What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

What’s the difference between anxiety and depression? Tumblr Tuesday! #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Happy Tuesday. And I know, I’m back in my
original digs here. With my newspaper wall. Brrt. And many of you ask about that. And I got that at CB2 years and years, Many moons ago. And I had to wait forever. Because it’s back board. And it’s made by hand. Which is kind of cool. Anyway, so that’s what that is. And it’s all recycled newspaper. You are correct, For those of you who guessed that. Okay, So since it’s Tuesday. I’m on tumblr. And many of you asked your questions. And I also have a journal
topic from anonymous. So many of you on tumblr are anonymous. And someone asked today, ‘Do I really care if people
are anonymous, or.’ I don’t really care. But if you do ask a question
with your name showing, Whatever name you have on tumblr. I don’t answer those publicly. I answer them privately. So for many of you, When you’re like, ‘But you only answered like five.’ That’s because I probably
answered like twenty, That were all to somebody else and
you don’t get to see those. Because they don’t come up on my wall. So that is that. Okay. Lets get going. Because we have some really
interesting questions today. And I think that it will
be really helpful. So lets get going. First one, ‘Hey Kati, if someone has panic attacks,’ ‘Does that mean that they
have an anxiety disorder?’ ‘Also, if someone has
an anxiety disorder,’ ‘Does that mean that they
experience panic attacks?’ ‘Do the two go hand in hand?’ This was a great question. And very interesting. And I have a video on, I think it’s actually called, ‘Panic attacks.’ Maybe, ‘Anxiety disorders’. Something like that. But, this was something that
I had to drill into my brain, Bzz. Over and over and over and over. When I was studying for my licensing exam. Because it’s very confusing. But the way that is works, Is that you can not be
diagnosed with a ‘panic attack’. That is not a thing. That is a part of an anxiety disorder. Okay. So I’m going to say that one more time. Panic attacks are not a diagnosis. An anxiety disorder is. So if you have panic attacks. That does mean that you
have an Anxiety Disorder. However, The reverse does not hold true. So just because you
have an anxiety disorder, Does not mean that you
experience panic attacks. Everyone is different. But think of panic attacks as kind of
a symptom of an anxiety disorder. And some people have them. And some people don’t. But you can’t have them
without an anxiety disorder. I hope that’s clear. That’s why I said I had to drill it
into my brain over and over. But, that is how it works. And the two do go hand in hand. Many people experience both. But that doesn’t mean, you know, They’re not, It works one way,
not the other way. Okay. I don’t want to talk any more about
it because I might confuse you. And confuse myself. Okay. Question number two, ‘#KatiFAQ who determines whether
someone has suffered emotional abuse?’ I have had many questions about this. ‘Is it fair for a person to say that their
parents emotionally abused them as a child.’ ‘Or do they need to see a therapist
to have them confirm that?’ Now, I want to talk about this, Because, first of all, If you feel you are
being emotionally abused, You can say ‘I have been
emotionally abused.’ That’s your experience. That’s your truth. Speak it how you want to speak it. However, When it comes to therapists. We’re going to ask a lot of questions and
we’re going to want to know more about it. And how old you are. And all of that stuff. Because some things are reportable. Emotional abuse can be reportable. For children. For adults. It’s children, elderly,
and dependant adults. Those are the people that
are protected with therapists. We have to protect them. I’m assuming it’s all over the world. But I know in the states as a whole, There are all sorts of
different laws in place, So that when we find out
something like this is happening, We have to report it. We are compelled by the law. We can actually go to jail,
be fined, etc, if we don’t. So that just gives you a
little idea about that. But if you feel you have, You don’t need someone to diagnose you. This isn’t really a diagnosis. This is something that
has happened to you. That you’re feeling. So yeah, So if you think that’s happened, Then it most likely did. Okay. Question number three, ‘What are the biggest differences
between depression and anxiety?’ ‘And how can you tell
the severity of depression,’ ‘If the client has tendencies to hide what
they are feeling under a mask?’ Now, the first, I’ll answer the first portion. Because the second is,
it’s a very different thing. So the biggest differences
between depression and anxiety, Because, as many of you know, And I may have said this before, They are so inextricably linked. We have, And my friend Jamie would be so proud, Because we’re learning
the trim model of anxiety. But, we have resilient zone. Right. So there’s this part of our
