When Depression Blocks Creativity

When Depression Blocks Creativity

Howdy, Creative Cats! This week I
wanted to come to you with an interesting video on perfection
paralysis, and how done is better than perfect. But, somewhat ironically, I ran
into a personal block of my own and except this time instead of perfection
being the block I ran into depression. And this is something I really want to
talk about, but carefully, because I think it’s important not to reinforce the
mentally ill artist stereotype because it’s not accurate, however I think that
it can be helpful to talk about and perhaps suss out different ideas for
solutions so if you have any suggestions yourself just leave them in the comments
below and hear what others are saying and we can keep this conversation alive.
Anyway, what happened for me in my case was I actually had set out a good
majority of my script and I carved out a time to work on my video and I got stuck.
Low hit mood, depression hit, and I was not able to create. This happens to me
from time to time and I know other creators who sometimes deal with this so
I want to kind of explore ways around this ,or just how to be more comfortable
when this happens because sometimes it’s not something that you can cure
automatically and we just need to learn how to deal with it. So often times, in my
case, I have different ways of dealing with it;
sometimes I will wait for a good period of time maybe a week will pass and I
will regain my motivation. I’ll find the interest in the topic
again if I wait enough time you know the creative juices come back. Other times I
sleep and kind of just allow myself to kind of give up —
give up in a way. And I know that sounds a little bit counter-intuitive but for me
at least it allows me permission to be able to be imperfect and then if I sleep
oftentimes it slows down thoughts and I’m in a different state of mind when I
wake up maybe a little bit fresher and I can
re-approach. It’s kind of like incubation like when we talked in the last video
which I find is a very helpful strategy for me as well
sometimes just sitting in quiet is a great way to deal with that problem as
well meditation is excellent focusing on your breath going in and out. And if you
have a hard time keeping your focus there’s lots of videos online or audios
that you can access that will guide you through a meditation and I really
recommend trying different ones because everyone is different and different
techniques work better or worse depending on your personality and just
what works for you. I really wanted to make this video and try something
different because I actually found this niche of
videos on YouTube, not long ago, which is kind of like people expressing
their thoughts like it was their diary to the camera. It’s a little bit
different from a vlog – where people actually just feel like share their real
feelings and emotions to the camera, which what I thought was really
interesting. Like, it’s not the type of video that I would typically create.
Typically I’m very very script oriented I like to know the flow and how to best
present the ideas so the viewer has perhaps a really concrete and analyzed
way of viewing the video that flows in a sort of like story like fashion. I find
that and I can ramble I mean anyone can ramble so. But I’ve been kind of making a
digression here because what I want to emphasize is it was really interesting
to me to see people connect to cameras in this way and have such a big
viewership and interaction and engagement with their audience this way.
I actually found myself connecting with the viewers, which is interesting because
I’ve never met these people, we’re kind of at a distance, but it provides this
sort of like connection. And it’s question that I want to pose to
you as viewers: if you think that this kind of video is good or bad, or if it
says something about the culture that we’re currently living in? Because, like,
on one hand it certainly allows people to feel maybe more connected to – to
realize that they’re not the only ones feeling what they feel but on the other
hand it’s really tempting to kind of click on that video and maybe not make
the effort to meet people in real life and foster those real life connections
that could last a long time. On the same hand, I do know that some people make
friends online and they remain friends in real life for the duration of their
lives, which is great. So I want to know if maybe like this says something or if
you think this is positive or negative share in the comments and definitely,
again, check out what others are saying. Engage them as well and see what you
come up with. Keep the conversation alive. I also kind of want to explore different
ways to help with the depression. Exercise is really important to help
with your mood keeping your mood up and regulated. It
gives you endorphins it gives you dopamine and maybe will help you from
hitting those lows. And something that also works is I think a lot of into– like
a lot of us intuitively know already that sugar really helps lift up your
mood. Ideally it would be like a natural form of sugar like a fruit, but it can
actually help elevate our mood and self-control, believe it or not, it helps
with. Even, like, rinsing your mouth out with a sugary drink can help sleep is
really important having a good diet and eating regularly and having a regular
sleep schedule, although it’s really cliche, it really helps to keep your moods even keel. I’m personally not even the best at it. I mean there’s
times in my life I am better at it than others but it’s
always good to identify your weaknesses and perhaps work towards getting
improvements in your life. Anyway, I’d love to hear what your suggestions are
for working your way through depression or not or just accepting it and learning
that maybe this will pass. So share your thoughts in the comments below. My name
is Sarah if you want to keep participating in creative conversations
consider subscribing, and until next time keep making stuff that matters!



