What Should YOU Expect From Therapy? | Kati Morton

What Should YOU Expect From Therapy? | Kati Morton

– Hey, everybody, happy Thursday. Are you new to my channel? Make sure you’re subscribed
and have those notifications turned on because I put
out videos on Mondays and on Thursdays and I
don’t want you to miss out. But let’s jump in to today’s question ’cause it’s a good one. And the question is, Kati,
what do we need to expect from therapy, like, should we
be receiving therapy homework? Or how do we trust in the
therapeutic process more? I thought this was a great question because we talk about therapy a lot and how it’s important to get into it, but I don’t think I’ve
actually talked about what you can expect,
so let’s talk about it. Therapy, counseling, psychotherapy, whatever you wanna call it, it can help to see a mental health
professional for support sometimes. Know that we can look
into seeing a therapist in our area for many reasons. Maybe we wanna sleep better or perhaps we’re dealing with infidelity or trying to feel less anxious. While we can reach out to
see someone at any time, and don’t have to be in a crisis to do so, it is important that we know what we want to get out of it. I say that because many people
assume that the therapist will just guide you and that
you don’t have to really know what you wanna get out of
it, but that’s not true. In a way, you’re the
boss of your own therapy. You get to decide what your goals are, what you want to improve,
and how you wanna get there. A therapist’s job is really
just to assess how you’re doing, ask the right questions, and
move you towards your goals by offering tips, techniques,
and tools that can help. So, my first tip is, prior
to going in to therapy, consider what it is you
wanna get out of it. Or at least, what it is you don’t like about your current situation. And my second word of advice or thought about this as a whole is just to remember that
therapy won’t fix everything right away, nor can a therapist
fix any of your problems. I know many of you know this, but it’s just something
that needs to be said. Actually working in
therapy is really hard. Yes, it can be exhausting and
yes, we may want to give up, but it’s not up to our
therapist to work harder than we are in the therapy process. In fact, if your therapist
is doing more work in therapy than you are, it’s actually a bad sign. And that means that the
therapeutic relationship may need looking into. ‘Cause this can be caused by
a lack of healthy boundaries in therapy or not seeing
the right therapist or seeing someone that we like but who just doesn’t practice the right type of therapy that we need and so if they’re working harder
than us, it’s actually bad. And to answer a part of the
question about homework, as far as that goes, some
therapists believe in it while others don’t. Those who do believe in it
tend to be more like me. They’re more behavioral,
directed type of therapists. Others are more talk therapy based where they believe that talking it out and getting feedback in session is enough and that you’ll slowly get to the root of your issues that way. So, consider what style you may like prior to seeing a therapist and now that you can ask questions before making your first appointment. You can even ask them to
email you their resume so you can see where
they got their training, their education, you can
ask what styles of therapy they practice, and you can even ask how they’d treat the issue that
you’re maybe struggling with or what you’re wanting to work on. All of that is completely okay and those are your rights in therapy. So don’t be shy. Remember, you’re hiring them to help you. So ask questions and pick
someone that you feel will help you the most. And the fourth part of your question about trusting in the therapeutic
process, that takes time. It takes time to feel comfortable
talking with someone new and getting into the real work. That’s why I always encourage you to ask to create a treatment plan together as soon as possible. This will not only empower
you in the process, but it can ensure that
you are both working towards the same goals. This allows you to check
up on your therapy, see what progress is being made, but if you prefer a less
structured type of therapy, it’s also okay just to
request to do check-ins with your therapist about your progress and your process every
couple of months or so or whatever feels good to you. But letting them know
if you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, or like what you’re doing and what you’re working on isn’t actually making you feel better, it’s important that we work together with our therapist and let them know that so that we can get the
most out of time together because if they don’t
know how we’re feeling, if we’re really doing well or struggling or if what we’re working
on is truly important, we won’t really get the
full benefit from therapy. The last think I wanna mention
is that if we feel ourselves getting worse, please
let your therapist know. It’s not a bad thing to be doing worse. It actually gives us more
information about you and what you’re struggling with and it can also tell us that the tools or things we’ve been working
on aren’t helping enough. Maybe they’re not the right ones. So, we may need to increase
our sessions each week, possibly get into a
more intensive program, like a day program or adding in a group, whatever it may be, because therapy isn’t about making your therapist proud of you or worrying that they’ll be
upset about your progress, therapy is about you, you
getting the right help that you need when you need it most. So be as honest as you can, find someone that you truly connect with because therapy can be
such a life-changing and importantly a life-improving thing. So, make the most of it. This video has been brought to you by the Kinions on Patreon. If you would like to support the creation of these mental health videos, click the link in the
description and check it out. Please let me know in
those comments down below if I forgot something or
if you have other tips and tricks about what to expect in therapy and how you were able to trust
in the process altogether, because with your
experience and my expertise, we will keep working
towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. And I will see you next time, bye.



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    Do you have any advice on how to ease some of these fears? Is it normal to be this worried?
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    5 love yourself for what you are, not for what you dream about yourself.
    6 if you need medication take it.
    7 do things that you like… if you don!t like them any more, give them only 30 minutes of work, belive me they are going to be 200% better than before…
    8 nothing is so terrible, not our pain, nor our deaths, live happy, the best you can, in the life you have.

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  • Ray Wood

    Thank you Kati! I would not have felt comfortable asking questions about a potential therapist before I watched this. So I did and found out the first one they suggested didn't have the specialty training I want but the second one did.

  • Hannah Campo

    Cute shirt like really cute

  • soraccii

    i’m too scared to tell people i need help. i don’t know why i cant tell anyone. i just can’t.

  • samiamisme

    How do you leave one therapist, (who is very nice, my first therapist, but I just don't think I'm getting the things I want from her) and begin seeing a psychiatrist? The thought of confrontation and ruminating negative thoughts/hurt feelings, is giving me huge anxiety. I don't know what to do. I don't know if it's the depression talking, or am I not communicating well, etc. Btw….where can we submit questions for Kati to address? Thanks!💗

  • Dr. Phil

    I went to my fist appointment today. It felt unproductive and pointless.

  • Shaymaa Refaat

    I am always trust on My therapist and also they aren't annoyed to ask and know more

  • Ann Fitzgerald

    you're very charged up and can't stop talking–methinks you're bi-polar

  • Jacob Nicodemus

    Have been enjoying your videos!! I’ve been to various therapists over the years, on probably my 6th now. They’ve all been similar in that they mostly just sat and listened without providing feedback. It felt a bit pointless with occasional (rare) helpful moments. My current therapist, I’ve been seeing 2-3 months, and she’s amazing. For the first time, I feel like the therapist and I are collaborating to help me. We are both working towards a common goal. Much, much different than I’ve experienced.

  • Y5F Danq

    I had my first theropy session today and I have found it (Btw I have Anxiety and deppresion) but my person was amazing but I have a question why do they ask the same question because I had one question that he asked atleast 15 times throughout the 50 minutes why is this I would love anyone to help me

  • Thefruit Dude

    I like your yellow top. That looks soo good 🙂

  • shmutube

    This is really great and clarifying! I really just wish there was some top 20 things to consider "working on" list so I'm not so damn overwhelmed to begin with! Ugghhh… :-/

  • Marissa Bergeron

    Thank you for the video. I have been waiting for my therapist to guide me and sometimes it feels like we go in circles even though I always have more to bring up every time.

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