life where we are like, ‘Things are so good. And I actually feel
like myself. And oh my goodness.’ And then above it, Is our anxiety. When we come out of that zone, And we’re like, ‘Oh my god, I’m freaking out.
I don’t know what.’ ‘Oh, what if that test doesn’t go well.’ ‘What if that person doesn’t like me.’ That’s above it. And below it, Is depression. Where it’s like, ‘Huhh, I just can’t be bothered.’ ‘I don’t want to do anything. It’s
just all going to be terrible.’ And from the comments that I made, There in lies the biggest differences
between anxiety and depression. Anxiety being the worry of what’s to come. The fret of the future. We worry about everything. We have anxiety about what’s
happening a minute from now. A week from now. A month from now. Five hundred years from now. We stress and worry. Depression doesn’t so much
worry about the future, As assume that they already
know what’s going to happen. It’s already going to
be shitty, why go out. I know it’s going to happen. It’s going to be bad. So you can kind of see the difference. I’m just going to keep it at that. There is a lot more to it, obviously. For those of you who are like, ‘But there is, I feel more.’ That’s true. There is a lot more to
depression and anxiety. But in my mind, That’s how I kind of separate them. Okay. And leave your comments below. If you have other things that
you think and believe, I’m always open to the feedback. Okay, Now the second question she said is, ‘And how can you tell the
severity of depression,’ ‘If the client has tendencies to hide what
they are feeling under a mask?’ To be truthful, That’s kind of the, I don’t know. The art of a therapist. Now we can also give them
kind of questionnaires. And have you fill out things. Which many therapists do periodically. Have you fill out like a
‘Beck Depression Scale’. Or a ‘Beck Anxiety Scale’. Or any number of scales that we have. And that we’re trained to give. So we can do that. And that can help figure out what’s
actually going on in your noggin, Even if you’re not really expressing it. But also that’s, Then there’s the art. There’s the dance of therapy. There’s me asking you questions that
make you a little uncomfortable, But I’m like, ‘I know it’s in there. What are you
feeling. Tell me more. Blah blah blah.’ And from the way that you respond, Even if it’s all hidden. You don’t really want to, you
don’t want to show it. And ahh. I will still gauge what’s going on. And I will still feel where you’re at. And that’s part of my artistic
talent as a therapist. And every therapist is different. But that’s just how I can tell
how my clients are doing. And how severe the depression is. And often times I have check in
questions that they know, That we’ve worked on together. Like, ‘Are you going to hurt yourself today?’ ‘Do you have a plan for that?’ ‘Are you still afraid of death?’ Or, you know, There would be questions I
might ask about the severity, To know if they are suicidal or not. Because that’s usually my number
one concern when they are, If they are leaving and I know
they are having a hard time. I want to make sure they are
safe until our next session. So there’s just a couple of options
and ideas about what I do. Okay. Now journal topic from anonymous. Is a really cool quote. And it goes. ‘Very few things matter. And
nothing matters very much.’ It’s by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Who is a wonderful writer. And I really enjoy his books. And The Great Gatsby was one of his books. And I loved it. This reminds me of the book that, I don’t even know where I saw this, But it was like, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’ ‘And it’s all the small stuff.’ And this kind of reminds me of it. Because even right now, I’m just back from holiday. And I’m not going to ramble too long. I don’t want you to have to
listen to me for too long. But I just got back from holiday. And I just feel like I was
thrown into a wind storm, I’m like, ‘Oh my god, there’s so much shit to do.’ ‘And so many papers to file.’ ‘This person needs that.’ ‘Got to mail this.’ ‘I need to fax that.’ ‘I need to blah blah blah blah.’ And I’m like, I’m all over the place. Like a crazy person. Like sweating. Even though it’s like 60 degrees out. Because I’m like max, you know. But nothing really matters. And every day goes by. And I get more accomplished. And this actually wasn’t as big of a
deal as I thought it was going to be. And there’s no real need
for me to stress about it. And I really like this, Because very few things matter. You know what really matters? Family. Friends. Those who love and care for you. And those who you love and care about. Spending time with them. That’s what matters. And all of those other little things, They don’t really matter very much. I really like that. So write about what it means to you. That’s what it means to me. Okay. I love you all. Tomorrow I will be on the
website and youtube. So ask your questions below today’s video. As well as at katimorton.com And I will see you then. Bye! Subtitles by the Amara.org community