  • Sarah Crookall

    Hey folks! Does this ever happen to you? What do you do when it does? Alternatively, if depression isn't one of your blocks what is and how do you overcome it?

  • Brian G Johnson TV

    Happens to the best of us for sure my friend.

  • Michael Lisinski

    We need to have more of these conversations about mental health! With so much emphasis on effort, achievement, and 'productivity' (not inherently bad things, but bad in overdose), it's useful to remember that it's okay not to get stuff done all the time. I've actually found that during the most 'productive' periods of my life, I've given myself a lot of down time; the difference was that I spent the down time actually relaxing and doing stuff that made me feel fulfilled, instead of half-working, procrastinating, and idling. My mental health was in a good place as a result.

    I thought the less-scripted style of this video suited the more personal topic. I think it could even be interesting to see a scripted and unscripted video for each topic, one discussing research and ideas and the other coming from personal experience. Bravo for being so honest and straightforward, by the way! It sets a good example for all of us.

  • HappyRon Music And Memes

    Refocus from your internal state to holding at the same time 1) what you are trying to create and 2) where you currently are in the process and that provides forward movement. At least for me.

    Nothing wrong with personal videos, especially if you tie it into a topic that is the subject of your channel and might be useful.

    One of my best friends I've never met it person, met him online 20 years ago.

    looking forward to some more poetry videos!

  • Blank

    You're one of those people that just have such a beautiful world inside of them. You remind me of how wonderful it can be to connect with people of that kind of depth and authenticity. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • Justin Bennett

    First thing is first, Here is a big hug!👐 sencond, i really like the lighting of the room in this video, Remember to just breath and engage yourself in positive activities, things that will keep you distracted as well as happy, surround yourself around friends or nature. Find something outside that has value and meaning to you, look up in the sky and know that even though this world is big you have value as well. Look within yourself and find something special just as you've found something on the outside. This video format/freeform is more engaging and personal. I really like how you open up about it, showing vulnablily is not weakness its a step into overcoming an obstacle, accepting help from allies to guide you through this infinity war within.
    Stay Strong, You are Super, and the hero within is still there! Continue creating, I would love to hear some poety from you, never be afraid to try new things, be free and express yourself. B.E.A.D.S.

  • CreativeQueen x

    I had depression too in the past. But now I know how to deal with it and I am happy.
    I actually wanted to commit suicide this is how bad it was..and then I started youtube and now I feel free coz I can express myself freely and my thoughts and ideas are no more being suffocated…

    The key is to let it all out and share ur feelings. Just cry when you feel sad. You will feel better when u let out all the negative feelings. Also I started to surround myself with positive people and it really helps. No more negative media, no sad music. Spend more time in nature and the best thing is do what you love. Be grateful every day. Gratitude is key.

    These things happens in life…but I know you are a fighter girl. 😊💪

  • CreativeQueen x

    I am glad you shared it with us hun. Don't worry u are not the only one. We are strong women 💪😘

  • Jessica Kemna

    I have found that when iam depressed creativity is my way out , another thing that helps me when iam depressed is working out 🏋️‍♀️, those natural endorphins that are released are amazing and a big uplift ….talking helps , keeping a daily journal 📓 helps to …..support groups …wonderfull and interesting upload ❤️❤️👍

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