shame.

  • Aisha coco

    I suffer from insomnia depression I'm on meds it dont work.

  • Ashley k

    Nihilistic depression is what I feel. Even if I get money I will spend it on someone else because atleast someone is happy.

  • Thomas Gary

    I was extremely depressed until I realized that most people who are bald headed actually don't have any hair at all. I'm also glad that I figured out that milk and cereal gives horrible cases of explosive diarrhea. I miss cereal tho. I have also finally come to terms with the fact that most people who live in Arkansas actually do live in Arkansas

  • Kurt Vogler

    Question to you, I have been on depression medication for a period of years now, I was told that if you are on this medication for long period of time, you are more likely to be on it for life. Is this true?

  • Hippie Style

    I am a nihilist!

  • David Maclamont

    There is no such thing as "Depression" it is "Suppression"…….. Suppression of the real self… It comes from Inside..not outside.. When the medical world wakes up to this then we can move forward…

  • Avery Brown

    I appreciate the fact that your video is very minimal – no music or distracting backgrounds. It is very accessible for us with sensory processing issues. Thank you!

  • JoJo Wallace

    Fantastic vlog. Amazing insight. I have BP2 and struggle with sleep on keto. I take 5 mg of lithium orotate nightly with CBD/THC and recently added glycine 1/4 tsp which seems to help. Wondered if you had an opinion on glycine. Thanks, doctor, for all you do!💕

  • Christina M

    How is the belief that nothing matters a fixed false belief? Can it be proven objectively that anything does matter? It's completely subjective so how can these be described as delusions?

  • idan willenchik

    If I could only get a gun,shoot myself in the head and end it all….No more pain,no more stress,no more hardship.Everything will be gone in a second! But the fear holds me back.Stuck in a life that's an ordeal and afraid of the unknown but that fear is slow but surely diminishing.I only need an opportunity.

  • 31YAH

    Thank you

  • neelubird

    Oh this sounds familiar. I have a family member that is convinced our neighbours are conspiring against her. We have good neighbours and there's no evidence to substantiate her claims, but she keeps insisting they are affecting the lights and electricity in the house and sometimes she wants to call the police. We've talked her out of calling the police but this is wearing us down having to try to reason with her so much and work hard to get through to her.

    In other aspects of her life she is doing well, keeps quite active and has her chronic illnesses (Lupus SLE, Sjogrens, Diabetes) under control.

  • Zagraniczniak

    But the notion that existence is meaningless and life is pointless may be entirely objective, not delusional. The point can thus be made that pessimism is more truthful than optimism.

  • ZummTube

    So, is there a point of existence? I think this is more a philosophical question and if somebody find, that there is not any point for being alive, then there is not.

  • JD Davidson

    So glad you did this video. I never realized psychosis had different types of delusions depending on the illness. So very helpful since I have a daughter who's been struggling with psychosis and is very adverse to treatment. The psychiatrist who's trying to help her says it's depression and I was upset because I didn't think he was right due to her delusions lasting for more than five years now. Thank you for this awesome information. I really enjoy your channel.

  • Yoon

    Doctor, I need some help. I'm becoming more and more afraid to open up to people who are supposed to be close to me, I'm afraid if they learned about my dark side they'd leave me. I feel like I'm turning into a ticking bomb that about to explode anytime. My family became a burden to me, I'm the bread winner of the family and pay for almost everything that I stopped meeting friends because I've had been prioritizing my family. My father is severly depressed too (he's suicidal) and since he is jobless, I tried to set up a business for him and my brother who is currently jobless as well but they gave up before they even tried that it frustrates me so much. My mother is a housewife but we actually have a maid who do the laundry and cleaning so she basically do nothing (almost never cook as well) and been asking money from me. My parents don't get along and it was a shotgun marriage, they'd get physical that the idea of marriage scares me because I'm frightened that I'd end up like them with my partner so I don't date. As I stopped hanging out, my friends are slowly turning into strangers and tonight I found out my best friend been hiding her Instagram story from me, she no longer text me or talk to me, we used to talk everyday and share our secrets. I found it more peaceful in my work place because everything is professional and no personal emotions involved. I've been throwing up a lot for months, I slept for 3-4 hours everyday (it's 4 AM right now and I have to clock in at 8), I usually turned off all the lights in my room and just lay down on the bed until morning doing nothing at all with my eyes closed. Talking to strangers that I know I won't meet anymore is more relaxing for me. I have this constant urge to do something crazy but I always managed to stop myself. I still have some self control left but I don't know for how long.

