Who Is The Doomer? – Dealing With An Age Of Hopelessness

Who Is The Doomer? – Dealing With An Age Of Hopelessness



  • Al AL

    We are all born bloomers but end up doomers

  • aKa Donut

    Our teacher figures are to blame… everyone kinda told me and other people that we are wothless and life is miserable… nah, life is worth fighting for. XD I`ll prove people wrong or die trying
    people are strong , and at least some of them try, that is good

  • aKa Donut

    Guess… people want to experience some meaning that existed before they created any… as to say… they don`t wanna be gods, mearly pawns. I mean… the strong, or god figures, kinda forged their own stuff, pawns kinda wanna take orders and live paycheck to paychek like in chess xd

  • PixelLightShow

    How about you just live your fucking life ,insted of liveing it based on fucking tic tok and 4chan memes?

  • JH

    Same memes that make us laugh, make us cry.

    – Nietzsche

  • buke jakely

    Doomer cannot be a "she" doomerism is a male problem dont take away from that

  • A n d y S

    Existential-Crisis’s all over this channel

  • Abdeljalil

    I'm a doomer but Acid makes me a bloomer even if it is not a realistic view of the world I prefer to live happily in a lie

  • JamezGot Luck

    Ok, so does this mean I am a 15 or 16 year old doomer??? ….The zoomers have shunned me

  • Dead outside

    Ok doomer

  • Jimmy jimelef

    Thank you

  • MegaPollitoconpapas

    Im not crying, you are crying!!!

  • Bruh

    ok, doomer

  • Sid Wangkhem

    Everyone after watching this video : "Oh I am a doomer."

  • ᴅᴏᴏᴍɢᴜʏ➏➍

    Im a doomer, a doomer is a doom fan

  • Kirekt

    Well, I guess I'm going to identify myself as a "doomer" now.

  • Adonas Official

    its a meme they said,
    it is funny they said…

  • Br1koo

    Fuck ive got so many youtube responses to my comments telling me ok boomer, and i didnt understand why they wrote that, i found it a stupid new meme. I didnt know about the other memes like the doomer, but watching this video i just realized its fully about me. Since i moved to another country's capital i just cant find myself, since 4 years i cannot be really happy even though i have a good job, a girlfriend, a flat. Im just fucking lost, and feel like im going nowhere.

  • Toni Blackstone

    They act like the boomer generation don’t have people who struggle in life, kill them self, be depressed, ore have existence crises, how ignorant i that pleas?
    Thats a part of the whole life game since life was created.

  • Budd J Dweyer

    I was today years old when I found out I was, in fact, a doomer.

  • jakethreesixty

    Oh shit that's me
    Guess I'm a pee pee poomer

  • Ohshitjpg

    damn this hits hard, especially when im exactly 20 and male .-.

  • Glorious Bastard

    I hate all of you.

  • Josue Bonilla

    Cosas de mamadores

  • João Vicente

    You forgot to say that the dooner listens to doom metal

  • apricus

    I did watch the video when it came out, but i forgot about it. Just watched it at 4am, it killed me. I am a doomer.

  • SamySalami

    Im proud of being a bloomer now lol

  • Scott Coggins

    I find it amazing how our existence, emotions, and perceptions all depend on chemicals in our brain. What a sad fucking joke it all is.

  • Bahlzeron

    As stated in the vid, a hobby can really help, find something you enjoy for you… something that while you're doing it nothing else in the world matters. For me it's motorcycles, I love videogames (have like 600 hours in Fallout 4, maybe even more in Skyrim) but getting out and doing something (to me) feels more fulfilling. Also motorcycles inspire me to learn new skills (lookin to learn to weld, but alas around me the only classes available are full-on college courses)

  • your roommate

    Was looking for the meme
    Found myself instead

  • sahzus

    Oh..so nihilistic optimism? Or what I call..it be like that

  • Corrupt Death

    Holy fuck…I'm a Doomer…How do you know me better than I do?…

  • Cosmic Memer

    Ok Bloomer.

  • Taiga Lux

    'Anti-suicide Pills'

  • Hey, its Pancake

    personally, i think the doomer less of a meme and more of a character that connects the rest of us that act the same together

  • Sergio kun

    Oh that's me

  • A M N E T I X

    Like if you’re a doomer :’)

  • Sam Mclinn

    'Anti suicide pills'

    Oof, that hits too close to home

  • Virginp0wers forever

    im a doomer, 24 touchless virgin, work a dead end job for money i dont care about, literally just play videogames when not working. I really want to die.

  • Dante's Inferno

    Living in times where countries are ready to attack each other at the flip of a button kinda puts things into perspective. But what I find more disheartening is that most people slog through their life working dead end jobs and then only ending up as a parent to let others continue their stories. It kinda makes it seem like an individual life has no meaning in the long run and that we're just here to pass on stuff to others. So all the suffering and struggles in the end don't mean all that much.

