Why Do You Feel Pain After a Breakup? – Dear Blocko #11

Why Do You Feel Pain After a Breakup? – Dear Blocko #11

Hey there! Welcome to Life Noggin! Oh look that seed we planted a while ago is
now a candy tree. Very fitting! Welcome to another episode of Dear Blocko! This is the show where i answer questions
that you have about your world and my world! Let’s get started with this Love Themed
episode! Instant Gamer 101 asks
Dear Blocko Why do you feel pain when you end a relationship? Btw, your voice is really nice Wow thank you so much! Well, you often feel pain when a relationship
ends because it’s not just physical pain that can affect your brain — so can emotional
pain! Geoff MacDonald, an associate professor of
psychology at the University of Toronto, has even said that the pain centers in your brain
can’t tell the difference between physical and emotional pain. This idea of emotional pain was further validated
a few years ago when a study looked at the effects of emotional pain on 40 willing participants. Each person had experienced an unwanted romantic
breakup within the 6 months prior to the study and, while hooked up to an fMRI, were made
to look at a photo of their ex to try and gauge the pain that it put them through. Researchers similarly measured how some painful
heat applied to their arm affected them. Both the emotional and physical pain activated
regions in the participant’s brain. Funnily enough, both types of pain were reduced
simply by giving the participants a placebo! KING WØLF132
Is it possible for your heart to skip a beat when you really love someone? Sure! There are actually a few different reasons
as to why your heart might skip a beat or start beating faster — which are called
heart palpitations. Really anything that stresses you out or causes
you to get all anxious can do it. Alcohol, caffeine, exercise, and certain medications
may also be the culprit. So yeah, if your cuddle buddy causes you to
have some intense feelings or emotions, they just might be able to toggle the switch on
your heart valve too! Usually this isn’t really something to get
worried about, as heart palpitations are very common and often harmless, but in some cases
they could be a sign of a more serious problem. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
recommends that you seek medical attention immediately if you have any palpitations and
feel dizzy or confused, experience any trouble breathing, think you might faint, or have
any pain or tightness in your chest. And now it’s time for questions about me
or my world! Sebastián asks
Dear Blocko What’s your current relationship with Circlia? And I want a happy answer! [2 text message alert tones] Blocko: Okay! I don’t really know if i can answer this
one. It’s still so complicated. Blocko: Okay so maybe it’s not so complicated
then. I guess the secrets out! Circlia: Great! Now there’s no need to panic at the comment
section! Blocko: Yeah…I can just Panic at the disco. [rim shot] Circlia: Did you bring drums with you? Blocko: Okay, next question. Oliver asks
Dear Blocko What are you getting me for valentines day? Oliver…I don’t know if you heard but I
kinda already have a valentine this year… But who am i kidding i got you a present anyway! It’s a giant candy heart that doesn’t
taste like chalk. It taste like chicken ramen. I hope you like that. It’s the only flavor they had. So do you have any questions about your world,
or my world? Let me know in the comment section below,
and make sure you use the hashtag Dear Blocko so I can find it. Enjoyed this episode of Dear Blocko? Check out the previous one we did! Dear Blocko, is it possible to scream in space? You might be able to get off a scream, but
probably the bigger question would be if anyone would hear it? As always, my name is Blocko, this has been
Life Noggin, don’t forget to keep on thinking!



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