  • honorabilis1

    How is it a delusion about no point to anything , we die what ever we do when it is truth

  • Nick

    Do you have videos on ocd??

  • Kevin Nair

    We sometimes think we want to disappear, but all we really want is to be found, noticed, loved, wanted.

    isnt it sad, when you get hurt so much that you say "I'm used to it."

    It just takes one phone call one conversation, just ask how my day was.

    I hate when people pretend.

    I pity myself, every day, every second.

    Dont be there for me when its convenient, be there when its not.

    Im really Tired of hoping for things that I know will never happen.

    But… suicide is never an option right?

  • Nick

    May all be well,safe,and free…

  • Fox Mulder1999

    "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the Power of the Holy Spirit."
    The only thing that helps with my depression and anxiety is when I pray and realize that it's not really a mental disorder, it's the enemy attacking your mind. Anyone been experiencing dreams lately where you've been getting attacked or forced to do things you don't want to? You aren't alone if so. I pray this message reaches someone who needs to hear it…in Jesus name. Contact me if you want/need to talk to someone.

  • Rocco George

    This is amazing life changing info, thank you!!!

  • Carolina Guillen

    Thank you so much for this information. It has brought profound clarity to my life.

  • Robert Bell

    The title should be spotting demon possession. It's the core root of mental illness. Learn to fast and pray. Stay away from the pharmaceutical medications.These medications open the doors for demon possession. If u find yourself deeply depressed know there's a demon operating in you. You must fast and pray its ur only weapon against them. Don't let these doctors and psychiatrists oppose their witchcraft on you.

  • Ezra Stardust

    Does this go hand in hand with ptsd?

  • gary jones

    I've been ill and housebound for 30 years never had any help of ever likely to get any. Before the internet I got In 2010 I had extremely little contact with any other humans. Sometimes holes are so dark and deep you never get out and after years you don't want to. The view from my window isn't pretty and humans seem shallow and dark and self serving to me. I wish they would all disappear and leave the planet to the less self deceptive creatures they seem intent on destroying. I wish them nothing but death now. Is this a wrong view or just an individual one of unique Vision and experience

  • HoneyedHylian

    I'm curious what you think about depressed/anxious people who believe they are experiencing paranormal events. How can someone know if something is actually happening or if it's a delusion?

  • Katie g

    I suffer from pmdd , the last two years it's gotten worse , I get those nihilistic thoughts constantly now .

  • Noel Smidgeon

    just had my condition explained so i understand, thank you

  • Vesania Molfino

    Now I can understand all the episodes in my teens and pregnancy, as well some of my thoughts. Thank you, been able to recognise the symptoms helps me to create ways to unfocus from that cycle and from suicidal thoughts. Thanks a lot

  • Victoria Mayo

    I feel like what’s the point of existing. I have a hard time getting out of bed. And when I am so depressed I find it hard to take a breathe and my breathe becomes very shallow

  • Scooter PotPie

    Could you recommend a resource for locating a local psychiatrist who does talk therapy as well as prescribes? I live in Boston.

  • Retro Causality

    “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” – Krishnamurti

    Every person I know says we live in crazy times under an insane government and in a backwards society. In their next breath, they ask why I do not want to participate and fund this shit show.
    I think we who suffer from anxiety, depression, etc have a normal reaction to our surroundings.

  • Hayley Alena

    What!!! This is amazing. I always have the nihilistic thoughts when I’m really depressed and I’m so convinced that what I believe is true. I didn’t know that was a known thing…

  • Octopus Troller

    Any videos on recognising the inducer?

  • Rikko K

    Very intresting video!

