Why buying a motorcycle won’t make you happy

Why buying a motorcycle won’t make you happy

(soft music) (chirping) (rustling) – So it is 36 degrees outside. I was going to take my bike
in for its 6,000 mile service. I’m well overdue, it’s
actually about 8,000 miles, but then it snowed this morning. So I’m gonna do that instead next weekend. I’m about at 800 miles with my chain since I last cleaned it. Going to do that today. And then make sure the
oil levels are good. Coolant levels I know are low. But my last ride, my oil
levels were really low, and so I topped it up last minute, like on my way up to the mountains. So hopefully it’s okay, but I don’t wanna do
a lot of riding on it, until I can get it into service, make sure nothing’s wrong, or that I didn’t mess anything up. And I wanted to talk to you guys, too, about motorcycles bringing happiness. Which seems to be a common theme. People talk about how riding has saved their
life, it’s made them happy. Or it’s changed their life or just made them a better person. I definitely felt that way for sure when I first started riding. I’ve been riding about four years now? Four or five years? Wait, hold on, let me get started. Most of the snow has melted by now, but the ground is still wet. So I’m sitting on a plastic bag right now. (spraying) I learned something recently
that kind of explains. (rattling) I learned something recently
that kind of explains a lot, as far as coming to why we ride, why some relationships
burn out after two years. Why people quit jobs after two years, that I thought was a really telling thing. (grinding) So it’s called the Hedonistic Principle. So this was a principle that came out about after a test done in the ’70s. They looked at people who had won the lottery and interviewed them. And then also, and kind
of just got an overall, just kind of collected data on their overall life satisfaction and happiness and everything. The main thing is what
they found after 18 months. And then they did this
kind of same data research with people who had
been in a major accident and become disabled, and I think they went
specifically for amputees, people who had lost a limb. And then what they did was with both groups, 18 months later, they looked for the same data to try to find out their overall level of satisfaction and happiness in life, and found that in 18 months, people who won the lottery were no longer as happy and satisfied as they were when they
first won the lottery. Now the crazy thing is, people who had lost a limb, lost a leg, lost an arm, or become
disabled in an accident, who were very depressed when
it first happened and angry, in 18 months, on average they were
most… more often than not, they were no longer depressed and angry. What they found was, that whether you won the lottery or whether you lost your leg, in 18 months people went back
to their same normal baseline of however they felt and
viewed the world before. (grinding) Which means that if you’re
getting a motorcycle to be happy, if you haven’t done
anything else for your life to change it, to make it better, and your mental health, to change the way you
think and view things and deal with problems. You’re gonna go to the
same place you were before. I started riding and I was
overcoming so many hurdles. I was so proud of myself doing things I never thought I would be doing, and two years ago I got what
I thought was my dream job, and now (sighs). Now I don’t really appreciate
that job right now. I’m lucky for the work I do, I get to do something creative. It takes up so much time, and if I can get a ride in once a month, like a big mountain ride once a month, that is a huge deal. Like I can barely manage that these days. I’m already looking for changes. Reading about investing
in real estate investing, and learning about people
becoming financially independent, so that they don’t have
to do this strict schedule with very specific hours and it’s always the same thing, and you have to answer to someone else, and your money is capped. I don’t want that. But then it also makes
me think about my bike. How I’ve said that a Triumph
Street Cup is my dream bike, ’cause it’s so beautiful. And I ended up getting this bike, because this bike rides so nicely. And I wanted to get something used, and cheaper than at the time, I could find Triumph Street Cups which were all brand
new when I was looking. Just ’cause I wanted to
ride it as hard as possible and not feel bad if I
beat it up, which I have. I don’t know if you can see in the video, but it just goes to show, if you’re buying a motorcycle to be happy, within 18 months you’re gonna
need a different motorcycle. It’s not enough. You gotta make other changes to your life, your everyday life, and your mental space. This is not as dirty as
I thought it would be. My fingers are cold. Now I need to wait 20
minutes for this to dry before I can lube it up. If you want to see how I
clean and lube my chain or other videos about this kind of stuff, you can click on this playlist right here. And if you wanna see more videos about this riding journey from day one to now, you can click this
playlist right over here. I will see you in the next one. (soft music)



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  • Deb Dettman

    Thanks for sharing this. I work as a social counselor and based upon my work and my own life experiences I know there really isn't just one thing that would ever make us satisfied with life. It's how we are taking care of ourselves in so many areas of life. For me motorcycle riding has lent itself to better self care and making good social connections but I know a lot of what makes me happy has to do all the choices I make about where I live, work and who I hang around with and what I do in the world off the bike. But I do love my bike. She is my valentine this year for sure.

