Why Your Life is Boring | A Quick Fix

Why Your Life is Boring | A Quick Fix

Do you think you have a boring life? Maybe you have been doing the same thing over
and over again and your daily routine isn’t helping you grow as a person. When you really think about it, on a normal
day, you wake up, go to work, go back home tired and do whatever you normally do before
you go to sleep and then the same thing happens the next day. On your off days where you don’t have to
work, you wake up, take care of responsibilities and do whatever you normally do on an off
day and then go to sleep for the next day. Life in general feels pretty plain or normal
to everyone since there is a routine you normally follow and there usually isn’t anything
too crazy or mind blowing that happens. If there was something awesome happening,
it usually happens on an off day which makes up a minority of the week. Even if you are comfortable with a predictable
and structured existence, you might still end up feeling bored with life since we all
need variety. But is it wrong to feel bored with life? Is it ok to have a simple day to day life? The main cause of your feelings of boredom
towards life is social media. You see all your friends and celebrities doing
all sorts of awesome things and you start wondering why you don’t have anything awesome
going on in your life. When you are on social media too long, your
brain starts mixing up social media and reality. Your brain ends up thinking everyone is out
there living their best life while you are stuck doing the same thing over and over again
but that is simply far from the truth. People only showcase the best parts of their
lives on social media and what is shown online isn’t what happens to that person every
day. The things posted online are simply highlights. Since your brain started mixing up social
media and reality, you start valuing those off days where amazing things can happen more
and start treating them like the norm. Those working days begin to feel boring and
you feel like you are wasting your life away by working. In reality, no one’s life is what they depict
on social media. All those social media influencers posting
pictures and videos about how they are living their best life still have to work. On a normal working day, they wake up, then
they have to work on making content to sustain their business and income. Although their jobs seem amazing, they still
get stressed out about things and they probably don’t like some aspects of what they have
to do just like you. They experience life the same way all of us
do. We all have days where we just work normally
and we all have days where we create amazing experiences and memories. People say that life is short but is it really? Your life can be cut short by a number of
things from tragedy to illness but life is going to be long for a lot of people. If you were to break down what life really
is, it is simply a collection of your day to day experiences since we experience life
one day at a time. A good life is simply a series of good days. So what can you do about the feeling of being
bored with life? When you feel that your life is boring, your
mind is telling you that you need some change and you should probably stop spending so much
time on social media. The first step is to spend less time on social
media so you stop mixing up social media and reality. When you realize that the posts on social
media are just the best aspects and you start finding joy in your normal working days again,
you can then move on to step 2. The 2nd step is to figure out the root cause
of your boredom. You are going to have to sit down and ask
yourself what is causing those feelings. Are you lonely and need to meet more people? Do you not feel challenged and need a career
change? Are you pretending to be someone you are not
and feel inauthentic? Once you figure out what is causing those
feelings, you can work towards finding a solution. The 3rd step is to do something to fix the
root cause of your boredom. Everyone will have different ways to handle
it and most of us have different root causes so there isn’t a one size fits all solution. But if there is something that could help
everyone, that would be the 4th step. The 4th and last step is to build good habits
you enjoy doing and train yourself to make choices that align with your values. You might have heard the phrase you are the
sum of your habits before. If you can change and improve your habits,
life will feel more enjoyable and you won’t be bored with your life anymore. Some good habits you might want to pick up
are exercising, eating healthy, and being punctual. Also, once you start making choices that align
with your values more, you will feel more like yourself and life won’t be so boring
anymore. If you feel bored with life, know that it
is temporary and you need some change. The fix is simple in theory but it can be
a bit hard in execution so keep trying. Even if your day to day life is simple after
the changes, it’s ok to have a simple day to day life as long as you enjoy it. The exciting moments will come in due time. If you made it this far, leave a comment that
says you are the sum of your habits to let me know. If you enjoyed this video and want to check
out some videos about habits, click on the videos shown on the endscreen below.



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