    Wow……..concise info you rarely get from you local Pdoc.

  • Linda Johnson

    Meds are useful in the first instance but they can and DO only so much. Over time, dosages need to be tweaked and/or need to be swapped out because of acquired sensitivity/de-sensitisation, by which time one’s body has acclimatised to that particular cocktail of drugs, making the change-over that much more horrific (and it gets worse every time your meds are changed). Not to mention the detrimental effects that are barely gleaned over by one’s doctor, in favour of promoting these noxious chemicals; sometimes a doctor will tell you to read the information leaflet that comes with the medication but, more often than not, it is tacitly accepted that the patient has the want to read the leaflet, feels the need to read the leaflet, AND the knowledge to interpret it all, correctly. As for the anti-psychotics, I’m one of those who ended up with metabolic syndrome after two years of taking Olanzapine (in conjunction with anti-depressants and other prescription meds). I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome in 2008 and I’m still paying the consequences of it, and will do for the rest of my life. I trusted general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists with my life, and they broke the very first sentence of the modern Hippocratic oath… “First, do no harm.” 😢

    Maybe we (as a collective) need to fix the main problem, i.e. get rid of the unrealistic pressures that our Westernised, modernised, “civilised” society imposes on us and get back to caring for and about each other. Life should be all about “need over greed”; the world in which we are living, including the medical fraternity and the pharmaceutical/health/fitness industries, has read the memo wrong… to them it’s “greed over need”. Thanks to the people who thought they knew it all (and towards whom the “professional’s” inherent power differential in our relationship is heavily biased) for fobbed me off – in the first instance – then made me feel like it was my fault for becoming unwell, and then throwing toxic concoction upon toxic concoction at me until it started shutting down various organs/systems. My sanity is just fine, as it turns out… it’s those people in this world who can’t wait to buy into the next big fad/meme/“me too [fill in the blank] and force their misguided and dangerous opinions onto people in their own self-delusional quest for perfection of body and face… they have little brains and no soul or conscience, or otherwise they wouldn’t feel the need to hurt others in order to feel like they’re healing themselves 🙁 (talk to any person who suffers from suicidal ideation and see if they think much differently from me).

    And to all of you who feel the same way I do, allow yourself to feel, but please don’t go hurting yourself because of the crap other people keep thrusting upon you. You have a painful decision to make, which is this, “Would you rather keep putting up with the pain of people/places/things/situations keeping you in the state of irreconcilable misery that you’re in, or are prepared to rip off the bandaid that is changing your own situation for the long-term better?” Believe it or not, you really DO have a say over your life. It’s a painful thing to go through, especially the bit where you stop deluding yourself that other people are going to suddenly going to become decent people because you want it to be so. Identify the problem if you haven’t done so already, then start making plans on how to best attack the problem for your best outcome. Change never comes easily but the prospective rewards that await you are limited only by your resolve and imagination 😉 Wishing you all love, laughter, prosperity, peace and good health ❤️❤️❤️

  • oshifish2

    My goodness, the delusional pic made me jump! Thank you for this vid, it was very informative, xx

  • lalaithan

    I have always wondered what psychotic depression was. Thanks for making this.

  • BK

    I have both a therapist and a med manager, and I came to them from another therapist and med manager after I had to move. Nothing seems to be working as I think it should, but I've been told by both sets that that may be as good as it gets. So I guess I just mark time. Maybe they're right and this is as good as it gets. Thank you for your video.

  • Self Evident

    Or you can follow the path of the patient and see what events led to their seemingly delusional fears.

  • Truth Convoy

    There are people who form "support groups" to push those psychotic delusions on others and they are very persistent in attacking someone who rejects their psychotic theories. I have blocked more than a few dozen of these individuals who have posted their delusions in comments. Some are trying to recruit people to their "support groups" to sell books. They are like religious cults. Why doesn't this doctor suggest that a person who begins to believe these delusions might be succumbing to peer pressure of this type? She certainly can't be unaware of the quack-scienxe scammers who seek out vulnerable people to promote their delusional conspiracies.

