What is the Best Depression Treatment?

What is the Best Depression Treatment?

Hi. I’m Veronica. Part of my experience living with depression is learning and accepting that one type of treatment isn’t enough. When I was first diagnosed, I started going to therapy about once a week. And after a few sessions, I was really frustrated that I was still having negative self-talk and urges to cut myself. After going to therapy only, for about a year, I went on medication and the same thing happened. I was frustrated. Not only that I was going to therapy, now I was on medication but the thoughts were still there. 15 years later, I’ve realized that it’s not one thing. It’s not two things. But there is a whole recipe, a whole pantry of things that go into my self-care… into keeping myself together. It’s not just the medication. And, you know, all of us are different. So what works for me, might not work for you. Let me know what works for you and share it in the comments below. I’d love to hear about it. So here’s the thing about depression. It’s
not a one-step cure-all. I don’t believe that it can be fixed with
therapy, medication, or yoga on their own. I think all those things are great but
it’s a matter of combining things and figuring out what works for you. It’s an unfair condition and it’s going to take a lot of work to get things right. But I know that you can get there. I can get there. You can get there. And every day will bring up a different challenge but all those previous challenges will help
to strengthen you and it will help you to grow so that you can understand and
better help other people who are having similar struggles. Don’t feel guilty about your treatment process. Don’t allow yourself to be shamed by other people about your process because it’s your life and yours alone. I’ll see you next Tuesday.



  • Buner Fun Tv

    thank you

  • Joy Mechell

    I thought therapy and medication would be a "cure all" for be . I'd go , do my part and id be miraculously alright . I definitely was crushed when it started to dawn on me that that was not the case , and I started taking it out on my therapist , questioning wether she doing her job right or not , my family , but more importantly myself . Some days I have good days where I feel like it's working , but a majority of the time I'm hyper aware of the fact that I'm not okay , I'm still depressed , or a dark thought will run past my mind like a shooting star , disappearing into thin air . It's only been a few months since I've taken action , so I'll give it more time . I'm hoping that going to college and giving myself goals where it's important that I focus will help . I found , the more time I spend isolated if doing trivial things , the worse I get .

  • Ryan Kalnoski

    I'm in the 15-20 year range. It's been a very difficult battle. I do feel that sometimes the most difficult part of the treatment process IS the treatment process. Sky-high doctor bills and prescription costs add so much to my levels of stress and depression. Exercise helps, but I can only do so much. My pets also help out a lot.

  • Matthew Skurdahl

    Thank you for sharing your journey! The 'so hum' chant as a medication works for me. "I am that" — I think of myself as connected to everything and able to draw strength from others.

  • Hollyandbrandonforchrist

    Hey! Ty for ur testimony. I am Bipolar 1 prone to psychosis & recently discovered that antipsychotics caused my night time depression for years.. Now im on a mood stabilizer & antidepressant/anxiety & its working good, or as well as it can. Just wanted to share.. God Bless!

  • Saved or Slaved

    Try asking God & Jesus into your life & your heart ❤️……. I have suffered w/ depression all of my life & when I started waking up to the truth of what's really going on in our world, well then my life began to change! It has changed even more, for the better since getting on my knees & asking our father for forgiveness & to come into my heart. I was/have never been religious but I have to admit there is definitely something to this Jesus Christ belief! I mean Noah's Arch has been found, C'mon, that is pretty darn significant for proof that he is indeed real! God Bless!!!

  • Vincent Kelly

    Damn I'm surprised you can't speak so socially being depressed and all that is an amazing feat for a depressed person well done you must be feeling a little better now

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