  • Blackphoenix Entertainment

    Your videos are always amazing. Great topic and I agree, buying a motorcycle won't make you happy if you don't actually fix the other problems in your life.


    Your wisdom is on a level of an immortal bearded mage and I mean that in the best way possible. Thank you 🙏

  • R DS

    riding once a month… perhaps we're quibbling, but I'd agree that buying a motorcycle won't make you happy, but riding a motorcycle may do so. Again it's not for everyone and some people feel more stressed, but I feel so much more alive and connected when on a bike. But only been riding 3 months; maybe this fades or gets old?

  • The name is Betty.

    Get a man ASAP so he can work for you then you can chill raise kids and MAYBE ride once a month as well 😂

  • Bob Ellis

    Great video. I would agree that the bike won’t bring happiness, but riding sure does. When I got into riding I was battling depression. I don’t know what it is about riding, but it’s just an amazing feeling. I’m still not 100%, but riding has helped me sooooo much. Looking forward to warm weather so I can get back to it.

    Rock on…..

  • e b

    My bike is a way to clear my mind and relieve A bit of stress. A lot more to life and being happy than a bike and money. All about life balance and healthy relationships. Great post.

  • Jim Koney

    When i rode i got a sense of euphoria. I miss that feeling.

  • Dennis GasparZ

    When I'm on my bike I become part of the machine, totally focused on the task at hand, no time for depression. So yes it is an escape, but eventually the ride is over. Fortunately for me it's only one of the many things in life that makes me happy. I'm a very lucky guy with a loving family and a beautiful home, and as far as work goes, it's just what I do to pay the bills, it's not who I am.

  • Reynold Massenat

    Well said!!! True change takes courage. Being honest with yourself and then with others doesn't happen over night or can take years.

  • Jim Munir

    People askin why oil levels low….. #truimph LOL

  • Brandon Bicasso

    Doodle, loving the direction you've taken lately. Bravo


    So I have 1year under my belt put close to 6K miles on my motorcycle, riding is very therapeutic for me. Life on the other hands is what you make it jobs, relationships, finances, spirituality etc…..

  • Throttlelifeby jt

    Very insightful and deep. Everyone, not only motorcyclists should hear this. I see a lot of people who tend to collect things and they are attempting to fill the same void. I’ve been there too. Look who’s talking I’m picking up a new Street next week! It’s up to us to make things new, even when they are old. And that applies towards stuff, and relationships.

  • TTRGuy

    Relationships may only last 2 years.
    Motorcycle relationships may only last 2 years.
    Jobs may only last 2 years.
    Motorcycle passion lasts FOREVER!
    Once you are HOOKED, nothing else matters….
    Peace beautiful lady.
    Happy Valentines Day! 💝🌹🌹🌹🌹

  • Danilo Capellan

    My Grandpa when he was 87 years old, we where eating in a table, and tap me with he’s right elbow, and told me in this life you do not need a lot to live, I’m 55 years old know , and I could know understand what he meant, The key is to be grateful, If you do not learn how to be grateful with the little things that you have, you will not be grateful with all the money in this world.

  • Alan Jones

    Do people really clean their chains that way instead of just oiling them every once in a while?

  • Moto Steve

    it was 18 here today you are double what we have …lol…Canada

  • charlie12590

    I’ve learned to be content with what I have. I just got through a tuff job as in the NYC department of Corrections. Retired, own my house two new cars and a motorcycle all paid. And I thank my God Jesus Christ for that👍. Love where you are on the way to where you’re going. That’s my motto. Thanks for your vids keep putting them out👍. Very entertaining

  • Chuck Kazee

    Thanks for the video it's really good to give something to think about. That's what I like about your videos… Hope you have/had a good Valentine's day… Stay true… Much love…

  • Becker Inal

    Buying a new bike makes me very happy. Riding a new bike makes me even happier. The times I spend on my bike early Sun Mornings, smelling the fresh air, getting a nice cup of coffee with croissant and talking to strangers are amazing feelings. Ride up to Northern Va and we'll ride together for a few days. If you heard of Shenandoah Valley and Skyline Drive. For those who are still depressed, watch Wim Hoff method. It helped me immensely and it will help you too.