  • Marcus Knight

    Nihilistic delusions? Is there an objective reason for our existence?

  • Blue Heavy

    Can u talk about OCD, pure o, I'm really destroying my life a this point

  • V Siddos

    Ironic, I was just diagnosed with this.

  • 1o7e

    Thanks for the valuable information. Bless you<3

  • Zoe Griffin

    I have had depression since I was 9, and am 18 now. To be upfront, I have yet to be actually diagnosed with any form of depression (likely due to my age) but I have told by numerous professionals that I do have it, and have been treated as such. I definitely have nihilistic delusions, but I have also noticed something else. I believe that 24/7 I have a sense of not being real. It feels as if I am in a dream, and sometimes j cannot actually tell if I am awake or not. This has been described as dissociation by some, but also I have been through some less than nice things as a child, I don't believe that any of them could be enough to traumatise me, and thus give me dissociation. I understand that you are not about giving out free advice or diagnoses to random people on the internet, but if you or anyone else could give me more of any idea about what this means I'd be more than grateful. If anyone wants me to further explain I'd be happy to as well.

  • Stephanie C

    Quetiapine has been life changing for me.

  • Jackie Morrow

    I have PTSD and depression. I constantly feel like people are out to hurt me..and I am always unhappy. ..

  • exeuroweenie

    This doctor is so spot on,she's priceless.Really knows her stuff.

  • carocarochan

    Whatever you're diagnosed with, do NOT take any psychiatric medications, it's going to screw you up. It has been proven by the WHO that recovery from psychosis is possible without medication.

  • Muze Rhythm

    Thank you for more insight!😁 My friend deals with depression and was getting worse and I didn't realize there was a term for what he was doing (Nilistic): frequently talking about life being pointless and why we are even born…and every action to take to make life better is matter how small. Unfortunately I needed to back off because he was getting to the point of talking about different ways to commit sucide and when I asked if he was serious…he would say no. I had a heart to heart encouraging him to talk to his doctor talk about his meds…but he insisted he doesn't need them and even worse…thought he has been brainwashed into taking them in the first place.😞 I noticed it was affecting me dealing with my depression and I was more depressed and drained after I talked with him. 😞

  • Angela Ryan

    Chronic mould exposure is a major cause.

  • h3llnite

    On escitilopram now. 40mg a day to cope. Tried dropping back to 20 and 30 mg but didn’t work. MDD is exhausting. I work then that’s about it most weeks. I’m a vegetarian the rest of the time.
    At least I’m off the seroquel now.

  • keecefly

    Now I may be psychotic but I sure as hell not depressed. 😶

  • J EV

    Ativan and Depression and I joined a whole new world. By the time I made it to the hospital, I was convinced I was at a rave. I’m thankful I’ve learned more in 4 years, shunned benzos, and have lost the Bipolar 2 diagnosis, but I totally lost reality for a bit. I’m now fighting through a CPTSD and seasonal depression diagnosis which is the correct diagnosis. Therapy and acceptance are the key for myself.

  • Phillip Evans

    But the side effects of anti-depressants add to the burden. There has to be a better way.

  • Tobethuslyboned

    Reads title, turns to mirror, finger guns pointing at reflection, alriiiight.

  • when billy had hair

    I have had depression all my life, after the birth of my first child I suffered psychotic post partum depression. This was horrifying and so hard to understand myself. I thought bad people were coming to take my baby. I saw people taking pictures of me thinking they were trying to prove me unfit. I could constantly hear someone saying "Run, you gotta run". Its really disturbing.

  • K. CHAN

    Nihilism is but a stepping stone to absurdism

  • Kay P

    I have BP spectrum disorder with autistic traits. I have had periods of psychotic depression and mania. Luckily, I have also had long periods of normalcy (years at a time) with only minor lows and highs.

  • artemismeow

    Welp. Now i have a bunch of new things i should bring up to my psychiatrist.
    When i drive sometimes i need to make sure the car that has been making all the same turns as me doesnt know where i live so i make stops at stores or other places before i make my way back home just in case.

