Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

Good morning Hank, it’s Tuesday. I want to
talk today about why healthcare costs in the United States are so phenomenally, fascinatingly
expensive, but first I have to blow your mind: Alright, so you’ve probably heard that the
reason that people enjoy “free” healthcare in Australia and the UK and Canada, etc, etc
is that they pay higher taxes. That money then goes into a big pot and is used to pay
for people’s healthcare, but in fact, in the US, we spend more tax money per capita on
healthcare than Germany, Australia, the UK, or Canada. That’s right Hank: you pay more in taxes for
healthcare than you would if you were British, and in exchange for those taxes, you get no
healthcare. In fact, only about 28% of Americans get their
health insurance through government funded programs, mostly poor people, old people,
and Congresspeople. But as you can see in this graph our private healthcare spending
(most Americans are privately insured through their employers) is WAY higher than anywhere
else in the world. In total, the US currently spends about 18% of its gross
domestic product on healthcare costs. Australia by comparison? 9%. Why is this? Well because everything costs
more, which seems obvious, but apparently isn’t, because every article you read is like
“Oh it’s because of malpractice insurance” or “it’s because we’re obese” or we go to
the doctor too much or people are prescribed too many medications. Well, not really. It’s because everything costs more. A hip
replacement in Belgium costs $13,000. In the US it’s often over $100,000. Colonoscopies
average over $1100 a piece in the US; in Switzerland they’re $655. And on average a month of the
drug Lipitor will cost you $124 if you live in the US. If you live in New Zealand? $7. Now we are also—not to brag—richer than
all of these countries, so it makes sense that we should spend a little more on healthcare.
But we don’t spend a little more. We spend a ton more. And vitally, we don’t get anything
for that money, which means we are essentially paying people to dig holes and then fill those
holes back up. Like we don’t live longer—in fact we’re 33rd in life expectancy—and in
everything from asthma to cancer, according to one recent nonpartisan study, American healthcare
outcomes are “not notably superior.” So why are we spending all of this money for
nothing? Well first, let’s discuss some of the problems that are not actually problems. For instance, the problem is not so-called
“overutilization:” the idea that Americans go to the doctor more and get more tests and
spend more time in hospitals. We know this because Americans actually go to the doctor
less than Europeans and spend much less time in hospitals, although to be fair, you can
stay in a Dutch hospital for seven nights for what it costs to stay in an American hospital
for one night, so no wonder we’re hesitant. Also it is not because we’re sicker than other
people. Everyone likes to blame obesity on our rising healthcare costs, but yeah, no.
That argument is just not supported by data. For one thing, disease prevalence does not
affect healthcare costs that much. And for another thing, while we do have more obesity
in the United States, which sometimes leads to health problems, we have fewer smokers
and less alcohol consumption (really? Apparently yes). So that saves us a little money, and
if you compare us to like the British or the French, in the end it’s probably a wash. Hank, the truth, as usual, is complex. Like,
there are obvious inefficiencies in our healthcare system. For instance, not everyone has insurance.
If you don’t have insurance, you still get healthcare, but you’re responsible for paying
for that healthcare, which often you can’t do, so you end up going bankrupt. That sucks
for you, obviously, because you’re bankrupt, but it also sucks for the rest of us because
we have to pay not only for your care, but also for all the money the hospital spent
trying to get you to pay for your care. Also the only options available to uninsured people
are usually the most expensive options, like emergency rooms, which is just BANANAS. But those
inefficiencies are hard to measure. Fortunately, there are things we can measure. So like I said before, because the US is one
of the richest countries in the world, you would expect us to pay a little more for healthcare
than most people. The question is, when do we pay MORE than you would expect us to pay,
and that turns out to be pretty interesting. Let’s start with malpractice and so-called
“defensive medicine.” The idea here is that doctors are scared of huge malpractice suits
so they order a lot of unnecessary tests in order to, like, cover their butts. That