  • Clarence Atillen

    This the price of becoming self aware about existence…

  • Clarence Atillen

    This the price of becoming self aware about existence…

  • Aviation WingZ

    I'm not entirely a doomer but i have a bit of the bloomer in me as well , I'm dealing with depression for 5 years and still am when I realized somethings in my life. I got betrayed and ignored by friends , got ignored by others , lost every relationship i've had till now and all in all im confused about life , but I still know there's still something out there for me even though i feel alone and broken. Something great is out there for every one of us because without challenge and hard times you won't appreciate your good times and be grateful.

  • VipuL

    I can never look at this meme the same way anymore

  • C Mm

    Doomers etymology seem to share some DNA with edgelords.

  • retro agent

    If some cruel asshole has created us and left us alone..
    We should defy him and move on

  • Jake Bos

    seems like a funny way to say emo

  • KingOfNutella

    Doomers are nothing more than the results of a trash life society of today which has no meaning.

  • BubbaRuff

    Cant say i have any legitimate sympathy for doomers.

    like sorry that you guys wasted your childhood on the internet and adopted an "informed" political stance in your late teens

  • Dakota Nutz

    Didn’t realize I was gonna be so personally stacked by this video

  • ViiZiiOnZ915

    Did you really just say "excedra" instead of "et cetera"?…

  • Joseph Devivo

    Love everyone.
    Today. I helped a man whos windshield wiper had fallen off, the arm, not just the blade. I told him to pull it into the shop i work at, and fixed it for him, as best as i could for free with no parts. He wanted to pay me. But i dodnt want it. Just told him to pay it forward.

    Be kind everyone. Expect nothing in reurn except a smile. Pay it forward. And do not mistake kindness and peacefulness for weakness.

  • Wegaking

    That like effect in 7:00 gave me ocd those looked like bugs

  • Skrmng Hrd

    I came for the memes
    I left with lessons

  • Fancen

    pewdiepie is a doomer

  • Mint Hyena

    Shit I'm a doomer…. well least I'm not a boomer

  • Galaxy Gamer 101

    How am I do doomed but only 15?

  • psychiatry is eugenics

    Psychiatry is a scam

  • Rosa Garcia

    What is a zoomer + doomer… whatever it is, it is me m8

  • Elai Dankiest

    Stfu pls:(

  • The dragonborn

    I am neither, am determined.

  • Srinivas Metta

    I was a doomer sometime ago but now I'm a bloomer

  • iAmDaos

    "The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe [….] But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself."

    You know, I normally don't cater to quotes of any kind, especially in contexts as edgy as doomer mindsets. But that….that is worth quoting. Well put, Nietzsche. Just plain truth.


    I’m probably going to become a doomer

  • Freidheim of Prussia

    Ok doomer

  • whatthebleep

    I think it’s more like personality getting mixed up with current economical conditions maybe? What it’s simple like the amount of hours you have to work to live and so you just don’t have enjoyable days off because no money is left to leave the house and do things other then sleep?

  • Grinningd

    I thought this was gonna be funny wtf

  • Steven Jimmy

    It’s propaganda made by mean hateful people who mask it with weird comedic visuals. You aren’t anything. You are human. This is just an idea, a categorization. People like to categorize things for some reason it’s in our genes or something. We do it with anything like food, cars, locations, smells, feelings, all of these things are categorized in some way. Everyone has bad times and everyone has had good times. Don’t let a video/ meme trick your own brain into thinking this is you. Every one is different. Even if you have similar traits everyone is different. Imagine being born in 1975 where YouTube wasn’t a thing. You would have never had this sad hateful idea in your head because it’s not real. It’s meant to make you feel bad subconsciously. The people who make this stuff aren’t dumb but this these types of memes they are making come from a hateful place.

    YouTube can have literally anyone upload to it. You and I would never be able to tell who it is. The only people who know are YouTube and the uploader. Out of all the billions of videos on this platform there are evil videos. Doomer bull crap is one of them. It didn’t sneak up to millions of views and have everyone all of a sudden take on a certain mindset because they watched it on accident. Someone knows how to mess with your head and make u feel bad. That was the purpose of doomer videos.

  • kippari

    These comments are so deep and philosphical

  • Viirelä 03

    too real 🙁

  • HyP3r’s S7UDIOz

    Me a zoomer: stroborry

  • HyP3r’s S7UDIOz

    Bloomers and boomers are the chads of this all

  • HackersSun

    Hahahah the boomer vs millenials is small fights
    Do you think your mom or grandma specifically caused that?
    Its the higher ups man like ALWAYS
    The laws that lessen the restrictions etc that's the problem
    The hippies more or less were fighting harder to be with nature than the current day, and keep in mind ageism and "over qualification" are HEAVILY prevailant, with those boomers probably not able to retire

    Unfortunately this argument is just a way to get out the frustration of the gatekeepers of hr and corporations more on a generations than them so hmmm

  • Running Refrigerator

    I was a doomer. The way I turned my life around was when I joined the trade ( construction trade). I began surrounding my self with the hardest most manliest/macho people on earth. After being in construction for a while I became a man started drinking, getting woman, kicking ass and making money. Being a doomer is a fucking waste of time. We think by remembering the past somehow everything would be better or a personnel sense of comfort by closing our selves in. I used to be doomer. Believing the past is not it. This Moment could become your best days. The best moments don't end until your last minutes on earth. Get the fuck up guys. I was you once.