  • Kevin Craig

    I just love how you maintain your bike yourself this is the way to become one with your machine good topic

  • theozman38

    My bike is my obsession. I ride it like a madman because it feels good , it gives me the sensations of being alive. I like working on it. It’s what keeps me from being 😐. Bored. I’ve had a skillsaw accident in my late teens and yes. I was depressed and awkward because I thought people were noticing my disfigured left hand 🤚. But they weren’t doing anything like that. I was thinking and watching them way too long. It’s a Deficiency problem. But today. Hahahahaha. I’ll give my crooked middle finger if ya think it makes me handicapped. Good video doodle

  • StarKiller 5iveOh

    1. It's fun watching you grow as a rider and in your journey as a person. Reminds me of my daughter, whom I keep trying to get on a motorcycle.
    2. So glad my bike is shaft-driven.
    3. Mental health and accomplishments. You are so right about those. One is good for the other and vice versa. The hobby should compliment the life. The better youre living overall, the more pleasure you will extract from your hobbies.

  • George Meyer

    So I’ve been in the grind the majority of my life. At 61 I’m up Monday – Friday and every other Saturday at 3:30 AM. I take care of our three dogs and am on the road by 4:30 AM latest onward for a 1 hour 15 minute commute. Possibly the best part of my day occurs when I roll my Goldwing out of the hanger, (Garage 🌞) do a last minute walk around on the bike, wear full protective gear and finally pull on the gloves and clench my hands. It’s my time to ride. My life has seen many careers from military air evac, to 25 years in healthcare, and now as a Quality Assurance Tech working in the lab and on the production floor for a Honda supplier. Yes it’s a good job, but what I’ve really come to enjoy is working with the “young folks”. I love working along side the “kids” it helps to keep me young, it helps me to look back and smile and be proud of all I’ve accomplished in my life. I could have never of known what that would look like if I had not of made the effort to live every day the best I possibly could. My bike was a 60th Birthday present from my wife. To love someone is to learn the song in their heart so that they can sing it to you when you forget. My wife knows my passions. My time on the bike, 2 1/2 hours every day is where this introvert recharges, thinks about life, and remembers, “I Get To…..Be Happy. Congratulations on your engagement. Enjoy it all, because before you know it, if your fortunate enough you’ll be 61 and still riding a motorcycle. 🌞

  • Paul Burgess

    Good video 'Doodle'. And so true about things that "bring" happiness to our lives. The greatest source of happiness in our lives, without exception, is the face staring back at you each morning when you look into the mirror. Be at peace with yourself and everything else will follow.
    I have found over 47 years of riding that that when you are riding a motorcycle, bike, surfboard (not me) you are living in the now. Each moment as it comes to you without thought of anything other than the next corner or two or the next bit of road or how to set up and execute a perfect set of S's. This allows our minds to relax from the stresses and strains of everyday life and experience the moment as it unfolds. And if that is your definition of happiness then go for it.
    For me it provides a means of realising that I am a simple entity in an incredible universe and that whilst I am as insignificant as a grain of dust, my every thought and action changes the whole cosmos. And this helps give me peace of mind and contentment. And when I'm not riding for any length of time my darling wife and family tell me to "go for a ride" because I apparently get grouchy and become unbearable to live with. Go figure!!

  • MotoBear

    Truth is truth. The Bible had this principle 3500 years ago. King Solomon had all the horses, wine, women, and song – but had to admit…. In the end it was just vain. Contentment has to come from our souls not our Toys.

  • Ljoel McHanley

    For me motorcycles and riding are a joy that is an insignificant part of the happiness puzzle whose pieces include but are not limited to spirituality, loving relationships, a captivating career with purpose, giving of personal resources to lives that cross our path, and good health.

  • John Biskup

    I haven't ridden/owned a chain driven bike in 25+ years but doesn't that chain seem loose?