does contribute to our healthcare costs, like there are more MRI and CT scans in the US
than anywhere else. However, there are a bunch of states like Texas that have passed tort
reform to limit malpractice suits, and in those states healthcare costs have dropped
by an average of a whopping 0.1%. The biggest estimates for the total costs of defensive
medicine put it at around 55 billion dollars, which is a lot of money, but only 2% of our total
healthcare costs. Another smallish factor: doctors (and to a
lesser extent, nurses) are paid more in the US than they are in other countries, and by
my possibly-faulty math we end up spending about 75 billion dollars more than you would
expect us to there. And then we have the cost of insurance and
administration costs, like paperwork and marketing and negotiating prices. That’s about 90 billion
dollars more than you would expect us to spend. We spend about $100 billion more than you
would expect on drugs, not so much because we take MORE of them, but because the ones
we take cost more per pill. Okay, and now for the big one. I’m gonna lump
inpatient and outpatient care together, because in the US we do a lot of things as outpatient
procedures, like gallbladder surgeries, that are often inpatient procedures in other hospitals.
We’re just gonna make a big ball [gestures]. That big ball is $500 billion more than what
you would expect given the size of our economy. Per year. Why? Because in the United States we do not negotiate
as aggressively as other countries do with healthcare providers and drug manufacturers
and medical device makers. So like in the UK the government goes out to all the people
who make artificial hips and says “One of you is going to get to make a crapton of fake
hips for everybody who is covered by the NHS here in the United Kingdom. But you better
make sure your hips are safe, and you better make sure that they are cheap, because otherwise
we’re going to give our business to a different company.” And then all the fake hip companies
are motivated to offer really low prices because it’s a really huge contract. Like think if
your company got to put hips inside of everyone in England and Scotland and Wales
and Northern Ireland (I guess not everyone. Just the people who need hips). But in the US we don’t have any of that centralized
negotiation, so we don’t have as much leverage. The only big exception is Medicare, the government-funded
healthcare for old people, which, not coincidentally, always gets the lowest prices. So basically, Hank, in the United States,
providers charge whatever they think they can get away with, and they can get away with
a lot, because it’s really difficult to put a price on, like, not dying. This is a phenomenon
called “inelastic demand,” like if you tell me that this drug will save my life costs
$7 a month, I will pay you $7 a month for it. If you tell me that it costs $124 a month,
I will find a way to find $124 a month to pay for it. You can’t negotiate effectively
on your own behalf for healthcare services because you NEED them. And not like you need
a Macbook Air or the new season of Sherlock, but actual, physical need (I guess it is like
the new season of Sherlock). So basically, Hank, until and unless we can
negotiate as effectively with the people providing healthcare as Australians and British people
do, US healthcare costs will continue to rise faster than anywhere else in the world and
we WON’T get better healthcare outcomes. Hank, I know this video is long, although
it could have been much longer, but I am so tired of people offering up simple explanations
for what’s wrong with our healthcare system. They say “Oh, it’s malpractice,” or “it’s
doctors who must also be businesspeople” or “it’s insurance companies” or “it’s insane
rules for who can GET insurance.” It’s drug companies, it’s government bureaucracy, it’s
an inability to negotiate prices. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and YES! It is all of those things
and more! It is not a simple problem, there will not be a simple solution, but it is probably
the biggest single drag on the American economy and it’s vital that we grapple with it meaningfully
instead of just treating healthcare costs as political theatre. So I hope I’ve at least introduced the complexity
of the problem. I’ve put some thoroughly nonpartisan links in the doobly-doo for further reading.
Hank, welcome back to the United States. As you can see, everything is peachy here. I’ll
see you on Friday. Friendly reminder, educational videos are allowed to be more than four minutes long. All of the people who are commenting about how punished I am did not watch to the end of the video.
I feel dizzy.