  • paleobc65

    I was depressed about not being a good swimmer for 3 years does this count as psychotic depression?

  • msqueen228228

    Thank you, This video answered many questions I had.

  • little miss inappropriate

    You help educate so many people. Thank you. I have learned so much from your videos. I was wondering if you knew anything about PNES ??? I have CPTSD along with conversion Disorder with seizures . I'm also agoraphobic with panic disorder, GAD along with these….depersonalization and I dissociate . Depression ,not clinical but from isolation and negative self talk. I also have an eating disorder and one suicide attempt 2013. I've noticed since not being able to afford therapy anymore my seizures are less to none. While doing therapy they were very dominant in my life. They scared me and drove me into higher anxiety hyper villigant state and I was treated by the medical field as faking seizures one dr thought I was on drugs. I dont do any drugs not even coffee or sugar. I was embarrassed and felt like trash by him. I find myself staying in alot more and away from people and situations… calm quiet house …no CBT or talking about trauma and I have like I said little to none as far as seizures . Unfortunately my Agoraphobia and panic disorder are worsening from no therapy. Staying in has caused Weight gain kicked my eating disorder up. Now purging by excersize. The cycle of mental illness at its finest with no therapy. No one here in my state treats PNES AKA psuedo seizures. I was diagnosed with CPTSD at 19 in 1992 and again a few more times in my life I never sought therapy though. After a drunk driver hit me at a stoplight in 2011. I dont remember the accident at all . I started having panic attacks black outs which turned out 3 years later to be PNES didnt leave my house for 11 months stopped driving for 2 years. I started therapy in 2012 and medications. Before that I was a full time mother of 3 ,student worked full time etc . Was only on a thyroid medication. Hiked and free climbed. Had many friends active life very social lots of outings get togethers. I was strong not like I am now. I feel PNES has such a taboo effect on the medical community and no therapy here for it . These feel like a real seizure. My body hurts after. I do get auras. Depersonalization is usually a sign. Sometimes things just dont feel right . It's hard to explain. I sweat during them sometimes wet myself I have had them in places where I have hurt myself even stuck under tables under my car . In my yard , shower etc. I'm very tired after , I also have severe headaches after , my eyes hurt from pressure ,very sore muscles especially a day after unless I'm having multiple throughout the week I also cry after them. I cry very hard for no reason . My husband says it's almost with every seizure. most times I dissociate afterwards. During an event sometimes I can hear and see . I cant talk and I have no control what's happening. Its terrifying. Then there are times I have no memory. Most likely from disociating. I had an EEG no epilepsy. This was a long post. I would love to have some light shed on PNES and how taboo it is in mental health and the medical field. The best treatments are back east my medical does not pay for this. I would love to do EMDR as I have heard it's very effective for PNES and PTSD. I'm looking at getting back into therapy soon hopefully. I just do not look foward to the PNES being more active. Funny how you go through life and then something comes along and changes your entire existence. My children are grown now. I have lost my friends my family and a 20 year marriage. I am remarried and living a completely new life all these years later. I use the PNES work book along with alot of CBT workbooks for panic disorder and Agoraphobia depression etc I do alot with exposure therapy and I use coping skills as well as self hypnosis at home weighted blanket depending on the day the situation level of hypervigilance mood I use different coping skills and tools. Just depends on the day. I set goals for the week. If I make them I'm very proud. If I dont ….I'm ok with it. I do not beat myself up over it anymore. I do find it hard to do your own CBT though . At home self CBT is hard. I do pace myself on my books. I use all my books in replacement for therapy. As I do want my life back. PNES is real we dont fake it. I think it is very misunderstood, taboo and i know i have been shunned by drs . Sorry this was so long. If you read this I hope it makes sense.

  • heather newby

    I had leaden Paralysis when I was 17 and working on an apple orchard as a pruner.. I lived alone in a bach in the middle of the orchard.. no tv , no friends,, no internet,,, and I remember I could hardly lift my arm to prune the trees… I just heard on this video that it has a name.. anyway.. that was years ago and I`m better now.I got better myself after I met my husband and walked miles every day and changed my diet and stopped my negative thinking.