  • Monica Serna

    I'm sorry, I couldn't get past watching your furry baby jumping around like a rabbit then losing it when you got up LOL!!!! My yorkie died 4 weeks ago today. I had him for 14 yrs, so when I saw this I laughed out loud and brought me warm memories of mine…and then I cried, I miss him so. I'll have to watch the rest of this video another time.

  • P D

    Nah, when I'm on my motorcycle I'm the happiest man alive.

  • Diane Hansen

    For me it wasn’t getting the motorcycle, it was doing something that scared me, and challenged me. When I got my licence, I was so proud because it was really difficult for me and I didn’t give up. Now, riding has become a part of my life that I always look forward to…something that makes me happy, but something that still challenges me…I am still setting goals that I want to achieve…riding goals…and hopefully that will continue. Thanks for this video.

  • Autumn Greenleaf

    Thanks. Terrific perspective. Hope you can find more satisfying work.

  • 4The2nd

    I guess it depends on the circumstances and individual. Studies also forget some other parts that may seem insignificant but end up being significant. If you’re surrounded by negativity or even one negative person it can through off a lot. I’m permanently injured I don’t put up with bs I’m unhappy due to being in pain 25/7 and until marijuana is legal in my state will continue to be so. Riding is my only enjoyment being in a vehicle is impossible but riding is more comfortable and relaxing. Despite needing to double up on meds sometimes.

  • Mya Goodbody

    Doodle 100% right in everything your saying, I had an accident in 2012 leaving me with left sided paralysis, not full paralysis but about 40% after a couple of years to come to terms with it and also to get stronger I decided to buy a gsa1250 a few months with it I realised it was to much for me to handle, sold it and bought a speed triple, I thought that by having a bike again I would be happier but sadly that is not the case, I know now that I have to sort myself out and do something about my mental health, thanks for the video

  • Chris Graham

    Your comments made me think of my own life (and the angst I felt) when I was your age. They also made me think about a book by Robert M. Pirsig I once read that might provide some insight even now. Two of many quotes from this book 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' that come to mind are “The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there" and "The real cycle you're working on is a cycle called yourself". I will send you a copy of the book if you think you would like to read it.

  • Micha 6:8

    A woman and a scholar! 👍
    Hey, you need a woman cave!!

  • Bunnyshooter 223

    A motorcycle is a mechanical system of systems. It is like having a car, as far as maintenance, but more intense. Riding a bike is fun but actually OWNING one and maintaining it takes responsibility (and $$).
    Simple maintenance can be done at home–but let the bike mechanics do the complicated stuff–they have the proper tools and know-how. Some bikes cost a bit less than others to maintain. That is where personal research may come in handy

  • Delta Hero

    Happy Valentine's Day Doodle! Please consider SMMA for the ability to become financially independent and be able to work your own hours I'd highly recommend it. My wife and I were able to pay off $150,000 of student loan debt with in 10 months of starting SMMA. Iman Gadazi is were I reccomend starting.

  • FeedOnSpeed

    Valid points! I agree with as the magpie flies, bikes are a great tool for happiness. For me, taking a ride will instantly lift my mood no matter what. Sure there are days where I’m like meh don’t feel like riding but then there’s times like this, where it snows for a week, and when I finally get back on that bike I’m like this is it, this is what I love. It’s kind of hard to describe but yeah 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

  • MrTriple3

    Another amazing video as you move along the path, Doodle! I enjoy checking in on you so much. Thanks. BTW, you must have the cleanest chain in the nation! lol

  • Jack Graves

    I Love You 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Hey Jimmy

    Even though both groups felt the same after 18months I'm guessing most people would chose the lottery win over the loss of limb, it just shows how resilient people are and how we could all be more appreciative of our life

  • doolytom

    That chain looks like it needs a little adjustment. Great videos 🙂

  • Marty Dekkers

    It's not the bike, it's the pooch!

  • Kieren Moore

    A motorcycle won't make you happy, no … only N+1 MororcycleS will … 😊

    Riding is still like a meditation/release for me, but I take your point re pure escapism not solving anything! … 🙃

  • Adam M

    Happy Valentines Day🌹

  • A Wong

    Oh no 🐶 fell 0.32 🤭

  • Tuonotinkerer

    I never clean my chain. Still quite happy though 😎 But…. it's not about the bike, it's all about the ride. Doing that on your dreambike just adds to the fun. True!