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  • Nellie Poo

    Because they are all full of shyt and too many folks are blind and can't see what's going on…..They got people deeply fooled…..that changing prices changes anything…..smh😔……#1 first of all, the psychology behind raising prices was to get folks to think that the product was more valuable, so they could work harder to get something they are missing out on…..#2 lowering the prices won't do shyt either, due to the fact that most of these drugs are NOT constructed properly in the first place because if they were , then there wouldn't be any negative side effects to them or negative withdrawals.

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    Not sure if this is still accurate, but the US ranks first in life expectancy once murder and car crash deaths are excluded.  People aren't traveling to the US for meh quality health care.  I'm going to take a guess that it's  because we have the most advanced drugs, equipment, and qualified doctors, all of which cost $$$.  We also subsidize global health care costs because the vast majority of R&D investment is paid for by Americans while everyone else gets off easy.  For example, if a single payer country wants to buy a drug, it can do so in massive quantities using significant leverage to obtain a low price.  A simple mind might conclude the US should adopt a single payer system as well, not realizing it would suck the profit out of a very risky business, thus drying up the source of new drugs.  People tend to forget competition promotes innovation.P.S. The per capita spending numbers don't account for lost productivity and pain and suffering that result from longer waits to receive often sub par care  in other countries.

  • RuleofFive

    Disagree with you on one point….not everyone can "find a way to pay" for overpriced medicine or treatments. In fact 45,000 people a year die in the US because they can't afford to access this corrupt system. Thanks for your video.

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    Doctors and Nurses: ''So we can survive in society like you.''

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    Everyone knew what to do from the emergency technician in the ambulance, the emergency hospital staff and the staff at the surgery center but there was no surgeon available for several days. That's what socialized medicine is all about. It's just what we call those emergency health clinics.

  • joseph-antoine Souffront

    So many lies and half truth, i hope that not everyone believe is big lies.

  • Nomida2

    It has been nearly 6 years and things are only worse. This is the single-most depressing thing in America today, and if it isn't fixed soon I think we are in for some dark times.

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  • A Olvaar

    LOOK IT UP: A NHS Family doctor average salary= $40K
    Here what we do, test 3rd graders, find the sharp ones, ask them and their Parents, guardians, or the State, "do you want to be a doctor?"
    full ride, free everything.
    Whole cities devoted to college for doctors.
    the catch= 15 years of servitude in a national health care.
    I myself would not go to an NHS doctor, because my employer pay insurance for me to go to private practice and covers the cost.

  • atomiswave1971

    Health care companies should not give lobby money to politics.

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    And also where is all that money for healthcare tax going??????

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    Licensure. Check out what Milton Friedman had to say about it.

  • Ricky Bosephus

    Ever heard of the LAW of supply and demand? Its a LAW not a suggestion. If you want prices to drop, increase the supply of the services. AMA don't like that…..when was the last medical school built?…crickets

  • Ricky Bosephus

    The problem is actually simple. SUPPLY AND DEMAND. Prices of anything only know two things: Supply and Demand. You can either reduce demand for services or increase the supply of services if you want to decrease prices. Its that simple, but licensure and AMA doesn't want more Dr.'s. They want less.

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    USA is not richer than those other countries, in fact the number of people living under the poverty lane is way higher in USA than in other developped countries. USA has way lower living standards that most other developped countries (like western europe).

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    Instead of focusing on "health care" AFTER the fact, how about PREVENTION!

    BAN THE ILLEGAL TOBACCO DRUG and the U.S. will save TWO HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR, along with the lives of 500,000 tobacco-drug addicts and another 65,000 INNOCENT citizens (who were exposed to TOXIC TOBACCO SMOKE)!


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    All that money spent on healthcare yet US citizens still die on average 3 years sooner than NHS UK and your infant mortality is the worst out of all the developed countries on the planet ! … and has been for years. Its not what I'd call value for money, in fact it looks like North Americans are being totally screwed over.

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  • Craig Thomas


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    Fox Glove totally prevents all heart attacks & strokes.  
    I am a Veteran, get low cost coverage & I totally avoid VA system, because they just push drugs, surgery & radiation. Sorry.

    Dude, if you take 1,000 mcg of organic selenium daily you never get cancer.

    The greatest advance in health care will happen when most people go into Prevention.  

    I use herbs: Saw Palmeto, Hyloranic Acid, Fox Glove, Willow, Garlic, Onions, Neddles, Dandelion,
    In China 1/3 of the people use liquid colloidal minerals to prevent disease, 
    eat mainly vegetables to prevent cancer, 
    use Quigong exercises to prevent many diseases, like arthritis, etc.
    I go a Chiropractor once a month. I take 1 gm of vitamin C hourly.
    Ask not what the government can do for you. – JFK.

    No one has ever died from measles who takes vitamin C or Cod liver oil.

    Big Pharma controls most US media. Including Youtube.  
    Adults are not required to get a vaccines. But Pharma has mandatory vaccines on new born babies who can't speak, can't hire a lawyer & scientifically don't even need vaccines, since their bodies can't even make antibodies, no matter what you shoot into them.