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    I have a question, can you have both depression and anxiety at the same time? I have very bad feelings of anxiety, which lead to panic attacks and just a feeling of constant worry, but at the same time I don't feel the need to prepare for anything. It feels like I don't care about anything enough to change it but at the same time I care so much. I guess that it's just the feeling that as much as I worry about this or that, it still doesn't matter enough to me to change it. It even includes homework and that kind of thing, so it's really affecting my everyday life, and I get completely stressed out about it to the point of panic attacks but still don't have the drive to follow through with what I'm so worried about. Do you know what that means? Thank you. Much love xx

  • Celaztian R Corera

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  • bdgsharris

    the past year or so i have struggled with depression and anxiety…and dealing both is not fun. An example of what its like for me is I start thinking about all the house work and things i have to do for the kids. I get anxious about will i be able to do it all, what if i cant do it all, what if i mess up or forget something. Then the depressed me comes in and is like you know what i dont see why i should attempt anything because i know i will not be able to get it all done and i will forget and im tired and just wanna stay in bed. Then I have this battle in my head which feeds the anxiety and on top of all of that i start talking negative to myself…You should be able to handle this stuff, Get off your butt, you are being a bad wife and mom,….its very overwhelming and I have started seeing a therapist recently along with watching your, Kati's, videos. I have to work on me so i can give more of me to my family and be there for myself. Thank you for these videos Kati!

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    …you mention something, the "trim model of anxiety" and it sounds really interesting, but I couldn't find any other videos or articles on it—maybe I didn't hear right? Anyway now I'm curious and can't let it rest!
    And Kati, thanks for the awesome insight about the difference between anxiety and depression! Super helpful!!!

  • Ryan chow

    hi kati. i was diagnosed with panic anxiety disorder with agoraphobia 2 years ago. i was on medication from 2 years. i started seroxat 20mg and xanax .5 2 times a day. now my seroxat was set to 12.5 in the morning and 25mg at night and my xanax 1mg in morning and 1mg at night. i became dependent with xanax and i cant leave my room without it. im from abu dhabi and wud like to know if are there any alternative medcne or therapy i can try. i feel that im not getting well. thank u

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  • shalyn lewis

    Ok so I feel like I have anxiety because I do worry about a lot of stuff and how it's going to go and what's going to happen and once it comes I then screw it up and I when I look back on it makes me want to cry and when I kind of start crying I get really hot and then I can't breathe right and then I want to stay away from people. So can you please help me with like some advice on what I have or I'm having trouble with because I really don't know.

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  • monika ridenchock

    I think the best cure for anyone suffering from these disorders is to identify the root cause of why they developed the condition, then try to look at it in a different way. this worked for me. not sure if it will for anyone else. I just have a better understanding now of cause and effect and in learning this I was able to forgive those who did me wrong. the next step is using those experiences to help others that have been there. but before any of that one should definitely learn the basic principles of how the conscious and subconscious mind works. figure all these things out and your cured.
    you do not have to be a victim of your past. rather use your past to claim victory over your future.
    this is all easier said than done because you have to be driven and determined to learn as much as possible which can be hard for some.
    I somehow figured out how to flip the anxiety card and use it to my benefit to drive me to learn and create more. but have no more of the negative effects. instead of overly stressing about problems I get overly excited over solutions and goals. ever notice how when you have extreme anxiety over an outcome and the outcome usually happens more often than not. when you learn to flip the card the same thing happens only in the beneficial way. I know my thoughts are scattered here but I hope it helps some people.

  • Kira Ragged

    I sort of feel like I have depression (or look like i have depression) because I have anxiety. I'm tense and afraid all the time that everything and everyone is out to hurt me and I can never relax and let my guard down. But the fear makes me feel helpless and I don't like feeling helpless so I get angry at the world for trying to hurt me and I tend to shut myself down out of anger… sort of like "to hell with this! I'm not doing this anymore I quit!". Being treated for depression has never really helped me get away from the anger and the fear, in fact a lot of antidepressants make me so irritable at everyone and everything that I'm impossible to be around. I want to talk to my doctor about treating me for anxiety rather than depression but I'm worried that they're gonna treat me like I'm drug seeking. 

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    Well I've been diagnosed with Anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder at a very young age and Kati is right about this topic, however my type deals with the fear of being around crowds of people you don't either know or trust. Bipolarizm is not being able to cope withyour depression symptoms and high stressed boughts of anxiety due to chemical imbalances in the brain, this causes me to feel all emotions angry, sad unshure exetera including guilt and nausia. Well I've learned to accept these problems over the decades and no need for a doctors appointment or opinion about me! Hope others like me are able to cope with this as well, thanks.

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