  • Slinging Lead

    Buying material things WILL make you happy, for about 5 minutes. Lasting happiness is very difficult for many people, especially those with depression or anxiety. Elusive even.

    Watching your little dog slip off the ottoman 50+ times went a long way towards making me happy.

  • Burt Blahnik

    it's weird how the newness wears off after a while and then it's kind of like just so so

  • Luis Ferreira

    You are so right about rich people they are never happy or satisfied. Getting my dream bike was the best thing I did, it helps relax my mind and body and at work almost all my clients are bikers and we have a wonderful relationship, this way i don't have to take home my stress and upset my family. Dear friend if you have the chance to open your own business go for it, don't spend the rest of your life answering to uther people. 😉👍👍

  • Airtouch67

    Unfortunately I am going to disagree with you on this one. I've been riding 30 years now and there is nothing on the planet I enjoy doing more! Riding doesn't substitute anything for me – it's just a pure passion for the sport. Also.. I just bought a brand new Triumph Tiger 1200 (had it a week). Coming off of japanese bikes for 25+ years this is my first Triumph! So, winter is here up North so I won't get a chance to try it out for awhile but I am hoping I made the right decision :-).

  • Joseph Zieroff

    Thank you for the insight. It just helped me realize what my problem is. And I learned a few tips on how to clean a chain.

  • Jose Ochoa

    Thanks for sharing your journey and insights. Blessings to you.

  • Victor Parks

    Definitely something to think about in owning fun things and having the time to really enjoy and explore them. When you do not have ample time, the quick fix can be to go get something new and different for that acquisition 'HIGH' that can dissipate rather quickly. I've been down that road and it's definitely something to think about. Retirement (with much less income now …Ahem!) has given me time to enjoy the things that I have been fortunate enough to have acquired …and worry much less about things that I do not have. But (Hmm!) if I were to hit the jackpot ….

  • Joseph Congello

    Very well explained. Doodle

  • J F K

    You hit the nail on the head, Right on .👍 It's not a job, nor a place or a possession. Its what's in between your ears and what you put in it. Less is more.

  • Jasen Haynes

    Ive owned tons of motorcycles, I’ve had tons of jobs and went countless places on earth to find happiness. I did drink to get drunk and I’ve had to be like someone who I’m truly not. On and on and on…….. I’m no pastor or preacher, But the only thing that makes me happy and have inter peace, is might GodJesus. God never lets me down and always picks me up when I need him in my life. God bless to this channel and people who watch it. And please ride safe out there this year.

  • Joseph Jiran

    Q3’s in 36 degrees. Traction: arguably better than you would think.

  • Joe L

    HI. I would like to say I am 77, in fairly good health, and have lots of STUFF. I started with nothing, no fancy (get drunk and throw up in the dorm hall) education . I don't even have tassel shoes. Still not really happy. Could go on for ever but you get the idea. What is the answer? I wish you happiness. Ride safe..

  • Edwin Alexander

    Thank you.

  • akoni90

    I guess you're right though. I gotta pay up all these speeding tickets. Now, I have to attend this Defensive Safety Course class. What's up with that? I ride one of the slowest bike in Texas.

  • Roger Parliman

    A lot of people don’t quit jobs they quit management so they may leave that job but they’re going to just go do the same job but for somebody else I have done this. As far as buying a bike to make me happy it took me a couple bikes to figure out what kind of bike I really wanted so I tried some different ones I have a V Strom 650 which I really like but after having this bike for five years now I still like it but I want to get something a little bit lighter. I’m not gonna do any light off roading anymore it’s just too much for me at this point so I’m just gonna get a lighter nimble bike maybe with some comfort like a Vulcan S maybe or an F07 something like that.

  • Ra of Sonshine

    Riding helps keep my fire lit. It's not how I find joy but I certainly find joy in it. I was on my dad's bike from 2 or 3 until around 8 years old. I'm 40 years riding solo and no less passion for it.

    Ill be passing your content along to my daughter, 19, who's looking forward to learning how to ride soon. I think these will be very helpful for her…Thanks for doing what you do.