    Please join the Friday Students Strike for the climate Emergency.
    SF City Hall noon. Build 4-plex solar homes with 100 panels.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  • paul8kangas

    Congressmen get FREE health care for life, even after they lose the next election.
    That is why Congress will never pass health care for all.

    Fox Glove totally prevents all heart attacks & strokes.  
    I am a Veteran, get low cost coverage & I totally avoid VA system, because they just push drugs, surgery & radiation. Sorry.

    Dude, if you take 1,000 mcg of organic selenium daily you never get cancer.

    The greatest advance in health care will happen when most people go into Prevention.  

    I use herbs: Saw Palmeto, Hyloranic Acid, Fox Glove, Willow, Garlic, Onions, Neddles, Dandelion,
    In China 1/3 of the people use liquid colloidal minerals to prevent disease, 
    eat mainly vegetables to prevent cancer, 
    use Quigong exercises to prevent many diseases, like arthritis, etc.
    I go a Chiropractor once a month. I take 1 gm of vitamin C hourly.
    Ask not what the government can do for you. – JFK.

    No one has ever died from measles who takes vitamin C or Cod liver oil.
    The death rate for babies in the US is the 9th highest in below Cuba.

    Big Pharma controls most US media. Including Youtube.  
    Adults are not required to get a vaccines. But Pharma has mandatory vaccines on new born babies who can't speak, can't hire a lawyer & scientifically don't even need vaccines, since their bodies can't even make antibodies, no matter what you shoot into them.

    Please join the Friday Students Strike for the climate Emergency.
    SF City Hall noon. Build 4-plex solar homes with 100 panels.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  • Iriya

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  • Abby C

    Ummm this is really disappointing.
    The problem is that we have insurance. Medicare and just generally all insurance programs are terrible. They don’t pay doctors and hospitals what the actual price of the surgery is. They pay like 40%. And the healthcare professionals are like, “what the crap is this chump change? I don’t think I’ll treat any more insurance patients.” But then they pass laws saying that they can’t “discriminate,” so the doctors, being really intelligent, charge more to everyone so that they aren’t losing money on each procedure to Medicare patients. But many doctors have “seen the light,” meaning they realize that uninsured people are unable to pay their ridiculous prices, so they often offer a lower price to people who can pay the day of surgery. And now there are health savings accounts, so it’s your money being spent, not the insurance company’s money, but you don’t have to pay taxes on HSA money, so life doesn’t suck as much. Also, most countries rely heavily on research and drugs and treatment from the United States. I don’t want it any other way. I don’t trust my cancer medicine to come from Honduras or Syria.
    Also, the part where you were talking about how the US was 43rd in life expectancy? Every country before ours has a homogenous, much smaller population. Doctors in the US have to try to determine the causes of disease for a veritable plethora of nationalities. And in case you didn’t notice, diseases are racist—they’ll affect different people in different ways. Anyway, I’m disappointed. Please do better.

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  • Adam R

    There are a lot more people in the US than all those other countries you mentioned genius. That's why it costs more and will cost even more if we provide free healthcare for everyone. The solution is for insurance companies to be more transparent with healthcare costs and for everyone to be able to purchase insurance across state lines. More competition drives down costs. Problem solved. Cheap medicare for all.

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    As a Brit, I've lived in the U.S, and I can categorically state that Great Breat, is indeed better. America has the sex appeal, but Britain has the brains. Our NHS care system is number one, the best in the world, unlike America, in England you won't have remortgage £90,000 from your house to pay for treatment of a sprained ankle, our government puts people first, America, sadly puts money first.

    What I can't understand is how Americans protested against an NHS system in there country, I finally concluded that (a) Americans are dumb, having no idea of other cultures outside the U.S (a true stereotype) or (b) everyone is millionaires. The NHS has problems, but the greatest of these problems is idiotic Americans reading idiotic British tabloids and believing every bit of shit my country manages to put in print.

    NHS as no major problems, and America would do well to drop their archaic health system and move into the future by investing in health care, not ONLY for the rich, but the poor, the NHS is the best the world has ever seen, we even get foreigners coming over because you can get free healthcare, the NHS is a "people friendly healthcare system" it has no qualms about treating an uninsured person, neither will it bill them for tens of thousands of pounds. Compare that to the American system where if you have no insurance, they leave to die untreated, in pain and alone along the side of the road.