  • Don Juan

    Ah… does anyone have contact details for this Prince of Zimbabwe?

    I am still waiting for him to transfer that £50k to my account after I transferred the £5k to his account via Western Union as advised because of his governmental instabilities.

  • Rey_ M.X.

    : ( Me and the rest of you watching this right now.

  • patata astral

    i thought that doomer was some kind of funny meme, now i have an existential crisis and i guess I'm becoming one more doomer

  • Nowhere Man

    This continues to be one of the most important videos for me.

  • Yung Content


  • Diego 83

    Thanks for the video men. That really come in a time I whose really needing some directions in life, again, thank you

  • God emperor Of mankind


  • R B

    Fullfillment comes from within, and can be a lifetime road to follow. One can die before reaching its conclusion and thus say it is all been meaningless. Or reach their current goals and find them empty. At a certain point i have wondered if our lusts and desires are almost safeguards of the brain to keep us from descending into madness from the sheer nihilism clear cold or objective thinking creates. We're still a flawed species that for some miracle can transcend its programming to an extent further then most animals. Doesn't mean that we should forget that it is a precious thing. life can still be short but meaningfull. Find what you could bring to make life meaningful and fullfilling for both yourself and others. Because it is only when you take action, have conviction and have experienced conflict that you truly grow. Best regards.

  • SuperAlienGhost

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that it does NOT get better and all of the “positive sides” of Schopenhauer and Nietzsche are non-existent. Art will not save you. Existentialism will not help you. Hitting the gym won’t change what the world around you has become. The world will only get harder and more hopeless as the years go by, and I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but I’ve watched it firsthand for the last 20 years. You will only get more disillusioned and isolated as the years go by.

    We’re Not going to make it. It’s already over, you just haven’t seen it yet.

  • OiNahYeah YouGotAnyKet

    Seem to be a bloomer

  • Nina Lee

    I feel bad about possibly contributing to my kids becoming "doomers". I told them if mankind didn't stop polluting & overpopulating the earth we were doomed. I really thought people would step up. Now my kids are adults preparing for a revolution or apocalypse that will surely occur.

  • Kritiko

    4chan caring about doomers in their 20s, yet nobody bats an eye when we zoomers are probably the most helpless generation yet, being born into a world full of political bullshit and climate change, we use memes to try and escape the hellhole that the boomers gave us. Yet, 4chan makes fun of us because "LOL ZOOMERS PLAY FORTNITE AND LISTEN TO RAP HAHAHA CRINGE FUCK ZOOMERS" …fucking sad.

  • insert name here

    Watching all of this thinking.
    "I agree with everything a doomer stands for, but there is still hope"
    Only to realize that I have evolved into a… bloomer.

  • JacobHero

    I flip flop from doomer to bloomer all the fucking time

  • TheJellyfish800

    Be a Bloomer people

  • Unfortunate Observer

    This whole 9 minutes and 43 second video had not a single ad in it. This feature alone made the message worth the attempt to understand.

  • cafecafe

    Somebody once said , "it is a curse to see so clearly "

  • A Boy

    I swear every year i'm close on becoming a Doomer.

  • Andrewf5251

    truth is – the game was rigged from the start .

  • ari zona

    One of the most beautiful yt videos i've ever seen. Good job, this video has a very deep meaning. I never thought about comparing philosophy and the figures of the boomers, doomers and bloomer. This is the further proof that memes reflect the society where we live in, and condemn it.

  • Julian Esteban

    Video explaining the GAYOOMER, and the LGBTOOMER, and the FEMINISTOOMER, and the GEEKOOMER, and The OTAKOOMER!

    Vídeo explicando el gayoomer y del LGBToomer y del feministoomer, y del geekoomer!

  • Thanos

    I am become doomer.

  • Doomer 1992

    Daily motivation

  • Daniel Shunin

    Im a fucking Doomer

  • keith Gabbard

    But then you have Gen X who simply accept all the bullshit for what it is and keep plowing on anyway and making the most of what we have ,create your own reasons to be and simply thanking God we are alive . Or at least that has been my experience anyway . Bloomer ? Kinda ?

  • eyekv

    This is the type of stuff that makes me realize how much my generation steps on themselves. It’s pathetic because no one realizes it’s a disadvantage and road block that doesn’t let us get to where we want. People’s own mind becomes their worst enemy, leading to mental health problems or for you to be characterized by a MEME. Videos like this only REINFORCE those bad thoughts, even if it had a weirdly optimistic tone towards the end. The real problem is probably the culture which enables toxic stuff to be validated. Then there’s probably people who might be spreading this thinking because they just think it’s a meme and want to fit it or something too can’t forget about them.

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