  • John Thomas

    OMG your dog is so cute. "Help me Doodle I'm falling" Doodle walks away lol.

  • Paul R Anderson

    More than a few people see riding as a quasi religious experience. I know I do. Very centering

  • IrnMaiden304

    I'm sorry, but anyone who wins the lotto would be unhappy. Ever heard the phrase " More money, More problems ". You should cover your Q3 so you don't get all that crud and chemicals from the bottles and your chain all over your tire, sorry I noticed all of it on big patches of the tire as you spun it around and touching it and the whole tire with your gloves that also touched it, accident waiting to happen and I've seen it first hand. Reinvesting your money isn't anywhere at all a bad thing, two thing's that aren't going anywhere anytime soon is Land and Transport. When I say transport, I'm not talking about just car's and bike's, talking about Semi's and Trailers, Buses, Trains, Planes, Boats. It's all got to get somewhere by some way, Parcels though ( Land ) doesn't depreciate in value ever but structures do and building codes and all that can get complicated but no matter what it's only your Parcel till you stop paying taxes or mortgages and it gets repossessed ( essentially your just renting it from uncle sam ) and everyone has to pay taxes so a 60 k parcel doesn't mean it sells for 3 times that cause you paid 10 years of taxes against it. Although I agree that one bike just isn't enough, but I myself don't use motorcycles to replace something else in my life cause it's been apart of mine since I was 10 and finally getting my first bike when I was 14.

  • Carletta Sommerville


  • richard rosario

    I'm happy because i use the same chain brush as Doodle.

  • NafiaL

    Not buying to be happier, buying to experience something different

  • Himmarshee Street Live

    Mr. Rogers said it best in his song "It's You I Like".

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BZlyxS37Kk [past]
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcNxY4TudXo [present]

    It's you people like, not the things around you. Not your toys. They're just beside you.
    You have to like yourself. Material items will bring you true happiness.
    Sometimes they bring sadness as money pits, reminders of loved ones long gone, etc.

  • Gary Williams

    Been riding for just over 50 years now and will only stop when I can't hold the damn thing up.
    Jobs and relationships come and go, some are memorable, some were "Meh".
    The friendship I make with other riders and the thrill of the rides never seem to get old.
    Riding is a "Part" of my life that never want to end.

  • ShaylenM

    I’m glad I waited because I thought you were Correlating money with motorcycles and I wasn’t quite sure you had the right conclusion- but you’re right, things don’t make a person happy. Motorcycling is more of a “Release” than a pursuit of happiness, but thankfully sometimes they are interconnected

  • brandon arce

    I've rode for years and any ride it's freedom when you start it up too shut off no joke,it's same as riding a bicycle it's very nice and peaceful.you can have more fun too if you excited and totally gonna start learning something different about motorcycles like ride style or style of bike but I'd never get bored of the ride ever that's like saying I don't absolutely love women not possible ever😃love the ride and it will grow with you no joke otherwise you fear riding and that's okay!keep riding and being part of the motorcycles it will never ever leave you lonely girl😁your vids are sweet ride on chick😃

  • clockworkbike

    This might be why I buy a new (to me) bike every 18 months! Ha ha ha. Oh dear me.

  • Alex Causey

    I still have my 1200r Roadster and it's 14 years old, I don't want another motorcycle. You know what they say, "true love lasts forever"..!

  • Richard Hunn

    Get a file, some 150 sandpaper, and a paint marker, at Walmart. The paint marker will be in the arts and crafts area. Not perfect, but quick and better…

  • Rudy Robertson

    Haha, your dog at the beginning.

  • Leon Esterhazy

    I have to disagree.. I have been riding for 20+ years.. and each time that helmet goes on and I got into my mini adventure.. happiness follows
    Its called helmet therapy..

  • Ronnie Griffin

    What in God green earth would someone give such an intelligent, articulate, insightful, beautiful person, with such a great soul, reaching out to people and trying to help them would you give her a thumbs down….really, is it jealously, ignorance, or just plain stupidity, I'm going with stupidity, you obviously live with your mama, a girl like this is totally out of your realm and basically your just a pathetic loser.

  • Kick Start

    Buying a motorcycle won’t make you happy… but riding one will

  • Jessie DiVincenzo

    Nothing better than watching you maintain that bike. Kudos girl.