    American healthcare is cruel, evil, jaded, uncaring. Why you Americans do not protest for reform has always puzzled and confused me. Your health care system is fit for only one purpose; to grab as much money as it can, so Melanie Trump can dazzle the world in her £30,000 dresses. lol

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    We have a sick care system, not a health care system. Only 3% of the federal health care budget goes to public health and prevention. These are the services that keep people from getting sick in the first place. The Affordable Care Act created the Prevention and Public Health Fund to help increase upstream initiatives like environmental health policies. Of course, that fund was defunded under Trump. We cannot focus only on treatment and expect to lower costs. Health is related to education, housing, environment, access, economics, geography, race/ethnicity and so much more. I love the videos. It would be great to see one of the videos on the public health system and all of its activities, that everyone takes for granted.

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  • Heinz Guderian

    Our total costs are higher because we don't cut off healthcare services to anyone no matter what. Every other country follows the Quality Adjusted Life Years model which says if you are too old(>40) or too young(<14) you are not worth spending much $$ on since you are not providing much to the economy or society as a whole. Have colon cancer at 97? No problem here in the USA. Everywhere else will give you pain pills and send you on your way once you reach 41.

    A lot of $$ is saved when nobody gets proper healthcare after paying into the system all their life.

  • Janice Wallace

    I would like to add that you left out people who live with long-term permanent. Like myself. Public assistance health insurance is the only coverage I can get. Needing in-home daily assistance and regular electric wheelchair repairs is expensive. So-called insurance companies don't pay for long-term, permanent care. So I depend on Medicaid and Medicare. As things become more for profit, in home care agencies and repair companies, the poorer the care becomes. It is a daily struggle.

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    I'm ok with doctors earning just a bit more because their jobs are hard. I've seen it first hand. You are making all sorts of decisions all day long that leads to all sorts of heavy consequences. The stress is incredible.

    But what needs to change, is we need to stop pretending that the free market thing is suitable for everything. Not everything should be run like a business.

  • Michael Davis

    It is a simple problem: You cannot trust essential services to operate ethically in the hands of private individuals. That's all it is…

  • SJA

    Lack of centralized negotiations. 💯
    "Without conversation, we have no civilization". Niel deGrasse Tyson.

  • Harry Kirk

    You can't separate malpractice and malpractice insurance c osts from the cost of medical fees for procedures. It makes no more sense than separating the cost of insurance company corporate profits from the cost of medical care in general. You should just rank the various contributions to the total cost.

  • Vishal Sanjay

    First of all, the negotiation for treatments, drugs and medical implants are done by insurance companies and managed health providers, and this system actually works much better than a centralized planned one.

    The main reason American healthcare is so expensive is that there are a lot of artificial restrictions on the supply side, making it impossible to start new hospitals or insurance companies and some states even require you to take permission for buying MRI machines.

  • Lee

    We're basically paying people to dig holes and fill them back up… with our money !

  • Ryan Burkart

    How about this as a solution: get the government out of healthcare.

    Ever since the government implemented Medicare and Medicaid in the 60's, health insurance spending has skyrocketed. This has only been worsened by government regulations on doctors, drugs entering the market, price control, and blatant corporatism with insurance companies that limit competition and raise prices. How about these solutions: reduce costly regulations, allow for more doctors to enter the industry, tort reform, make insurance more profitable and cost effective, don't make employer based coverage a requirement, direct care options with local doctors and providers. Government involvement and subsidization in any free market only makes things worse. Why do you the price for colleges and housing have risen?

    I am not naive to recognize that our system does have problems but what many fail to take into account all that we provide in terms of leading the world in medical innovations, technologies, and quality of care? We also subsidize other countries in terms of our economy and military protection. Drastically changing the healthcare industry will only cripple the American economy and that affects everyone else. Adopting universal healthcare in the United States would result in doctors exiting the field, malpractice insurance would rise, a dramatic increase in taxes (forget healthcare, you won't have enough money for rent, groceries, and utilities) on the ones currently paying taxes, government rationing of treatment, and a general decrease in the quality of treatment. I mean, look at the VA. People also fail to take into account the unique American mentality. We have always despised higher taxes and governments controlling our lives (or we use to think that). Europeans have had a history of feudalism, larger government, and their lives managed by state authorities more so than Americans. The right and left in European politics are seen as being on the left side of the spectrum in American politics. When you also look at those who support universal healthcare, the vast majority of Americans supported universal healthcare until they were told the details of it and that support dropped dramatically. You are going to have a tough time to convince many Americans to get off their private insurance plans, especially when many are pleased with their coverage. Americans also have a health problem, since we're insanely irresponsible with our bodies but that is a discussion for another time.