  • Kira Overfield

    Symptoms of gang stalking

  • Cathy Reeve

    The best I have ever heard depression explained xxx

  • python java

    I think i had a psychotic depressive episode. I mostly had hallucinations and I was having anxiety about dying or being attacked

  • Sam Ho

    Thank you for your video. Over the past two years, I have been suffering from major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I was also diagnosed with mild Asperger's Syndrome. I have taken multiple drugs for my condition. Currently I am on fluoxetine, mirtazapine, quetiapine, pregabalin, lithium carbonate (600mg per day), clonazepam (at night) and propranolol. Drugs that I have tried but failed include escitalopram, desvenlafaxine, sertraline, risperidone (max. dosage I tried was 2mg) and clomipramine (max. dosage I tried was 100mg). My mental health condition remains unsatisfactory. My motivations and memory have not yet restored and I feel pessimistic about my future. I had to apply for academic deferral and have not yet resumed my study. To be honest, I still experience suicidal thoughts at this moment. What can I do at this juncture? Can you give me some clues on what medications I can discuss with my psychiatrist during my next follow-up? Sorry for being lengthy.

  • The_Muser

    Can the psychosis of psychotic depression go away without medication if the person pulled themselves out of the depressive episode without meds (as meds were not available to them at all)?

  • Clinton Cunningham

    Glad I found your channel ! So informative ….Thanks so much!!!!

  • Brian McNeil

    I would like to try electroshock therapy.

  • urchickie

    Wait, I’m missing organs?!

  • Terry Wise

    How do you know the difference between this condition and schizophrenia?

  • Kate Ragan

    Can you please make a video about biofeedback and it’s potential benefits for generalized anxiety disorder?

  • Brynn Williams

    this popped up on my timeline when i was having another episode… is someone trying to tell me something?

  • TaysonPlaysGuitar

    I've been on 200mg Seroquel for a year and it has been a godsend for this illness.

  • Mel H

    Thank you ❤️

  • Sheila Gonzalez

    What a propaganda of yourself doctor. Unfortunately most humans have all these disorders and this doctors is one of them.

  • Wenn RB

    Doctor, could You talk about eating disorders? All i've seen abou it is confusing and tends to romantize the illness. Thank You so much for all the work you've been doing for us.

  • Skelly Kelly

    I’ve never heard such a succinct definition for depression, great job! But honestly, suggesting ECT seems barbaric. ECT destroys your brain, memory and is very traumatic on the body!!! If someone’s mental health is so chronic and debilitating, is making them a walking zombie the only alternative? I speak from experience.

  • GamePlayer

    My social anxiety and,depression is crippling, I just want to die in my sleep,doctors will not give pills that work,they only give pills to drug addicts/dealers,they treat you like a liar just wanting pills for a fix.which is why I resort to alcohol to help me forget all the bs,but in turn end up blacking out and making my life ten times worse. Death for me is ideal.

  • Rodel

    Thank you doctor. This is very informative.

  • Esraa

    Is antidepressant alone can be enough in this case?
    Please answer

  • Forged In Fire

    What if someone thought there were people reading there mind along with thinking the doctors are against them and it all was tied in with the main goal to make the person suffer ?

  • Karen H

    When my depression was bad i felt ill shivery fatigued and just wanted to stay in bed did not have energy to even eat. My nephew was like that thought people were after him and he could hear whispering when no one there. Mental health seems so common now.

  • Ocean Esters


  • D M

    Thanks Dr. Marks.

  • D M

    Dr Marks, I’m on quitepine to help me sleep but I’m not bipolar or psychotic. I guess it can be used for its side effects. I do have thoughts like you described like why am I here, etc. I’m also still extremely sad about losing my dad and my do and feel lost with no purpose or anchors since losing them.

  • jarzka raw

    My parents say that I'm depressed, because I hate this world, our politicians and laws. All the motivation is gone. I'm often thinking about killing somebody and I get mad from very small things.
    I don't feel empathy anymore.
    Can I really have depression?
    Or am I a sociopath?
    Please make a video about this.

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