  • This Cowboy's Ride

    Thank you for that perspective. I rode horses for 27 years. When on the back of a horse nothing else would matter. It was so addictive. It even cost me a marriage. Since then relationships have fit into exactly what you describe. Not because it didn't bring me happiness but because the person I chose to share it with became uninterested in the lifestyle in that same time frame. In the last few years I found motorcycles released the same endorphin's as horse but at a much cheaper price. LOL.

  • Soprano

    I love triumphs. I have a speed triple.

  • Martyn Gasson

    I’m getting my first motorcycle. Why? I’m using it as a tool to see places. Travel on my terms.

  • Ash Burn

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  • ridingrules10000

    Your bike is shockingly clean. It looks like you could use it to prepare food.

  • XboobtubeX

    Motorcycles can bring happiness for a lifetime IF you buy it for reasons other than being depressed for another reason. As for me, I just like to ride. So I buy my bikes because I love to ride, not because I think it will make me happy because I am depressed about another issue in my life. That is true with any material item we buy. $$$ can't "buy" happiness, this is true. But $$$ can make us happy if we keep our head over the sudden wealth and don't throw it away on stuff just because we can now, that we have the $$$. I would like to see a study done on poor people vs rich people who win the lottery. I'd bet the people who were already rich before winning a lottery are still happy after 18 months due to their lifestyle not really changing much. Verses the poor people who never had alot of money, and now do, they go crazy buying things only to find out they overspent and are now more miserable than when they were poor. Agreed doodle, the corporate life of a 9-5 job or even a second or 3rd shift job is not what they were yrs ago. Corporations used to take care of their employees with pensions, bonus's, a ham at Easter, a turkey at thanksgiving, decent raises, and you would see the top dog step out of his office every now and than to talk to the workers to see how things are. Well, most if not all of those things have gone away. Is it because of corporate greed or due to the federal govt. taking more and more so the corporation cant give what they used to, to the workers, or a combo of both? The best thing is to find what you enjoy to do so when you do it, it does not seem like "work" to you. Good luck Doodle, I'm in same boat. My job is just a job, for the money, nothing more nothing less. I dont let it stress me out. I take 1 day at a time. And oh, @ :52 into this vid you are pouring oil into your bike. If you are just putting in a little oil, prob no big deal, but when you are changing oil and pouring in the whole Qt. It is better to have the "neck" of the oil bottle at the high side, rather then at the low side , like you had it. With the neck of the bottle up high while pouring, it helps it to get air in the bottle, thus less chugging of the oil as you pour it. Just a little tip for you. {hope it makes sense} OK, whew, that was long winded. I'm running low on keyboard ink, so I better say Byeeeeeeeeeeee now. Stay safe and stay awesome, Doodle !!

  • Matt Deluca

    You are beautiful love that you ride. Help me stay clean. Drinking

  • kreiger9

    Thanks for sharing yourself

  • Cars & Coffey

    Love your comments and thoughts…..

  • Jason Clarke

    People get to obsessed thinking that material things will make them happy,I like my cars and motorbikes,but get as much pleasure from hearing the birds sing and watching the wildlife.

  • Adnan E

    So interesting. So true

  • kool jack

    Dear sweet heart, you are so beautiful, I couldn't watch any part of the bike or what was the story about, as your beautiful face hipnotizado. Great video and you earned the like.

  • Lone wolf

    Motorcycles won't make you happy. But it does help ;). But you're definitely right, after finally getting the motorcycle,I find myself looking for more,other things "I need". Great video.

  • Carl Varns

    You are so right about this topic, buy a motorcycle or anything else or a person will not make you happy…if you don't love yourself first and founding what really makes you happy in life

  • PhilHewkin

    We are not all the samei guess.,, I have been married 36 yrs, same woman. Still in love. I put a lot of thought into my bike purchases. My S40, I still love it. I doubt I would ever sell, as long as I can still ride it. My second bike, a Honda Shadow Aero, Same. I retired in 2007.

  • Saïd Moto-Vlogs

    I really like this kind of mentality you have. Hope have the opportunity to meet you and have a deep conversation. I'm new in motorcycling world, if you visit Vancouver island maybe we can ride together. Ride safe

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