    I wish our healthcare system improved and maybe there is a case for public healthcare (follow Singapore model?). And of course there should be some government regulations, as is the case in any industry, for the fairness and safety of the public. But universal healthcare is a huge mistake.

  • Sir IsaacNewton

    Private healthcare is better than universal. Just look at Steve Crowders video on how shitty Canada's healthcare system is lol OR South Africa

  • Conservative Tom

    Les gooooo! John Green being Ben Shapiro 2.0. It's true no liberals come from Alabama

  • Hunter Straight

    Here it is over 6 years later and we have done precisely jack shit to deal with any of the problems you mentioned.

  • VJ Roth

    6:36 – To be honest, the "new season of Sherlock" turned up to be a not so good analogy. Sherlock ended up being less like medical drugs and more like illegal drugs – the first few sessions felt awesome, but than it turned really bad really fast and you didn't even know WTF just happened.

  • Suthin Scientist

    The simple reason is that the government meddles in the healthcare system very much, forcing costs up so high. It's worse in countries with universal health care.

  • Summer Of Sam Summer Of Sam

    Has it always been this bad in the US? I remember when I was a kid (I'm 36) and my mom would get me same day doctor visits if I was sick. I never once heard my parents complain about costs or get slapped with huge bills. Today, when I need to schedule a doctor visit they tell me they're booked up until 2 weeks. Then I get hit with a huge bill.

  • 64standardtrickyness

    How do you spend more money on healthcare and manage to get no healthcare???

  • Isabella F

    Anytime there is an ability to tax something that is healthy for you those in power will try to, this just opens up the gateway for it! I’m so happy and impressed you started talking about this topic, not many people like to discuss the complexities of it but it’s important!

  • T B

    Warren's plan would cost 30 trillion. We are a country of 330 million. That is simply not plausible. European countries the size of Alabama with the population of Houston are not what we should mimic.

  • Rafael Felipe

    As impartial as it gets, from the government's own mouth!


    "The author emphasizes that the primary reason for the failure was the lack of political will to confront major players in medical care funding, especially the insurance companies and large employers. He postulates that unless such political will exists and unless the system of funding electoral campaigns undergoes major reform-reducing or eliminating the power of financial and economic lobbies in the political process-the United States will not have universal health care. It is a worrisome sign that these lobbies are financing the campaigns of many of today's presidential candidates."

  • Joseph J

    Americans are being royally and conservatively screwed/ripped off. Not a true capitalist economy. Wake up folks!

  • LDProductionsClass

    You say there's no simple solution, but based on your video, I can think of a simple solution: nationalize our medical system and use the increased negotiating power that gives us to pay reasonably for healthcare (rather than, say, not using our right to give the patents to drugs to other companies to make us cheap generic versions like we are constitutionally allowed to do but haven't since Nixon)

  • Field Flower

    Search "free market solution health care" Surgery Oklahoma Center puts prices online and they are fighting the price gouging. They are 6 to 10 times cheaper. 🙂

  • BL

    Explains a problem that affects all americans in a good way.
    People still dislike

  • Adam Rohde

    "Inelastic Demand", the ingredient that allows exploitation to flourish

  • 大韓民國


  • viktor m

    America treat healthcare as an expense not as a major profit making machine for the corporations and wealthy investors

  • Smile Titans

    Canadian health care is terrible. It's not "free". You're taxed to death and have zero choice for care. The massive run-over costs end up as debt. Ontario is comparable (and worse off) than Greece in terms of pop and debt. Amoung many of the reasons for this: open borders destroys healthcare, like it's done to the NHS. Everyone: Stop falling for youtube bugmen pretending to be clever. You're getting a very biased, myopic, and 1-dimensional view from this guy… on everything…

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