Why am I being sent to a Social Security disability psychological exam?

Why am I being sent to a Social Security disability psychological exam?

Hello. It’s Bernard Nomberg with Nomberg Law Firm
in Birmingham, Alabama. And sometimes the Social Security Administration or the
ALJ will have one of our clients, the claimant, the person who’s seeking
disability benefits, to be seen for a psychological exam. This is outside
of the regular doctor’s or psychologist or psychiatrist that our client is
already seeing. There’s a few reasons for this that need to be explained
because it can be confusing and upsetting at times. There’s several
reasons why and it could be many of the following reasons:
maybe it is that your psychiatrist or your psychologist cannot perform, or
decides not to perform, this type of a consultative examination. You may, as the
the claimant, the person seeking benefits, you may want an independent medical
examination. You may not be comfortable having your psychiatrist or
psychologists do that exam. It might be that the medical records that you’ve
provided or not clear enough to provide a current diagnosis or medical history. Or that the examiner who’s going to be reviewing your records just wants to
have an updated and more concise and clear situation with what’s going on
with you. Lastly it could be that there’s some inconsistencies in your medical
care past and the records and information and again to clean up some
inconsistencies it may help to be a clarifying reason. if you have questions
or concerns about this situation we’ve dealt with this many times. Just give us
a call 205-930-6900 is our office number.
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